Everyone's lying about dice.
Dice 101 for dungeons and dragons and all TTRPGs
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  • João Diogo Brites
    João Diogo Brites

    I am a statistician and i love this.

    • João Diogo Brites
      João Diogo Brites

      @saszeta There are a couple hundred real academic papers on DnD statistics and decision-making. check out google scholar.

    • saszeta

      Pls, write paper on statistics in dnd. Like how is it possible that some dice are good some bad etc

    • BeginswithPIE

      @Ibeatganon4fun And a foolish statistician continues to insist that all outcomes are equally likely after rolling 100 20s in a row.

    • Ibeatganon4fun

      A superstitious statistician supplies solely superfluous systems...

    • RevokFarthis

      @tonnyncellist Yes.

  • Fish Biter
    Fish Biter

    tl;dr - buy every d20 you see

  • Lord Hyperdragon
    Lord Hyperdragon

    A lesson in "How to make even the biggest lie sound convincing."

  • Jon LeVitre
    Jon LeVitre

    So the takeaway is "buy more dice".

  • AtomicPiggy

    Bought a buddy of mine a literal dice jail for the ones that commit continuous nat 1 crimes.

  • Not Important
    Not Important

    Can't tell if he's serious or not about making episode two

  • Arthur le Roux
    Arthur le Roux

    all my traitor dice sets are also my most expensive ones

    • scasny

      good looking dont mean well made

    • Ethan White
      Ethan White

      That's rough, buddy

  • lonewolf302nd

    i guess he'll cover dice lice in part 2

  • C J
    C J

    Intellectually, I *know* this video is just sarcasm and leaning into the urban legends, but there's such conviction and logic, I still believe it.

    • Local Maple
      Local Maple

      That’s because he led off with what types of bounce the dice can have. Which is true! If you know the likely roll based on your throw, that’s a die you can predict.

    • Darksonic407

      That's exactly how you bullcrap your way through any situation

  • Jack Prosper
    Jack Prosper

    Synchronization Theory + Self-Fulfilling Prophecy + Placebo Effect What you call coincidence, I call power gaming :D

    • Fish Biter
      Fish Biter

      "Luck is a skill." - Woolie Madden

  • Fricative

    So what I'm hearing is, buy all the dice.

  • No Life King
    No Life King


  • SpellMender

    What about rolling a low number followed by a high number? I rolled a 6 followed by an 18. Does that make them shy dice?

    • Elijah A
      Elijah A

      These are dynamic dice, they usually alternate between absurdly high rolls and absurdly low rolls, hardly ever landing anywhere between the just ok numbers between 8 and 13. Their good for both the highs of a diamond in the rough and the low rolls of a low & slow. Just be sure to keep track of whether the next roll is high or low.

    • Erik Sonnik
      Erik Sonnik

      For me the first time I rolled my first set was a nat 1 followed by a nat 20

    • Yseson _
      Yseson _

      It makes it a die

  • Storm_Shield1990

    I can attest that the low and slow dice exist, as well as traitor dice. I don't really play DnD anymore because of them. I like d6 systems these days . . .

  • Appearifiable

    No sarcasm or anything, I bet you are really fun to play D&D with

  • Minim

    I don't play dnd. I don't play board games. I don't roll dice. Can someone please explain to me why i've watched this video 5 times?

  • mrquackadoodlemoo

    Normally i don't deeply believe these things but i made a halfhearted remark about how my fav dice had been rolling super high most of the night but made a dogshit roll when jokingly asked to roll by also jokingly calling it a traitor. Next day rolls around and the last 12 rolls have been below 9 and 2 of them have been nat 1's. I insulted my prodigy and it doesn't like me anymore. I think i fucked up.

  • Hacim 42
    Hacim 42

    My table has varying levels of dice mysticism at play. Our DM is mad into it, and does keeps many things in order, as to not disturb the dice. 2 of our players don't care at all about it, and simply just enjoy the dice on an entirely non-metaphysical level. Me, and another player, both engage in a little mysticism, in that the dice have to be arranged in a certain manner. We both use 2 sets. For them, it's 2 columns of each set, positioned on the highest number. For me, it's a circle, with the d20's at the top, and the d4's at the bottom, all on one. This dice-versity makes the non IC parts of the game unique for each player.

  • Ruth Anthony
    Ruth Anthony

    Can't wait for lesson 2, this helped me a lot when I needed to save against my friends wild magic fireball. Also, does dice color effect their personality? My DM has 2 sets of the exact same dice that 9 out of 10 times roll the exact same, wonder if they are twin blorps.

