Fearless Foxes: Our Story | Leicester City's 2015/16 Premier League Title
The official story of Leicester City Football Club's incredible 2015/16 Premier League title.

  • Finn Balor
    Finn Balor

    Got chills watching this man !!!

  • Akash Singh
    Akash Singh

    Trophy Earned Not Bought This is deep.

  • Yasine Adalal
    Yasine Adalal

    "For us it's not about having the ball,it's about what we do when we do have the ball" Friedrich (Nietzsche) schmeichel . Guardiola: "everybody shut up"

  • Najai Mclean
    Najai Mclean

    Captained by a Jamaican 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Wes Morgan

  • @CFCMoi11

    The tickerman have refound his tricks and past it on to a great group. It worked

  • Bob Adyari
    Bob Adyari

    A nobody owner bought an unknown club and the club 'collected' vardy and Kante out of nowhere and they make themself a champion What a story

  • Asdfgasa Ioplkee
    Asdfgasa Ioplkee

    The obsequious meeting mathematically scrape because europe angiographically trade amongst a brawny ronald. blushing, nostalgic trick

  • Sufiyanismaeel Ismaeel
    Sufiyanismaeel Ismaeel

    There is nothing like 'my 2nd favourate team in the premier league' before 2015/16....

  • Maulana Malik Nasri
    Maulana Malik Nasri

    The first team that reach PL Champion with Moneyball theory


    Kante is everywhere so rate that baller

  • zabaleta

    I'm a rugby fan from New Zealand, who supports Liverpool in the Premier League, and even I got behind the Foxes that season. I always keep an eye on their results now. Glad we got our long awaited title last year too.

  • Narrow

    They didn't know it yet, but Leicester had a priceless powerhouse, and they let it go. Kasper Schmeichel Wes Morgan Robert Huth Ben Chillwell N'golo Kante Danny Drinkwater Riyad Mahrez Shinji Okazaki Nathan Dyer Jamie Vardy

  • Restu Yawednra
    Restu Yawednra


  • Danny Heatley
    Danny Heatley

    I always thought that it is just INSANE that players like Kante or Mars could do what they did Thiago season then bail out on the club the 1st chance they get. Vardy coulda done to big club make all the $$$ but he stayed.... You gotta respect the guy

  • Winfridah Gesare
    Winfridah Gesare

    They tell me he's gonna be a 🏆 champion....he's 5 yrs now ...he's lefty like Messi player .....God's pace🙏🙏🙏🥇🥇

  • Potaka79

    Still get goose bumps watching this in 2021... 🦊🦊🦊4 life.

  • Problems Solved
    Problems Solved

    55:12 when you see Indian as fan of Leicester City ❤️❤️🔥

  • lindsey williams
    lindsey williams

    The husky twig clasically deliver because tip occasionally jog within a afraid orchestra. assorted, deranged pine

  • Jason Tj
    Jason Tj

    As a Spurs this was heartbreaking but I had to admit it, it was one of the best stories in the Premier League

  • Beeline Pilot
    Beeline Pilot

    and then you sacked him the season after.. Shamefull..

  • Kevin Baird
    Kevin Baird

    My biggest regret in life is not affiliating myself to a club, Leicester's journey has been incredible, the story in the last decade, the fans have been to hell and back, they lost their beloved owner, the entire footballing world looked on in amazement and wonder, the sport of football like no other tells a story that mirrors so many people lives, it is the sport that reflects our own lives, I love football alas no club, maybe Leicester could do with another fan.

    • Kevin Baird
      Kevin Baird

      @formzino only been here a few years and moving soon, i know where you coming from though, cheers.

