A "LEAKED" Nintendo E3 2021 Direct cartoon

  • 03bgood

    "How keeps making these stupid choices?" The same morons who thought it was okay to sell us 3 emulated Mario games, instead of giving us N64, GameCube, and Wii Virtual Console games on their damn eShop. Also, the same morons who replaced the Virtual Console with a piss poor excuse of an online service where you can only rent NES and SNES games, instead of being able to buy them for $1-3 per game.

  • BranJohn98

    ... Omg was 0:28 a YIIK reference

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon

    I also don't like JRPGs.

  • NotSamG

    0:26 ALEX YIIK

  • Xmas 7o7
    Xmas 7o7

    You underestimate its power...

  • Cigarettes S
    Cigarettes S

    After you said "Who keeps making these stupid choices" I got a Ricart ad.

  • Cianitrihs Khour
    Cianitrihs Khour

    That's Byleth right there.

  • Melody

    I’m so glad this was wrong

  • shane-the-shiekah

    "Oh, and also, BotW 2 is cancelled!" Me: Dying of laughter 😂😂😂 Nintendo: You won't be laughing when we decide to postpone it to next May... Me: WAIT WAT. Oh, and just for the record, I memorized by heart the entire Happy Mask Salesman and Link dialogue from your totally legit Majora's Mask Speedrun. From "OH SNAP!" To " Look at me, right here, NO. "

  • FIGI Water
    FIGI Water

    Aerospray sucks

  • Janet Gonzalez
    Janet Gonzalez

    What’s that? what do you mean this isn’t real?!

  • Awesome Cool Guy
    Awesome Cool Guy

    Bruh is the pose at 0:26 a yiik refrence

  • CeeHoff

    Thankfully this wasn't the case with E3 2021. But this will be for some future directs.

  • YeetusMcgeetus

    I love how tawagoto’s fighter reveal font is comic sans lol

  • Alan Tull
    Alan Tull

    I hate when this happens!

  • TheAdvertisement

    "So what you're saying is... we have to beat GOD!?" "Lol yeah."

  • TheAdvertisement

    The fact this video has 42k like though.

  • Pixel Hero
    Pixel Hero

    Just a prediction: The next video will probably be Monster Hunter Stories 2 with a Side of Salt. I haven’t watched this channel until recently so I have no idea if Scott hates the idea of Monster Hunter stories.

  • Bobby Boy
    Bobby Boy


  • Tea -Man
    Tea -Man


  • thomas krol
    thomas krol

    For one of your next animations can you do a twilight princess speedrun


    Can you make monster hunter stories 2 with a side of salt .

  • Snatcher from a hat in time
    Snatcher from a hat in time

    I was only happy about dangenrompa and splatoon 3 the hole direct

  • Michael Howell
    Michael Howell

    0:09 the way the princess looks at that sword is a little… sus

  • Ovaking

    I want to see Scott react to kazuya

  • Triangle

    This is the worst timeline

  • StricTMad

    I like how he buys it anyways

  • GrimBoi4539

    Nintendo direct was kinda boring except the breath of the wild trailer

    • mong ming
      mong ming

      Samus doe

  • Bryan Navarro
    Bryan Navarro

    I don’t know if you can read this….but….. they announced that nitendogs are making skyward sword HD. I probably am gonna get it after your vids of Zelda salt

  • Brand

    Me, I keep making these stupid choices. I am mr Nintendo and I'm introducing Knack from the Knack 1 and 2 as the final character from smash

  • LauDJar

    It's funny how i saw this before the Breath Of The Wild Teaser, that aged like milk

  • Gavinman5000

    I’m so glad this aged poorly.

  • Heinrich Ze-France
    Heinrich Ze-France

    ...well how well did this age? Debatable at best it seems.

  • Rainix

    Its kinda ironic that the nintendo direct was actually solid

  • Little Gyro
    Little Gyro

    That didn't age very well.

  • Andre_601

    You all laugh, but in essence, is this pretty much accurate. Nintendo could've said nothing about BotW 2 or just said "Ye. We still work on it sometimes" and it wouldn't have changed a thing imo.

  • deathmourne1

    Strange enough I stopped caring about Nintendo products years ago...

  • Broderick Arnold
    Broderick Arnold

    Kazuya though!

  • Wendy Grosshans
    Wendy Grosshans

    I swear nintendo, nobody cares about "Ledgend of the Green Haired Warrior: The wand of slight inconvenience"

  • Com’s bizarre Channel
    Com’s bizarre Channel

    Poor kazuya

  • Daniel Foronda
    Daniel Foronda

    Iora por los rpg pues

  • reach17

    Stranth +1 Stranth +4 Stranth -2

  • Tbone24!