  • Angela Trahan
    Angela Trahan

    Finally someone came out with a comprehensive guide... we have players that believe that dice are not sentient, and I thought there was no hope for them. I can't wait for lesson 2!

  • David Losito
    David Losito

    I legit can't tell if this is a joke or not

    • NPC 2749
      NPC 2749

      Well I figure when he mentions rolling out the low rolls BEFORE starting is actually useful. When you roll your dice your mind is working on how to roll it to your benefited (you need to get a feel for it) There is also mention of cheaters where the dice ("blorp") doesn't roll much at all. It makes sense.

  • Spooky Doggo
    Spooky Doggo

    I have a set of solar flare dice, but they hate me. They typically only roll well for my phoenix companion (typically dancing and lookout since he’s meant to be in battle(for my character at least))I’m lucky to get above a 13 with them some days, but for my bird, it likes to roll really high. I now refer to them as Loki’s dice. My bird is the only one that hasn’t been betrayed by them.

  • The Random YT Monkey
    The Random YT Monkey

    Love this content. I've collected dice for many years and I know exactly what your talking about. Dice definitely do have personalities. My favorite is an almost perfectly round d20 that takes a long time to finally come to a rest building suspense no matter what the roll ends up being. 🐵🍌

  • Kiril Bulgariev
    Kiril Bulgariev


  • bobgoatfrog

    our DM had legendary yellow dice that seemed to only roll a 1 or a 20, so anytime he broke them out, everyone got scared.

    • Spooky Doggo
      Spooky Doggo

      That sounds absolutely terrifying

  • Eric Osburn
    Eric Osburn

    Wil Wheaton would like to have a word with you...

    • LordofStuff12

      That isn't the fault of the dice, Wil is just cursed.

  • Nic de Vera
    Nic de Vera

    people talking about virtual vs physical dice, but what i want is a dice-roller app that includes these dice archetypes, with scatterplots. need a high roll, are my shy dice due? or go for a reliable midroller?

  • youthere

    i bring my son to roll for me. no shit he could roll a 6 on a marble

  • Doc K
    Doc K

    No joke, I look forward to lesson 2!

  • LetsPlayCrazy

    Everyone who has never played a pen and paper: "Hahaha so funny superstition!" Everyone else: o_o THAT is why my prodigy doesn't perform! I told everyone how great he is and now he is suffering from anxiety. Dammit I'll have to use him in funny oneshots to ease his mind IMMEDIATLY!!!

  • Noctis Nova
    Noctis Nova

    Great work

  • Zachary Freeman (Hobobro2)
    Zachary Freeman (Hobobro2)

    I've started making random characters partially to learn how to build them (I can't play yet, no group) and then running them by myself against a monster or two to help me learn. I used to roll crap constantly but just simply doing that my rolls have been pretty decent (for the monsters, a goblin one shot a telling bard I made, Nat 20 to hit with short sword, max damage)

  • Flynt RavenSpear
    Flynt RavenSpear

    I am absolutely following every single one of these rules /lh /g

  • KnowDude Gaming Show
    KnowDude Gaming Show

    I buy metal dice because they are exclusively more fair than resin dice

    • Adam Walker
      Adam Walker

      I have a few sets of each myself, some of my metal ones are low and slows and one is a prodigy

  • TraskLargero

    My favorite part is that at no point did you suggest to *not* buy a dice xD.

  • MissMoontree

    I just bought dice without trying. Would keep this in mind the next time.

  • arthurpprado

    oooooooor you can roll virtual dice and let the chaos of electrons decide

    • Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke
      Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke

      @Brandon D Wasn't there a computer card once that generated a random number using the seed of reading the static electricity pattern around the physical card? The electronic noise / fuzz was the real life "random" data.

    • Brandon D
      Brandon D

      @Avatarbee unless of course the random number generator is using some sort of input from the real world to seed randomness. like the lava lamps at cloudflare

    • Avatarbee

      Most "random" number generators use a seed based in the current time to generate a number. You can in theory predict every number a RNG will create at any point in time. As far as I know a computer cannot generate a number that is truly random and not based on another number.

  • Galaxy Hare
    Galaxy Hare

    One (or two) of my players has a traitor

  • mike

    >physical dice sure is boomer in here

  • Crab

    I never played dnd, neither ever known someone playing it, i know nothing about how to play it, yet its still very interesting.

