Laughter Compilation - Wand of Gamelon, Faces of Evil, Zelda's Adventure - CD-i
Grumps were my introduction to the, mmm, ambitious (?) Zelda games for the Philips CD-i. Wand of Gamelon, Link: The Faces of Evil, and Zelda's Adventure are just gems, at least when Danny and Arin play them!

Thank you for watching... you must die.

This compilation features my favorite laughter moments from the three Zelda CD-i games.

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  • Naveed Islam
    Naveed Islam

    9:37 my FAVORITE story LMAO

  • Spooky Ghost
    Spooky Ghost

    "I'm sure it's awful, please crouch"

  • Crayoncroc

    been playing compilations as background noise for a few hours now and this is the first one that's made me fuck up while painting because I'm laughing too hard to focus

  • mediocre piece of sh!t
    mediocre piece of sh!t

    I'm convinced that if this game had invincibility frames it would be 6 times better

  • Neddster

    42:55 - 44:02 = Can't stop laughing at this!!! XD

  • Anna Mei Geisha
    Anna Mei Geisha

    "This is longitudinal"

  • Anna Mei Geisha
    Anna Mei Geisha

    12:03 "Its taken some time for washambi FUCK!" -Arin Hanson 💙😆😆😆😆😆

  • LightKingW0lf

    Poor arin.

  • BROX Basher
    BROX Basher

    14:18 "Sperm Washington. The founder of this country."

  • trong binh duong
    trong binh duong

    The uptight napkin coronally excuse because dill coronally rinse excluding a nonstop medicine. frequent, smiling knight

  • Smith

    This game is an actual joke

  • Sgt_Hoagie

    32:09 I'm Surprised as all Hell that their (Danny's, presumably), friend isn't appropriately called: *"MOUNT VERNON"*

  • Sgt_Hoagie

    5:04 Since you guys are in "Cali-4N'yuh", you should check out a place that has a location here in the Twin Cities (Minnesota; yah-shurr-yeh'betcha-doncha'noh! I was born in Waterbury CT, but grew up in St. Paul MN) called "Ichiban". They're alright; a bit overpriced and have been told the staff are kinda dickish at times... Maybe it's better in L.A. - Been to almost every state, thanks to Dad working at Northwest Airlines (when they used to exist; thanks Delta... And the sad thing is my Dad passed away the same year they last flew; 2009) but California isn't one of them...

  • Jason Bonavita
    Jason Bonavita

    I kinda wish these games were remade now because I'd love to see how they've changed.

  • FurryMcMemes

    17:10 is by far one of my favorite Grump moments.

  • ReggyDaGuy

    Give this Act Raisers controls and it would be a half decent game. And just cut all the weird animations and voice acting

  • DoritoTime

    Imagine having such a distinctive laugh that it single-handedly makes you an internet celebrity

  • DerpiMaysh

    if jesus was made of cheese 16:12

  • Butterscotch pie 🥧
    Butterscotch pie 🥧

    Idk why but the "you must die" part literally always cracks me up. It's so fucking good

  • ShuXione

    47:17 I love how arin just got randomly triggered, lol

  • Drasov Nightling
    Drasov Nightling


  • GVoltage07


  • Razzmic Berry
    Razzmic Berry

    @12:40 the thing that sucks about these forest levels- EUH-EUGHHGG

  • Xander Beaudry
    Xander Beaudry

    *it had like mayonnaise on it*

  • Jacob Cox
    Jacob Cox

    My favorite bit was "You've killed me!" "Good."

  • Brayden Hill
    Brayden Hill

    I need to see this cat food commercial

  • Danny Dopamine
    Danny Dopamine

    39:29 aaaaaangel opens her eeeeeeeyyyyuuooooooeeeeyyyeeeoooeeeeyyyes

  • sabieDxMx

    What a musical playthrough 🔥

  • Landon McAfee
    Landon McAfee

    41:54 “Don’t mind us. We’ll just be up here dAnCiNg.” “We’re rehearsing!”

  • the withered alien
    the withered alien

    "M Y B O Y"

  • Coco

    "Look, I got a new job!" *A-poses*

  • Xavier Walker
    Xavier Walker

    7:32 will always be funny to me🤣

  • Dave Mustang
    Dave Mustang

    in before the allegations spread. I dont want another Projared situation where we destroy Danny's reputation with no proof, so i'm reserving judgment until there is solid evidence other than some rando's tweets

  • Muffin Turtle
    Muffin Turtle

    Love the soundtrack in these game. Pain in the ass games, but good 🎵.

  • Ben Ankenman
    Ben Ankenman

    I feel 56:21 is under rated

  • TheFireSpecialist


  • Mystic

    Alternate title: Danny laughs while Arin suffers

  • Kailah Butler
    Kailah Butler

    18:18 - "The ONLY silver lining to this game is that we'll be dead someday." Me playing the end of "HuniePop 2" literally hundreds of times over for the last week, trying to beat the damn thing. I WISH I was exaggerating. :/

  • call_ kmc
    call_ kmc

    The music in the first game tbh is way better than it should be lol

  • nathan bennett
    nathan bennett

    31:15 Put that in a Tombstone! 😂

  • Surble Chev
    Surble Chev

    40:36 OMG Link's motion matches Arin's mood With arms flung out, "Who f-ed THIS step up?!"

  • thanksomuch1

    6:17 this made me think of jojo part 3

  • IanTunes3

    Ganon: dies. Zelda: H E Y I T H I N K Y O U R D I S K I S D I R T Y

  • Tristen Lowrey
    Tristen Lowrey

    This is easily my favorite game grumps series

  • Jonno

    49:03 funni

  • Cass Minkus
    Cass Minkus

    I’m so happy I found “why bother listening to Dan hes only filled with great ideas” 26:30

  • Rabbles the Binx Productions
    Rabbles the Binx Productions

    I feel like, with a *lot* of work, an overhauled engine, cutting the cutscenes down to text, improving the controls, etc., these games could almost be good. Not good enough to be worth the effort of making them, though.

