The Problem With Game Sequels
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Video game sequels are a tricky thing. Sometimes they turn out better than the original like Mass Effect 2 and other times we get an abomination like Fallout 76. Either way, creating a sequel comes with it's fair share of problems, and we're going to discuss them all!

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  • The Act Man
    The Act Man

    Download Opera GX FOR FREE: Best and Worst game sequels of all time? Which do you pick?

    • Peanut Butter
      Peanut Butter

      make a "Why Duke Nukem Forever was so bad" video ma'am >:3

    • Chicken Wings
      Chicken Wings

      Final fantasy has 15 numbered games and some spin offs.

    • vinicius sardenberg
      vinicius sardenberg

      It says BioWare is a Division of EA that's all we need to know to understand how it went bad

    • PedrozzzGamerzzz

      Best: Resident Evil 2 REMAKE Worst: Dead Space 3

    • Sunshine_bypolar

      no :D


    This video is so accurate!🙌💯


    09:49 “I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain.” …bruh💀

  • Raging Wolf 21
    Raging Wolf 21

    I don't think Dragon Age 2 was bad, it wasn't BAD at all, but it was meh, and meh for a masterpiece like Dragon Age Origins is a real low, however on its own it's not as bad as everyone make it seem, however Inquisition was a big step forward

  • Achilleas_ch

    Me watching this on Opera gx Im four parallel universes ahead of you

  • Satan Is Typing
    Satan Is Typing

    I left the video at 3 minute mark

  • TheKillerMachine

    Dragon age might be buggy but damn the story is fucking awesome.

  • Alexander Velasco
    Alexander Velasco


  • Jamy McTaylor
    Jamy McTaylor

    The bible joke made me choke on my sandwiches. 😂

  • Lumpofchicken


  • Aristocles

    Super Mario Sunshine is actually one of the weakest games in the series.

  • Aristocles

    The New Testament started the MUCH larger of the two religions which share the Bible, so I guess it worked out very well.

  • T S
    T S

    Best prequel- RDR2 Best sequel- Gears of war 2

  • Monolith Hishino
    Monolith Hishino

    Deltarune anyone... CHAPTER 2 IS HAPPENING

  • Monolith Hishino
    Monolith Hishino

    Phenomenal sequel: Deltarune

  • marshal mathers
    marshal mathers

    Video games unlike movies always have sequels better than the original mass effect 2,mgs 2,halo 2,Arkham city.the bad ones are usually rare dmc 2 is te only one I can think of but still

  • Hayleigh Lefeuvre
    Hayleigh Lefeuvre

    wow usually the sponsor is a insta skip but this one actually really helped! opera likes running alongside games on my cpu where chrome throws a hissyfit and steals all the memory for itself ^.^ just sounds a lil lame saying "gaming browser" imo

  • Sean-Taylor Casity
    Sean-Taylor Casity

    Dragon age inquisition was alright in my opinion not perfect sure but it had some good story in it.

  • John Blacker
    John Blacker

    Dark Souls II for me was so bad. I just finished Demon's Souls and Dark Souls I, and play the second, always made me wanted for the first and Demon's.

