"Nae Coke?" - John McGinn joins Cristiano Ronaldo & Paul Pogba in the press conference drinks saga

  • Nigel Benn
    Nigel Benn

    Fair play to him, at least he hasn't sold his soul to a corporation, taking hints Bonucci?

  • Mogamat Ismail
    Mogamat Ismail

    It's time the whole world know that Coke is poison..........good example for all upcoming young athletes.

  • Adapa : it's my name.
    Adapa : it's my name.

    Everyone knows Coca-Cola is poison.

  • Adapa : it's my name.
    Adapa : it's my name.

    Coca-Cola contains methyl and causes blindness

  • Buckblacket

    Nae qualification either son....

  • john doe
    john doe

    comedy gold...

  • Luke Brown
    Luke Brown

    Footballer says “no coke” How is this news?

  • krushna malu
    krushna malu

    These people will compel company to liquidate.

  • []RONIN []V[]ACK
    []RONIN []V[]ACK

    why is media even focusing on this ? aren't people supposed to be "free" to do that ? or does the sponsor own the player .. like a slave ?

  • Nothing

    Non alcoholic beer lol what a lier

  • Michael O Neill
    Michael O Neill

    NOW kiddies, Athletes do not drink crap like coke or eat at McDonald's, ..leave that to mr Bobby and his family

  • Michael O Neill
    Michael O Neill

    What's coke done?...well apart from rob everyone's fresh water supply

  • Hafiz Shauqi
    Hafiz Shauqi

    Who want me Explain why Muslims are not allowed to take alcohol?

  • Jo Sé
    Jo Sé

    Cr7 the King of the World

  • wantage1973

    If Gazza were still playing, he'd be asking for a bottle opener, and then he'd neck the Heineken.

  • Viridescentlycanthrope X
    Viridescentlycanthrope X

    *John Mcgin joins the league of legends*

  • John Salter
    John Salter

    Water is all you need to rehydrate, proven by science not racist companies like Coke.

  • Torben S
    Torben S

    "Breaking News"!!

  • ACtwenty

    no sponsors no 250k per week ...idiots...

  • Decimus Septimus Tutelus
    Decimus Septimus Tutelus

    FFS grow up.

  • Yotrunks Foolieee
    Yotrunks Foolieee


  • Nosferatu Lorde
    Nosferatu Lorde

    The hypocrisy is that they claim to be against the sponsoring brand, but still earn money from it. If you really want to show that you are against the sponsor, don't charge from the sponsor.

  • Don't Believe Everything You Think
    Don't Believe Everything You Think

    The piece of paper read ~ Do what Ronaldo did

  • Khanyisa Sobili
    Khanyisa Sobili

    I don't even know This guy I know Robbo and Mctomany sky sport really ran out of news

  • boringnyerr online
    boringnyerr online

    Of course everybody should do that..this products make money by manipulated and cheating community for long times ... it's totally wrong... sports is definitely for good health....wtf alcohol and carbonated drinks doing there....

  • Abuzar Azhar
    Abuzar Azhar

    Meanwhile hazard: eats McDonald's burgers and uses coke instead of ketchup

  • Yuvraj Saxena
    Yuvraj Saxena

    Sadly this was the only highlight of Mcginn’s euros.

  • Dean Payne
    Dean Payne

    How about try coming with no mask

  • Ayoub Bouhouch
    Ayoub Bouhouch

    we're downgrading huh. who's next Ben davies

  • Razor Back
    Razor Back

    Go Woke , go broke

  • Alan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 RFC
    Alan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 RFC

    The way he played the night must off had many sugary things in him, slow crap

  • Local Council Jobsworth
    Local Council Jobsworth

    Good on them, These footballers had a huge influence on kids when I was at school.

  • Wycombe Fan Tv
    Wycombe Fan Tv

    funny thats going to be the last interview he has in euros

  • Enjoy

    Well done to Christian Ronaldo show to the new generation to act correct. We don’t need other drinks, human need only water.

  • root8ble

    respect the sponsors wdf..you may not like the brand and drinks but it's your opinion.

  • Big Steve
    Big Steve

    What's the world coming to when a minor quip makes the news.

  • Casita Bonita
    Casita Bonita

    Yes !!!! Different way to approach One of Best advocacy moves ever

  • Pete D
    Pete D

    Was that it?????

  • JLC

    At least the coke was in a glass bottle, rather than the plastic water bottles🤢

  • Karo Plant
    Karo Plant

    From now on I'm going to chose water me too...

  • Michael Underhill
    Michael Underhill

    Can people stop referring to footballers as "ballers"? We're not american we don't want to be. You'll never hear a yank commentator say "but can they do it on a cold rainy night in buffalo?" so stop this shite.

  • Gabe Itch
    Gabe Itch

    ah yes, ronaldo, pogba and mcginn. three true legends of the modern game

  • Salim Nazir
    Salim Nazir

    Yes mcginn 👍

  • Barts027

    SLY sports news reporting no news 24/7...

  • Luke McLellan
    Luke McLellan

    McGinn wouldn't have a problem with a bottle of irn bru

  • Sir Dope
    Sir Dope


  • Sketz44

    I knew this guy had a massive ego. Quite cringey mate u play for scotland and villa

    • Jock Mackay
      Jock Mackay

      It takes a massive ego to make a wee joke does it? How low is your sense of self worth?

  • Meetra Surrik
    Meetra Surrik

    Stunning and brave

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia

    I wonder what Danny Drinkwater is up to

  • Dylan RIver
    Dylan RIver

    Too right, fizzy pop and beer sponsoring athletic events, go and do one same for gambling sponsors.

