Tyrone Mings & John Stones to start against Scotland with Harry Maguire on the bench

  • Robem Official
    Robem Official

    Grant Hanley must have stretched his shorts keeping all those English strikers in his pocket!! Lol

  • Omair Sheikh
    Omair Sheikh

    How is Southgate England's coach? He's a championship level manager at best

  • @CFCMoi11

    This is the perfect time for Chilly to start. He need to be on his A game to regain his spot

  • J M
    J M

    So the team is: Pickford James Stones Mings Shaw Rice Phillips Mount Grealish Sterling Kane

  • Mufc Racer
    Mufc Racer

    As a Machester United fan I actually want to see Grealish start

  • krishan Curtis
    krishan Curtis

    I think john stones and ben white should start. Don't really get the fuss about maguire. He a good player. But don't think playing him instead of someone else makes much a difference. He's not that different to defenders they already has. May be better in aerial duals. But too slow in his movements. I think since he plays for man u he get hyped up.

  • elyrexo

    This is the opportunity for Southgate to try out the The Nags Head XI

  • Will Cumberpatch
    Will Cumberpatch

    Incoming mings haters

  • Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
    Luigi's TheBetterPlumber

    I'm hoping he starts with a front 3 of Aaron Ramsdale, Jordan Pickford and their kit man..... 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 😁

  • Michael

    I hear the encyclopaedia is playing 😂


    I think mings need to start after the last performance keep Harry on the bench now

  • Owen Steer
    Owen Steer

    Full back changes are solid also, Walker had a stinker against Croatia and personally think it’s outrageous to take a heap of RB’s then go ahead and play one at LB. Would be furious if I were shaw or chilly

    • Loftus Blake
      Loftus Blake

      Trippier wasn't much better than Walker,the only difference is he didn't give ball every 5 seconds but he offered nothing going forward.

  • Aston Villa
    Aston Villa

    All the Mings haters... GET BEHIND THE BOYS COME ONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Owen Steer
    Owen Steer

    Glad to see it. I can’t say I’m not nervous about this pairing against Scotland but the boys kept a clean sheet and it would’ve been an insult to swap either of them out for Maguire who we all know isn’t 100% fit

  • Joshua Henderson
    Joshua Henderson

    The lady doing all the talking is really well informed, great comments from her.

  • Warzone

    It’s as if Sky want England to lose or something

  • G B
    G B

    So England should keep another clean sheet then...

  • Atuha Bosco
    Atuha Bosco

    Sky always leaking the line up is a disgrace to the Coach

  • hbe421

    I'm on my knees for Grealish pleaseeee gareth!

    • this ain't it
      this ain't it


  • Adam P
    Adam P

    Reece James won the Champions League and had Sterling in his pocket. Ffs drop Walker who was woeful against Croatia.

    • rahul dilip
      rahul dilip

      @King Kong besides that walker is pacey and is excellent getting to the final third of the pitch

    • Adam P
      Adam P

      @King Kong each to their own. That’s very honest of you.

    • King Kong
      King Kong

      @Adam P RJ is not better and I'm a Chelsea fan too , RJ got exposed against Villa and Arsenal while Walkwr had a solid game against Chelsea

    • Adam P
      Adam P

      @rahul dilip I don’t hate city or like Chelsea. I just think RJ is better.

    • Adam P
      Adam P

      @Kenny Powers agree about Shaw. Btw, I love eastbound and down. Great series.

  • WahWahWehWah

    Maguire is useless, nothing but a bench warmer

    • hbe421

      have you watched Mings mate?

  • English Guy
    English Guy

    Come on the boys

  • A List
    A List

    Just because Sky can't own international football. This is what they do

  • Mike Luhg
    Mike Luhg

    Why the hell are England always leaking their own team news?

  • Levi Heichou
    Levi Heichou

    Lol sky studio looks more like segregation than social distancing

  • Update & Upgrade
    Update & Upgrade

    Please Give chance Reece James to play against Scottland

    • Divenaldo Penaldo
      Divenaldo Penaldo

      He is better than finished Trent

  • James Murray
    James Murray

    Mings should start over Slab head anyway he’s SH*T. “He will play a part” the media picking the team again, pushing United players to keep punters happy.

    • James Murray
      James Murray

      @hbe421 he played well first game and looked strong, shouldn’t lose his place until he shows he doesn’t deserve to play in the spot. I wouldn’t immediately drop him for a guy that has multiple highlight reels of f*ck ups. Maguire is only mentioned due to the number of United fans that will read the articles and because of the press southgate will give in and pick him ASAP. He’s a terrible player, he’s no leader and isn’t in the worlds top 20 centre backs but talked about like he’s one of the worlds best.

