Which Of Our Cars Can Actually Outrun The Cops? | Car Trek S5E4
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In this episode of Car Trek Series 5, AutoTempest challenges the guys to get their first cars to Atlanta Motorsports Park for a race. Not against each other, but to see who can outrun the local police. Ed's Audi S4 has the most to lose, but its stage 2 mods make it seriously quick. Freddy's Nissan Maxima isn't doing itself any favors, bringing razor thin tires with heavy wheels to a technical course, and Tyler's Mercedes-Benz 300TD will need a miracle to get out of its own way.

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  • Fred B.
    Fred B.

    None of them can outrun the cops because you can't outrun their radios dummy...🤔😳

  • Edward Ongeso
    Edward Ongeso

    Loving the show, becoming the freshest since the other 3 guys in amazon :)

  • jpnorair0

    My best friend in high school (late '90s) had an '85 300TD virtually identical to Tyler's. Also 280k miles. Also we called it "gramps." Ha. It had charm, though.

  • justin

    How to not get caught by the cops first you need no license plate then a parking garage a fue gallons of a hilly flamible liquid and a car that has looks like every outher car

  • nize money
    nize money

    Can I have the Mercedes bucket I’ll buy it

  • jason Lucas
    jason Lucas

    The cop had his light and sirens on just so the squad could watch the footage later haha

  • Gozar 111
    Gozar 111

    When the cops stop you, you’re supposed to say you did not consent, you have no contract with them and you were not driving you were travelling. You are such noobs

  • Uros Kostic
    Uros Kostic

    They should try it with Lancia Delta Integrale

  • Avinash Samaroo
    Avinash Samaroo

    The Merc has excellent handling 😃

  • sam001125

    "How's your car running?" Just like the nfs mw

  • Jeff Wischhof
    Jeff Wischhof

    I'm an average white dude, and I honestly cannot stomach either of the 2 white guys... They're both just so damn LAME💯💯💯 Sucks too, cuz the cars are pretty good sometimes...

  • Ded Beet
    Ded Beet

    That's a beautiful Ford Fusion you have there Tavarish...

  • Draven Owen
    Draven Owen

    Dude was like, “ Ight imma hit em again” 😂

  • Cheyenne Meadows
    Cheyenne Meadows

    Top gear reincarnated

  • Ryan

    That’s a nice Miata

  • MapleBit Studio
    MapleBit Studio

    Anyone else total their first car?

  • Jr D S
    Jr D S

    This show reminds me why Top Gear America just didn’t do well it’s just dumb and boring with a bunch of un-natural acting it’s like they forcing it to be good but not succeeding

  • Maxwell Currier
    Maxwell Currier

    Love seeing my hometown track and sheriffs department in the video😂 Can’t say I haven’t been pulled over by that F-150👌🏻

  • Kw VQ
    Kw VQ

    Bruh if I was in my 2006 Nissan Maxima 6mt with my vq35de I would have dusted him put me in the field And fly me and my shitbox out for a round

  • Juan Cardona
    Juan Cardona

    Almost any car that can go over 160mph can out run a lousy non American made suburban Tahoe or that ugly Explorer don't understand why that feminine vehicles is even a cop car seems like hard times done sink in

  • Charles Lee LUV
    Charles Lee LUV


  • Austin Blevins
    Austin Blevins

    I know it wouldn't work with yalls dream cars but would trucks have been allowed

  • Mr Brazillian
    Mr Brazillian

    Cops: (Taking notes throughout the video)

  • Kevin

    He found something that looked like drugs and sold it behind a Kmart 🤣🤣🤣🥶

  • The Chad
    The Chad

    I call BS so much on this. At no point will that heavy ass truck pass up the maxima. I get that you have to script it to make it more dramatic but don’t make it unrealistic. At least with top gear it was mostly all believable. Anyone that’s even remotely a car person can call cap on this

  • Roland Watham
    Roland Watham

    i like that you guys are useing a f150 for the cop

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones

    Rumors have it tavarish was shot and killed by police

  • Jesse Billington
    Jesse Billington

    Mad props to the drone operator at the track. Those shots were amazing!

  • UgotCheese

    Cops don’t mess around though

  • Joseph Veitch
    Joseph Veitch

    If a cop is driving a decent driver can lose them on a scooter lol most cops cannot drive any better than my dead granny

  • FunkyCop

    Jason Statham: Clap Clap Clap

  • Tony Ricca
    Tony Ricca

    I love the whole a Top Gear parody theyve got going on here, its almost as good as the real thing, I love this series

  • Dianna DeepWhite
    Dianna DeepWhite

    I like this “first car concept”. Less supercars, more normal cars would be more entertaining to watch. 👍Thumbs up

  • Hustla Mcquaid
    Hustla Mcquaid

    Keep it up!!!! This is what I need. OG top gear done right!!!

