Turning the Blind Auditions into a CONCERT on The Voice #2 | Top 10
These incredible talents didn’t just do a Blind Audition, they gave a CONCERT! What’s your favorite performance? Let us know in the comments below👇

PART 1 📺 uzmilk.info/number/eM6emn2JlnikYNc/video.html

🚨 This video features the following performances:
00:00 Mark Furze sings “Blow” by Ed Sheeran ft. Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars (Australia, 2020)
01:31 Douma sings “BLKKK SKKKN HEAD” by Kanye West (Belgique, 2021)
03:16 Raine Stern sings “Electric Feel” by MGMT (USA, 2021)
05:00 Эдель Пьер sings “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin (Ukraine, 2016)
07:05 Frode Vassel sings “Into The Unknown” by Panic! At The Disco (Norway, 2021)
09:10 Todd Michael Hall sings “Juke Box Hero” by Foreigner (USA, 2020)
10:47 Анна Шерри sings “Rock and Roll” by Led Zeppelin (Ukraine, 2021)
12:42 Curricé sings “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons (Spain, 2020)
14:35 Kelly Kockelkoren sings “Do I Ever” by Kensington (Netherlands, 2017)
16:30 Matthias Nebel sings “Sign Of The Times” by Harry Styles (Germany, 2020)

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  • Best of The Voice
    Best of The Voice

    Can't get enough? 🤘 Watch Part 1: 📺 uzmilk.info/number/eM6emn2JlnikYNc/video.html

    • D H P
      D H P

      @Mangheta Rinngheta what?

    • Mangheta Rinngheta
      Mangheta Rinngheta

      @D H P 7

    • Sergio Caballero
      Sergio Caballero


    • D H P
      D H P

      @Jodyrubi Aryanto ???

    • Jodyrubi Aryanto
      Jodyrubi Aryanto

      @D H Pp

  • Weriton Santos
    Weriton Santos

    Amei todas as performances, obrigado the Voice

  • Raiden3

    JukeBox Hero was 10000000% more of what we need in the Voice!

  • Anna Pietrzak
    Anna Pietrzak

    This guy who singing who gotta love is amaizing i love how Hi singing

  • P u n K
    P u n K

    19:38 Peace To my ears✌️👀✌️

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace

    LOL! That first guy just straight got up there and had fun with it. Gave me chill bumps too and I don't even really even like that kind of music but he's definitely a true performer and entertainer at heart. The world needs to hear more of that guy.

  • daviles

    pones al hermano de Jpelirrojo que dio sida xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • McFrans

    Most of them was nothing special . Clickbait title fu

  • ron meyler
    ron meyler

    That’s what I’m talking about. ATTITUDE ✌️

  • Modest Phillips
    Modest Phillips

    The first guy was 🔥


    7:17 one of the best performance(for me)

  • elgon147

    Am i going crazy or does Todd Michael ( 09:11 ) Look a lot like Mat Mercer from critical role? O.O

  • MARIA massey
    MARIA massey


  • Marco Gold
    Marco Gold

    Matthias Nebel - Bed of Roses is missing. Same guy who sings Sign of the Times in this vid

  • Chen Baraquiel
    Chen Baraquiel

    those guys who sang "Into the unknown"and "Sign of the time" was perfectly amazing👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Donna Miller
    Donna Miller

    Why can't the USA have more rock look at all the great bands we have...come on!

  • dxdux

    "He is not bad..." he said.....

  • Mafiks

    The judges in the 10:50 audition look tiny in those chairs 😂

  • rosario larion
    rosario larion

    The Best of the Best-- thank you.

  • Ben San
    Ben San

    lookin ' for Giacomo voli

  • Gage Solis
    Gage Solis

    These shows always make me think of how many people who are talented either through a gift or hard work. And how many won’t/wouldn’t make it because HollyWood and the Music industry doesn’t “need” them at that time.

  • Diego Barros
    Diego Barros

    Props to the musicians. They’re the unsung heroes.

