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  • Life With mykel
    Life With mykel

    900k ?

    • TikTok

      @Pap Hutson ewwww that dog


      Love u bro

    • Life With Jo
      Life With Jo

      mykel and mya so cute

    • Life wit Mya
      Life wit Mya

      So you goin give ha the ring?

    • Florence Durden
      Florence Durden

      @Fhnvv Gfcb Mac is my favorite

  • Riazyreion Gaming
    Riazyreion Gaming



    How do I become a fly kid?

  • andrea h
    andrea h

    you hit 29k, pass 15k, so where the videos??

  • Daviana Hill
    Daviana Hill

    Idc month late or not get ya shawty back what happened to i love my girlfriend to death and she said and I love my boyfriend and you said yes to death then yall said this was forever no matter what

  • Daviana Hill
    Daviana Hill

    I'm a month late but idc buy some flowers or some and spin maceii block again

  • Reniyha’s World
    Reniyha’s World


  • Ke' Una Thomas
    Ke' Una Thomas


  • Aniyia Goudy
    Aniyia Goudy

    give her that ring

  • Kitty Kator
    Kitty Kator

    I heard a real gangster LMAO that’s dead baby boy

  • LaShawn Tucker-Ross
    LaShawn Tucker-Ross


  • James Richardson
    James Richardson

    ask mya would she have kid with you

  • James Richardson
    James Richardson


  • yvng hotboy
    yvng hotboy

    It's whole lotta salt in that water 🤣

  • Demertio Martin
    Demertio Martin

    You know you you know you did catch feelings for Maya so you count

  • Demertio Martin
    Demertio Martin


  • April Pitts
    April Pitts

    I've been wanting to be a badkid I watch yall for long yall showed me how to be a beeter person than I thought I was

  • Keyon Alexander
    Keyon Alexander

    My girl in

  • Carleton Lee
    Carleton Lee


  • 2Raw Bandzz
    2Raw Bandzz

    This been got past 15K likes my boy time to spin the block with Maceii Mya be doing shi for ent maceii don’t time to spin the block with maceii

  • pretty coco
    pretty coco

    yall slow if i thought that was macei

  • Majki walker
    Majki walker

    Itskam and bam

  • Chef ISO
    Chef ISO

    Get with mya

  • Keyonae Nashay
    Keyonae Nashay

    its pass 15k so give the ring to macei we miss yall

  • Cheyvon Trammell
    Cheyvon Trammell

    I will get u to 900k if Asia in mya box

  • Chris ,
    Chris ,

    28k like cmon u said 15k .

  • Life With Jo
    Life With Jo

    mykel and mya so cute they deserve the world, they both in there bag and living life

  • Cagni Ellerbee
    Cagni Ellerbee


  • Suaad Nissan
    Suaad Nissan

    u just got jealous her and her ex matching

  • Suaad Nissan
    Suaad Nissan


  • Lailagirl

    did anyone else hear him say i'll call yall back when i get my drink?

  • trevon ransom
    trevon ransom

    obn jay on the intro song

  • Jayden Willson
    Jayden Willson

    We still need that footage of you putting a ring on maceii finger

  • Melissa Herring
    Melissa Herring

    Get back wit macei she did nothing have her crying everyday man that’s sad bro 😢

  • LifeWith Cay
    LifeWith Cay

    They the only bad kids that actually stayed together (Unlike jay)

  • tasha jurado
    tasha jurado

    We gonna act like we ain’t see lil bro hicky 😂😂

  • Era'Nyah Brunson
    Era'Nyah Brunson

    Give her that ring my boy its past 15k

  • kay.the.finest#1

    M&M need to get back together leave mya for macei pls

  • Oneway.jazmynee

    When u gonna give her da ring

  • Ajo 2x
    Ajo 2x


  • Jiqo

    Qua and bam sheesh

  • cassiean ❤♥️
    cassiean ❤♥️

    My birthday is all Mason is cool today hurt and I don't like hurt so you can do this video and if afternoon's video you have tyou have to get back with me soon and I don't care if you gotta go backward her I don't care but you don't tell me that I have to mama business I like you I like you a lot you're cute I like you and I like Mason in the lock cause Mason is cute she's been sizing up and she backwards on the Mike so maybe here's a chance

