SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation

SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation
SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation

Welcome to SCP Animated, home of the series "Tales From the Foundation!" We illustrate and animate our favorite SCP series and post weekly! Join us as we venture deep into the lore and history of the SCP Foundation!

  • Dennis Russ
    Dennis Russ

    Wheres the new vid??

  • Tee Vee
    Tee Vee

    Noelle from deltarune

  • Mitsuki’s wife
    Mitsuki’s wife

    I don’t understand why it scares them so much.

  • Mitsuki’s wife
    Mitsuki’s wife

    So he’s like a digital Joker?

  • AdiVitto2k3

    colosSUS (why do i still use uverused jokes but i think im the one who made this one)

  • Just Dreemurr
    Just Dreemurr

    stop delaying your animation like tds delaying their update

  • Todd

    Sakite detected on mechanite soil, engaging lethal force

  • Arda Kury
    Arda Kury


  • Renzo Collanque
    Renzo Collanque

    stand up to the gravity falls cow

  • SAMUEL López
    SAMUEL López

    Someone tell me if it's real or not? And if it is, where do I compile the letters?

  • Yoshizilla

    Is that veteran voice

  • Gorefield

    Have some of my Lasagna, Jon

  • Wizzy Playz
    Wizzy Playz

    That is where’s Wally

  • Trongj Trần
    Trongj Trần

    At this point i don’t even know if they will ever upload again

    • Trongj Trần
      Trongj Trần

      I will start counting the week until the next upload and this is week three

  • Trongj Trần
    Trongj Trần

    At this point i don’t even know if they will ever upload again

  • Mitsuki’s wife
    Mitsuki’s wife

    If I understood correctly the reason of the dragon’s change, to save them they could have just made the box public. People would have started to believe in them again and they would have come back to their initial state.

  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack

    You had to do that jumpscare, YOU REALLY HAD TO DO THE JUMPSCARE!!!!!😂

  • murder sans
    murder sans

    *rings bell* Me:I want a mansion Butler:I don't have money Me:😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris

    This is story is like Control videogame but set in Ikea.



  • Kamarudin Hamid
    Kamarudin Hamid

    AZIM e E E E E E E E See See E See E See E See E E E E E E E E E E E

  • Kamarudin Hamid
    Kamarudin Hamid


  • Cult Of the blood god
    Cult Of the blood god

    This seems like an easily stoppable problem just fill the cow bell with resin and then cover it concrete or something

  • Cult Of the blood god
    Cult Of the blood god

    Man scp's like this are where the archivist powers from the Magnus archives would really come in handy

  • Fudgenuckles D
    Fudgenuckles D

    Yeah carson has the best sense of humor and attitude that movie was a complete piece of sh- Lawrence: zip it Really got me

  • joshua zick
    joshua zick

    Would this benefit from more cowbell?

  • Rantaro Amami
    Rantaro Amami

    Mr. Deeds is basically Gotoh from HunterxHunter

  • Carl Frame
    Carl Frame

    What the front picture have cartoon cat?

  • AL Alex zertey
    AL Alex zertey

    The Woldo book has been ban did I spell Woldo right

  • Just Dreemurr
    Just Dreemurr

    So where the new videos?

  • Aron Byrd
    Aron Byrd

    I am sorry but I feel like you guys are running out of ideas

  • Lavon Smith
    Lavon Smith

    Crazy these guys on break 🤣🤣

  • Ass_Rake_25

    Lack of uploads is starting to concearn me now

  • Emilie Cayabyab
    Emilie Cayabyab

    Thats not normal

  • Thukuluza Ndzimbomvu
    Thukuluza Ndzimbomvu

    Agent Laurence and his Girlfriend are dumb as hell. They had the teleporter at their disposal but still didn't go home.

    • Ultra J Studios
      Ultra J Studios

      Yeah I hate to tell you this but in the living Lego vid Laurence said that traveling through reality tears it apart making it risky to travel at all.

  • Ismael The Channel.
    Ismael The Channel.