  • d co
    d co

    Scotland should have irn bru

  • meow

    0:34 " a booal ov waoa" Chill I am making fun of my own accent

  • Borat Sagdiyev
    Borat Sagdiyev

    Sorry lads, cant pay you this month, the sponsors have all pulled out and theres no money left.

  • Mr X
    Mr X

    What's the face rag for u Numpty?

  • actuallyAMAZINGcontent

    Ronaldo starts the new meta xD

  • Nam Phạm
    Nam Phạm

    just glue them on table lol

  • James Day
    James Day

    Coca Cola laughing all the way to the bank with the free advertising


    I drink fried haggis

  • The Keepin it Real Podcast
    The Keepin it Real Podcast

    And me

  • hellobooom

    Finally, sportsmen standing up for something actually important.

  • neal Patrick
    neal Patrick

    Looking for deep fried Mars bar

  • Kylemc02

    Nestle water aint much better for ya!

  • Bobby Silver
    Bobby Silver

    Hopefully, one of them brave enough can shun the so called "vaccine".

  • Nerf Mac an Gabhann
    Nerf Mac an Gabhann

    Remember the conversation about a fast-food company - who's products have a 40-day digestion period - sponsoring the Olympics. Ronaldo's a leader, and a damn good one, so he can't present himself as being comfortable with the sponsor or at least should show what he thinks of it to be taken seriously by his players [as captain of the Portuguese team] but I can imagine FIFA having a word with him.

  • Natasha Haze
    Natasha Haze

    Earlier Ronaldo didn't care about having coke or no coke but now since he wants to set example for his own children he choses water over coke. Very convenient!

  • Love Hate
    Love Hate

    Think coke and heinkien should stop sponsoring the game tournaments they take the money from them

  • Gogs MKT
    Gogs MKT

    The elephant man.

  • Mark Knoop
    Mark Knoop

    If they where real man they refuse the bonus money those company's are paying.

  • AJM

    The world is in tatters because of a virus that kills the sick and unhealthy. I have a great idea let's advertise products that make people sick and unhealthy at the major sporting event 🙈😂😂

  • Ahsan Reza
    Ahsan Reza

    Ronaldo is a respectable footballer

  • vincnet1982

    Bottle water and 2 fried Mars bars please

  • Luke Burton
    Luke Burton

    "nae coke?" *Pulls out bottle of Irn Bru*

  • wale olabowale
    wale olabowale

    As sportsman it's water of course why can't coke make sports drink

  • death bystereo
    death bystereo

    Where is James Milner and his Ribena

  • rodeo

    Next match robbie fowler gets the real coke out :)

  • Mysterious Man
    Mysterious Man

    Sky juice is the best drinking water

  • G.O.A.T

    continue drinking coca cola and heineken , enjoy your life.

  • Striker

    Should have Kept IRNBRU

  • Yogesh Rupani
    Yogesh Rupani

    The Joker : Keep a bottle of gatorade and no one bats an eye because its all part of the plan. But when i place a coke bottle and some beer.. well then everyone loses their minds....

  • hsk 3000
    hsk 3000

    I want KFC to be a sponsor, just to see a massive 14 peice bucket of steaming hot fried chicken in place of the drinks!. Something tells me press conferences would be slow to get underway due to players and journalist polishing off those bones first!

  • Dazza

    footballers job is to play and entertain. If they dont drink coke then dont fking touch it! leave it tf alone. This tournament happened bcoz of sponsors! Be professional!!!

  • DorsetDanMTB

    John McGinn only drinks Irn Bru!

  • Sechaba Theletsane
    Sechaba Theletsane

    Oh no, it's becoming too powerful! It's becoming a MEME!!

  • Djaay

    McGinn is looking for his Iron Bru

  • ONG ZC
    ONG ZC

    this is getting cringey... everyone jump on the bandwagon lol

  • Steven Woolhouse
    Steven Woolhouse

    UEFA: the clubs proposing the ESL are driven by greed Also UEFA: let’s promote unhealthy drinks for money

  • Alex

    Pogba really tries too hard to follow the real top players

  • Alex


  • Strezed Leekey
    Strezed Leekey

    haha....I wish these bottles of beer and coke are strongly screwed firmly with the table...haha

  • Edison Russell
    Edison Russell

    All of these athletes tbh are just stopping the finding of grass roots football

  • Atul Nautiyal
    Atul Nautiyal

    Coco cola and Heineken are my favorite drinks 💕💕💕 Yes, water is essential but the parties/hangouts are incomplete without these beverages.✌

  • Nihh Nihh
    Nihh Nihh

    The little weasel McGinn

  • Jüggernøut Noobs
    Jüggernøut Noobs

    ronaldo diet..means trend for both star,pathetic 😂copycat

  • MrJustliketht

    They should start throwing away their cleats because of child labor... fken idiots they are haha all over coca cola haha

  • R

    Funny when the Representatives, the paid hierarchy and elites, get so big, that they bite the hand that feeds them. None of these so called Righteous mini acts will amount to anything. These guys are the most corrupt, bought out and money hungry capitalists you'll ever meet. Never meet your heroes, you'll only be disappointed. Have a coke or a beer. You'll be grand.

  • abdullah mukhtar
    abdullah mukhtar

    Dude just want to drink water

  • NikkoLazy

    Heineken and Coca Cola pays millions for those spots. The athletes have no right to undermine that.

  • Razina Marjan
    Razina Marjan

    there's no such thing as non alcoholic drinks even beer has a small percentage of alcohol

  • moha mohai
    moha mohai

    good move boys

  • Raindeer

    Whats funny is these gobshites are sponsored by companies that are known to have sweat shops in certain parts of the world but still do adverts and take their money so dont be to quick to praise these "idiots abroad"