    All we want is a new punch out game. :C

  • Sonic TMP
    Sonic TMP

    This didn't age well.

  • Rhymetimeguy

    Nice order number

  • supernintendo64

    Man, I can't believe they passed over Scrimblo Bimblo for this blue-hair sword dude.

  • Ayden Berkebile
    Ayden Berkebile

    do a speed run video on Link Between Worlds its my favorite game in the legend of Zelda series

    • CDRegulus

      he does them from time to time on twitch.

  • Vaati

    Pls stop making content dawg

    • Vaati

      @DegoX 64 ye

    • DegoX 64
      DegoX 64

      @Vaati Yeah Yeah... Nah

    • Vaati

      @CDRegulus yeah

    • CDRegulus


  • Gunner Morgan
    Gunner Morgan

    Imagine if someone took that seriously

  • Charkol

    anime game #13

  • Peter Denison
    Peter Denison

    fantastic shit post

  • BridgeFish

    Stop making content

  • A S
    A S

    SMT V says what

  • Luke Davies
    Luke Davies

    The bad ending

  • Flashlight Paul
    Flashlight Paul

    I’m very happy to say that you were incorrect.

  • TSB

    Tawagoto means shit. Lmao

  • Baby yoda does dumb stuff
    Baby yoda does dumb stuff

    I saw the botw 2 trailer and I’m glad that isn’t real😅

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    games nobody asked for, but we still went out of our way to license, even though there are still plenty of good games we own that aren’t on the service yet!

  • James Lingard
    James Lingard

    Can’t wait for Tawagoto from OOO to release!

  • Pog Birb
    Pog Birb

    I need to see a doctor after this. It hurt too much.

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      This exactly what happened in the actual Direct. Execpt for BotW 2 being cancelled and the Jrpg was Shin megami tensai v.

  • iGamerPro YT
    iGamerPro YT

    Hey. When it happens, congrats on the 1 mil

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    Oh, i want it! :)

  • Rusty Mew
    Rusty Mew

    Nintendo: *Announces something fans don't like* Fans: *Angrily gives Nintendo money*

  • The Goofy Gouf
    The Goofy Gouf

    Least we got Metroid

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    I now wanna see Kazuya Mishima drop Tawagoto into the lava pit

  • NightmareFueler

    So glad the Breath of the Wild sequel was cancelled in favor of that Occupation whatever game. I mean, who doesn't want to play an RPG where *all you can upgrade is STRANTH?*

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      Time to redo the Animation, the Nintendo Direct E3 was on fire


    This aged well 😂😂😂

    • Audiovisual

      @doire aintu Tekken deserved its place in Smash, more than most fighters


      @Nice Goat Doctor Dark pit side b !

    • Nice Goat Doctor
      Nice Goat Doctor

      @LUSEGACIE King K. Rool down b!


      @Nice Goat Doctor ok... Palutena down b !

    • Nice Goat Doctor
      Nice Goat Doctor

      @LUSEGACIE hmm... Min Min up smash!

  • Basement Dweller
    Basement Dweller

    Why did you make it look it’s a bad thing?

  • 핑닌Pinknin

    Thank god it didn’t happened still nice video btw

  • God in Italiano
    God in Italiano

    The worst timeline:

  • Berry Mcburgerboi
    Berry Mcburgerboi

    Progressing through the main story will progress through the main story

  • Red Widow
    Red Widow

    Every Goddamn Time™

  • wholegrainmilk

    Hey scott just wondering how do you feel about the new metroid game

  • Dante Catalfo
    Dante Catalfo


  • BranJohn98

    Can't wait for people to make him in Miitopia

  • Lucas tried PKcrash
    Lucas tried PKcrash

    This exactly what happened in the actual Direct. Execpt for BotW 2 being cancelled and the Jrpg was Shin megami tensai v.

  • Pixled_Legend429

    But in reality Nintendo won E3 by light years

  • Mariomaster 456
    Mariomaster 456

    Admit it, we only watched the Nintendo E3 for BOTW2.

    • Hit

      Scuse you? Monkey Ball was the highlight for me

    • Nice Goat Doctor
      Nice Goat Doctor

      Nope. Went in hoping for Metroid, and I got Metroid. Icing on the cake was Monkey Ball, Mario Party, WarioWare, Danganronpa, Rabbids 2, and BotW 2.

