All The Goals | Edinson Cavani | Manchester United Season Review 2020/21
Watch all of Edinson Cavani's goals for Manchester United this season, as the Uruguayan forward impressed first campaign at Old Trafford!

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  • Zidan Sayrevi
    Zidan Sayrevi

    Its funny when Man Utd sign him all the rival fans think he will be the next Radamel Falcao Lmao

  • Quaise Khadimi
    Quaise Khadimi

    Love that man!!!

  • 기억의습작

    Off The Ball

  • Friendly neighborhood Spidey
    Friendly neighborhood Spidey

    A warrior! Bruno has to wait one more year for his no.8 shirt. same as sancho, Edinson is our no.7!!

  • Tim

    Only person that has worn the 7 well since CR7.

  • Stephen Kurtson
    Stephen Kurtson

    this man is so underrated

  • Anantha Padmanabhan S S
    Anantha Padmanabhan S S

    El matadorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :):)

  • Fernando Liu
    Fernando Liu

    Lets talk new contract 😎

  • hello hello
    hello hello

    that is true striker , pass to him and he will score goals , Cavani ☝😈😈😈



  • Keith Robin
    Keith Robin


  • SuaveCity

    I love this guy what a player

  • Atta Mahmood Qureshi
    Atta Mahmood Qureshi

    the last goal hurts

  • Frank Dei
    Frank Dei

    The Complete Forward

  • GooseSkywalker

    I used to have a bad opinion of Cavanni, I thought he was a mercenary, but seeing him play for United is such a welcome sight and I’m glad he’s on for another season.

  • Mahmudul Arefin
    Mahmudul Arefin

    If he manages to stay fit next season, United will be lethal.

  • killing me
    killing me

    Tarzan 🔥🔥

  • zibeddy

    Everything was going so well until they showed his goal against villareal. Still can’t believe we lost to them. Can’t happen again.

  • Vishal Kumar
    Vishal Kumar


  • Jovan Gunawan
    Jovan Gunawan

    What A Signing it was🔥🐐

  • budak tuhan
    budak tuhan

    Cavani "the next no 7"

  • Thạch Trung Official
    Thạch Trung Official

    Rasforl . Cavani . Sancho . Bruno Fesnardes 😍

  • Satria Hitam
    Satria Hitam

    Semoga pengganti no 7.lahir kembali

  • os fab
    os fab

    World's best

  • trihard

    He's 34 man from a different generation. You just don't make players like him anymore

  • ProducedByFieri

    a proper center forward

  • Leesh Sparkle
    Leesh Sparkle

    Future husband 😍

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson

    I loved him that season, glad he’s staying

  • Nathan de Jongh
    Nathan de Jongh

    The Flying Dutchman

  • Ismaël Halimi
    Ismaël Halimi

    Un très grand joueur sous côté

  • TheAceHavin

    Man U have themselves a gem

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario

    And he's now one possible gift from Roma for our mister Mourinho 💛❤️

  • shina tinshe
    shina tinshe

    i wish we buy a new young solid defender i just wish that all we need a defender now that we got henderson in goal

  • edwin sim
    edwin sim

    This guy from where ? Italian ?

    • Sebastián Huertas
      Sebastián Huertas


  • Zeon Cohen
    Zeon Cohen

    I found the trick. Seems like Cavani always socres on GREEN suit goalies.

  • Best Creators Ever
    Best Creators Ever

    He is very underrated

  • Mateus Hendler
    Mateus Hendler

    I am brazilian but i love to see cavani playing , reminds me of some classic players

  • M Zath
    M Zath

    His finishing very clean. I think he should listing in best world player.

  • Desire Labonte
    Desire Labonte

    The Matador alongside Rashford,Fernandes and Sancho....

  • SeV

    give it give it give it to Edi Cavani

  • Soccer Page
    Soccer Page

    Cavanis career at Man United is better than his old times in psg am I right or no?

  • Salvatore Calabretta
    Salvatore Calabretta

    Welcome to AS Rome

  • Rob Cotton
    Rob Cotton

    I am a Chelsea fan but I have unparalleled love for Edi Cavani. Also he is one of the dying breed of old school strikers who pass the ball to wingers to pass to him back to score goals.