  • Streetkillz13

    The showstealer... Ordinarily is a run of the mill d20, until you roll it for a boss encounter... Where it suddenly becomes a super prodigy.

    • Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke
      Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke

      I played a game once where like 5+ ppl shared a D20 and one specific player needed to roll literally any number to successfully climb this tree or something. Every time the turns circled around to him, he'd try to climb.... rolled a 1 seriously 8 times when it came to his turn. Everyone else had normal rolls... but that dice, for that act, only for him, 1. Crazy unlikely statistics.

  • Pupsicle

    Hot a fresh, a blorp and a low and slow

  • Abomination 999
    Abomination 999

    The player killer dice, whenever I use it as a player character it acts as a normal if below average dice. But when used against my players as their DM it consistently crits no matter the player. I almost tpkd my first players with a single kobold who managed two crits immediately bringing the rogue into two death save territory.

  • James

    Okay that background music is electrifyingly intense. Anyone know what it is?

    • Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke
      Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke

      I pressed like for your support.

    • Gui Geo
      Gui Geo

      Damn he always posted the music names, I love Zee lets hope he sees it in the 5k coment section, lol fame is hard

  • ReaperRider

    Is what a NAT20 on insight looks like?

  • Daan de Beer
    Daan de Beer

    Question: how do dicetowers affect the personality

  • nuya buisness
    nuya buisness

    I subscribe to the theory that it isn't the dice but the player that best effect the outcomes. As both a player and a DM I notice a VERY consistent trend. I roll consistently high on attack rolls with occasional drops to 3. On physical saves such as dex, and con I roll insanely high regularly. However when it comes to intelligence checks or something that my character does not have a high stat or proficiency I will never roll above an 8. Wisdom saves are the bane of my existence as a player. My current wizard is currently 0 for 7 on wisdom saves in about 8 sessions.

  • Jayden Liberty
    Jayden Liberty

    I was kinda wondering, there doesn’t seem to be a category for “low above ten, high below ten.” Because I rolled 3 dice I own that I never used before and ALL 3 gave me a 12-14, followed by a 7 (except one that was a 2)

  • ThomasTisMyName

    My die i would call the clutch die. It always rolls consistently around the 7-14 mark, and has definitely humbled me in the past. But to this day, it has rolled high and nat 20s whenever the life of my character is at stake.

  • JayLeePoe

    In Josip Tito's Yugoslavia, we systematically _eliminated_ all traitor die. Dice. . .

  • Brandon Greenland
    Brandon Greenland

    My Dice seems like a shy dice?

    • Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
      Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access

      It's a super-prodigy. Always make sure to ensure that it knows the statistics.

  • The Eye
    The Eye

    If you are trying to use dice that always roll well in a game that doesn't involve winning money there's a problem. Even trying to do it in money games that are supposed to be random chance is kinda a problem.

  • Rexx Gaming
    Rexx Gaming

    What’s that background music?

  • Corvaillian

    I can never quite tell whether my fellow players are all in on the joke or if they actually believe this.

    • Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke
      Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke

      @Corvaillian subconscious influence through belief is subconscious influence through belief

    • Corvaillian

      @Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke Not how Placebo works, mate.

    • Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke
      Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke

      Placebo effect is real. Believing can affect how you subconsciously control your die. We are part of the roll, so it's real enough. Superstition is tangible when applied to human influence.

    • Pedro Enrico Nahoum
      Pedro Enrico Nahoum

      dude, this absolute true. I have 14 different sets of dice, and use almost each one for a different purpose and situation..

    • FriedDogMeat

      What do you mean, "joke"? Careful saying that around your dice, they might just start acting up.

  • Confusing Zark
    Confusing Zark

    someone share this to llaura bailey

  • Aleera

    Whereas as I buy the pretty ones, because I think they're neat. Also my characters tend to have the same colour scheme because I'm predictable, and this helps a lot

  • Nadezhda Keniya
    Nadezhda Keniya

    My personal favourite are the "all or nothing" dice. They are dice that consistently roll 1-3 or 17-20. Great for comedic players who love dramatic and unexpected outcomes, or gamblers who couldn't find a super prodigy but are willing to settle for 50%.

  • ShinyEonVA

    Finally, a useful dnd guide

  • Some Person
    Some Person

    just gotta love how no matter the personality "Buy it IMMIDIATELY. "

    • AndrewChalk88

      Need shiny click clack rocks.

