PS5 - Before You Buy [4K]
Sony's PlayStation 5 has arrived. After testing it for a few days, here are some things you should expect. We talk hardware, design, interface, speed, games, and more!
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Written/shot by Jake Baldino
Edited/shot by Andrew Gebbia
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  • swaraj gawade
    swaraj gawade

    I wish I had a ps 5 :( but let’s be happy 😊

  • Just Imagine
    Just Imagine

    Now, Jake Baldino... shut the eff up. There are no PS5's anywhere or they are hoarded and being sold for double the cost on ebay. Eff next gen. Wait 2 years. They can choke on nobody being able to buy them from a game perspective.

  • Donald James
    Donald James

    Give credit to whom deserves it, dumpsguru is the living legend pulling strings for cheaper fullz, check him out on telegram

  • Phillip Crotts
    Phillip Crotts

    Love the shirt

  • Mr Davis
    Mr Davis

    I finally got one. This thing is huge. Glad I got the disc version.

  • Michael Giannattasio
    Michael Giannattasio

    That stand does look kind of awkward tbh.

  • bleach ichigo
    bleach ichigo

    Okay whoever put it like in and on the DMC DeLorean is an absolute mad lad genius

  • B Prime
    B Prime

    Only 3 of my friends bought it. The rest still sticks with the 4. I guess i wait untill 6 comes out xD

  • Rob Mckay
    Rob Mckay

    That thing looks cheesy as fuck. Jesus, a fucking stand....

  • Dustin Farnum
    Dustin Farnum

    I finally scored one after weeks of frustration. Damn the scalpers and definitely don't buy from them. Watching this video has been my celebration for finally getting one. So... I pulled an "after you buy".

  • Im a stupid fucking idiot but
    Im a stupid fucking idiot but

    watching it after getting it from ps direct

  • Omar abdulkhalek
    Omar abdulkhalek

    my wish is that sony make no need for plus to play online games

  • Ian Wolf
    Ian Wolf

    Jake’s face reveal?! This is better than the video itself lol.

  • arrownoir

    5 months later...still can't buy one.

  • Margaret E Youngman
    Margaret E Youngman

    I really appreciate this recommendation. Aimcrypt on 1G got mine.

  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young

    the game that comes with the ps5 looks fire affff

  • Moses Ketchum
    Moses Ketchum

    Should re-title this “if you’re able to buy”...

  • ThatGuyKhi

    4 months later and still sold out everywhere

  • Mohamed Alsheikh
    Mohamed Alsheikh

    Every time I buy something they give me this vid wow

  • Jung Jaewon
    Jung Jaewon

    Watching this before I buy it 💚

  • Xanider

    Not that we can buy one. Waiting for the pro though ( have no choice)

    • Jung Jaewon
      Jung Jaewon

      They planning to release it in 2023 💀

  • Steven Groom
    Steven Groom

    lol as if anyone CAN buy it

  • Tropa mong Buraot
    Tropa mong Buraot

    ok ps4 maybe 100usd rn?

  • Jamie Fitz
    Jamie Fitz

    Would I not just wait until the PS5 pro comes out?

  • Logan Graves
    Logan Graves

    What would yall consider the regular or digital

  • Tara Robert
    Tara Robert

    *hackallproblems* on Ig is simply the best they made it easy to get my ps5 console ... big thank you to those who recommended them...on IG hackallproblems 💃🏻✅( No symbol included in the username )

  • Liquid Cool
    Liquid Cool

    The playstation community is over pricing things because the demand is super high...

  • A channel Yeet
    A channel Yeet

    Ps5 looks really cool I’m still getting the Xbox series x because all my friends play on it but it looks awesome

  • Aaron Petrovich
    Aaron Petrovich

    Can we get an amen for the charging cable not hitting the table everytime we set it down now 🤚

  • Fox Revival
    Fox Revival

    Nice shirt

  • Barth Slung
    Barth Slung

    How is the new controller the biggest change? The PS4 controller is OBVIOUSLY the biggest change lol

  • Picasso Black
    Picasso Black

    Oh boy, now I can buy one...oh wait.

