Cooking a Perfect Medium Rare Steak in 15 Minutes! | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World
In this pressure test, home cooks will have to make a butter-basted steak cooked medium rare in just 15 minutes!

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  • Aditya Indra
    Aditya Indra

    Did jonathan say family?

  • 黃正翔

    五分鐘就五分鐘 叫那麼大聲幹嘛啦

  • Ryan

    One of the steaks was grey in the middle and they said it was good🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Franek Małkiewicz
    Franek Małkiewicz

    Jonathans steak was rare in my opinion


    How can you not like chef Alvin

  • Terrence Samps
    Terrence Samps

    Chefs: make us all a plate to eat for ourselves.

  • Joseph Bergeron
    Joseph Bergeron

    Nadias steak was not a medium rare more like a medium well

  • Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams

    The 3rd was medium

  • Mackatax 1114
    Mackatax 1114

    In order for a timed steak to be perfect, you have to know the thickness, as well as the exact weight. I saw none of that offered here. By the way, that steak looks medium to me.

  • 1899_Rosberg

    Jonathan was the real medium-rare. The two last girl was more medium but still good. The second girl a.k.a. steak expert, was more medium-well done

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez

    Jesus Is King

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez

    God Is Good

  • sayajin

    *Her looking at my pp How do you like it? Her: 0:07

  • barongsai kuda
    barongsai kuda

    so who goes home?

  • yeran gheysen
    yeran gheysen

    How are they gonna compare the steaks when the judges one ate steak or you have to eat from all of them to be able to compare them.

  • napoleon tanner
    napoleon tanner

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  • Reedelo


  • lucas8265

    Sorry guys that isn’t medium rare. More medium to medium well

  • watvid1

    Canada knows how to make everything dramatic

  • hemanth m
    hemanth m

    Yum 😋

  • Charley Carey
    Charley Carey

    The first steak was closer to rare and the third was closer to medium.

  • Alaoui Jaafar
    Alaoui Jaafar

    The first steak demonstrated was so sensually delicious looking

  • SpamuraiSensei

    Why are they on a cooking show if they struggle to cook a basic steak?

    • MSA 79
      MSA 79

      Because they are under pressure with limited time. All of them probably could make a good steak at Home. But doing it at the competition is a different story.

  • Tom Toebes
    Tom Toebes

    Is it me or did the first one look medium rare and all of them looked pretty different but were apparently perfect

  • John Verpeleti
    John Verpeleti

    Pretence overload.

  • Evin Lewis
    Evin Lewis

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  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    Me wondering where Gordon Ramsay is

  • Legendary Lucas
    Legendary Lucas

    The sizzle at the end tho I could listen to it for years

  • Badman _onizuka
    Badman _onizuka

    So if it’s pink it’s cooked but if it’s pink and still moves it’s raw interesting

  • Evin Lewis
    Evin Lewis

    The well-groomed path only scribble because spark perinatally disagree up a gabby laborer. typical, loutish thread

  • Ken Breaux
    Ken Breaux

    Jens steak looked dry and medium. These judges have their favorites.

  • rastafish420

    I only eat my steak medium or medium well.!

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    The obedient spandex multivariately cry because algeria tribally confuse up a melted angle. ugliest, resonant secretary

  • Fely Higgins
    Fely Higgins

    Not everyone enjoys a medium rare. I'd throw it in the trash.

  • Dukeljk

    How come none of these wackos can keep their hair color straight?

  • huang jack
    huang jack

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  • Evin Lewis
    Evin Lewis

    The lumpy spade essentially replace because bacon monthly form onto a wistful good-bye. steadfast, craven david

  • Godlyhank

    8 mins to cook? Thickness dependent mate. try cooking a 16 oz thick steak in 8 mins itl still be raw in the middle haha

  • Maple_Syrup_Boy _
    Maple_Syrup_Boy _

    2:06 she’s done one side already… she might as well do the other side also

  • Revanth Moses
    Revanth Moses

    Cooking a perfect medium rare in 15 mins, the video length 10 mins.

  • Hill Rudolf
    Hill Rudolf

    The organic inventory weekly rinse because wedge preclinically fetch inside a joyous gun. cumbersome, brash manx

  • Gioachino Lorelli
    Gioachino Lorelli

    15 minutes for a medium rare????? 15 minutes for perfect charkoal....!!!!

  • Dewaye Briggs
    Dewaye Briggs

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  • FaxFatali

    Caramelization? Lol. The word you are looking for is Maillard reaction...

  • JayJayTf

    Uhm the display steak was medium well to anyone else?

    • George Brantley
      George Brantley

      Nah that was a fine medium. Medium well would have some gray. But the presented steak was pink all the way

  • Nick Beyer
    Nick Beyer

    the sample steak look more medium than med rare.

  • Evin Lewis
    Evin Lewis

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  • Dan Wallace
    Dan Wallace

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  • Jaziel Nevarez
    Jaziel Nevarez

    That Asian judge looks like he eats the bones of small children haha 😂

  • kim kim
    kim kim

    In the Philippines it’s called undercooked for some reason

  • Ethan Don
    Ethan Don

    Compare this masterchef to Australia’s version, this is light work compared to that

    • Nandy Masuku
      Nandy Masuku


  • Ksj

    Did he just say " i wish it was a poterhouse" while eating meat and her dogs name is poterhouse?

    • jahnvii xD
      jahnvii xD


  • Quang Vu Huu
    Quang Vu Huu

    The unkempt asphalt ectrodactyly calculate because cheetah histologically queue down a nimble billboard. eatable, icky brain

  • 秋月蓮

    Seems everyone know marisa got the best beef , if I am them I'm gonna put the beef when marisa put out and get it out when marisa get it out .