  • Harrison Fross
    Harrison Fross

    I like how this is a slow burn. The first few descriptions are actually things that, coming in blind, you might think 'yeah sure, manufacturing errors, no dice is perfectly balanced, etc . . . ' then they get steadily more crazy from there

  • Arymi W
    Arymi W

    I'm not sure what other ppl think but i personally hate people who collect "lucky" dice and use them... like there are a lot of unbalanced dice out there that actually consistently roll high that some might say are "super-prodigies" but using those would just be cheating...

    • Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke
      Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke

      Then you have a character that is just accidentally good at everything. People like that exist. It's annoying but realistic enough I'd say

  • Okagami

    .... so buy all the dice!

  • Cheshire The Hatter
    Cheshire The Hatter

    Bruh, I'll just buy the shiniest math rocks, because my kobold brain demands it.

    • Tanall

      'Shiny' is the only acceptable reason to buy anything that isn't food. And sometimes applies to that which is food.

  • Private Joker64
    Private Joker64

    so... you are telling me to buy and hold?

  • tsukuyomimodo

    I have over 2300 dice....and can confirm this is true lol!! I bring out my super prodigy dice for important things, or if I want a greater chance for my goblin to do something dumb, I go for my low rollers XD

  • Jones Crimson
    Jones Crimson

    Alright I know this is gonna start a flame war where people talk about the fake fallacy "gambler's fallacy" but that bit about rolling out consecutive bad numbers before a game is real. If your rolling technique is consistent and the outcomes are varried then you are statistically less likely to roll low numbers in a row and the more in a row the more likely a high roll becomes. This is real. Imagine flipping a coin and getting heads 10 times in a row. Doesn't happen. If you flip a heads more than 3 times you need to start assuming the next outcome is tails, that you suck at flipping, or that the coin is rigged.

    • Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke
      Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke

      @Jones Crimson It balances out because it takes averages over a growing sample size, and the bigger the sample size, the less anomalies there should be. It doesn't fix anomalies, they just eventually become a blip for that margin of error you mentioned.

    • Hetsin

      @Robin Parmentier Absolutely correct, the chance of ANY specific combination of 10 coin flips is about 1 in 1000, standard assumptions of fairness applied. HTHTHTHTHT is equally as likely as THTHTHTHTH at occurring at about 1 in 1000. So the chance of HHHHHHHHHH is 1 in 1000, as is HHHHHHHHHT. Since those are the only two possible outcomes after 10 coin flips and they have an equal chance of happening, that make the chances of the final coin flip (1/1000)/(1/1000) or 50/50. And frankly, after about the 7th flip of Heads I'd be assuming it's a loaded coin.

    • Robin Parmentier
      Robin Parmentier

      @Andrzej Sugier I know, that's my point.

    • Andrzej Sugier
      Andrzej Sugier

      @Robin Parmentier it's still 50/50. Your argument is the definition of Gamblers Fallacy.

    • Robin Parmentier
      Robin Parmentier

      @Jones Crimson you didn't answer my question. After flipping heads 9 times, what is the probability of flipping heads again?

  • Riplea

    Dice can have air bubbles in them that can affect the rolls, if you put them in a glass of water you can determine the number the dice favors.

    • SovietOmega

      sounds like a good way to get dice angry at you.

    • Weirdgamer95

      naaaaah its personalities

  • MrLupenTails

    Don't forget that rolling on paper is a sin.

  • Ya-Boi Frank
    Ya-Boi Frank

    This video warmed my cold superstitious dice goblin heart.

  • FireFrog

    I understand dice hoarders now.

  • FloBe

    Watched it. Loved it. Subscribed!

  • FFIZZLE “Ffizzle” Cray
    FFIZZLE “Ffizzle” Cray

    I never got the fascination with die hoarders. I’ve DM’d and played for the past six years and own 3 sets that cumulatively don’t go past 20$. Die is Die!

    • tsukuyomimodo

      @Tyler Emery my most expensive set is handmade at $120, right behind that are my gemstone sets

    • Tyler Emery
      Tyler Emery

      Meanwhile all 8 of my sets are metal and the cheapest one is $20 lol. (The most expensive is only $35 though. I'm not _that_ crazy... yet...)

    • Confusing Zark
      Confusing Zark

      some people like shinny math rocks, some people like certain colors, some people believe in dice gods. All of it seems normal to me

    • Andrzej Sugier
      Andrzej Sugier

      @FFIZZLE Preach, brother!

