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  • XVCI

    What does this video and the first time I had sex have in common? I only lasted 20 seconds.

  • Marknavy

    Head and shoulder sale after this video 📈📈📈

  • Rick Stone
    Rick Stone

    As an avid watcher of this channel AND and a avid bowler, I appreciate this video very much. The best video on the science of bowling tech I have ever seen.

  • Uriah625

    I’ll admit, much of my success has come from “being at the right place at the right time”. Somehow I’ve caught a lot of “breaks” at just the right moment. Coincidences seem way to common to me to actually be pure coincidence. As if there is a subconscious insight into a coincidence to improve odds. Perhaps guardian angels do exist?

  • S. Fad
    S. Fad

    21:42 Viva Frei

  • Ramsoof Kyo
    Ramsoof Kyo

    funny how similar this is to curling

  • Jonathan Carlson
    Jonathan Carlson

    Holy crap that is so much more complicated than I thought.

  • Cameron Luhn
    Cameron Luhn

    my first job ever, was in a bowling alley. After enough bowling I taught myself to spin it both ways. After league play, the oil was nearly non-existent on the right side but plenty on the left.

  • Peter Valenti
    Peter Valenti

    I was so mad because my second/third question would have been 1,2,3 and 3, 2, 1, guess I’m just a genius.

  • Maria Nina Balano
    Maria Nina Balano

    10 y.o me watching this: *Impossible*

  • LinKongDa

    WOW, so the Scorpions Fluorescent to be a light meter. an accurate Organic light meter. "Brilliant"!

  • crankysconga

    3:40 how in the living hell could the global demand for bowling balls be over 3000 per day

  • ajinkya nannaware
    ajinkya nannaware

    Hey!! What if we oil the ball instead of oiling the lane?? Won’t the results be more consistent?? Every player could apply oil on their ball according to their requirement…

  • Lil Bounty
    Lil Bounty

    What we Call of Duty fans call, NUKETOWN!


    1 There is water in the cylinder

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones

    If he was my teacher in highschool I would have understood.

  • 乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚
    乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚

    hehe balls

  • The lucky one
    The lucky one

    He clickbit us AGAIN

  • Barun Sapam
    Barun Sapam

    Thanks for this information Watching such videos changed me gradually and made me look differently on the world these informations which seems invisible at first sight are actually a big part of our lives and learning these in such detail gave me the most pleasure I ever felt Thanks for the vid and good luck in making more of these vids

  • Achilles

    Yikes dude ... what are you doing going to these big corporations?

  • Sidhant Sharma
    Sidhant Sharma

    Stunning video as always

  • danny boy
    danny boy

    Just launch another light sale, and have it orbit the sun untill it gets shot to the edge of the observable universe instantly

  • TyPhenirW0LF

    Based on that reasoning, you have 50/50 odds.

  • Shashank Patil
    Shashank Patil

    @03:49, I saw 🔥🔥❤️

  • TiGGowich

    It‘s sad that even the most - in theory - most sophisticated and smart people and researchers in the world tend to look for confirmation

  • Jay Maverick
    Jay Maverick

    Meanwhile the wizards on UZmilk "I built a machine that bowls perfect every time."

  • tj

    It's power on and has a light. It's a pretty nice low light.

  • howlinhog

    maybe we just don't know what true chaos is

  • Gold24k

    10 years ago in my country was released a pill to threat dandruff, it was based on patented Lactobacillus Paracasei ST11, I used it and after decades i had no more dandruff, after some months the company was acquired by nestle and the product discontinued. So here we are still talking about dandruff and all the money they can get with shampoo and such.

  • Shiva Ram
    Shiva Ram

    Imagine if a fully sentient AI goes from friendly to berserk cuz the cosmic particles wanted to rest

  • Satendra Singh
    Satendra Singh

    Oh this is going to be in jee advanced😂

  • mads olsen
    mads olsen

    I did not know the spot wash this complex

  • Drovion


  • Harry Nicholas
    Harry Nicholas

    i spent my formative years in the local bowling alley, oddly it was n our schools sports curriculum. i still have a scar on my thumb from trying to loosen up a five pin caught in the machinery of the pin setter. i've bowled two perfect games. i still have a brunswick pin, stolen from a delivery...oil: crikey, i knew something you didn't.

  • Anubhav Parasar
    Anubhav Parasar

    Make a video on time and it's history

  • В'ячеслав Роненко
    В'ячеслав Роненко

    These "athletes" have way too big of an ego for this kind of sport.

  • Pedro Arthur Studart T P
    Pedro Arthur Studart T P

    Ok, Earth will not turn over because it has ways of dissipating its intern energy, once earth has materials in liquid state inside it. But what hepppen to the planets where the mantle has been completely solidified and has no liquid substances on surface?

  • Harshit Jindal
    Harshit Jindal

    10 million subscribers congratulations 🥳

  • phrebh

    I figured it out, but it wasn't easy.

  • Alex Iordache
    Alex Iordache

    Played bowling like 10 times. I'm gonna go bowling this week now.

  • Eugenio Bacchini
    Eugenio Bacchini

    Great videos. You have the ability to explain difficult scientific concepts in a fun and easy way! I love it!

  • Thomas LaMora
    Thomas LaMora

    great video - tons of information and demonstrations. most bowlers and every non-bowler have no idea how complicate the game can get.

  • gporzio55

    Try using this in Naples (Italy)….