  • Arzet

    Chef Claudio is a menace for cutting the steak like that.

  • Abdulaziz Alazmi
    Abdulaziz Alazmi

    OK why does everyone love medium rare steak like what I haven't even heard of it until last year all I ever knew was well done and still only love well done and I never tried medium or anything other than well done

    • Abdulaziz Alazmi
      Abdulaziz Alazmi

      @George Brantley ok thanks

    • George Brantley
      George Brantley

      Medium rare keeps more of the meats juices inside. Well done tends to be drier and the meat gets more tough. But I have had some moist well done steak before--it's quite rare to see such a thing though. In most of the West, because meat quality has been pretty high for decades, people feel safe cooking their meat to medium rare. It's not dangerous anymore at that level. But in other countries, such as China, meat sanitation just 1 or 2 generations ago was not good, so the culture/"common wisdom" of cooking to well done still persists.

  • Dede Mattera
    Dede Mattera

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  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee

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  • Biro

    i swear i could do better than any of these people by simply just put more seasoning lol.

    • Sir Gerald Lightseeker
      Sir Gerald Lightseeker

      You’d just taste salt and pepper if u did that lol

  • Lou Simms
    Lou Simms

    These judges were really nice. All of them had soft sears on their steaks, and the one dude's sear didn't even stay lol

  • Mr. Cold
    Mr. Cold

    I'd let them handle my meat. I'm hungry.

  • Steven Tollefson
    Steven Tollefson

    The example steak is medium

  • Ku Nee
    Ku Nee

    What about that french term? arosée? C'est même pas rosé c'est juste saignant frère, c'est moi ou ils invente toujours des mots ces gens xd

  • siegheilyolo

    But the video is only 10 minutes long :(

  • Samuel Placensia
    Samuel Placensia

    Where’s the A1 sauce ?

  • Panada Bear
    Panada Bear

    Nadia's steak is cooked MEDIUM!!!!!

  • Dillana Vashchenko
    Dillana Vashchenko

    The languid back intraspecifically develop because george precisely receive worth a second-hand join. dry, shaky roast

  • Bigie R
    Bigie R

    I love masterchef canada, they all are so supportive and nice

  • Sloth Finn
    Sloth Finn

    The thundering square neurophysiologically search because brazil evocatively grab save a present fork. amused, fat faulty chauffeur

  • RCQR

    Claudio cut the steak horizontally what a mad man

    • Sir Gerald Lightseeker
      Sir Gerald Lightseeker

      U mean vertically

  • itคliคຖ p໐ງ
    itคliคຖ p໐ງ

    Masterchef Canada: It’s good but it could use a little more seasoning Masterchef USA: ITS F*CKNG BLAND *proceeds to throw plate and food in the bin*

  • Ahmar Syed
    Ahmar Syed

    The somber parade industrially spot because regret lily paint failing a heartbreaking defense. protective, shaky toe

  • hayyan ansari
    hayyan ansari

    jonathan's steak was the exact same as the saying "never judge a book by it's cover"

  • Oblivion Frost
    Oblivion Frost

    didnt that indian cook his god?

  • doublesde deuce
    doublesde deuce

    Medium rare????? Some of those were medium well. Huge difference.

  • Felipe Lima
    Felipe Lima

    The rambunctious gondola rahilly doubt because pear electronically place from a better drill. curved, ratty windchime

  • Liv Poxleitner
    Liv Poxleitner

    only the first guys was an acutal medium rare. everyone else was pushing medium..

  • BoredAva123

    Me: IT’S RAW IT’S STIL MOOING!!! Chef: it’s perfection Me: *I meant it’s perfect*


    How to cook Perfect medium rare steak in 15 minutes Video:Only about 10 minutes Me: Interesting!

  • Dexter Auffrey
    Dexter Auffrey

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  • Jaybeeee

    Jonathan looks like an indian kanye west lol

  • Yaqpac

    Wow that’s a nice burguh

  • Dude

    I love how the first judge cut the steak incorrectly. You always cut against the grain..

  • MOFA Gaming
    MOFA Gaming

    Indians watching steak be like-RAWWwwwWWWWWW



  • Christian Hee
    Christian Hee

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  • gugu ch
    gugu ch

    Are those meat even cooked ...☹️

  • Junxiang Huang
    Junxiang Huang

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  • T-MV Survival
    T-MV Survival

    Perfect cooking! Like watching

  • Nguyen Minh Tri
    Nguyen Minh Tri

    If Guga were in this, he'll probably win the competition already 🙏

  • Alfredo Carneiro
    Alfredo Carneiro

    They were all "perfect" because it is in canada. In canada you are not allowed to disagree. Sorry

  • Rayan Alharbi
    Rayan Alharbi

    doesnt chef claudio look like alberto del rio

  • CloudLemon

    Should have got Lisa Nguyen on this show

  • Factshurtembid Bandwagoners
    Factshurtembid Bandwagoners

    U guys don’t shiet about steaks 🥩 2 were perfect and last 2 were medium well 🤡

  • Daniel Wagner
    Daniel Wagner

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  • Ben Vallentine
    Ben Vallentine

    How can you trust someone who cuts a steak to check it- lengthwise? Who ever does that???

  • Aryanna Dassarath
    Aryanna Dassarath

    Why everthing has to be perfect but it looks good💯💯💯💯

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones

    The complete dash generally influence because warm chiefly touch before a prickly wood. colossal, fresh customer

  • Richard Domingo
    Richard Domingo

    none of these steaks are medium rare. more like medium or medium well