Animations and a bunch of salt, so much salt

  • Keinan Muchlis
    Keinan Muchlis

    Me when i started pokemon unite be like:

  • Seth Youngman
    Seth Youngman

    I just realized that he CALLED IT with the pie ending

  • Arga Diamon
    Arga Diamon

    Very intuitive video, keep on the good work . , , , , , . . . . . I'm a Venusaur main and this video hurts my feeling

  • Benny Boi
    Benny Boi

    None of them are particularly special.

  • puzzlepiratesspain

    Ahora que lo vuelvo a ver veo cosas que habia pasado por alto. Es la polla de video.

  • シChefOli

    He's ... Just like me‼️

  • Blazer Ray
    Blazer Ray

    Rosalina forever!

  • Zarya Coral
    Zarya Coral

    I can’t believe that he was right about the damn ending

  • Consuelo Cifuentes
    Consuelo Cifuentes


  • S.L.E.O

    The moment you create an account is the moment you sold your soul to the devil

  • Dylan101595

    Venusaur is S+ tier now lmao

  • YinPay Official
    YinPay Official

    Why is this so accurate to Mario's franchise

  • AndrePlays

    Daisy for the win bruh

  • Morgus

    how tf did he get the knife for cutting pie theory right

  • Zinico

    Well that's a half gallon of nostalgia that I needed right now

  • David Ganimations
    David Ganimations

    Ooh self burn, those are rare

  • Sour Asian
    Sour Asian

    Top 10 anime betrayals

  • Versus

    Imagine spending money on the game when you can just play Wigglytuff offensivly and get MVP every round (Wigglytuff is goated)

  • Ben DePoppe
    Ben DePoppe

    Amazingly, his theory about the pie, and the player controlling Kris were both confirmed in chapter two.

  • E


  • Candescence

    Welp you were right about the pie cutting theory, it seems a running thing is that Kris isn't exactly thrilled about being possessed by some random stranger.

  • Luckypewpewbee galaxy
    Luckypewpewbee galaxy

    It was used to cut the pie!

    • Luckypewpewbee galaxy
      Luckypewpewbee galaxy

      Mind blown

  • Evan Landry
    Evan Landry

    4:50 either Toby watches your videos or this was a MASIVE coincidence.

  • Pro Medic TF2
    Pro Medic TF2

    His day off is literall just the day where he ruins everyone else's day. Glad they keep him behind bars

  • Mini

    Insect glaive was my first weapon and got me into the series, so I really don't care if it's suboptimal or whatever. I just have fun using it (although tbh it was better in world, and I find myself using more Switch Axe in most cases).

  • Andy Q.
    Andy Q.

    omg I saw this one more!!!!!!!!!!! <i> love it!

  • B Ball
    B Ball

    Now we have to wonder how this would sound if the cast of the new mario sang this Lmfao. I could see Jackblack doing it because he's competed in japanese competitions etc XD but the others i dont know they wouldn't fair so well.

  • Rolling Snail
    Rolling Snail

    I didn't know Black and Pratt spoke japanese.

  • Gaven Mann
    Gaven Mann

    The fact that he predicted the knife was for the pie is just next level

  • MangosCats

    Now I know why you made this after hyadin

  • Metal_Fox_ Gaming
    Metal_Fox_ Gaming


  • Worth, The Shiner
    Worth, The Shiner

    The true evolution

  • anthrosaurian

    Its been a good 10 years since i last heard an El Kabong reference. <insta-like>

  • Worth, The Shiner
    Worth, The Shiner

    I really re watched this a few times without realizing

  • EsperPhoenix

    It's crazy that the original one was something that inspired me to get into drawing!!! It's been a while and now im in art school and the animation is gorgeous. Time keeps marching on cjdnnfne

  • Soulfalon27 the Thirth
    Soulfalon27 the Thirth

    The only good weapon type is the Greatsword

  • Bailee West
    Bailee West

    Nostalgia 😭

  • Retsu Seiba
    Retsu Seiba

    tfw venusaur actually got good in this patch :C he's stupidly op

  • Reiko Cringefest
    Reiko Cringefest

    Bro, I saw the first rendition when I was about 5 or 6. This is gold. A gleaming treasure among the endless internet

  • TaxAlfredo

    i went in there and said "are ya codin' son?" and got instabanned lol

  • Chibi Kami
    Chibi Kami

    While the newer one looks more polished with its cleaner lines and richer colour, it almost completely throws away the art style of the original; it feels more like an iteration by a different artist than a later attempt/revision by the same artist.