    • hbe421

      Mings is a calamity.

    • A List
      A List

      Media loves anything attached with Manchester United.

  • KronicMathsDebator

    Mings has done more than enough to prove he should start.

    • B0bby Moon
      B0bby Moon

      @KronicMathsDebator fair comment

    • Kenny Powers
      Kenny Powers

      He’s dodge af

    • KronicMathsDebator

      @B0bby Moon My point is we don’t need to rush Maguire back from injury when mings did a good job last game.

    • Vase of Flowers
      Vase of Flowers

      @B0bby Moon Godfrey or White would be preferable to Mings.

    • B0bby Moon
      B0bby Moon

      Mings doesn’t do more than enough to prove he should start ahead of Maguire He did enough to avoid criticism. That’s it

  • David Burke
    David Burke

    So is there another team playing in this match or just England?

    • Adam Craig
      Adam Craig

      I'm sure scottish broadcasters are covering it

  • abdulrahman alali
    abdulrahman alali

    Hey Jessica

  • There is No Try
    There is No Try

    Why are ypu leaking the england team? Shouldnt be surprised by sky who have played a massive part in destroying football for the average fan

  • Grey Man
    Grey Man

    Adrian Charles looks abit rough


    It’s only Scotland, if minge and stones can’t out do them geez. Maybe maguire against Portugal, Germany etc yes deffo

    • MH.1

      @Sam Instrumentals maguire reads the game really well

    • Sam Instrumentals
      Sam Instrumentals

      Maguire will get done by ronnie, Bruno and jota

    • Capski


    • Capski

      @Vase of Flowers shush I think your forgetting coady 🤫

    • Vase of Flowers
      Vase of Flowers

      Mings is one of the worst CBs I've seen picked for England in ages.

  • Diogoal Jota
    Diogoal Jota

    England might be the only team In the world that leaks their line up wayyy before the match

    • Greatest Analyser
      Greatest Analyser

      I really don’t get it, England will never change honestly it’s so silly

    • Athul krish
      Athul krish

      Argentina hold my hair 😒😁

    • Pínned by Reventure Consultíng
      Pínned by Reventure Consultíng

      @Pinned by RockzFX Academy I got Victory with him, my only regrets is I played the game I got from him so low with fear 😓😥

    • Wow Woo
      Wow Woo

      @Pinned by RockzFX Academy Thanks mate

    • Pinned by RockzFX Academy
      Pinned by RockzFX Academy

      @Pinned by Voskcoin +"4"4 7"4"4"8 7"4 "1 "1 "1 "2

  • londinboiy

    Any chance of leaking the Scotland team so we can have the advantage you keep giving the opposition??? Second time in a row you've done this sky sports it's disgraceful.

    • Vase of Flowers
      Vase of Flowers

      @PES Play & Beats Yep. And we hate them back. I cancelled my subscription last year.

    • PES Play & Beats
      PES Play & Beats

      Dude sky sports hate England. They are self hating. Surely the past year has proved this?

    • SueMyChin

      @sxolile nkaule no they haven't....

    • sxolile nkaule
      sxolile nkaule

      Scotland team already know the lineup and the England team already know Scotland's lineup. They have already been submitted.

    • Roger Davies
      Roger Davies

      If Sky Sports know the line-up you can be assured that Scotland do. Calm down

  • Aryan.

    Harry Maguire is the greatest cb in the squad.

    • James Murray
      James Murray

      No he isn’t he’s a disaster waiting to happen, the guy is useless.

    • C Stewart
      C Stewart

      Stones is clear

    • Tom Matthias
      Tom Matthias

      Go away Penchester united fan

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke

      Guys just ignore him, he's clearly in need for attention. He's nothing but a sad pathetic delusional little boy.

    • TyneeMax

      *reserve squad

  • Diogoal Jota
    Diogoal Jota

    France's 8th choice centre backs are better than England's first choice

    • The Adventures of Steve-Marco
      The Adventures of Steve-Marco

      @The Ugly Irish yes they are french, you clearly dont know the difference between a persons nationality and their ethnicity. Fool.

    • The Adventures of Steve-Marco
      The Adventures of Steve-Marco

      @ziyech Fan im from England, and you're not, so go and comment on your own defenders you clown

    • ziyech Fan
      ziyech Fan

      @The Adventures of Steve-Marco go and check the stats dude, I am not a England or English man, you are just a England hater

    • Abdikareem Hussein
      Abdikareem Hussein

      @ziyech Fan defo a united fan

    • The Adventures of Steve-Marco
      The Adventures of Steve-Marco

      @ziyech Fan maguire top 3 in prem? What you been smoking?