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  • au7yn

    this game requires no introduction

  • Roni

    I think that they should make a PvP option in dungeons.

  • Benny Thuruthikattil
    Benny Thuruthikattil

    i saw bulestone

  • Alfred_UwU



    Legends are watching after 1.17 update

  • Elizabeth Camacho
    Elizabeth Camacho

    The lion king Reference 0:57

  • Niko Navis
    Niko Navis

    The perfect Co-op doesn’t exis…

  • Sultan999

    we just want MCSM3

  • cynthella arie elodie
    cynthella arie elodie

    I like your video

  • Syntyche Redd
    Syntyche Redd

    I never seemed the green axolotl but after the goat hit the ravanger there is a axolotl I see hit the glow squid idk what is it

  • Memeboy_gamer

    Mojang can you add hypixel to mcpe or just talk to the admin and change hypixel to be compatible to mcpe pls cuz I'm a 12 year old that really wants to join to hypixel cuz my mom doesn't want to buy me a pc

  • Adamphone

    Pls trailer

  • Dreamcast1458

    I really like the music

  • Kalyan Kumar Kar
    Kalyan Kumar Kar

    1.17 is here


    Hey Minecraft can you make an Sand update if the cave update is done

  • Romalian Tube
    Romalian Tube

    Music from epidemic sound

  • McGuire Flanagan
    McGuire Flanagan

    I has the End one

  • McGuire Flanagan
    McGuire Flanagan

    This was the very first video game set to ever exist

  • Firas Farid
    Firas Farid

    I want illutioner

  • Ric 🔱
    Ric 🔱

    Imagine if we voted something else other than the mountains. The mountains are amazing!


    Mojang I can’t play with my friend

  • Dragon_7

    Lo acabo de ver en 2021 ;)

  • Shahid Sajjad
    Shahid Sajjad

    Asking from developers! Does herobrine exists in minecraft or is it real ? . Please reply I am waiting!

  • TheFrogman08

    What about 3ds edition?!?

  • CedThev

    Will there be a first person view in mc dungeons lol

  • 𝕄ℙ𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕤

    Why is this in my recommendations

  • Ian Jairus Paras
    Ian Jairus Paras

    This is dumb! Why would u force people to use Microsoft Account?!

  • A Person
    A Person

    December 6th will be the 10th anniversary of this trailer

  • Der Weeb
    Der Weeb

    A simpler time

  • CedThev

    Why this is so epic and i hope that mc dungeons are going through android

  • Cristian Pérez
    Cristian Pérez

    Aquí esta el comentario en español que buscabas! Moment sad amigooo :(

  • anil kumar
    anil kumar

    love you mojang

  • Raquel Pérez González
    Raquel Pérez González

    I just noticed that on 0:26 there is a green axolotl to the left

  • Scott Lai
    Scott Lai

    this is great

  • Amga 03
    Amga 03

    Minecraft Super Mario bros

  • 00000 00000
    00000 00000

    Will you add Frogs?

  • Pramit Sengupta
    Pramit Sengupta

    """" Let's pray for those children who doesn't have """ their parents are real legend """"" 😘💖💖

  • Mateo Lorenzo De Jesus
    Mateo Lorenzo De Jesus

    "The push update"

  • panpan_the_human

    Pls made this to minecraft if we don't get the end updated just add this void dimension

  • Остап Сеньо
    Остап Сеньо

    I’ve only me that the Sun is Sam dickies Josh to come yeah but you do my show my close to your hotel to make a Pakistani

  • 3XO

    That was the beginning of Minecraft steve

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee

    G O A T S I M U L A T E R

  • ℬøℊ ♫
    ℬøℊ ♫


  • Nguyen minh chau
    Nguyen minh chau

    You can free Minecraft

  • Akhlesh Deolia
    Akhlesh Deolia

    guys its fake 1.17 is just release and 1.18 trailer is redy nononon not real

    • CREAM

      Its 1.8 not 18🤣🤣


    Why youTube suggest this

  • Brenda Franks
    Brenda Franks

    MINECRAFT WILL ALWAYS BE A THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Siva Bruhathi
    Siva Bruhathi

    i think mc made a tiny mistake in the title it should be changed to the official NOSTALGIA trailer **SOBS**

  • -AzurePlayz-

    great, now give us a void dimension in the main game

  • Jose Fang
    Jose Fang

    why are there no mummies and mine light hats and mirrors in Minecraft?

  • James dosohan
    James dosohan

    i wanna play minecraft in pc for free but i cant ;(

  • 媽菱吉


  • len  A . I chan ch.
    len A . I chan ch.