  • Kamora Jenkins
    Kamora Jenkins

    give the ring to macie

  • Kyleigh Davis
    Kyleigh Davis

    Where dat ring at its past 15 we wanna see

  • Miranda Taylor
    Miranda Taylor

    Mykel I hate you make a video of you singing sorry macey

  • Miranda Taylor
    Miranda Taylor

    Michael hate you so make a video of you saying sorry 2 Macy

  • Nkwitdakay

    say you sorrrry duh thennn she gone spin fam

  • steppa_trell GTTM
    steppa_trell GTTM

    M&M mykel and mya

  • World Of KJ
    World Of KJ

    We been hit 15k on this vid mykel

  • CacaHarry

    I can barely understand his accent😭 and he can’t pronounce his r’s

  • Florence Durden
    Florence Durden


  • Florence Durden
    Florence Durden

    First Bob Markell fake

  • Florence Durden
    Florence Durden

    Basketball Markell you with Macy

  • Florence Durden
    Florence Durden


  • Iyonna Gabriel
    Iyonna Gabriel

    he capped about liking her tho they dating now 😂😂

  • Iyonna Gabriel
    Iyonna Gabriel

    I’m here for Mya and Mykel All day idc . they hard . y’all jus be hating

  • Nu Nu Orleans
    Nu Nu Orleans

    I be giving dude bs views just cause I be here for Macie ONLY

  • Uno

    Sorry u dumd like bro maceik she love but it’s to late so bc she has a new bf

  • Princess Alayah
    Princess Alayah

    Awwww macei in yo intro

  • {Lifewith_DIOR}

    Tell me Y they was like what macei🤨and what ring like how many maceis and rings are there 😂😂🤨

  • Vibewith si
    Vibewith si

    We’re the ring

  • MiamiDaGoat tv
    MiamiDaGoat tv

    imma miss maceiii & you 😫😫😫 i don’t like you nd mya

  • Nia Burgher
    Nia Burgher

    he should've never bought that seafood 😭

  • Maddy.

    tf is the flykids🤣

  • Ashlee Alexis
    Ashlee Alexis

    Pov: us liking the video so he give maceii the ring and meet in person

  • Mila

    Giveee maceii the ringgggg we reach 15k likes and in person 😭😭💕

  • Mila

    Boyyyy do a q&a not holding back anything all the tea 😭😭😭🙄 it’s very entertaining

  • Kashan Simmons
    Kashan Simmons

    He only ate one shrimp

  • black diamonds
    black diamonds

    he no he like maci

  • Dezarai Franks
    Dezarai Franks

    You gotta give us det video

  • Lifeofshantiii

    I just feel like mya and Toni think they bullying maceii I seen the new prank you did texting maceii. Talking about she gonna text the girl but maceii was there before this little girl got in the picture.

  • Lifeofshantiii

    Okay so when we getting the video with you and maceii this video is way pass 15k likes

  • kash diior
    kash diior

    and this video pass 15k

  • kash diior
    kash diior

    if you really love ya fans pop up on macei

  • Jashaun Byrd
    Jashaun Byrd

    Bruhh give maceii the ring and stop josin

  • Life with nae&kiyah
    Life with nae&kiyah

    We need you to give the ring to maceii


    It was bam and the lightskin girl

  • The Trapstarz
    The Trapstarz

    Tbh him and macei was a cute couple but atp it is what it is

  • I just wanna say Jesus loves you give ur life to him and repent before it’s to late

  • Times Two
    Times Two

    Give her the ring

  • Times Two
    Times Two

    I miss mykel and maceii

  • Life With Arii
    Life With Arii

    Nah I'm tryna find out wtf is going on and shii

  • Emani Monae
    Emani Monae

    I’m not watching mykel nomo because I don’t like him with Mya I don’t like them together I like mykel with macei like mykel get back together with macei right now

  • Money Mabel
    Money Mabel

    I see qua and bam

  • Tierra Person
    Tierra Person

    That dude ain’t eat nun

  • Janeiyah Campbell
    Janeiyah Campbell

    The hickey🤯


    Mykel still wants macei and macei still want mykel, this and macei video says it all...


    Yooo 15k likes, yu gotta put tbe ring on macei yoooo

  • Jayden B
    Jayden B

    Upgrade them guns to the spalter r ball

  • DiamzTha Baddest
    DiamzTha Baddest

    We definitely need m&m gang back 🤟🏾❤️. So get this video up !

  • ImbadkidAaliyah

    Trying to go take a ride with in 10 speed....😂

  • Katie Dago
    Katie Dago

    You have 26k likes now give the ring to macie in person don’t lie my guy 🙄

  • Lil Bran
    Lil Bran

    Bam and a girl

  • Adrianne Scott
    Adrianne Scott


  • BLM Choppa
    BLM Choppa

    Aye no cap but you and macei because I know you want her back I’m just sayin

  • Life With Jameyah
    Life With Jameyah

    Bro just date maci again nobody else m&m gang

  • Mc Bxby OfficialPage
    Mc Bxby OfficialPage

    Is that obn jay on his intro song ?

  • Teyonna Louden
    Teyonna Louden

    just no wen u get 20k i was here

  • yakway23 Z
    yakway23 Z

    We got 25k likes

  • Alacia Green
    Alacia Green

    It’s maceii