  • Jesus Quintanar
    Jesus Quintanar

    I feel like the bands have fun when they get a chance to play rock songs the energy is just different 🤘

  • Leo Sid
    Leo Sid

    1st guy, the guy who sang Into the unknown, Kelly and Mathias nebel were all freaking awesome.

  • Ishaan Jajodia
    Ishaan Jajodia

    The audience came looking for gold and found diamonds 😂

  • Nina Ghazalli
    Nina Ghazalli

    The first contestant were amazing. He sang like proffesional. All together the voice and the performance were extra ordinary

  • Savni Lad
    Savni Lad

    The Whole Lotta Love just vibes different! Loved it! 🔥

  • Marek Vanco
    Marek Vanco

    Last girl was brilliant wow

  • Team HoL Up
    Team HoL Up

    What country has the voice that allows curse words?

  • TaraChannel

    Real singers and real entertainers

  • Breno The music dude
    Breno The music dude

    Matthias nebel has such amazing range and control in his voice , definately an unforgettable performance

  • Fat Jesus
    Fat Jesus

    Wow the British version is so much better!! All rock songs! 🤘

  • Tess Crelli
    Tess Crelli

    I don't see enough people talking about the first guy, with that stage presence and that voice he might as well be a professional singer already.

    • DViper

      That's the funny thing. He is

  • Mj

    In to the unknown by panic at the disco the best Love from the philippines

  • K M
    K M

    Wowowowowowow! Loved them all!

  • GGscene

    Remember Zack RATM 🙏🙏🙏

  • Marcel Visser
    Marcel Visser

    Wowwwwwwww Its amazing. I love it.

  • CultOfPersonality091

    The last dude always gets an Encore even in his First audition when he sang Bed of Roses.

  • Vishnu

    Denzel washington killed it ⚡⚡✨

  • Alex Matern
    Alex Matern

    that whole lotta love tho🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Azizo Rhania
    Azizo Rhania

    Pheeeew!!! Love them all and i am glad to see Mathias again he is really awesome as well as the first guy!

  • Thug Mobster
    Thug Mobster

    They are not just amazing , the are so professional……. That deserve a big name to music industry

  • Ariel Tulian
    Ariel Tulian

    Great singers!

  • Collins Ocham
    Collins Ocham

    Into the unknown 🔥 🔥

  • Fred Vrijhof
    Fred Vrijhof

    Our east-european friends like old and agressive, I guess

  • центр Аристарха Реальная Магия
    центр Аристарха Реальная Магия


  • tonz amad
    tonz amad

    ..may i know the title of that last song?the singer with the white shirt..🤔

  • Jomar Calingacion
    Jomar Calingacion

    03:17 she sounds like Kellin Quinn \m/

  • Nathaniel Centeno
    Nathaniel Centeno

    The girl who sang Do I Ever is on something.

  • sie brow TV
    sie brow TV


  • fake tears for real b itch
    fake tears for real b itch

    Kelly is kinda super fresh oldies that I love so much

  • Sebanusa CTG
    Sebanusa CTG


  • Ernalyn Molino
    Ernalyn Molino

    the one number one

  • Ernalyn Molino
    Ernalyn Molino

    i love this team

  • The Noob01
    The Noob01

    The band was the best

  • Mark Co
    Mark Co

    The girl in pink with electric guitar is a real rockstar it is very difficult to sing wile playing electric guitar in a rock music you need to be a perfectly talented she is godest

  • chris Hellstrom
    chris Hellstrom

    These musicians are snapping in every song😂😂dam im getting lost in every guitarists solos

  • Jefferson Dizon
    Jefferson Dizon

    missin the days without COVID19


    Last guy its better then the original...

  • bobcat bigpaws
    bobcat bigpaws

    People love these old rock songs. They were the best. I wish we could go back in the time when songs were just crazy great.

  • LSD avec le poney
    LSD avec le poney

    Ils devraient coupé le micro des jury , ces horribles

  • khairul anam
    khairul anam

    Sekarang sdh banyak yg terkenal bagus2 suaranya sebelum ikut tampil diacara2 macam ini. Jd pas ikut acara beginian langsung auto.