    • Hustla Mcquaid
      Hustla Mcquaid


  • yams

    me waiting for the white guys to ask the black guy if he ever ran from the cops xD

  • RyanDirusso

    Ed it would have been awesome to have Sandy Springs police there at the track! They have a hellcat in their fleet! Normally they have it parked there at the HQ across from motorcars of Atlanta!

  • Kevin Chesterfield
    Kevin Chesterfield

    I could’ve drove the maxima better

  • Omari Bell
    Omari Bell

    Cheaters never win 😂🤫😂😂

  • VorsprungDurchNik

    "We need to break his car" - No you don't. Just wait another 5 minutes and the B5 S4 will break on it's own.

  • paul petarson
    paul petarson

    The truth is most police cars are not much more tuned up than the average car sold to the general population. A few more HP for sure but also more weight is carried in the police car. Computer, equipment, and safety gear. Police cars however are majorly reinforced with tower bracing, bush bars, reinforced front end so when the police ram another car it tends to disable the other vehicle within a short period of time. The police do have high speed pursuit cars but not that many of them. This leads me to my next point of police stupidity. All the tuner cars they take and scrap should be turned into high speed pursuit cars. This would save the taxpayer money, add faster cars to catch the upcoming EV cars that can pull 3.5 or less in a 0 to 60 and some claiming 1.1 seconds like SSC is claiming. Faster cars to the general population combined with a lack of trust in police is all the right components for disaster sooner or later.

  • mike miller
    mike miller

    I live near this race track. I might bring a drone and chase cars with it.

  • Reed Stemen
    Reed Stemen

    Why don’t you guys do more challenges than just performance driving? Think of all the things top gear did with cars that wasn’t performance driving oriented. Still love the series though.

  • Rich Headd
    Rich Headd

    Hopefully all of them i used to smoke the cops in a chevy beretta

  • Pete Polyakov
    Pete Polyakov

    Russian mobsters drive GL Mercedes (brick one), this is classic story. Ppl who drive Nissans are not mobsters.

  • Danny Hamilton
    Danny Hamilton

    Lol being tall and having to jump into a Lamborghini fast 🤣 not convenient

  • Real Life Engineer
    Real Life Engineer

    Down on power... and soon to be down on catalytic converters... gas poisoning. 😅

  • Brydanyourday

    Its everything top gear usa tried to be, but these guys actually do it right.


    What audi was that first one that won?

  • Six Spectre
    Six Spectre

    Any BMW can do it easy🤣😂

  • theblackslcmamba

    Audi baby!!! 👍🏼

  • Mattia Gnoato
    Mattia Gnoato

    Seeing the 300TD on the track made me cry of happiness, seeing a car like that shine again made my day, thank you guys :)

  • Doug Hunter
    Doug Hunter

    What motor did the audi have??

    • Doug Hunter
      Doug Hunter


  • The Third
    The Third

    f1 car that real jet car and devil 16

  • Joshua Allender
    Joshua Allender

    I’m in love with that maxima

  • Joshua Allender
    Joshua Allender

    I’m in love with that maxima

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith

    Cant out run the radio

  • Eddie Michael
    Eddie Michael

    I have a question: Why in USA cars made for Europe, and sold în USA are limited to just 210 km/h ?

  • Kid July
    Kid July

    I love when he bumps the Mercedes into the back of the Maxima gets out before it even stops moving and it starts rolling backwards, drives back up and bumps the maxima again.😂 pure comedy😂

  • MpowerLife

    Wtf lol Freddy is like that fucking stupid friend in every group can't drive for shit is to calm safe driver jot made for the street I have a couple of friends of mine that drove cara like that to hahaha 😂

  • B L
    B L

    Always love seeing a track I’m familiar with! Love doing AMP in my Miata.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    I do not know how I feel, so many mixed feeling, this whole series has done great for Audi lol, I feel like I want one now sht man ED!!! what had you done!!!!

  • Hiraku Saint
    Hiraku Saint

    Love the karma in the two lap race

  • No1_left

    This is what you call Karma all in one... Tried to sabotage Ed and - Ended up with car going backwards - Flat tire/s - Spin out - lost keys

  • bobbg

    On the Audi no you didn't get away becuse 5 other cop cars show up out of no place as well as 3 choppers and a serious sports car with no emissions on it. Thats the key word these cars do not have emissions systems on them to cut your power way down. You cant outrun a cop. You might think you got away, but 5 or 6 squadcars are at your house for when you get home. Just pull over and do as your told. In some states if the cops has reason to belive your risking other people's lifes they can use deadly force. More people are killed in high speed chases then youd belive. It isn't worth the jail time or your life.

