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  • MuhamkrishArum Arum
    MuhamkrishArum Arum

    100 win , 7 World Title . Lewis Hamilton , The Best Ever World F1 Racer . Lewis , The Lion on the road . Thank you Sir Lewis Hamilton. . Respect .

  • Onak Merdi
    Onak Merdi

    Great decision if you actually won something like the CL.. 😂😂😂😂

  • Sini_SV

    The under-appreciation for Arsene Wenger in this country never ceases to amaze me. Wenger is the greatest manager in the history of Arsenal Football Club, what has Arteta shown to suggest that he’s able to reach those heights?! 🤔🤨

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag Singh

    From getting sacked to being the next Wenger lol. Media just like milking even the smallest things from big clubs. They spoon feed the non-watching fans to get their reactions.

  • man united man
    man united man

    Hardly breaking news, anything that hasnt happened before is unusual.

  • O7

    Pep admits that KFC is better than McDonald's

  • S H
    S H

    Breaking News: pep badly wants that PSG job

  • Jaya Iyer
    Jaya Iyer

    Pep admits that a minute has 60 seconds

  • sixers2020

    Next week, Arsenal loses to Brighton. Is it time for Arteta to go? lol

  • 4evaclapham

    oh yeah! and you would be the first to say winning the carrier bag cup is not good enough for manchester united

  • Azad

    Pep Guardiola admits earth is flat because sky sports still exist

  • Nathan of the Franks
    Nathan of the Franks

    is this guy for real? (outplayed by West Ham)

  • Mow Vu
    Mow Vu

    obviously the rules are that the champ picks the judges. the reason we didn't get all three cards saying 117-113. I've always disliked aj, he was branded as the golden boy all while he holds racist thoughts. this result is no surprise to me at all.

  • Taylor Booker
    Taylor Booker

    How on earth has this made a story ?😶😂😂

  • Matthew Allen
    Matthew Allen

    This is why he wont be an elite manager


    Pep admits Tottenham are not going to win a trophy anytime soon

  • bujeah14 l
    bujeah14 l

    Let's not get carried away now

  • Robert Simbeiywet
    Robert Simbeiywet

    Klopp is right... Alex Ferguson Survived with penalties even where young and nani where diving..... If anyone recall a game where chelsea ended up 3:3 man united

  • Marcos Caminos
    Marcos Caminos

    Breaking news: Pep Guardiola says that Man City doesn't have money and won't buy players this summer.

  • Wei Ming Chew
    Wei Ming Chew

    guys don't be dumb sky sports is trying to attract more views

  • Rory Engelbrecht
    Rory Engelbrecht

    Sheeeeeit, if we're complaining about not getting penalties we're effd

  • Ohfurh660

    I hope Messi scores a goal against city ⚽

    • Fraser Quillan
      Fraser Quillan

      zinchenko gonna slip him into his pocket

  • UnKnown

    Does anyone screen these videos? What kind of news is this?

    • Ricardo Moran
      Ricardo Moran

      @UnKnown That would be a very wise choice on your part

    • UnKnown

      @Ricardo Moran If this is "content", I don't want it, not even for free.

    • Ricardo Moran
      Ricardo Moran

      You’re getting free content m8

  • Casey Falconer
    Casey Falconer

    Breaking news: Kane still missing!

    • jack rutherford
      jack rutherford

      from the smallest club in london

  • Kieran TV
    Kieran TV

    Pep admits the sky is blue

  • David Burton
    David Burton

    you are pathetic solskjaer, stop taking united fans as morons the only moron apart from your coaching staff is you solskjaer now p' off and good riddance

  • fish n chips
    fish n chips

    I thought messi and mbappe were out, but if they face us it's a good challenge for us

  • John Tran
    John Tran

    What can social media companies realistically do? It’s like holding spray paint companies responsible for graffiti

  • Ian Mccartney
    Ian Mccartney

    Big headed or what

  • Yng_ Izzy
    Yng_ Izzy

    Wtf is this

  • Jason Chui
    Jason Chui

    The physical carriage physiologically love because hammer tinctorially drum against a selfish transmission. majestic, highfalutin wren

  • S N
    S N

    He was rude and disrespectful Martin he shouted "Shut up" to his engineers. Let's not sugar coat that ridiculous tantrum

  • Ice

    There is no one who can replace solsgar tho I say he’s got 5 years so 3 more years old school time scales But seriously what are the options as replacements

  • Skyla334 Manutd66
    Skyla334 Manutd66

    He was warned this guy is special ur next telly tubey from manchester he will knock u out

  • Elijah777

    Breaking news: Pep Guardiola says Kevin De Bruyne is a good player

    • Shiv Sai
      Shiv Sai

      @Rahul Kandha V he has been doing this since he was in barca lol

    • Rahul Kandha V
      Rahul Kandha V

      He praised Chelsea and he defeated them . Is this a new pep tactic ?

  • Day Day
    Day Day

    Money talks pep lad so don’t be too surprised

  • Craig Waters
    Craig Waters


  • Elijah777

    How is this news


    Pep admits earth is round

    • Ohfurh660

      @fish n chips stop lying the earth is triangle

    • fish n chips
      fish n chips

      @Day Day it's a square according to some research I did

    • Day Day
      Day Day

      It’s flat

  • Robert Sampson
    Robert Sampson

    Because they beat spurs? Spurs not exactly flying lol 😂

  • 믿지 있지 날자!!
    믿지 있지 날자!!