  • Kyoka Jiro
    Kyoka Jiro

    wait they both speak more than one language. dan speaks french and arin speaks japanese

  • Wilfredo Rosario
    Wilfredo Rosario

    Why were all here 24:14

  • Void Memes.5
    Void Memes.5


  • Naturalist Warrior
    Naturalist Warrior

    8:03 ''WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHHHY!?!?!''

  • TheBeezNeez

    Where is my boi morshu?!?

  • ZephyrLeopard

    24:14 "YOU'VE KILLED ME!" "Good."

  • Sigma101

    38:09 and a little further had me laughing so hard I couldn’t see or breath

    • IanTunes3

      I love your profile picture, asriel is the best

  • Drip schnoz
    Drip schnoz


  • Zorrobii

    15:20 love this lmaooo

  • pigeonbender


  • WarBacca 101
    WarBacca 101

    The greatest games ever worth memeing

  • Wesly Z
    Wesly Z

    Ok art idea for you drawy types. Red Lantern Arin Blue Lantern Danny. It's crazy how it fits.

  • Enopion

    30:43 Saving this for reference

  • eggseventy

    some of the shit with zelda's adventure just reminds me of lsd dream emulator

  • Tristen the Unlucky
    Tristen the Unlucky

    What kind of name is Ponce De Leon anyway? FRENCH

  • gallade gamer
    gallade gamer

    30:48 SPINACH FALLS! *_OH FUCK!_*

  • Mr. Jostur
    Mr. Jostur

    I guess I watched a minute or two of this before, but I forgot. I click on this video and it start at like 2:43. The FIRST thing I hear is: *PSH-* [Hit SFX] "Alright..." [Level Selection/'Looks Like You Have A Baby Penis' music starts playing] Me: "I feel like that's all anyone would need to understand the gist of what happens in this playthrough."

  • Nestor Custodio
    Nestor Custodio

    Rewatching this a year and a half later is EXACTLY what I needed to help me get through the last little bit of 2020.

  • Matt Mills
    Matt Mills

    14:20 is the most underrated GG moment ever.

    • Roger Thoman
      Roger Thoman

      Sperm Washington!

  • JustBraydon

    “The only silver lining to this is that we’re going to die someday”

  • Hazard Helion3
    Hazard Helion3

    washombie swimp split my sides! XD

  • CaptC0ck5Lap

    When someone coughs on you in 2020: 42:58

  • Jun Noir
    Jun Noir

    17:10 my god 🤣🤣🤣

  • CaptC0ck5Lap

    29:50 "UZmilk is profitable" UZmilk has literally never turned a profit. It always just breaks even.

  • Jacos

    Ah my favorite playthrough

  • NoOneImportantToYou Lmao
    NoOneImportantToYou Lmao

    "Who fucked this step up?!"

  • matilde romano
    matilde romano


  • TheBrillyx

    How did you forget the moment of Zelda's Adventure where Arin screams at the Octopus?

  • Tj Spanbauer
    Tj Spanbauer


  • Davilina Maldonado
    Davilina Maldonado


  • Derpy Chicken
    Derpy Chicken

    42:59 and 48:22 best

  • toxic bro
    toxic bro

    12:04 Arin's voice raises an octave

  • Sacred Togetic
    Sacred Togetic

    18:48 sends me😭😭😭

  • rev-law 20C
    rev-law 20C

    I just realized that the bit at 57:52 that Arin was doin', is a real thing on an episode of Infinity Train: Book 1. :o

  • Brenda Organ
    Brenda Organ


  • Winged aegis22
    Winged aegis22

    Hello from Illinois, we have samurai, ninja, and sonic, and here their food is actually good

  • nazli deniz icel
    nazli deniz icel

    james charles

  • Pvt. Parts
    Pvt. Parts

    10:18 35:27 38:28 42:56 45:09 48:22

  • Hunter Ballard
    Hunter Ballard

    Dan leaning away from the mic to laugh is just the best

  • hookahdookah

    10:00 , 10:36 , 18:15 some of my favorite moments.

  • Atomicflounder42

    I always laughed at the CDI having a presentation controller. Like this was a dual purpose console, and those purposes were playing games and giving presentations. Thats like making games for a projector

  • Jaunty Vampire
    Jaunty Vampire

    “Thanks for saving us” *SCHMMMMMMMMMM*

  • Bowser Ren
    Bowser Ren

    24:32 xD don't mind me, just adding my favorite part

  • Dylan Cheplic
    Dylan Cheplic

    This is probably in my top five gg playthroughs

  • Nox Tide
    Nox Tide

    43:03 when you erase your art in Mario Paint

  • temato flakes
    temato flakes

    So usually UZmilk has a how is this video star rating deal I did 5(top grade) they asked why n I put life changing

  • FrogShock

    My all time favorite part was the brutal swarm of crabs attacking Link as the Grumps talk so casually until Dan's "oh my God!"

  • pizza pete
    pizza pete


  • Mitch Stacey
    Mitch Stacey

    I just finished writing an exam paper in one day and now I can kinda see how this game was made

  • Joshua Goforth
    Joshua Goforth

    Idc what anyone says I own a Philips cd-I wand of gamelon link faces of evil and wacky world of golf and they bring me such legit joy

  • Joshua Goforth
    Joshua Goforth

    30:46 I love how arin turns into R2-D2

  • Spantzz

    George Washingsperm

  • Cashanova Persona
    Cashanova Persona

    35:28 is my favorite moment lmao... *HELP!*

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