  • JDM Engineuity
    JDM Engineuity

    I mean it is an Ecoboost...

  • Laketown CEO
    Laketown CEO

    Every car I got

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Lol I know who’s driving the truck I work there

  • Anime leaf
    Anime leaf

    bruh they are not doin it equally and not fair playing it

  • Graham Furmage-Mathieson
    Graham Furmage-Mathieson

    That’s what happens if you mess with other people‘s cars

  • Garrin Barth
    Garrin Barth

    Is this like top gear 👀

  • M Carrick
    M Carrick

    No fair I had 1977 Ltd 2 302 with a huge turbo on it this was a Renault turbo the race cars parts were normally scrapped but one of the car mechanic was a turbo nut and he had one on a 600 MotoGuzi smaller one. but I launched so hard front end lifted off only car I had that did .turbo back the cost 12 k same as a new car but I won alot of races before the bottom end blew. I was the only one running German designed synthetic oil in the 80' s that was expensive too.

  • Grown_Pineapple

    I’m not going to lie but as soon as I saw this I thought rip off top gear idk I’m just to much of top Gear and I can’t leave them lol

  • Alex s4
    Alex s4

    Is the s4 stock ?

  • fpossenti

    Is that Top Gear for dummies?

  • Will Brown
    Will Brown

    Seeing that is a Dawson county police truck that’s just amazing

    • Fransico Buttersworth
      Fransico Buttersworth

      I drive one. They are pretty quick… faster than people think

  • Bob Dailey
    Bob Dailey

    None of your cars can outrun a cop, remember they have radios.

  • Usay Uwannit
    Usay Uwannit

    I love the lambs headliner. That's sick. Ima look into putting one similar into my 2020 Mustang GTs roof.

  • Usay Uwannit
    Usay Uwannit

    The vanquish driver needs some lessons. He should know better than to keep turning into a turn when ur front tires are sliding. It just melts ur tires down. Grip typically only gets worse. But he seems to be a cool dude. He'll figure it out.

  • Usay Uwannit
    Usay Uwannit

    Nice party boy music. Had me dancing out of bed flopping. Uhh uhh uhhh

  • Kinda fit Kinda fat
    Kinda fit Kinda fat

    Lol I know who’s driving the truck I work there

  • Nikko Grace
    Nikko Grace

    "we need his channel, he's the only one that gets views" bahahhaahhahaha

  • El Flaco
    El Flaco

    It’s funny how they keep saying don’t do this at home like if I had a race track at my house Lmaoo 😂😂🤣

  • Daniel Haney
    Daniel Haney

    I wish I could've seen that, literally was at my city!

  • Oluwatosin Esan
    Oluwatosin Esan

    This nicca a menace for wilding on the audi

  • lilnugget 6god
    lilnugget 6god

    Tavarish really said I'ma take a whole coil it should be fine

  • Ntsaki Maluka
    Ntsaki Maluka

    Instant karma

  • D.I.Y Automotive
    D.I.Y Automotive

    Can I have the s4?

  • MtAkina's Ghost
    MtAkina's Ghost

    Tyler 🤡

  • MtAkina's Ghost
    MtAkina's Ghost

    At the end of the day still f*ck 12

  • Erik H
    Erik H

    I like Ed, my favorite through Car Trek. Janky cars, an ungodly amount of one liners, and typically watches Ty and Fred butt heads lol

  • MtAkina's Ghost
    MtAkina's Ghost

    B5 s4 😎

  • Adrian Leon
    Adrian Leon

    Nice video. How much power is Ed's s4 putting down?

  • J1MS4N3

    "Jerry tell the boys to hold on!" lol

  • Cody Dittebrand
    Cody Dittebrand

    I outran a cop car in my bolt on and tune GTI. 🤣

  • Ashraf Shaikh
    Ashraf Shaikh

    Freddy : *goes from a nissan to a Aston* Ed: *goes from a Audi to a Lambo* Meanwhile Tyler: *GOES FROM A MERCEDES TO A MERCEDES*

  • Kadeem Wilson
    Kadeem Wilson

    Best episode yet, some hilarious content here mayne

  • TCF - TheCarFather
    TCF - TheCarFather

    Looks like the cops need an upgrade.

  • Ne mi glumi Ludilo
    Ne mi glumi Ludilo

    2M subs, must have special for that

  • ToxicMonsterZ

    *plane takes off at 6am* my dad at 1am: 2:20

  • SilentJustin06

    That maxima must be crap! I remember the maxima being faster than this one

  • Odeo

    Sabotaged Ed's car and he still won lol