  • Zingouin

    I love how Mark from Germany stand up every time



  • birdsatalcatraz

    Talk about channeling Harry 🤩

  • Kermodeii

    17:32 He's not holding a note? LOL I heard differently

  • JA JA
    JA JA

    It would be beautiful if they could turn back around after seeing the singer.

  • JA JA
    JA JA

    The 2nd guy was complete garbage, why is that on here, as soon as they turned I skipped

  • Rayna sin
    Rayna sin

    Into the unknow the best

  • agungprayogo89

    That band tho...

  • Irene The Wanderer
    Irene The Wanderer

    Great music thanks for sharing japhilcoreteam

  • Konstantinos Kalaitzidis
    Konstantinos Kalaitzidis

    Juke box hero... The best of all time

  • Ikmal Ismail 1686
    Ikmal Ismail 1686

    6:35 Whats her name?

  • Ninny

    He’s not holding his notes. We got to get AWAAAAAYYYYY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jürgen Müller
    Jürgen Müller

    Hi Curricé , that's the best cover I ever heard , .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay save , my best wishes , Jürgen

  • B Jørgensen
    B Jørgensen

    Matthias Nebel “Sign Of The Times” (Germany, 2020)

  • adam M
    adam M

    the german is the best a real talent

  • Vinicius Peres
    Vinicius Peres

    5:00 Só marcando a sequência Eidel e Frode :)

  • Bruce Heatley
    Bruce Heatley

    The dude who sang zeppelin did alright but it looked like a bird s..t on his forehead and it ran down to the tip of his nose.

  • Zoomcat Eldorado
    Zoomcat Eldorado

    Wow, every one is so faithful to the original. Just very very skillful!


    BRILLIANT (last Guy)

  • Tyler Snyder
    Tyler Snyder

    The one guy singing jukebox hero looks like Steve Carell

  • Joyo Fishing Channel
    Joyo Fishing Channel

    Awesome and nice to meet you

  • Maria G
    Maria G

    I know this is about the contestants but I'm here for the band! They're awesome! Love the way they rock out to every song &;just enjoy themselves.

  • yokeezach vlog
    yokeezach vlog

    Sign of the time better than the original,love it👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Михаил Волчек
    Михаил Волчек

    Австралиец просто зверь

  • tonny sylvester wan
    tonny sylvester wan

    Into the unknown 👍👍👍👍

  • arthur king
    arthur king

    I hate when people try to do Zeppelin. It NEVER works.

  • mariju bulauitan
    mariju bulauitan

    The last one is the best

  • Gator Dragon
    Gator Dragon

    Aaaack put the MGMT one out of their misery. End it.


    c'est que des hurlements de chien , du bruit, et de l anglais de CM2, tout est horrible plus ils hurlent plus ils sont applaudits, c'est des cris pas de la musique

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro

    10:48 The band is killing it & the singers voice, wow. Rock N Roll! baby! =)

  • Pamela Lawrence
    Pamela Lawrence

    Maybe Kelly Rowland will wear some cloths next season 🤔

  • Mauryn Enario
    Mauryn Enario


  • Chroma Trance
    Chroma Trance

    Into The unknown Son : Dad, i bet u can't make judges turnaround. Dad : Give me 3 second.. Here We go..

  • Alvin Chan
    Alvin Chan

    First time hearing Into the Unknown sung by male and its freaking amazing!

  • tj

    Is it just me or the electric eel one sounds like a copy of kellin quinn

  • muhammad tharky
    muhammad tharky


  • Joenattaniel Perez
    Joenattaniel Perez

    Into the unknown...iloveit

  • Blair Brown
    Blair Brown

    New Rule: if a potential contestant has turned their audition into what is essentially a one song concert, and no judges have turned their chairs by the time it's over, that performance is immediately to be ruled an automatic in and the judges are forced to compete over who gets the the contestant. This rule should apply to all iterations of the Voice worldwide.