  • Declan Hampson
    Declan Hampson

    As brilliant as his goal vs Fulham was, let’s not forget that he almost did the same thing against PSG at Old Trafford as well. Imagine the scenes.

  • just some guy
    just some guy

    This is the guy who break the number 7 curse

  • Devashish Kumar
    Devashish Kumar

    I m happy for him . Finally he found a team 🏆

  • romiz ismail
    romiz ismail

    Cavani crazy Neymar sepak pun Tak boleh

  • swapnil bhise patil
    swapnil bhise patil

    Edi I love you ❤️❤️

  • Standard E Cover
    Standard E Cover

    Quality player

  • Greendofield

    I hope you come few years earlier Edi. But thx so much

  • MFachriSeva 2019
    MFachriSeva 2019

    And you can see how dangerous the chemistry between Bruno, Rashford and Cavani 🔥

  • Nathan Lhoni
    Nathan Lhoni

    What a revelation this guy has been to the club man🙏🏾🙌🏾came in at 34 after 7 months of no football n was still able to have such a successful season for himself personally like that👏🏾👏🏾everyone wrote him off before he even kicked a ball comparing his signing to the panic buy of Falcao but wow he proved everyone wrong😆😆😆😆I juss wish we would’ve got him when he was 27-28 we would’ve really gone places if we did ffs😭😭😭😭still very happy to have him now tho with his mentoring to the younger players like Rashy n Greenwood✅✅also juss the fact that unlike Martial, DJ n all the other wingers he’s a proper number 9 which is what we were clearly lacking after selling Lukaku👍🏾👍🏾hopefully next season he can have the same impact once again n sign off in style with some silverware under his belt too😅😅

  • Juquel Grégoire
    Juquel Grégoire

    Even i'm a manu fan but if Cavani played in a smaller team last season he would have been given more time to play and i'm sure that he would have scored more goals than many young and big names players last season...

  • Shaban Alphonice
    Shaban Alphonice

    Our defensive mistakes hugely cost us something this season and we still doing little to solve it

  • Rivaan Satdeo
    Rivaan Satdeo

    I've seen many strikers in the world, but this man is something else. Pure bliss, and blessing to have in our club💫

  • mohammed zakkaria
    mohammed zakkaria

    but honestly i think cavani s fav goal will be vs fulham tht chip over areola

  • mohammed zakkaria
    mohammed zakkaria

    southampton fan asking cavani : wht was the most fav goal? cavani : i have many but the one against southampton is the best southampton fan : u scred in both the matches, which one? cavani : the 9-0 match southamton fan : ''gives up and leaves"

  • mohammed zakkaria
    mohammed zakkaria

    i am still astonished how cavani single-handedly finished off southampton

  • mohammed zakkaria
    mohammed zakkaria

    he literally has everything a perfect terminator

  • mohammed zakkaria
    mohammed zakkaria

    how can you let a player like cavani to leave

  • Harith Hasnan
    Harith Hasnan

    It's a shame that we didn't win the europa league along with spectacular performance by el matador. I hope we will be able to win a silverware on next season.

  • Dominic Becks
    Dominic Becks

    0:37 they think he was offside 😂

  • forget it
    forget it

    that 2nd goal is very awkward, everyone raise their hand and then they all look at the last man lmao 😂

  • Kevin Almeida
    Kevin Almeida

    4:12 que golazo!

    • Franc Ribaj
      Franc Ribaj

      amazing indeed

  • Jo

    Still hurt for the last one 😭

  • Sumeya Murad
    Sumeya Murad

    united would be the champions by this uraguayan scoring 25-30 in epl catching the golden boot.I thought united would be succesfull and then psg will start thinking about selling cavani

  • Zilet

    Vamos Cavani poder uruguayo

  • ConorLawlor32

    United players: who will I cross to Cavani’s head: allow me to introduce myself

  • Paul Arkins
    Paul Arkins

    Cavani with Sancho will get 20+ this season.