    • tsukuyomimodo

      They're SO PRETTY!!!! I also love the art that comes along with buying from a dice maker! I have dice with inclusions, sparkly dice, glow in the dark, UV reactive, liquid core, handmade, metal....LOVE dice!

  • Sam Fish
    Sam Fish

    I just get stuff I think look shwanky

  • David Kobold
    David Kobold

    Dice have souls! Don't be fooled by science and statistics...believe in MAGIC!

  • Sofia Kim
    Sofia Kim

    Dice hate me overall. Luckily I'm the DM, so they make sure that I have a monty piton energy with all my campaigns. Nat 1's galore!

  • GreyDevil

    Thought this would discuss how dice can be weighted a certain way, which affects rolls. If your dye rolls a certain way its because its weighted a certain way and there are actual methods for fixing it like baking it in the oven at a certain temp and time.

    • Jonathan Blanton
      Jonathan Blanton

      @John Rivers That'll work for plastic dice. But if you use metal dice, the only solution is to cast them into the fires of Mount Doom and buy a new set.

    • John Rivers
      John Rivers

      brb, shoving my dice in the oven at 450f for an hour

  • Dehalove

    Your voice sounds like it was in Bojack Horseman

  • jan harald
    jan harald

    1) some dice have personalities 2) at the same time, a lot of personalities are specific to the person 3) that ALSO applies to ONLINE dice 4) the look is actually irrelevant 5) in real world, dice are imperfect just like humans, some sway to good, some hate you for no reason there's more points but I'm too lazy, lol

  • Cockobango RangoJango
    Cockobango RangoJango

    What the fuck I just wanna buy a dice not a Super Whatever.

    • Andrzej Sugier
      Andrzej Sugier

      You do understand that this is a joke, right?

  • Kibchi Redanlae
    Kibchi Redanlae

    What about a die that rolls consistently high if you put it on one specific side? I've heard those are called "Itchies." Apparently rolling them a certain way scratches an itch and they say thank you by giving you high rolls most of the time?

  • Mudshrooze

    Is this....serious?

    • Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke
      Maximilian “Setzke” Cooke

      Human beings are designed to look for patterns in the randomness. If random dice rolls, over the history of us collectively playing millions of dice rolls, we discover patterns that fit these story narratives, and it is loosely true enough to either make some predictions, or make life more enjoyable, then yeah it has reason to be serious. Look how happy most of the comments are. This is heavily relatable to a lot of people. Is that random, too?

    • Confusing Zark
      Confusing Zark


    • SovietOmega

      it is 'serious' in the sense that it plays on common dice superstitions. people will swear by it, but with knowing winks. we're all in on the joke, so we can all take it seriously. it is a bit zen like that.

    • Andrzej Sugier
      Andrzej Sugier

      Just to be safe - no, it's not. It's a joke.

    • Drinkfist


  • Chris Ridgeway (Traveler)
    Chris Ridgeway (Traveler)

    The dice I regularly roll with is a shy piece of dice that seems to like me (albeit shyly), but was a lower roller for all previous owners. I already knew this. Tested it anyway. The other d20 I still own, I wasn't sure what would happen- the result I've found is it is a diamond in the rough. (mostly rolls higher, and seldom rolls low)

  • Rivers RPG Channel
    Rivers RPG Channel

    Oh yea The cheaters dice

  • byggepladen

    We had a traitor dice college that would roll unstatisticallly often against you, we even used it to get the first years drunk, they just had call high or low and the dice would do the oppisit. In the end we burried it in the forest like it was jumangi

  • dddmemaybe

    Zee must be mildly upset he didn't have a dice sponsor for this video hahaha.

  • pixieskitty

    This feels like astrology for math gems...

  • Lazy Bunny Kiera
    Lazy Bunny Kiera

    and here i was thinking this video was about people lying about the results or loaded dice and possibly how to spot users that do that.

  • Astrenar

    Do digital dice on different vtt have personalities? *my* roll20 dice seem to always roll high when I run a game but 10 or lower when I'm a player.

    • Jonathan Blanton
      Jonathan Blanton

      Absolutely. Digital dice know when they're being tested, and they'll generate perfectly random results during a test. Then when you use them for something important, they'll do whatever they feel like.