  • 666 BRLN 999
    666 BRLN 999

    Wtf is going on in the UK, gas prices go crazy, empty shelves at times and a fuel crisis??


    It certainly is jarring but we will get used to it.

  • zalatanka 1
    zalatanka 1

    Leo messi 🐐🐐 🔥🔥 I can’t wait ha tricks Leo

    • Fikayo.T

      @zalatanka 1 If he stayed at Barca maybe now he’s bang average

    • zalatanka 1
      zalatanka 1

      @Fikayo.T nah bruh still he’s the best player in the world 🔥

    • Fikayo.T

      He’s old and finished his best has passed


    No way really

  • timlamiam

    I love football media. The sky is falling one way or the other depending on the weekly results.

  • Christiano Pulinaldo
    Christiano Pulinaldo


  • Abu hurairah Hussain
    Abu hurairah Hussain


  • 666 BRLN 999
    666 BRLN 999

    Arsenal sitting in 10th with 9 Points out of 18. Sky: Could Mikel Arteta be the next Arsene Wenger? Yeah, makes sense..

  • 666 BRLN 999
    666 BRLN 999

    Only 1 Word can describe this title: *YIKES* Video needs more Dislikes, you taking the piss.

  • Daniel M'hango
    Daniel M'hango

    Dead wood....

  • Dean Hava
    Dean Hava

    We said give arteta a few transfer windows to get his team together, we did that so now we will find out if he can compete with the top teams this season!

  • Deji

    It seems Tim Sherwood is still pissed he got absolutely pulverized by Arsenal in the FA Cup final sone years ago... so salty, I can spice up my steak 🤣

  • STFC Jenko
    STFC Jenko

    My Chairman COYRs🔴⚪️

  • Whateverworks.

    Sky sports are a joke with this sensationalist title. The title is about as smart as the participants in this video. Waste of time.

  • BobbyP#7

    Wenger won the title in his first full season. Where was this positive energy for Emery when he slapped Spurs and went on a 22 unbeaten run? Arteta would dream of a run half that long lmao.

  • Tommy

    We back Arteta but no one believes he will be the next Wenger - that title needs to be earned but Mikel should carve out his own name in the Arsenal history books and hopefully for good reasons.

  • NiHaz20

    British media Scum, you did this

  • Byttle Juice
    Byttle Juice

    This was just a one moment happiness. On Friday I am still Arteta out

  • Milton Simbine
    Milton Simbine

    it wasn't an arsenal fan that said he's the new Arsene Wenger

  • Danny Ackland
    Danny Ackland

    I just don't get us arsenal fans I've always said if arteta has a fit eleven of his choice then you judge him and I've noticed arteta gets results when it's his first and fit eleven if he can keep this first eleven fit over the next 30 odd games then I reckon top four wouldn't be out of the question the quality is there I do think that back four they have is real good defence in the making

  • Bob Padok
    Bob Padok

    Anglo world going down so fast!!!

  • Xd merchant
    Xd merchant

    Once goes 49 games unbeaten sure

  • hyper 26
    hyper 26

    Ok sky taking it too far. Its a joke now

  • Zoltán Vajda
    Zoltán Vajda

    If you can't buy in your shops,you should't go to Hungary!You will die!

  • Micah01


  • Jose perez
    Jose perez

    This shows a joke lmao 🤣

  • ananthakrishnan vijayakumaran
    ananthakrishnan vijayakumaran

    Come on guys this is too much ...even arsenal fans know this is taking it too much...until yesterday arteta was all about trolls and now suddenly the media is dubbing him as the next wenger???

  • Richard Barrington
    Richard Barrington

    Arsenal All or Nothing gone be really good this season..

  • Rodrigo Palo
    Rodrigo Palo

    Only time Will tell.

  • Tahmid Ahmed
    Tahmid Ahmed

    *Arteta will NEVER 👎 be like Arsenal Wenger*


    Arsenal win one game and now Mikel arteta is like wenger😂

  • TripleAitch

    In just over 90mins Arsenal fans and the media was calling for Arteta’s head. Now he’s compared one of the top 3 best managers in the history of the prem. Arsene got slated in the later years of his career unfairly I may add. I don’t think Arteta is amazing neither do I think he’s awful. He’s only just started his managerial career. Relax with the headlines give the guy time. In the strange times we live in Brighton away is probably a tougher task then tottenham at home. Hope everyone involved with Arsenal the best though.

  • *★*✬* Mark 019208237 *✬*☆*
    *★*✬* Mark 019208237 *✬*☆*

    Ministers say they won’t be bringing the army in to cope with the crisis but they will soon change there minds when they see the cues and have to cue up over an hour to get fuel. It’s unbelievable. I’ve just jumped a massive quarter mile cue on my motorbike at my local village station and sat outside waiting to get the owners attention and he waved me in just because he knows me. They fill up for you while you wait but I’d have no chance of jumping cues anywhere else or I’d end up in a fight🤣

  • Marcus Speed
    Marcus Speed

    The English are so smart lol

  • Marcus Speed
    Marcus Speed

    You voted for Boris lol

  • Jamdawg

    Who else just laughed after reading title of this video 😂🤦‍♂️

  • philly d
    philly d

    LMFAO probably loose the next game and be calling for his head.

  • Jamdawg

    If this wasn’t for the win, Arsenal fans and bbc sport, sky sports would of make a video of him about being sacked… am I wrong though? the title of the video is ridiculous.