  • Neeraj Giradkar
    Neeraj Giradkar

    United has become the club where legends like zlatan and cavani come for cameo and lift the game up

  • my soulmate
    my soulmate

    Let's TREBLE again


    Be prepared. We'll come back stronger this season.

  • Shah Alam
    Shah Alam

    Always said Cavani is the type of striker we need. Reminds me of Cole, Yorke, Teddy and RVN. He's got that No.9 class in him like our old legends. Inconsistent Martial doesn't fit Utd style, he would be suited at Arsenal if he wants to play like Henry.

  • Untested Waters
    Untested Waters

    Rashford's crossing is quite underrated.

  • The meme boy
    The meme boy

    Wait what he plays in Manchester i didn't watch him for a long time he used to play for psg

    • Knock-knock, Who's there?
      Knock-knock, Who's there?

      Yep. Free transfer. His days in PSG is up. Too many young forwards there.

  • Akash Pandey
    Akash Pandey

    he is like chicharito but tal and long hair, u will find him inside the box and he is ready with the header

  • Mohammed Abdelrahman
    Mohammed Abdelrahman

    Old Trafford has a new icon yessss sir

  • De Gorman
    De Gorman

    he is a dancer. in real life, he love ballet went to many ballet performances in Italy

  • Shane Gallagher
    Shane Gallagher

    I remember Cavani at Napoli in 2010 saying United need someone like that, I remember 2 years earlier saying we need we need someone like him refering to Benzema, imagine Unitted now with Benzema & Cavani up front

  • Dennis Johnson
    Dennis Johnson

    I hope we would have signed him 3 years ago instead of Paul "always want to leave" Pogba.....we would have won the prem by now

  • LHgames

    That Spurs or last min against saints goal were best un

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe

    I wish he is younger ....excellent reader of the ball and intelligent finisher

  • Makbel Belete
    Makbel Belete

    I lave the manchister united goles and i lave cavine👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💓💓💓💓💖💖💖💖

  • Droo

    What a beast. He does what rashford is supposed to do. I stil think Rashford is way overrated and doesn't deserve shirt no. 10

  • Tempe Gembus
    Tempe Gembus

    Sancho in, Martial out, please sign Sterling as he never scored against us. It’s ominous he was predestined as MU player.

  • lucio vero
    lucio vero

    He deserved to win the uefa cup

  • ConorLawlor32

    You know the drill the last number of your like is who united need 1. Jamie Vardy 2. Kevin De Bruyne 3. Harry Kane 4. Mason Mount 5. Son 6. Mahrez 7. Kasper Schmeichel 8. Mo Salah 9. Trent 10. J Lingz

  • Oluwaseun Joseph
    Oluwaseun Joseph

    Such a phenomenal player! It was really painful he didn't get to lift the Europa but I'm so hopeful for the 2020/21 Season!

  • Colin McDermott
    Colin McDermott

    Cavani Is Deadly 😎

  • chaz balabis
    chaz balabis

    Best No. 7 after Cristiano💪💪💪

  • Elt Felt
    Elt Felt

    He's such a great header of the ball!

  • Falcon Echo
    Falcon Echo

    1:00 That goal against Everton in the Cup 🔥🔥🔥 2 passes from CB to the back of the net

  • ferdinand andreas Simanjuntak
    ferdinand andreas Simanjuntak

    amazing introduction adaptation..hopefully the next season can produce achievements

  • Jamie doly
    Jamie doly

    17 Goal, 34 Years Old, what a fantastic Achievement!!!!

    • Dani yorugua
      Dani yorugua

      No penalty, no free kick.. 😁

  • Wisnu Adhytio
    Wisnu Adhytio

    The new 7

  • Sey_Sammy Offical
    Sey_Sammy Offical

    He is a locust around the goal! he can destroy at all!

  • andy omo
    andy omo

    if only Cavani was Martial's age

  • Zaki

    The underrated striker who's way better than lautaro Martinez who's overrated

  • John Schofield
    John Schofield

    The roaring chants 04:20. So beautiful.

  • Molamin Kinteh
    Molamin Kinteh

    World class💯💯🔥💨