  • LOKI d.R-K-9
    LOKI d.R-K-9

    Anyone else look at the thumbnail and think Scott the Woz

  • Marci Bodrero
    Marci Bodrero

    Good game sequel subnaitica below zero

  • Lord Mortecai
    Lord Mortecai

    Halo 2 and 3 and reach and odst were lerfect sequels though

  • יהונתן מור
    יהונתן מור

    What's going with Mario kart sequel's

  • Stefan Radebach
    Stefan Radebach

    To be honest i actually kind of liked Dragon Age 2. Granted Dragon Age Origins is superior in graphics, locations and having more options for player character with it's background and race but Dragon Age 2 does have strong points like the combat being more action based and fast paced as opposed to Origins which while fairly solid wasn't much to brag about and could be slow if you used a greatsword weapon, good companions overall even if some like Anders can be grating and a story that felt rather interesting in the direction it takes where it goes from the usual heroes fighting against a demonic army and it's evil dragon demon god in the first game to a story were a family flees it's home due to war and take refuge in another place were they face hardship and discrimination due to being foreign refugees, tensions between two groups that escalates into fighting and violence due to religious and race differences like with the Qunari and Kirkwall authority and lastly a major conflict between templars and mages due to how the former is generally hostile to the later because of how the mages can be possessed by demons if not trained properly as well as the main religious institution The Chantry disliking mages which results in the later going great lengths to protect themselves from this hostility that leads them to do the things that the templars accuses them of to oppress the mages which leads to great distrust between the them that leads to violence. This makes the story of Dragon Age 2 more intriguing than Origins because instead of a demon army and a giant dragon to kill it is instead much more closer to reality with it's writing and focuses conflicts between groups due to their differences, politics and corruption within Kirkwall and how Hawke isn't a chosen one to kill the big bad but is instead a regular person with fighting skill who tries hard to survive the city of Kirkwall and does his best to help with good success but even he can't resolve everything perfectly nor end distrust and tension built up over a long time like that which shows how Hawke does have some limits.

  • RagingBeast 157
    RagingBeast 157

    but i love dragon age 2🥲

  • Grant Ziz
    Grant Ziz

    20 second's in and I've subscribed!

  • Crazy Dud 33
    Crazy Dud 33

    Says it is a year old. I assume this released before Last of Us 2, as it would be hard not to address that one. It doesn't really fall neatly into any categories he mentioned. Well, actually, the gameplay is a faithful update, and most people were satisfied with that. The story is the definition of polarizing, though. Some think it is outstanding and otbers think is sucks, with few falling somewhere in between.

  • Can Ahmet Darama
    Can Ahmet Darama

    I think ME2 is a good standalone but a bad sequel.

  • thekillers1stfan

    Using Mass Effect 2 as the top tier example is dumb, it's an inferior version of Mass Effect. The only thing it did better was companions and their missions. Other than that they just removed a fuckton of features because they weren't super refined in the original and added good but still inferior world building with the new races and areas. So much was stripped out of pure laziness and still people will praise how they get to throw probes at planets for five hours instead of driving a fucking tank around. also DS2 had the best PVP in the series by a mile so it gets a pass. Dark Souls was never about the story anyway, but it was about you being non-consequential within it which I believe DS2 did exceptionally well. People really just didn't like getting slowed down because it stopped cheese tactics and exposed button mashers while rewarding the patient.

  • Red Door Studios
    Red Door Studios

    Team fortress 2 Portal 2 Borderlands 2 Titanfall 2 Perfect dark zero World at War Black Ops Are all worthy sequels, help add to the list

  • bashdzy

    I swear to God I see this everywhere Opera GX and raycon earbuds

  • Cruz Aider
    Cruz Aider

    Here's an actually good sequel Left 4 dead 2 😎

  • strident scrub6
    strident scrub6

    Zelda crying for sequels to be good wishes for the act man to do "Why is Zelda Ocarina Of Time So Awesome "

  • Chris

    Some good sequels: -Kingdom Hearts 2 -Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando (my favorite game of all time btw) -Red Dead Redemption 2 -Batman: Arkham City

  • are you traumatized?
    are you traumatized?

    outlast is a platformer, change my mind

  • Lankycide

    Every developer, AAA or not, needs to watch this video.

  • BEN064 W.
    BEN064 W.

    Doom Eternal.

  • Rickshi and Moku
    Rickshi and Moku

    Pokemon diamond and pearl are kinda slow but the story is wayyyyy better than the first 3 gens. Platinum is a way better game. I mean the god of pokemon comes from this region fuck your opinion 😅

  • Kevin Hicks
    Kevin Hicks

    Tsk tsk

  • Justo Rivarola
    Justo Rivarola

    I personally like paper mario its interesting

  • ShadowTom

    DS3 is one hell of a sequel. RE7, RE2 & 4!!

  • Flaming Burrito
    Flaming Burrito

    You know what's an actually good sequel? Fallout 2 YOU ARE OUT OF UNIFORM SOLDIER!

  • Kyan Cope
    Kyan Cope

    Rdr2 is a perfect example of a prequel

  • Vlamthouporre

    Postal 2s a good sequel that didn't respect the first games formula

  • SoupBane

    The thumbnail made me think this was a scott the woz video at first

  • LionofDawn

    Metal Gear Survive isn't a sequel though. But MGSV is a good example of a sequel that not only doesn't respect the initial formula, but doesn't respect the intelligence of its fanbase. A barren open world, an unfinished and lackluster story with a semi silent protagonist used to justify the meta narrative of "the player is Big Boss" in such a condescending way.

