My First Slumber Party - Storytime
Yes. This is a true story.

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Baldemar Rivas :

Justin Greger:

Samuel Long:

  • MeatCanyon

    Trying something new. Was a trip getting this thing together. Hope you all dug it!

    • Creepa AHH MANNN
      Creepa AHH MANNN

      No meat u don't get to "Take a Break" u will keep posting videos and you'll never get to have a break my little piggie

    • rudy rodriguez.
      rudy rodriguez.

      Keep doing this!

    • Murloc RJ
      Murloc RJ

      You should make more of these this one is pretty good honestly I like your original work over your parody

    • Noah Quintana
      Noah Quintana

      Hell yeah dude pleaseee do more of these cause this rocked

    • Ki Fenty
      Ki Fenty

      I dug it indeed

  • CouldyouNot

    Lol you need to do more of this instead of writing a autobiography lol

  • NToasty420

    So sliced bananas or bananas in general will bring this PTSD back.

  • BotBee

    I like the framed Peppa Pig on his wall.

  • Master man Glitchtrap
    Master man Glitchtrap

    Can you make a Friday night Funkin parody

  • CaptenCollin

    There’s an eerie nostalgia to this

  • NickedyFocus

    can u do a dhar mann animation plzzz

  • YuRanft

    My uncle works for nintendo!!

  • I post what I want
    I post what I want

    Do a fortnite video

  • Psychonaut

    „I raise you to my room!“ *He left me there alone*

  • Violent Boy
    Violent Boy

    Seriously banana sliceses? That well give you ulcer?

  • Blanca-maria Flores
    Blanca-maria Flores

    I like the Peppa Pig head on the wall :)

  • Barbatos King of the wolfs
    Barbatos King of the wolfs

    I see you have slain the pig

  • Rick

    I’ve become desensitized to it all 😢

  • Rick

    Yo why are you staring at 3:11

  • Hilary Matani
    Hilary Matani

    Please do a parody for Gumball 🙌🏿👌🏿

  • Denkichu

    Imagine just: Hey, do you want to play DoNkeY KoNg?

  • Denkichu

    Jfc, the POV effect is crazy cool!

  • Charlie Junior
    Charlie Junior

    Meat Canyon should do a scooby doo video, like shaggy talks in a deep voice saying. "What's that scoob? You want some scooby snacks?"

  • Diego Cordon
    Diego Cordon

    Watching these vids knowing I’m part of the millions of viewers that sadly work as slaves for a living, meanwhile one video with all these views makes 10x the money I make in one check. I’ll push it as far as to say in a month. Hell maybe even a year. And what I have to say about that is... nicceeee. Can’t wait for the next video😂

  • Timo Peni
    Timo Peni

    Why was luke mom crying

  • Mykal Misc.
    Mykal Misc.

    I loved its great, interesting content I would definitely watch more of these!!


    donkey konga at night while banana time

  • Etienne Pagex
    Etienne Pagex

    Man cant beleive I discovered your channel only this week this is epic

  • WombedCannon246

    You missed a good opportunity to make this a 360 video

  • Zander Leo
    Zander Leo

    Have you thought about making a horror novel video game? Cause if anyone can make it an absolutely terrifying experience it’s you!

  • Tyler Corsaro
    Tyler Corsaro

    I loved this

  • The governor
    The governor

    Where is the second episode of Billy the cannibal?

  • Rambones57

    This was amazing please do more :D

  • Julia Litvinsky
    Julia Litvinsky

    I hope this is a parody of your life, man.

  • Extra Man
    Extra Man

    Make a video game meatcanyon

  • ian zumoffen
    ian zumoffen

    where is this kid today?

  • canadian monarchist (Canadian monarchist)
    canadian monarchist (Canadian monarchist)

    Please give us jawbreaker 3

  • Katherine Ordaz
    Katherine Ordaz

    They should do a episode of dance moms I can imagine Abby 😂😂

  • Caiden Pickett
    Caiden Pickett

    I love that he has Peppa Pig’s head mounted on his wall


    I’ve never meant to a slumber party so I’m glad to hear his story ☺️

  • Ttv RedGhost
    Ttv RedGhost

    You should do hasbulla fight

  • Peaceful Hermit (ZBaRz)
    Peaceful Hermit (ZBaRz)

    This story is literally about him being potentially sexually abused and all he cares about is the fact he wasn't served hot pockets. LMAO

  • Chase Wright
    Chase Wright

    3:10 when you at a friends house and dad comes to say goodnight

  • Chase Wright
    Chase Wright

    3:10 tho

  • DEAD END C137
    DEAD END C137

    Meatcanyon can make 4 minutes and 40 seconds feel like a lifetime.

  • StutterSouth

    I hop you're doing okay Meatcanyon and that either the rest was repressed or you hinted/didnt want to share trauma or maybe it was nothing. i hope you're living the best rightnow

  • Mikyle Yakub
    Mikyle Yakub

    you somehow managed to encapsulate charming and unnerving into one box. well done sir!

  • Galileel

    How about a lazy town parody?

  • iwouldratherbehangingoutinborabora


  • Kelley Wood
    Kelley Wood

    Patiently waiting for the nickocado avocado video

  • Reece The Beast
    Reece The Beast

    Did anyone else notice her nail falling off at the tray?

