Astronaut Chris Hadfield Reviews Space Movies, from 'Gravity' to 'Interstellar' | Vanity Fair
Retired astronaut and engineer Chris Hadfield fact checks notable space movies using his NASA experience and vast knowledge of outer space, including ’Gravity,’ ‘Passengers,’ ‘Armageddon,’ ‘The Martian,’ ‘Interstellar,’ ‘First Man,’ ‘Hidden Figures,’ ‘Ad Astra,’ ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ 'Sunshine' and ‘WALL-E.’

Chris Hadfield's New York Times bestseller 'An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth' has been translated into 25 different languages. Visit for more information.

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield Reviews Space Movies, from 'Gravity' to 'Interstellar' | Vanity Fair

  • Rohit

    Chris might be right about the blackhole tesseract things but still I feel little offended,according to the makers they didn’t break any scientific laws known to human that’s why kip throne insisted Nolan to go with “time travel “ via tesseract instead of via traveling through speed of light which Nolan wanted ,my all time favorite movie 😭

  • Dave Saunders
    Dave Saunders

    If the word 'Math' triggers you, don't watch this 😂

  • oireddevils

    How is he not the Dos Equis guy?

  • Dan Smoke
    Dan Smoke

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  • Betsy Burton
    Betsy Burton

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  • Brian Cook
    Brian Cook

    didnt ad astra also have the laser comms system that could communicate faster than the speed of light?

  • Bri Bango
    Bri Bango

    Love this.

  • Operation Payback
    Operation Payback

  • Wynand Lens
    Wynand Lens

    Chris is the kind of guy i want to be like. Not for his achievements, but for his personality.

  • Wynand Lens
    Wynand Lens

    I felt exactly the same about first man. Such awesome things happening. Such miserable people.

  • nh fw
    nh fw

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  • Demster Dog8679
    Demster Dog8679

    All his title's thou😎

  • Barry Eugene
    Barry Eugene

    He is flaming all these movies lmao

  • alki9969

    when I was just a kid I loved SF movies and "travelling though space, visiting other planets"...but the more I grew up I realised this is just fantasy and how things are totally different in space and in real almost 50 years later I know so much about space and physiscs that almost everything we see in a movies is a big LIE!! but even so this guy manage to kill all that hope remain in my mind about traveling through space with just one word - TRUTH ...big respect to him!

  • alki9969

    I`m supprised that col. Chis is still alive considernig how he put down and mock of the know, hollywood mafia could out him down.

  • diebuster

    when i stare at chris hadfield for too long, he looks exactly like hitler wtf


    How many mistakes were there in those movies? Hadfield: Yes

  • Emppu Salonen
    Emppu Salonen

    Someone get this guy his own UZmilk channel!

  • Lucus Mousteen
    Lucus Mousteen

    It's a movie get over it! omg

  • Orange

    This sounds like the most down to earth guy but yet he's not.

  • Taylor Frink
    Taylor Frink

    i love him and this. bring him back for more- maybe even space video games

  • 自殺Cliche Goth Boy
    自殺Cliche Goth Boy

    i wanted a rating tho but i love chris

  • Random Hobby
    Random Hobby

    underrated review for Interstellar. I guess when you go to space everything will be boring to watch

  • Mychael Darklighter
    Mychael Darklighter

    “You’d be blinded by the light of the sun. Unless they had some really special filters or something.” They do. They open the aperture to like 10% of the sun’s actual intensity to view Mercury.

  • Mychael Darklighter
    Mychael Darklighter

    EVE has that red tether attaching her head to her body because she was designated as defective, and it’s kind of a restrainer. Sort of like robot handcuffs. She doesn’t usually have it there, so I’m not sure what keeps her head near her body.


    Space is fake.

  • Mark Stach
    Mark Stach

    I'd love to hear Hadfield's take on "Destination: Moon."

  • Vince Stokes
    Vince Stokes

    Poet with a Mo, great review here

  • Kalum Batsch
    Kalum Batsch

    He got the black hole thing wrong. If it's big enough, you don't feel anything at the event horizon. He should have discussed it with Kip Thorne who co-produced it.