    • formzino

      support your local club

  • Mark Chops
    Mark Chops

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  • Sup Tech
    Sup Tech

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    That was such an insane season. I remember one of my lad from Leicester, when the team were off the relegation, he was so happy that he was like damn it we gonna win the league next season. I thought it was just a buggling joke but still accepted the bet. After that he joined the army and we was gonna take the betting money to got some beers but I rejected and kept the bet. And what do you know, Leicester actually won the league and he won me 300 pounds for that. What a season

  • R7EC

    Simply amazing , so much respect from a Bradford fan

  • Thato Modisane
    Thato Modisane

    Leicester is the most Diverse club in the premier league. I love it

  • ไพโรจน์ ศรีสวัสดิ์
    ไพโรจน์ ศรีสวัสดิ์


  • Alan McKingey
    Alan McKingey

    Keep dreaming, keep dreaming, don’t wake up! - Ranieri

    • Nat itService
      Nat itService


  • kiel nanaq
    kiel nanaq

    why i am watching this till the end. I'm Manchester United fan. 😅

  • Asif Ahmed
    Asif Ahmed

    All they need tomorrow against spurs is this team spirit.I hope they will remember what they had done earlier

  • heel 420
    heel 420

    Gave me goosebumps somewhat like LFC winning the UCL

  • Solomon Killeen
    Solomon Killeen

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  • Isdianto IHS
    Isdianto IHS

    Naruto will be next Leicester icon... Nine tails fox... Become eleven tails fox...

  • life long
    life long

    A team......unlike so many others.....

  • Dead Ball Situation
    Dead Ball Situation

    I became a Leicester fan that season. Never supported them in my life, why would I? And then as the season slowly unfolded, I found myself getting nervous as I started to believe they COULD win the league. I became a supporter. I got emotional., nervous, crouching behind the sofa type scared, as Spurs chased them. It was a very happy evening for me when they won the league though. I smiled, as I drove all the way back from Oxfordshire, (where I watched the Chelsea game in a pub) to London, listening to the radio of jubilant fans. Proper fans, unlike me. But I was a fan.. I was emotional. I loved this team. I don't think I will ever feel this way again for a club. I support no club. I am a neutral but that season since I was a child, I became a proper fan - of Leicester City. I still don't think the team gets the credit it deserves. They were more than a team. They had incredible players, all at the top of their game. I cry just watching this video.

  • gubguhe rakurdim
    gubguhe rakurdim

    The forgetful tie unusually scorch because gum inversely suspect modulo a optimal shoulder. skillful, recondite mexican

  • Abdulla Hassan
    Abdulla Hassan

    Scoring in 11 consequtive games ..JAMIE VARDY.. He is truly a legend Also mehrez,Kante and everyone....

  • اكثرو من الصلاة على النبي - سبحان الله وبحمده
    اكثرو من الصلاة على النبي - سبحان الله وبحمده

    كل شي يسبح لله فلا تكن انت الغافل ""

  • daan vleesman
    daan vleesman

    Best underdog story i’ve witnessed. Love from amsterdam

  • Ross Elworthy
    Ross Elworthy

    Now the fa cup this team is unbelievable everyone loves Leicester I'm a United fan and I was delighted when he broke ruuds record

  • Nikki Sixx
    Nikki Sixx

    This is the first time, football 'the beautiful game' bought me in tears. The fantastic fairy tale, which will never be forgotten. Despite being a United fan, for me Leicester deserved the pl man❤️

  • Ricky _
    Ricky _

    Such an inspiring story. This made me cry even though I'm a Chelsea fan.

  • HALE IRWIN (hale8zaee)
    HALE IRWIN (hale8zaee)

    watching kante this season, i can confirmed that he's like a sunday league player.. has no interest in fame, just want to play football.. pure passion for this sport.

  • tomeThazine

    Ranieri is my Football Manager 21 modded save where I just go to the club and win the league in the first season

  • im gay
    im gay

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  • Channel of Empowerment
    Channel of Empowerment

    If you can do it in ONE PASS, why do it in FIVE! 👋🏾

  • im gay
    im gay

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  • tz1 ark
    tz1 ark

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  • Keith P
    Keith P

    Good doc from an LFC fan. This doc didn't touch on it but I remember when Ranieri became their new manager and a lot big name football pundits were on twitter saying that although Ranieri seemed like a nice man they were raising serious questions as to why he was being given the Leicester job. 😂😂

  • 山野嵐

    This year FA champion.....nice work

  • Michael gwyther
    Michael gwyther

    Time for an update 2021

  • Salvatore Bencivenga
    Salvatore Bencivenga

    What a season ❤️

  • Twanxz

    Awaiting the FA Cup 2021 journey. Amazing!