  • Filippo Contigiani
    Filippo Contigiani

    "Out of the four main Mario gals" Birdo and Toadette who technically ARE mains: *are we a joke to you?*

  • Yocelio

    Scott predicting the beginning of chapter 2 is pretty cool

  • Chubledoobles

    OH MY GODDDD I WATCHED THIS A HUNDRED TIMES AS A KID!! Never knew you made the original! what a journey

  • Alexis Campos : Storylife
    Alexis Campos : Storylife


  • Edwin Munoz
    Edwin Munoz

    the deku joke is incredible

  • StereotypicalEdgelord

    the best part about this is they were entirely right about the ending. the knife was to cut the pie.

  • reuben

    this hits differently now deltarune's out lol

  • Larry Halsey
    Larry Halsey

    watching this after the mobile launch and patch……Venusaur is now one of the best mons in the game

  • gl!ch ki6
    gl!ch ki6

    BrO we all laughed when he said it was a pie knife at the end but he wAs rIGHT IT WAS aCTUAllY A PIE KNIFE WhAT Is THIS

  • SitedDevBend

    1:42 hmmm

  • Samweee Yt
    Samweee Yt

    Luigi you take that back you damn nerd!!!!! -Bakugo aka King/Lord explosion murder

  • Mika Mika chu
    Mika Mika chu

    omggggg ahhhh my childhood


    i feel.... so.... old right now

  • Pigeon Lover
    Pigeon Lover

    I love how you actually predicted that the knife was for the pie 😂

  • firestonegraywolf

    Y'all watch out for them "Wiv-rens" 😂

  • The one and only Sugar cube
    The one and only Sugar cube

    Meanwhile in an alternate universe: I can’t do anything

  • Mr. Flame
    Mr. Flame

    Can't wait for the video on chapter two where he gloats about being right with his pie theory and i really want to shove this in peoples faces because its funny

  • zackoon49

    I can’t get over the absolute perfection in Luigi harmonizing with himself. And of course, the animation is freaking incredible! I only vaguely remembered the original before seeing the comparison but this really blows it out of the water. Amazing job!

  • bruh panini
    bruh panini

    1mil. Let's goooooooo💥💥🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Spingebill

    Scottfalco was right near the end kris did just use the knife to eat the pie!

  • Jeremiah Felix Sobrevilla
    Jeremiah Felix Sobrevilla

    It WAS pie!

  • djflyguy13

    A beautiful story of a brother sacrifice

  • Jomspeh

    *Luigi has a point.*

  • Taco Dude
    Taco Dude

    Man disrespecting Birdo 😔

    • Licinius Varrus
      Licinius Varrus

      Birdo is a technically a male, let's not go there

  • landon brown
    landon brown

    Update your knife theory was correct in chapter 2

  • Sanitized Agent
    Sanitized Agent

    2:56 i did it and he got mad

  • L3on Drak3
    L3on Drak3

    I wonder how he will move in 25 years

  • Michael Sprinkle
    Michael Sprinkle

    why is there a jojo reference (6:56)

  • NouVolt

    Thats me in almost everything

  • Mikael Kalishna
    Mikael Kalishna


  • Aaiden Ranselle
    Aaiden Ranselle

    Isn’t she a researcher and not a hunter

  • Sinteleon

    Now I wanna see this, but with the Mario Movie cast. :V

  • Jefferson Orozco
    Jefferson Orozco


  • Hong Meiling
    Hong Meiling


  • Cero

    I was in the 8th grade when I saw the original. Damn it's been a while.

  • Dragon Of Something
    Dragon Of Something

    Loved the og, love to see a remake

  • A Random Gachatuber
    A Random Gachatuber

    I'm gonna buy every tissue box in the world.

  • Jacob Schmidt
    Jacob Schmidt

    im disappointed he didn't comment on the hammer flip a dip

  • John Roland
    John Roland

    My question is how do you play it the worng way