    • Vanidia Fortes
      Vanidia Fortes

      No. There was smash, Metroid, mario party, monky ball, moster hunter stories, wario ware, and botw 2. The E3 for Nintendo was really good.

  • Bscts N Grvy
    Bscts N Grvy

    Still buying it while you complain! Perfect!

  • Román Armando
    Román Armando

    Time to redo the Animation, the Nintendo Direct E3 was on fire

  • Otakio.

    I love how inaccurate this video was

  • Savi The Gamer
    Savi The Gamer

    Why do I think that Fechi-Hime will get some "art" soon even though she appeared like for two seconds

  • Honor D.
    Honor D.

    Thank god we got stuff like Metroid Dread, more info on Breath of the Wild 2 (like the fact that it isn’t cancelled and that it’s coming out in 2022), and a brand new Wario Ware and not this. Also, we got Kazuya in Smash which isn’t the best pick for a fighter, but at least it’s not the character shown in this cartoon.

    • Audiovisual

      Kazuya deserves to be in Smash more than most fighters, Tekken is HUGE

  • Verkku Serkku
    Verkku Serkku

    So yeah that didn’t happen

  • Bloodwar 500
    Bloodwar 500

    Thankfully, watching this lowered my expectations for Nintendo's actual E3 Direct, resulting in me being much more hyped during the actual Direct. Thanks, Scott!

    • Chris Check
      Chris Check

      Though the SMTV bit was almost exactly like this. The Japanese trailer for it on their Direct was immensely better. But we're dumb Westerners and don't know how menu-based RPGs work or something.

  • Quokka Waka
    Quokka Waka

    There were moments in the actual direct that made me think of this, but otherwise it was pretty dang good

  • Elite Alpha
    Elite Alpha

    Just here to let you know your tawagoto amiibo arrived.

    • purplepotatochipPPC

      Lucky. They sold out fast

  • ilikejonathong

    funniest thing was when i was watch ing that same Nintendo stream in my head I thought botw 2 was cancelled

  • Amie

    PLS 😭

  • Tazerboy10

    1:00 - 1:11 ---> That would be my overall response, as well...

  • Nathaniel

    I am so glad this didn't happen

  • D & G Pemberton
    D & G Pemberton

    HE WAS RIGHT!!!, to an extent but still

    • Weeb Lord
      Weeb Lord

      Yeah, 3 minutes is so awful

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      You have to admit that even though they might not appeal to everyone, metroid, wario ware, and mario party were nice return to form announcements for those series's fans

  • Marcirez

    Wait...Waaaaaaaait...I think I know what's going on. 0:27 I think this is why there's a bunch of Religious posts on here.

  • L0GaN_WAS_H3RE

    I like how this is the exact opposite of what actually happened in the Nintendo direct, very good animation tho

  • MysteriousKallisto

    This is obviously fake. The audio and video are synced properly

  • LeBastion

    Man you just saw you on Twitter and damn can you be obnoxious. But now I know to never to disagree with you in anyway.

  • Ye traveling Xeno Plush
    Ye traveling Xeno Plush

    -All BIG reveals were rather brief. -Metroid Prime 4 still exists. -Metroid Dread exists. -New Monkey Ball Babeyyyyy -SMTV Gameplay looks fire -Warioware -Advance Wars remasters -New Mario Party and a bit more info on Mario+Rabbids -Tekken x Smash, Kazuya Babeyyyyyy -ACTUAL BoTW 2 info, new Game&Watch, etc. I deeply thank you for presenting the worst-case scenario so the best parts of the direct could Shine better.

  • Lydia J
    Lydia J

    That beginning part has to be a jab at Shin Megami Tensei V. They spent SO long on it compared to the other games in the Direct.

    • stale cheeto
      stale cheeto

      @Technoflops the only worthwhile game in the direct

    • Technoflops

      Because it was the best game in the direct

    • Daily Dose of Vitamin C
      Daily Dose of Vitamin C

      No, it was making fun of the last direct where they spent way too long on the triangle RPG

    • kaiden e
      kaiden e

      cry more

    • Weeb Lord
      Weeb Lord

      3 minutes isn't that long. Besides, people have been waiting for gameplay of it for 4 years. If anything it deserves more. But what it got was fine.

  • Itz Valid
    Itz Valid

    Occupation over occurance plzzzz

  • Sherwin Aguilar
    Sherwin Aguilar

    I am here to say, MAN am I glad this wasn’t what happened, not even close