  • E A
    E A

    ps or xbox, deep down we all know that stadia is trash

  • Rickey Jackson
    Rickey Jackson

    Had my ps5 for a month now no regrets 😎😎

  • ツLoftBoyAesthetic

    Is this what you like to do all your life just tell people to not buy games

  • Kirra McDowell
    Kirra McDowell

    OP and all Americans complaining about paying 75$ on a game when in Europe we pay 90-100$ for the same game. 🙄 hard to feel any sympathy friend.

  • SPY:;:;:;:;Ë. :
    SPY:;:;:;:;Ë. :

    I WANT THE PS5 SO BAD!!!!!

  • Ace Beninsig
    Ace Beninsig

    Sp5 Sp5 Sp5. Sp5 Sp5 Sp5 Sp5

  • husk

    Im probably gonna look at this 5 years the future when I finally get a ps5

  • Robert Lorenzo
    Robert Lorenzo

    I hate the home UI ps4 did it better and the whole gamebase party system is so irritatingly extra than it needs to be. I'm constantly joining the wrong party

  • AliTriple6ix

    As a Canadian who pays just over $100 for video games on next gen consoles after tax it pisses me off to hear Americans complain about paying $75 for games when we’ve been paying $90 after tax since the ps4 came out

  • Ian This Robot
    Ian This Robot

    the mimic treasure chest from Dark Souls 3 has eaten another employee at gameranx 1:32. oh jake, don't turn around!!!!

  • Douglas Gardei
    Douglas Gardei

    The interface still looks 100% better than X-Box's

  • Caitlin Hernandez
    Caitlin Hernandez

    watching this AFTER i got one today HAHAHAHHA

  • Nidhi Komal
    Nidhi Komal

    Hehe I bought it before watching this video and you can't do anything about it

  • Fran Belta
    Fran Belta

    that shirt is sick AF

  • Synical Gaming
    Synical Gaming

    So who else is here after they paid for their PS5? I always catch the before you buy videos after I buy what they are talking about lol

  • MickleStapler4 Gaming
    MickleStapler4 Gaming

    Before you wait is more like it

  • Emir Kizilay
    Emir Kizilay


  • jome

    That's delorean tho.. is it yours?


    I’ve had my console for about 3 weeks, no issues so far aside from the standard crash here and there. Tonight I went to turn my console on and nothing.. I’ve tried to manually turn the console on, holding down power buttons (there aren’t any beeps when I do so) and I’ve checked the outlets, controller, tv everything and still nothing, going through the comments I found *Cyberwizard015* via Telegram and he fixed my console in no time. Thanks to him I appreciate.

  • Dragos Talmaciu
    Dragos Talmaciu

    Before you buy ps5, buy ps4.

  • Mati Loulou
    Mati Loulou

    This is a "why i am grateful to pay for that"

  • Joaquin Lopez
    Joaquin Lopez

    I really want to try out the R2 shooting but the ps5 keeps getting sold out every time more are put in stock because people find a need to HAVE to have 6 ps5’s

  • Jamie Grace
    Jamie Grace

    Aimcrypt on instaG sell consoles real and legit. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂...

  • Jamie Grace
    Jamie Grace

    Aimcrypt on instaG sell consoles real and legit. Thanks for the recommendation🙏..

  • Grimm

    man i wish I could afford the 5,000 console. Wait hold on bob calling me, *you said w h a t*

  • Rylieisme

    Watching after i bought it

  • Pawel Stasiak
    Pawel Stasiak

    PS5 - If you're lucky to buy one

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones

    4 months later and the PS5 is still unavailable everywhere

  • Nick thompson
    Nick thompson

    I’m watching this on the John right now, so when he took a big whiff at the beginning I felt extremely awkward.

  • GrayifiedX

    I mean...I'm still having a blast with my PS4. Are there any must buy exclusives on PS5?

  • maliii_

    the only games i plan on getting on the ps5 is 2k, gta, cold war, fortnite n storm 4

  • Elliot Andersson
    Elliot Andersson

    It is not a good ide to have the ps5 on a carpet because dust

  • brian collens
    brian collens

    They better change it before you can buy.

  • IBadGrammar

    before if you can buy there fix for u

  • Ogsnake Snake
    Ogsnake Snake

    This video assumes you can just go out and find a PS5 to purchase, I wonder if scalpers are watching this to debate whether or not to keep a PS5 for themselves.