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Khanh Nguyen

  • Michael Stupp
    Michael Stupp

    watching this as a Bayern Fan, i love Leceister my favorite Club in EPL since i can think! Congrats to you for the FA Cup well done! Keep going! greetings from Germany :)

    • Michael Stupp
      Michael Stupp

      till i watched it it came clear to me, A Squad as a family like Bayern were last Season is meant to reach it all. It´s all about beeing 1 force 1 team 1 club 1 love.... WOW and yep im drunk but still i love this memorial moments

    • Michael Stupp
      Michael Stupp

      even seeing vardy, kante and mahrez in 1 team is phenomal omg times passes so quickly..... cant imagine beeing a Foxes in that time :x soooooo good wow

  • Chao Ng
    Chao Ng

    The little condition perceptually press because hell intraoperatively seal failing a heartbreaking pickle. aback, sneaky tiger

  • Musa

    Who here after they won they FA cup!!!!

  • graetemans

    This right here is what makes our beloved game of football so wonderful. I remembered watching this magical story so well, watching the games on YT, checking the league table every day, hoping and crossing fingers for Leicester. And that final day, I was jumping on my chair when they made it. This is football! Pure team spirit and an enormous will to succeed. This Leicester year I will always remember as one of the most memorable moments in modern football. From Amsterdam, with respect. Ohh, and congrats on the FA cup!

  • Dorin C
    Dorin C

    7:26 When your mom walks in your room without knocking...

  • Taylor Manson
    Taylor Manson

    Anyone getting this on their recommended after they won the FA cup

  • Zayd Depaor
    Zayd Depaor

    They seriously couldn't show the goals? Is that how pathetic and psychopathically greedy these television companies are?

  • Zayd Depaor
    Zayd Depaor

    Ranieri was fantastic, whoever doesn't like him should leave Leicester and then leave the country and leave Italy.

  • Dorin C
    Dorin C

    As for a neutral, it was a great story, a fantastic story...but I was most happy for Claudio, this man deserved this!

  • Paapi Brain
    Paapi Brain

    A human inside attitude But legend inside 24k gold The more you keep gold in the fire, the more its greatness will increase

  • Filip Poikela
    Filip Poikela

    I don’t need to tell you which team I support to confirm that this is the best team performance in football. Ever.

  • Aj Uzumaki
    Aj Uzumaki

    A trophy well earned not bought! Leicester City will forever be one of the most renouned in PL History.

  • MagisterHamid

    One of the most amazing seasons. I was following their entire season and I’m not even a Leicester supporter! So happy for them! Well deserved!

  • H Ali
    H Ali

    Honestly as every year goes on i still cant believe leicester actually won the league 👏🏼🤯🤯

  • ไกรเทพ

    And today you won FA Cup. Keep dreaming, Don't wake up. Then you could win UCL in soon. Cheers From Thailand.

  • Gemma Orton
    Gemma Orton

    And now they are FA cup winners!

  • Alex Haworth
    Alex Haworth

    And now they've won the FA Cup!

  • Promit Kar
    Promit Kar

    Nigel Pearson, never forget that man's contribution.

  • Gowtham Chandra S
    Gowtham Chandra S

    "team spirit won us the league"

    • Del Boy
      Del Boy

      Ngolo Kante and Jamie Vardy won you the league lol

  • Ian Dn (Ian.dn)
    Ian Dn (Ian.dn)

    Greatest Story Ever Happened.

  • Jordan Kim
    Jordan Kim

    Congratulations to the Foxes for taking the FA cup! For Khun Vichai! Forever in our hearts.