  • haris khan
    haris khan

    Call of duty hit the plateau right after Black ops 2

  • Jaxon Reynolds
    Jaxon Reynolds

    Does anyone know which video has his jim everett parody in it

  • pheonix 816
    pheonix 816

    Halo 3 looks bad in cutscenes when l saw halo 2 cutscenes

    • זה סודי
      זה סודי

      H2A or classic?

  • Mr Knight
    Mr Knight

    I hate that i spilled coke on my gamecube... sunshine was awesome. At the time, i was also struggling to read, so that helped... kinda.

  • Burger Boss
    Burger Boss

    Uncharted 2 is a great sequel

  • Big Man
    Big Man

    insert steve jobs quote about good products

  • Aaron DeYoung
    Aaron DeYoung

    The greatest game sequel in my option is Arkham city

  • Michael Owen
    Michael Owen

    Me2 is straight trash...

  • William Heyen
    William Heyen

    If we can get 17 Cod’s, 11 Mario parties and 87 madden games, can we please just get titanfall 3.

  • Cat

    What about bioshock 2?? It's pretty damn good cus bioshock

  • WigWoo1

    Where did you hear about Paper Mario and the folded Phantom. I can't find any evidence of it


      Hello verified persom

  • WigWoo1

    I thought Call of Duty games were never about continuing the story of the previous one I thought every Call of Duty game was an isolated story. I had no idea that Black Ops 2 even continue the story of Black Ops 1 I thought it was its own story

  • Spencer

    My cousins love fallout 76 but none of them have ever played any of the other fallout games and I don’t know if it’s sad or not

    • זה סודי
      זה סודי

      Maybe because it actually has a story now

  • Game Smasher
    Game Smasher

    Dark Spawn lookin' kinda fine 😳

  • MrAmericaYT6507

    A good sequel: halo 2

  • Wasteland Legoshi
    Wasteland Legoshi

    Nintendo is USUALLY the best at sequals and changing things. Breath of the wild, odyseyy, ect., respect the recipe, but redefine with a new art style and mechanics.

  • Giannis Spirou
    Giannis Spirou

    Red Dead Redemption II, NieR Automata and The Last of Us Part II aren't just some of the best sequels of all time; they're some of the best games I've ever played. I hope the upcoming God of War game will live up to the last God of War games.

    • Josh

      Imo the last of us part 2 is the worst game sequel ever made, it completely ruined the franchise for me so I stopped bothering with it.

    • ZLRS 07
      ZLRS 07

      I disagree with tlou2 but fair enough with the rest

  • Brendan

    Fable 2 is surely up there with the WORST sequel..

    • Wasteland Legoshi
      Wasteland Legoshi

      @Brendan but why is it so bad?

    • Brendan

      @Wasteland Legoshi it's not even in the same realm as Fable the last chapters

    • Wasteland Legoshi
      Wasteland Legoshi

      Wait what? I mean the ending was shit but worst sequal? Why?

  • Schim Van Der Venus
    Schim Van Der Venus

    ''Howmany teams can there be'' Mmm lets visit New York and find out howmany street gangs there are....

  • Sachithra Weerakoon
    Sachithra Weerakoon

    Assassin's creed has been going down the drain since Assassin's creed brotherhood

  • Darkhalo314

    Love the Runescape music!

  • kenneth blanton
    kenneth blanton

    damn the runescape music had me for a sec there

  • ThePublicBandit

    Dude that was actually a really neat ad

  • Nostra

    Crazy you didn’t mention Red Dead Redemption 2 once.

    • Krimson

      He hasn't played either red dead redemption game

  • Damian Sanders
    Damian Sanders

    Far Cry 2

  • Saltyman

    I like Dark Souls 2 but that bit was very accurate.

  • HotLettuce3795 _
    HotLettuce3795 _

    I respect your opinions, but DS2 is a great game! Better than DS1 in my opinion. DS2 too hard? Just git gud bro.

  • Irán j
    Irán j

    Where is the story in destiny 2? I cant find it.