  • Miles Easton
    Miles Easton

    That final monologue...tears

  • Annalyse74

    I want to marry him…

  • Rfcdgaf

    Ask him about BMQ

  • K B
    K B

    He's never met a camera he wasnt in love with

  • Mann Holloway
    Mann Holloway

    Aww this ain't gonna be fun

  • Шамиль Рамазанов
    Шамиль Рамазанов

    Critics 80 lvl

  • Fedor Voronov
    Fedor Voronov

    Chris Hadfield has to form an alt rock (or better yet post-metal) band Astronaumica (in his spare time that is)

    • Fedor Voronov
      Fedor Voronov

      * and change his firstname to James.. but that's not necessary

  • tteokkies

    hearing his credentials, i could not help but applaud

  • Error_404

    I want an review of The Expanse and Moon

  • Vitezslav Horak
    Vitezslav Horak

    0:59 Yes, that's all you have to say. :D :D :D

  • Josicx

    What about StarWars? 😂

  • Kar Perez
    Kar Perez

    Chris Hatfield is one of my top people I wish I could have dinner and a nice chat with. Such a great and smart person.

  • IamMakaveli TheDon
    IamMakaveli TheDon

    Mr.Hadfeild ain’t having it with any of these movies.

  • 46

    Wait, you didn’t get him to talk about the tether scene where Clooney floats off into space completely breaking Newtons first law of gravity 🤦‍♂️

  • Zayd Shakur
    Zayd Shakur

    "I've been around the world about 2,650 times.." There's literally a handful of human beings on the planet who can say that....

  • Jesse Morris
    Jesse Morris

    Guns in space got me too excited

  • Crypto Kings
    Crypto Kings

    Chris Hadfield is so animated he would be a great actor.... oh wait

  • Denny Crane
    Denny Crane

    Hahaha when he saw the clip of Armageddon and just burst laughing...lmao!!!!! Say no moreeeee

  • Nate Decker
    Nate Decker

    I wish Chris had actually watched these movies. Many of his criticisms would be easily addressed. For example, Sandra Bullock's character was not an astronaut.

  • Trendy Now
    Trendy Now

    Space is fake and this guy is an obnoxious liar

  • Erik Tempelman
    Erik Tempelman

    Well, this was a treat. Excellent content, well with worth everyone's time.

  • AB G
    AB G


  • Rnny Quad
    Rnny Quad

    Since he was both a test pilot and an astronaut, it would've been really cool to hear them also talk about The Right Stuff since it involves military pilots turning astronaut.

  • Kun Fir
    Kun Fir

    interstellar relates to one of the theories which states that there are 4th and 5th dimensions and so on.

  • Embrace Muan
    Embrace Muan

    Great channel.Never knew such a brilliant person in my life. Thanks Chris and Vanity Fair.

  • Tony Willans
    Tony Willans

    Armageddon: Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay. That explains a lot!

  • Dodo

    he's like REALLY smart

  • Jonathan Burke
    Jonathan Burke

    Video Intro 0:01 Gravity 0:51 Passengers 5:00 Armageddon 8:02 The Martian 9:54 Appolo 13 13:41 Interstellar 16:28 First Man 20:41 Hidden Figures 24:00 Ad Astra 26:00 2001: A Space Odyssey 29:28 WALL-E 31:09 Sunshine 32:47 Video Outro 34:52

  • khalifa coast
    khalifa coast

    Udikead chatshit

  • Hindu Goat
    Hindu Goat

    give me a space movie thats actually about space travel... not about the characters and their emotions and story

  • Shawn Robertson
    Shawn Robertson

    Clooney looks like a real life buzz lightyear. Kinda sounds like him too.

  • Allen Mitchell
    Allen Mitchell

    ...assuming there's a swimming pool on a space station. lol

  • azamiruddin

    Interstellar was a great movie until Cooper ended up in his daughter's room after falling into the black hole. That was purely hollywood.

  • James Otis JR
    James Otis JR

    "quirky people" - I worked at a NASA satellite tracking station for 15 years. a not quirky person would stand out. those two guys in war games - yup. the guy who was like the big guy had about 30 ID badges; he was a programmer, he worked at pretty much every NASA site. he made them into a breast plate; pointed at the appropriate badge when he went through the gate. everybody was multi talented. If you had ten of us together you had 10 electronics techs, 8 photographers, 6 pilots, 8 SCUBA divers, 4 chefs, 5 writers, 3 preachers... everybody you meet either calls you a liar when they find out what you do, or asks you if you know anything about UFOs. everybody who does not call you a liar assumes you are a science fiction fan. we were actually science and history fans, nobody talked about fiction.

  • akachuy

    Technically movies are NEVER EVER like how events happen in real life.

  • hakan

    the ISS doesn't count as space. it's like the porch of our planet

  • The bald
    The bald

    What about " landing to the moon" produced in 1969 with movie star nil Armstrong?

