'Scotland are a much better team now than then' - Steven Pressley on facing England at Euro '96

  • Jon Hill
    Jon Hill

    Robertson & Gilmour in a pub team

  • Jon Hill
    Jon Hill

    What? Don’t think so

  • jimmy gray
    jimmy gray

    what the fook get beat by czech republic draw with england havent scored a goal and not had many shots on target but they can pass it about a bit, doesnt make them the best Scotland team in years, these people are delusional maybe because theirs a lot of players from the english premier league, utter pish

  • Ego Master
    Ego Master

    Scotland are a dreadful team :/ England embarrassed themselves it's time to sack Southgate.

  • SPORTS24


  • J_ZD5418588

    I dont get this Scotland lovefest, they lost 50% of their qualifiers, including a 3-0 defeat to Kazakhstan and scraped through the backdoor of an expanded tournament via 2 penalty shootouts, one against Israel. They have some decent players, but really they have no right to be here, same with Macedonia. And after qualifying last year, they were made out by the media to be some sort of colossus.

  • Jonathan Tang
    Jonathan Tang


    • Tajbid Abrar
      Tajbid Abrar

      England *

  • Jordan

    If you listen to what he's talking about he was talking about the 2-2 game 4 years ago when he said "We have better players than we had back then" which could be argued that he's correct, too many people seeing the title of the video and assuming he's talking about the 96 team.

  • Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
    Luigi's TheBetterPlumber

    Pressley looks like he should be carrying a claymore and crying out Freeeedooom

  • Rod Williams
    Rod Williams

    "Scotland are a better team now than then" That is a massive claim, considering the fact there are only two or three decent Scotland players around today, and maybe only one of them, would get into an England squad.

    • Rod Williams
      Rod Williams

      @Jordan Hmm 4 years ago I suspect Luton Town were better than Scotland. 😂😂😂😂

    • Jordan

      I think he means we're a better team than we were in the 2-2 game 4 years ago which could be argued that he's right.

  • Carlos O
    Carlos O

    Scotland's problem is that there best player's are both RBs & I disagree Scotland was better back then

    • Rod Williams
      Rod Williams

      I think you meant left backs.

    • Gethyn Reese
      Gethyn Reese


  • Wallstreetbets

    Innit bruv tell that to the 2-0 at home loss scoreline to Czech Republic

    • Freddie Johnson
      Freddie Johnson

      He probably thinks that Czech Republic team are better than the ones that made the final in '96

  • Joe Wedg
    Joe Wedg


  • Xxx

    To those who say it's coming home then have doubts about Scotland please layoff the banana leaves son

  • Mr Brownstone
    Mr Brownstone

    Absolute nonsense. Back in 96 we had half-decent players and someone who could stick the ball in the net. Now, we are barely Championship level.

    • Celtic fan 1888
      Celtic fan 1888

      Most of them play in the Premier leauge so stop talking shite bud most are top players obviously know nothing about football

    • DjeieA KeksekI
      DjeieA KeksekI


  • sporsho

    It goes again.... It's astonishing... Happening again?

  • Freddie Johnson
    Freddie Johnson

    This is delusional, Scotland as a football nation has regressed in the last 20 years qualifying for one tournament doesn't suddenly make then better when there were more spaces available. Their performance the other day shows how weak they are in certain areas. Let's not kid ourselves the Scotland team from the late 90s was far better.

    • Nigel Raporam
      Nigel Raporam

      Think again

  • Brett Wharton
    Brett Wharton

    Billy Gilmour should start. He opens up a lot of space and is good in possession. Need a consistent link up between Defense and Attack

  • paul oconnor
    paul oconnor

    Not really, in fact in that 96 game they played pretty well. Always a difficult game.

  • dtoll Mx
    dtoll Mx

    Still shite though

  • Oggy Mills
    Oggy Mills

    Can’t wait to smash Scotland tonight

  • Vipper Kong
    Vipper Kong

    He's completely wrong. Just cause they have 2 good fullbacks doesn't mean they're good.

    • Vipper Kong
      Vipper Kong

      @utr 67 Celebrating a draw with England. We’ll always be clear 😂😭😭

    • Rod Williams
      Rod Williams

      @Lord Hasbulla Only if the Scots are still allowed broad swords! 😂😂😂😂

    • Rod Williams
      Rod Williams

      @utr 67 What? Patterson is class? Erm, like I said, who's that guy?

    • Lord Hasbulla
      Lord Hasbulla

      @utr 67 Not a yank your obviously not on twitter so you dk where my name comes and the scoats whos best midfielder best cb and best attacker are english are going to get done so bad tonight.

    • Rod Williams
      Rod Williams

      @utr 67 Who?

  • KronicMathsDebator

    So are England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Jayden Tate
    Jayden Tate

    The sweaties are shite

  • James Shapiro
    James Shapiro

    I was too young - is he right?

  • Daniel Worland
    Daniel Worland

    Omg man shut up England will smash them thats it

    • Helmy

      Yeah, just be careful though. Southgate doesn’t have the ability to smash teams like Scotland in my opinion. I hope he proves me wrong

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