  • Glitched Blox
    Glitched Blox

    And the shoulders?


    just divide to way by 2 and boom

  • ๖Donnie๖

    I Asked Bill Gates What's The Next Crisis? What was more important than what This man said Was what he 'DIDN'T SAY' And that was his predictions were Him knowing what He was going to put into the vaccines and how he was going to control all that took it, Bill and Malinda are never asked about the Drops they gave to thousands of India's kids against something that The Drops actually Gave them what they said they were trying to defeat' And they maimed and killed Thousands of children' WHY after that did we ever listen to anything he had to say about anything medical after all the murders? because3 our dumbing down 'We just let it happen and asked for more, So Then the Micro bots that we never asked for Many got through the Vaccine, and the rest Got them from the ccp mask that WE bought from China, How stupid was that idea? We heard that there is a major shortage of Microchips around the world, What they didn't tell you is it was because they were put in the vaccines, to do what? Dumb us down even more' as slaves, they can just turn us off, or what ever they want, Have you seen companies digging holes in the neighborhoods you live in a lot lately? Well' It's because after all the stink of the 5G that people railed against' They are now putting 5G right under the surface of the ground' YES' The yard of people thinking there is a completely different reason for digging the holes in there lawn' Once everyone wakes up to this fact there will be a war in the streets all over'

  • Poxiy

    unplug the internet cable open plane mode deactivate wifi or bluetooth see hackers cant hack you now :)

  • Professor Lycan's School for Monsters & Miscreants
    Professor Lycan's School for Monsters & Miscreants

    Okay this is great and all but now how do you decide what kind of ball is best for you?

  • Taufeeq Sunny
    Taufeeq Sunny

    Why does the cat not experience attractive charge when the electrons are moving and it's still? The length of electrons must contract while moving , so more negative charge density

  • Rainer Pleyer
    Rainer Pleyer

    A thought that I often have with Veritaserum’s videos, that is even more true here: I had no idea.

  • Apostolis T.
    Apostolis T.

    One Derek can teach us more physics in 9 minutes than 10 teachers in a year.

  • Untitled 1
    Untitled 1

    This was the next enjoyable video from your channel. I was hooked till the end of the sponsor.

  • TecSanento

    Hahahah :D technology :D at our bowling array I would be happy to have an oiled Lane - or those pin machines without rope attached to them :D

  • Sernlol

    I won't watch but I'll answer: - Just watch the nature and you will find there everything we "invented" but better

  • vedforeal #7
    vedforeal #7

    Where did the old title go

  • Azuvector

    No mention of 5 pin bowling? Tsk.

  • Matthew

    id just like to point out, im watching an expert along with millions of other students, teach me things about a subject he is expert in, via radio waves also via the internet on my colour audiovisual machine.

  • Kindredva

    11:41 the music we here is when a moon overlaps another one, it's magical !

  • David

    Do you have a video on pool and billiards?

  • Yawer Saad
    Yawer Saad

    Like what you're doing, can you make a video on the most effective way to educating (academic) masses - targeting developing/underdeveloped countries (if you haven't already)?

  • moein aziz
    moein aziz

    May God also explores j black hole don't hav false information....

  • Justin Fowler
    Justin Fowler

    I really like these videos. When Derek tries to explain physics math it is interesting, but makes my head hurt. 😆

  • Steve Sheppard
    Steve Sheppard

    I went to the same school as Isaac Newton. Kings School in grantham. I don't live too far from the house he grew up in. Still has the famous apple tree there, at Woolsthorpe Manor. Where Isaac asked the question, why do things fall downwards and not sideways.

  • bentos11

    try watching with speed to 0.25... his voice gets interesting

  • LavaMelxn

    can't you just *assign them to most closest vacant room instead of doing all this work?*

  • ecisme10

    I think this is why we have flat earthers.

  • Trillyana

    My mom used to be in a league and rolled righty on the left side of the lane with left-to-right spin and could break 200. Isn't that even harder than doing it the normal way?

  • Gunkanjima

    Parallel universes are completely science fiction

  • Keeve lajara
    Keeve lajara

    Just wondering how can the manger write infinite names and how can he make the infinite sheets!?!?!

  • jedi 76
    jedi 76

    Ya'll are idiots. Anyone, I mean ANYONE who believes this garbage is an idiot. Almighty God created everything in existence. The fact that man is so arrogant to think that we know what happened in the first 20 minutes after the "Big Bang" is ludicrous. There was no bang just a BAM!!! God went Bam and there you go. His eyelash could crush this universe and we mock Him and insult Him by theorizing about what we know when we don't know jack. All of you are fools and morons who believe otherwise, period. Come soon my Lord Jesus 🙏

  • nothing

    15:51 that is completely wrong. LED do not last as long as the ads tell you they do. think again. plus are far more expensive than old tech.

  • Unlimited Gnar
    Unlimited Gnar

    Gravity is a dimension

  • Jere Keränen
    Jere Keränen

    So are you saying. That grapes are like little Planets? o.O

  • Tin_Man_Ton

    Yeah right. 👎🏽

  • Opie Vlogs
    Opie Vlogs

    He says "like this naturally occurring one" talking about the virus....hasn't it been proven to mostly likely have come from a lab!?

  • Harveywhite209

    3.4 thousand people didn’t like this video... probably all climate deniers as well

  • Oresama Ren
    Oresama Ren

    I still dont understand it, but it's cool to watch