  • JacobsParry

    I am at 14, all most to 15 and I like watching your commenting about space and too about movies. However when do you do commenting on reality of space and what has the movie showned you haved forgetted one big very of thing! The genre is being Science FICTIONS and not Science truths! When do they maked movies they do haved to haved some ways to maked conflicts and action so that persons do not geted bored! - But I do liked to hear the factual stuff any ways as liked the one which did you do about space myths and stuff as that.

  • Грошев Максим
    Грошев Максим

    but it's movie... why should the characters be always real and normal, that will be boring...

    • Kristopher Ryan
      Kristopher Ryan

      because they still need to have some sort of sense of realism ?

  • Asmit Basu.
    Asmit Basu.

    Chris Hadfield is the guy they should have sent with Bruce Willis to that meteor in Armagedon!

  • HaGreed_Guy

    I wonder what he thinks of Space Force...

  • Ted .
    Ted .

    you were not is space Chris. space is fake.

    • Kristopher Ryan
      Kristopher Ryan

      uh what ?

  • King Cobra
    King Cobra

    2:27 Thank you! Been saying these stuff for years. People keep praising Gravity like its the best realistic space movie while ignoring these unrealistic details.

  • Nathalie Desrosiers
    Nathalie Desrosiers

    Wow. I usually don't watch video longer than 15 minutes. This one is 35 minutes and I watched it until the end.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    There's something about Hadfield's mustache that makes me want to trust him with my life.

    • Another Potato Gamer
      Another Potato Gamer

      He's a Viltrumite.

    • Team Go Green
      Team Go Green

      Oh my god. I swear I was watching some video and this video popped up in the feed. I can't believe ur here too.

    • minhtran

      are you the fbi?

    • Simon Darif
      Simon Darif

      I see your comment on every video I watch

    • Ifazil MIMI
      Ifazil MIMI

      you movin sus

  • Staubtuch

    I like how only WALL·E (childhood) seems realistic

  • Ian Carey
    Ian Carey

    Chris Hadfield is a LEGEND !!!! I love the way he pulls NO punches in reviewing the spacial aspects of the movies..Id like aliens to meet Chris as. representative of Earth, certainly not ANY of our politicians !!

  • vicente sarabia
    vicente sarabia

    This guy is smarter than me

  • SJ

    I love to see something like this with the Expanse

  • Spud Eleven
    Spud Eleven

    At Chris Hadfield is describing a TRANSIT, not an eclipse. Shame on him for dumbing down this concept.

    • Kristopher Ryan
      Kristopher Ryan

      be sure to complain to him in a letter he'll surely read and reply to.

  • Spud Eleven
    Spud Eleven

    4:10 "Perils of Pauline"...LOL

  • Oli Quin-Roo
    Oli Quin-Roo

    This guy has completely redefined cool.

  • jp Francisco
    jp Francisco

    I suddenly feel smarter after hearing his choice of words.

  • KenshinPhoenix

    I hated First Man, one of the most boring tedious movies I have ever seen, and I love space movies!

  • dpc111

    ..."the endless land of venetian blinds." LOL. Bravo. This was a great video.

  • Jason Whipple
    Jason Whipple

    Sorry but chris was wrong about one thing. Space is not a perfect/complete vacuum. There is molecular matter throughout space. Just not enough to make a difference to what we can see or really understand. And we are only just learning what this means on the subatomic leval.

  • Inter Clone
    Inter Clone

    i like how he talks

  • Markus Puschert
    Markus Puschert

    21:52 the clouds are just a way to show the speed. go see aviator ; )

  • Ventura Lozzi
    Ventura Lozzi

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  • ticketman1000

    Interstellar is the only movie that makes me question reality.

  • Adela Ortiz
    Adela Ortiz

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    Alice J Little

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  • Tapia Andy
    Tapia Andy

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  • Cameron Cowles
    Cameron Cowles

    wow "woke" spin very annoying lol

  • BigLord

    Throughout most of this interview I was thinking "oh my God I get Markiplier now" Dude's obsessed with going to space and now I know why

  • Ben Stokes
    Ben Stokes

    1:57 I think she flew tangentially while the craft was still rotating... Maybe I'm wrong...

  • Karumu

    i suppose vibrations travelling through material could produce somewhat of a rumble? like not "sound" in the traditional sense but just like how deaf people can still "feel" music.

  • RAillover 345
    RAillover 345

    wow this is very cool, he can play guitar and ski???

  • J H
    J H

    I had the wonderful opportunity of getting to attend a Q&A with Chris a few years ago and I remember him saying that he truly believes we could see humans living on Mars in less than 50 years time. I think about that moment often.