  • M.x_lemon_curd

    U should do a Camp Camp parody

  • Sad Child
    Sad Child

    I love the combination of 3D animation and meat canyon

  • Savagesonic

    Oh my gosh

  • Savagesonic

    hi you runid my childhood

  • mundy

    Not the blazakin

  • alex S.
    alex S.

    oh meaty boy you and your stories

  • MC Oshkosh
    MC Oshkosh

    Why is he dresses for church going to bed ? Even is wearing sandals playing donkey game.

  • What.

    i need more of these.

  • Christian Malapitan
    Christian Malapitan

    Love it hope you make more storytime vids

  • Among Us
    Among Us

    What I think is at 2:48 Forgive us lord from our wicked ways, may the fire of hell not burn us on this night let us rest peacefully, with your grace and your love. Amen.

  • I'mhungryforsomepizza

    I never went to a sleepover in my life due to my strict parents' policys and rules, and if i'm being honest, after watching this video, i feel like i never want to.

  • I’m coming for you
    I’m coming for you

    This guy better make a dhar Mann parody

  • Ryoma Hoshi
    Ryoma Hoshi

    MeatCanyon is that one person that can make anything disturbing.

  • Shawn Locklear
    Shawn Locklear

    Make a Friday night funkin parody

  • Mike Lit
    Mike Lit

    I have witnessed... perfection.

  • paul peters
    paul peters

    I wonder if luke is going to see this video 😂. I would love to see a reaction video.

  • Donald Hickey
    Donald Hickey


  • Baylenfan Peejfan69
    Baylenfan Peejfan69

    the amount of work they put into this video and the amount of suspense they put into this video is AMAZING

  • Maliyah Unique
    Maliyah Unique

    Bruh I know he said he was gonna take a break on parodies but....have he done a iCarly parody?

  • C2_warren w
    C2_warren w

    Pls do more funny story time vids😂

  • Gay Vagina
    Gay Vagina

    Are we not gonna y’all about how hung the dad is?

    • Gay Vagina
      Gay Vagina

      3:10 like damn, bro, I’m a lesbian but I have a couple friends who’d love your number

  • carrot lover
    carrot lover

    Pls make a horror game

  • Hayray

    honestly i kinda want him to do a friday night funkin one

  • So this is it it's not even scary

  • Myriad Pro
    Myriad Pro

    Do A Parody of MHA PLEASE LOL

  • Random person
    Random person

    This is the most normal meat canyon vid I’ve seen

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    Intern Ninja

    It would be cool if you could do a Wendy Williams parody

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    sayra mejia-negrete

    Can you pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls make law and order svu show but creepier

  • WackAim

    hm heres a challenge try ruining crash bandicoot

  • Evo

    This is one of those memories where at the time and in the context of being a kid, you felt something was off, but when you got older and could look back at the memory as an adult, you realize how disturbing it really was

  • Carol jeeben
    Carol jeeben

    This flashback with the faded areas and the darkness is truly how i wonder children see things. I dont quite remember myself, but the visuals are incredible here.

  • Anthony Modaresi
    Anthony Modaresi

    I found a Competor for u @Tw1tterPicasso 😄😆😂😃😄😁

  • Eve Grace
    Eve Grace

    YOOOO THE PEPPA HEAD ABOVE THE MANTLE!! Your art is so cool, I love the little touches?!

  • Robyn

    Could you please make a Mandalorian or FortNite video

  • yungmetroshotya 96
    yungmetroshotya 96

    I wanna go home rn .is what I would say once I had to go to church and get up early

  • Asturianix98

    Why was she crying? Why? Why was she crying?

  • Tom Jarman
    Tom Jarman

    No words

  • John Adams
    John Adams

    So wait did meatcanyon kill peppa pig from his last animation

  • Clips To Memes
    Clips To Memes

    id love to see a parody of the weird caterpillar thing in the trolls movie.

  • trenton reeves
    trenton reeves

    Praying you do more of these please! 🙏

  • Major Everett
    Major Everett

    7 yr old tommyinnit

  • daniel H
    daniel H

    you made this in blender ?

  • Z.3ntity Ash
    Z.3ntity Ash

    I love this ×100

  • Daniel Foxo
    Daniel Foxo

    Oh god, no please not church. WHY GOD DO YOU HATE ME SO.

  • Dick Rape
    Dick Rape

    Man no peza rolls

  • Matt Zinnecker
    Matt Zinnecker

    Lol. Somewhat realistic to my experience with christianity

  • Limbo Slam
    Limbo Slam

    Either Meatcanyon made up the donkey Kong games, or even *he* didn't tie together the banana slices

  • Dr. ScrewYourCommunism
    Dr. ScrewYourCommunism

    why finger nails come off at 2:09?

  • Monica Lopez
    Monica Lopez

    Make a toy story

  • Lukasz Lisiecki
    Lukasz Lisiecki


  • Alex Djurovic (AlexGiu94)
    Alex Djurovic (AlexGiu94)

    Where’s the molest-y finish?

  • Abi Animation
    Abi Animation

    Wait what did the dad do after your memory stopped do you need help?????

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