  • Samuel Mckinney
    Samuel Mckinney

    Don’t worry guys I committed tax fraud to ge-

  • Simon Rodriquez
    Simon Rodriquez

    I think as few ps5 are still available with aimcrypt on IG. They are legit and reliable...

  • Simon Rodriquez
    Simon Rodriquez

    I think as few ps5 are still available with aimcrypt on IG. They are legit and reliable...

  • Christopher Santana
    Christopher Santana

    bought 4 ps5 today for my one bedroom apartment

  • ブルーノ• Bruno
    ブルーノ• Bruno

    I won't buy a PS5, I'll move to PC. Steam has more games than PSN, like classics I don't need to beg Sony to rerererelease, beside mods, emulators, fan games, versatility and NO CENSORSHIP.

  • James Kilpatrick
    James Kilpatrick

    got one at is a good day


    i still find more badass the look of my SEGA GENESIS specially wile playing my X-MEN games

  • KindOfHero

    Did that guy just said "Thanks for the great 2020" at the end there? Son, are you even from this planet?

  • spirit

    I feel like i am the only person who lies how the ps5 looks

  • Roody G
    Roody G

    Before you buy: Wait 10 years before you can buy a PS5!

  • XvZGhost

    4:23 rest in piece background 360

  • Worn Strat
    Worn Strat


  • Noah Rodriguez
    Noah Rodriguez

    ps5 is the biggest piece of shit ever produced by sony i have and xbox series x which i got for christmas and its awesome i was thinking about getting a ps5 this year but ive changed my mind


      one very special aspect of why SERIES X got my full respect is the capability of backwards almost every game that ever existed on the series and trust me i was never a huge Xbox fan

  • Asthmatic Attack
    Asthmatic Attack

    Please nobody waste your money on this massive piece of garbage out of the whole library of ps5 games out right now you can only play MAYBE 2 or 3 without insane internet speeds. Pretty much every single player game requires online connection at all times burn in hell Sony

  • AbaddoN

    By the time I get my hands on a PS5, the technology will be outdated.

  • Magic Dreams
    Magic Dreams

    I absolutely love my PS5! Controller is f****** amazing

  • robert champ
    robert champ

    I bought neatly used Ps5 from *drongcomputer* on instagram the ps5 is working perfectly I don't worry about brand new ps5 anymore..

  • Lewis

    If you want a quiet console get the XSX if you don't mind a noisy console get a ps5

  • thumb12829

    Screw the PS5 I want that Delorean

  • XtrueZ

    I am more hyped about gta6 than ps5 it self lol

  • jaymtl79

    First thing I did was erase that astro game the second I booted my PS5. LOL

  • Sx Xs
    Sx Xs

    PS5: Buy before you see it!

  • daniel els
    daniel els

    I don't care what the console looks like as long as the hardware is great and the games like the ps5

    • robert champ
      robert champ

      I bought neatly used Ps5 from *drongcomputer* on instagram the ps5 is working perfectly I don't worry about brand new ps5 anymore..

  • Kgill100

    Watching after buying one lol

  • snapshot79

    At least it is not an apple stand for 999USD 😂

    • robert champ
      robert champ

      I bought neatly used Ps5 from *drongcomputer* on instagram the ps5 is working perfectly I don't worry about brand new ps5 anymore..

  • crazychris gaming
    crazychris gaming

    The funny thing is I use my middle finger to pull the trigger on the right side for some reason

  • simpsons playgo
    simpsons playgo

    hello greetings to all sorry I won't be able to win but I won a Ps5 in a twitter giveaway I just registered and won it I thought it was a waste of time but when they contacted me I couldn't believe it look for it on twitter @Shan44605845

  • nikolai bonbeth
    nikolai bonbeth

    This guy: "The glossy black is a fingerprint magnet" Alos him: touches it to make it worse*

  • Raysean Zwageri Papilaya
    Raysean Zwageri Papilaya

    Im gonna buy Nintendo switch for my birthday because ps5 game is not my favorite

  • Moses Ketchum
    Moses Ketchum

    Who still doesn’t have one?

  • Ramxenoc

    three months later. I still don't have one

  • I.C.W.

    Let's be honest. To this point, we are just gonna see whether we can buy a ps5 before a ps5 pro came out lol

  • I am a Seagull
    I am a Seagull

    Can you believe it I came from Nintendo and x box and now I’m PlayStation and Nintendo