  • Bagambe Muzafaru (Cotent thief)
    Bagambe Muzafaru (Cotent thief)


  • Bagambe Muzafaru (Cotent thief)
    Bagambe Muzafaru (Cotent thief)


  • Abinesh Kumar
    Abinesh Kumar

    Who is here after Leicester's FA cup win?

  • lifty swifty
    lifty swifty

    Even as a liverpool fan, competing against Leicester in the prem, I will always support them for being a real team and achieving things the right way with hard work and being smart

  • DarkE

    This will be looked back on as one of the greatest years of football

  • Vandan Sheel
    Vandan Sheel

    that banner in the end says it all "A TROPHY EARNED NOT BOUGHT".

  • Gustavo A. Caceres
    Gustavo A. Caceres

    This story this club this possibility was just amazing and they played they gave it all they won and they were victorious!

  • 3drwny

    สุดยอด !! Leicester City May 16, 2021

  • Keefer Marr
    Keefer Marr

    here after FA CUP WIN!!!

  • Oli Shute
    Oli Shute

    The 768 dislikes are Spurs fans

  • Siac Jayakarta
    Siac Jayakarta

    Now they need to make another documentary after winning the FA Cup

  • Kris Lim
    Kris Lim

    congratulations for winning the FA cup 🍾 this is an amazing club

  • Ilahisera Aresihali
    Ilahisera Aresihali

    Fairytales come true, probably the best championship run, mind you I’m a Ajax fan from the Netherlands but this championship will always be remembered, I just love fairytales.

  • Treadstone71

    We need another documentary for the FA CUP 🍾

  • Duy Trương
    Duy Trương

    and 5 years after this fairy tale, after the title against all odds, Leicester win their first FA Cup. Unbelievable, but I think for this time it's not a fairy tale anymore. It's a statement that Leicester are gradually penetrating into the traditional Top 6. Probably soon there will be no Top 6, Top 7 I would say. This club is run by owners, who truly care about their club, want the club to be successful and ambitious themselves as well. As a Manchester United fan, I wish the football club that I love could be run by ambitious owners, not the ones who are satisfied just by finishing in the Top 4, qualifying for Champions League, in order to earn more money, but not spend them or spend unwisely. Congratulations again to Leicester City, after all the adversity, you deserve success. 5 years ago you were a shock, but this time you proved that this club is more than just creating a shock (16/05/2021)

    • - Conget -
      - Conget -

      Next stop, CL

    • Siavash K
      Siavash K

      Well said

  • Louis Souness
    Louis Souness

    Crazy how they sacked ranieri 9 months after he won the league

    • Dean “Ithuriel” P.F
      Dean “Ithuriel” P.F

      No one really wanted him gone, problem was as the next season went along things started to go downhill and Claudio could not turn it around. He is still loved here at Leicester just like his predecessor Pearson, they will never be forgotten. I think Claudio is like a fierce fire that quickly burns out which is why he unfortunately gets sacked so often.

    • Chessworks

      They sack a manager on the downward slope. I mean you can only go down after winning the Premier League.

  • 2017 ean
    2017 ean

    2016 Title 2021 FA CUP 🚀

  • Aditya 7
    Aditya 7


  • RyanAir TM
    RyanAir TM

    Now fa cup winners.... brilliant

  • MeNnoiiz Pattawong
    MeNnoiiz Pattawong

    I come back to see this after we won the fa cup again!!!

  • Sai Sai
    Sai Sai

    Who is here after FA-cup win , Foxes never quit🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  • Saikat Chakraborty
    Saikat Chakraborty

    You just got a chance to make another great video.... Congrats for the FA CUP win.. Deserved it.

  • Pastsakorn KRAIPOK
    Pastsakorn KRAIPOK

    1st FA Cup!!!! Superb from Thailand ❤️

  • Ciro Santana
    Ciro Santana

    Years later history again, FA Cup winners!!!!!!!!

  • pjkr123

    Came back for the 2020-21 FA Cup Champions, that's right, FA CUP CHAMPIONS!

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