    Waw kaga sabar

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    Hey didn't you know that there was something called the blood red moon I have experienced multiplying chunk error that breaks better Rock and I have seen the blood red moon a couple of times which means there must be something happening to my world there should be something in there trying to make it do that

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    There is something called The White enderman wish is a white enderman with green eyes that is unkillable can walk on water so I think it has no hitbox and also I don't think it can teleport and PewDiePie didn't see but it popped on his screen the White enderman

  • Clarice Orodio
    Clarice Orodio

    Wowowowoowowowowow i have Caves and cliffs

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    Can you please add that again for 1.19 so I can do that and add a world named ghost where it is filled with barrier blocks and tame the ghosts so don't worry even if you're in creative but sometimes they can get untamed please add everything I subscribed to your channel and run to notification Bell I'm going to like every video

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    When it is tamed it can fix your phone when there is too much files it can make it over lock way past the point of breaking so if you can't install anything Preston and then you can do everything to do that

  • Do Dat
    Do Dat

    What is Shader for video of Minecraft , t want it

  • London Brownell
    London Brownell

    *minecraft waiting for a holiday so they can have a real reason to change their pride profile picture and not get cancelled*

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    The ghost will be rated into a fake creepy pasta it's a fake creepypasta because you actually implemented it into the game by secret let's sprinkling it as secrets in the trailer for 1.19 and the ghost will be called The Shadow boy sometimes when it's at full power it can expand from its hitbox shrink it to be in its chest which holds a command block so yes it is also part robot it lives in Mars which will be in 666 as an update so Saturn will be with Mars now when they replace it with 666 instead of the seed being Saturn it would be 666 instead of it being a Saturn planet it will be Mars and it would have an oakwood biome with dark oak and if you might want to store oak trees you will be in a shocking surprise some black creature interview and now you can't move and the only thing that's moving you is the ghost that possesses you but you can tame him with ghosts or or ghost food which can be mind from the trees there's 50% chance nothing would drop and there's a 50% chance there would be a ghost food so don't mind the wood mine the tree leave and if you happen to randomly stumble on the seat 666 once you generate a new world with no seed then leave and delete your world immediately

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    The juicer is built with a material reducer in the center and a hopper at the bottom actually the material reducer will be at the top there will be a shredder in the middle and a chest at the bottom so it's a crafting table with a shredder so if you put anything in the middle which is an ore or a fruit it will turn into some kind of juice but ghostly or can make a ghostly potion and it's a way to build that nether reactor core which is a Ghost world reactor core is built by using one ghostly corruption block you can't touch it but you can mine it and also add gloves and a hand slot so you can put the gloves on your hands and it was the gloves nothing will get deleted so if you put those clothes on and the ground those blocks you can build a nether reactor core actually a Ghost world reactor core wish has four iron blocks around it and for shredders I mean ender pearls for fuel

  • Kayla Rosemary
    Kayla Rosemary

    p h 1 l love

  • Mr. Confusion
    Mr. Confusion

    The outro is old caves  bruh

  • Green Grape Guy
    Green Grape Guy

    *man i wish* *All of you will shut UP about this not being the classic series or alienforce e.c.t. They will not make a DLC of the classic series because it's not relevent any MORE!*

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    And also make 1.20 the update update which is where all the deleted updates come back into that update except for the textures keep the textures normal but add all the update features except for the textures back into Minecraft and also the nether reactor core rename it into the ghostly reactor core which can go in a time machine which can like teleport you to a ghostly world where nothing was there except ghosts and base it off of solar smash Ghost world and there were a bunch of ghosts so make sure you have the ghostly potion handy and there's not that little of a chance to find ghostly or it can spawn between grass and Stone and whoever lands in the feed 666 will be able to find it sprinkled everywhere

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    Make a juicer which turns or is it into juice but it can turn the ghostly or which is another new feature in the potion for the ghostly potion can add a ghostly effect which can hide you from the ghost or make the ghost think you're a ghost and team up to fight other players it can even teleport surfers and even other surfers like deleted servers you can teleport into every world realm and server even though the lead of ones

  • اوس

    ممكن توقفي عن تحميل عوالم زي كذا لانه بيض و ما حد يشترها

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    But put heads of the ghost sprinkled everywhere in the trailer once the player eats in a village with the new foods update sprinkle ahead peeking out the window and also people can know if a player is corrupted if they can see half corruption but sometimes it cannot happen and can you make me control the ghost because I want to

  • Hendri Ahmad
    Hendri Ahmad

    O:27 green axelotl

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    Can you add the green axolotl and axolotl that looks like a skunk sensor and a rainbow axolotl when you name an axolotlib and if you name the ghost Jeb there's a 50% chance it's ice will turn rainbow and as a 50% chance it's body would turn rainbow

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    But the only way to save him is by putting a potion of regeneration on him in creative and saving him will make him look like Preston and be your friend so it's type player type unknown

  • TheNextDream300

    Hey Mojang What happened to archyology

  • unever flame78 yayah umayah
    unever flame78 yayah umayah

    The end update be like

  • Corrales Toro Family
    Corrales Toro Family

    And also V1 for 1.19 has Friday night funkin but a secret corrupted ghost named the ghost boy with telekinetic powers and demonic powers with pixelated hair like Minecraft style can summon DIY soldier or lava and it can even multiply itself and do weird animations because it's a corrupted ghost and it can be spot behind trees and if you try to mine wood in the dark oak biome that is clashed with a biome in the oakwood and you mine the dark oak wood you see the corrupted ghost it has one four Star red on and another one on its side but it's white and it's a black glitch to ghost and put the seed for that in 666