    Do a face reveal

  • Enginerd108

    oh yes SO loyal to the foundation, not going to betray anyone everrrrrr

  • Carlos Rico
    Carlos Rico

    yo hablo español

  • cherokee esters
    cherokee esters

    Oh my gosh when he opened his mouth it look like he was it from the move

  • laylayrd

    Dr buck is amazing

  • Bretzel

    I too love a liquid sun

  • The one and Only
    The one and Only

    If their talking this long to make a video it’s going to be dope

  • Barbara Wisdom
    Barbara Wisdom

    Pooh I got one send it to uncle Larry aka 106

  • Mitsuki’s wife
    Mitsuki’s wife

    Why would it say « you make me sick » in French? I would expect it to say « you piss me off » or « I’m gonna kill you all ».

  • doctor Galaxy
    doctor Galaxy

    Hey can you do cousin Johnny please

  • Mitsuki’s wife
    Mitsuki’s wife

    I like this format of video.

  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos

    Is that momo?

  • Barbara Wisdom
    Barbara Wisdom

    Also gorefield be like boi my movie ain't stuped that's why chaos insergacey breach my stuped

  • Kezban Umutberk ilik
    Kezban Umutberk ilik

    Oh also 35s tecnacle

  • Kezban Umutberk ilik
    Kezban Umutberk ilik

    4:51 this reminds me tecnacles of the red lake

  • Chara

    That's a sus enderman

  • Joaobr34

    was I the only one who heard the "hello" whispered into their right ear?

  • Redlin Ranger Studio
    Redlin Ranger Studio

    Hope the new one is coming out soon

  • glorie sus
    glorie sus

    Why is there an 1 minute sponsor bruh >:(

  • Toon Meowicles
    Toon Meowicles

    Guessing they gave up on the channle 🤷‍♀️

  • Crystal McEduff
    Crystal McEduff

    if yall didnt know, if a mobile task force captain or only a mobile task force subject is married, they cannot participate in certain experiments or scps.

  • P҉l҉a҉g҉u҉e҉ D҉o҉c҉t҉o҉r҉
    P҉l҉a҉g҉u҉e҉ D҉o҉c҉t҉o҉r҉

    Im wondering if its canon.

  • Vausha Vausha
    Vausha Vausha

    В А У ВАУ! УЖЕ предвкушаю сам проект!! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

  • Natralally

    Big mac*

  • Natralally

    Now I want to eat a big malls even more then I did before I watched this


    Maybe i will take a job on site 19

  • DUCK

    new game ? cool

  • burning fish
    burning fish

    the biggest anomaly is this being in the cute scps playlist

  • Thersa Goodwin
    Thersa Goodwin

    *Site-13 disappears into thin air* Hollis: I am dead now!

  • Kiri Kanan
    Kiri Kanan


  • mrteoleo

    7:32 *Yeah I've Met Jared (of course I've met Jared), The one who took you away from me, you hit it off instantly, (i know because you won't stop telling meeeee)*

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren

    Kowalski is polish surname Im from Poland

  • evan Reed
    evan Reed

    Y The color blue was a recent invention, before ancient people would call the sea wine dark and the like.

  • Hank j werboten
    Hank j werboten


  • Dr. Oof
    Dr. Oof


  • Dr. Oof
    Dr. Oof

    The last jumps are got me good

  • C0re Téta
    C0re Téta

    If you give her the Polaroid that take desire picture, what would happen? Her boyfriend still alive on the film and she can alter the past like in Life Is Strange?

  • gitchtime 6
    gitchtime 6


  • rudteko

    I hope that mighty ground sloth will maul it.

  • Alexx_


  • Austin Reitan
    Austin Reitan

    "Gary sat the table with the lunch he had brought with him, pepperoni pizza, and a cold bottle of water. Joey walked in and started to talk when three women appeared and started to speak to a fixed point in the room. Joey tried to talk several times, only for his tongue to shrivel up and turn black. Gary sat in his chair and looked on in horror as Joey died in front of him. The girls finished talking and started walking out when the shorter girl stopped and walked up to Gary. The girl quickly at his lunch and walked out without saying anything. Gary pondered for a moment before contacting his superior. This was the last time he would bring pizza to work."

  • landolivins channel
    landolivins channel

    Seems like the magic school bus Me:laughs

  • ❤️ MSFC ❤️
    ❤️ MSFC ❤️

    this is ayano aishi- i know it

  • iDreamOfSquidz