    • Adam Green
      Adam Green

      Google "negativity bias"

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia

    Someone show this to Laura Bailey

  • Petronio39

    I don't believe in luck... but I do have a lucky dice. Maybe even a legendary lucky dice. It's a pretty plain d20, completely transparent, no color, but some iridescent sparkles inside. It got it's legendary status when my playgroup decided to play some 3.5. I was on fire, and hadn't rolled anything under a 15 for the opening combat, even managing to score 2 natural 20's. When a player needed to make a pivotal saving throw, they asked if they could use my dice to roll, and succeeded easily. One by one, players took turn passing the dice around table, and the dice remained strong, never dipping below a 12. Even the DM took the dice, and he rolled them frivolously on the table until he got a 7 and a 5 to show up, just to see how long the dice's luck would hold out. Nevertheless, the dice were passed around the table the whole night, and not a single attack missed, or save failed, for as long as it was rolled that night. The session ended with a lot of happy memories, as we witnessed what was essentially a statistical miracle. The dice hasn't had a night like that since, and our playgroup disbanded, but the dice remains a symbol of godly luck in my heart.

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    LOL I know people who seriously believe this.

  • Grandon Leight
    Grandon Leight


  • Jay101

    Dice do _indeed_ have personalities. I can usually tell just by picking them up whether they like me or not. But then..there is still the traitor.

  • Nathan P.
    Nathan P.

    Laura Bailey incoming.

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss


  • Gamebeastie

    Finally someone who treats gambling like I do, but I think you forgot one, the drunk mimic. It shows a pattern of one of the others, but if you don't use it often, it get lonely, and as a result it drunkenly stumbles to random (usually low) numbers. Remember to keep your dice company for the off chance of a mimic

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell

    I have about 3 sets of dice. 2 where given as a gift and 1 (my frist set) I got myself when I got into d&d. And it’s been faithful. My frist proper d&d character was an orcish paladin, a brutal encore who abused his power and seemed out heretics in the name of his god. This character had a love for kicking in doors and making an entrance. Every time he kicked a door, a Nat 20 was rolled. With 1 exception. The very frist time he did it in game he rolled a 1. The door was kicked open with such force it bounced off a wall and swung the other way, knocking the orc to the floor. It was humbling

  • Chris Katko
    Chris Katko

    I just think of a number between 1 and 20 an tell my party over voice chat that's what I got. The crazy part is, I often lose!

  • Dragon Drunkard
    Dragon Drunkard

    17 years ago I had a Silver D20 best one I ever had, I'm talking 12+ and only rolled lower on pointless checks. Until I lent it to a friend along with some other random die, who had no die of his own, so he could try and DM some of his friends, Whats the harm I thought? However, when it returned the D20 was never the same, it would never again roll past an 8 for me. I was young and stupid, don't be like me! don't let the ones important to you out of your sight.

  • Jonathan Puccetti
    Jonathan Puccetti

    10.5, not 11.

  • ian spreitzer
    ian spreitzer

    wtf happens when my die rolled a 1 and than a 20?

    • ian spreitzer
      ian spreitzer

      @LokiLockdown i bought it in a pack and was rolling them hoping to follow this video just kind of as a joke, thanks for the two new outcomes. Im a dm and i looooooove chaos and confusion, concidentally my players dont give a fuck and generally dislike combat and much more enjoy blowing up entire cities made out of bombs (my campaign is in the fey wild because at session zero when i asked my characters they all agreed upon a generally chaotic experiance) i didnt get any super prodigys but it's fine, i got a chaotic d20 so it was worth it in my eyes

    • LokiLockdown

      It's one of two dice, but you won't know which it is until you play with it, but whichever it is, it's sending a message to you. The first is the order die. Order dice are as close to truly random you can get. They will roll high and low near equally and will not change based on the situation. They communicate this to you by showing the extremes on both ends, showing you that both sides are equally possible and that neither side is barred. These Dice are great for rules lawyers and GMs who want a truly fair and random outcome. The second, is the chaos die. This die feeds on yours and your party's reactions and is prepared to do whatever it takes to make a situation go from bad to worst (not worse, WORST) or help you get that one in a million play. You will either fail spectacularly or shine like a star, whatever causes the biggest reaction is what they will give you. They tend to stay towards extremes in crucial moments and tend to roll middle of the road the rest of the time, though they may mix it up to create a bit of chaos. Some are more malicious and others more benevolent, but one thing is for sure. This die will make sure you remember the times you used it, and it shows you the extremes because it wants to use them.

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Dunkey's E3 2021
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