  • Zsueti

    bruh the game "chess" literally survived years without a terrible sequel, congrats to them 🙏🙏🙏

    • Mercce

      Been playing for centuries, never gets old.

    • Chad C
      Chad C

      Its because chess focused on adding new modes instead of sequels. I think 5d chess is its first sequel and while i think its really good its a sequel to chess in the same way oceans 8 is to oceans 13, as in it was a good thing but i think putting it in the same universe as its predecessors did more harm than good.


      I think u mean milleniums

  • The Embarrassment
    The Embarrassment

    The force unleashed 2 was one of the most disappointing sequels

  • Brandon Diaz
    Brandon Diaz

    I love the Paper Mario TTYD comparison here. Straight up, Paper Mario TTYD is one of the most epic video games of all time. Hear me out: I think it’s pure genius. It’s one of those games that’s straight up wicked fucking excellent & bad ass. I freaking hear you Act Man. I hear you! The combat in each game after TTYD, it wasn’t good. It sucked. The Mario Party comparison was also amazing. 1-3 was amazing. 4 was meh. 5 was okay actually, it worked. 6 was okay. 7-10 we’re just bad. Again, Dead Space 1 & 2 were amazing. Dead Space 3 was assy. Good video dude!

  • The Mercenary
    The Mercenary

    Actually fuck you, DA 2 is actually decent.

  • Juragan Traktor
    Juragan Traktor

    6:54 no, Act Man. it's because they RACK DISCIPRINE!

  • The Cloaker
    The Cloaker

    And then forces decided “fuck it” and jumped right off the waterfall again.

  • Charles Fenton-Smith
    Charles Fenton-Smith

    btw the story is good in destiny 2 now

  • YoungJedi

    Unpopular opinion: KOTOR 2>>>>>KOTOR 1

  • mister pinkman
    mister pinkman

    Dragon Age 2 isn’t even a bad game it’s just not as good as origins

  • Sunlit Ghost
    Sunlit Ghost

    I know this is an old video but man dragon age 2 was actually a pretty damn good game most of its shortcomings was because of time crunch and super short deadlines but the character building and the culture of the city was really well fleshed out and I loved the several years gaps between chapters to show real progression and character growth

    • rejvaik

      The only thing improved in DA2 was the combat

  • Hellatubby

    Thought this was a Scott the Woz video

  • bigger Z
    bigger Z

    by the way ds2 is the easiest souls game it had one job

  • Robert Laurine
    Robert Laurine

    That bit with Dark Souls 2 is probably the best part of the video, and 14:30 is the icing on the cake.

  • Plague Cermat
    Plague Cermat

    Act man looks like if a geek squad employee was a chad

  • lenk🇮🇱_official (anime arc)
    lenk🇮🇱_official (anime arc)

    Good sequel: Mario Galaxy 2

  • anthonyspecf

    MechWarrior to MechWarrior 2 had to be one of the he greatest improvements of a sequel I had ever seen. The first was so clunky and the second kicked off a phenomenon back in the day (even if it is mostly forgotten now).

  • Gringo moderfoquer
    Gringo moderfoquer

    I think you could have talked more about story-driven franchises. A lot of these don't end, and they should, what's the point of a story if it never ends? That's a big problem with movies nowadays, most of the top-sellers are old stories that came back for no reason other than because the name sells. I hope video games never reach this point.

  • Panda

    Playing through Conker right now 😂

  • Chris Bourland
    Chris Bourland

    00:50 st Iranaeus of Leons has entered the chat.

  • ceec

    Train go boom

  • Not Important
    Not Important

    14:16 lmao

  • Ursa Major
    Ursa Major

    Franchise fatigue: "Well it starts with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl." THANK F-ING GOD SOMEONE SAID IT.

  • People of The Internet
    People of The Internet

    You make a video called the problem with sequels and you don't put Halo reach or Halo 5 in there? Yeah you're not a true Halo fan

  • Ryan Hansen
    Ryan Hansen

    lol..hold the bible like it's something your not familiar holding. no worries, just a book...albeit the greatest most sold most distributed book of all time.

  • Simon Jack
    Simon Jack

    upvote for the zelda music in the background

  • Jesse Bezuijen
    Jesse Bezuijen

    Destiny 2 is hella good rn