Lil Nas X - INDUSTRY BABY (Prelude)
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  • Itstherealdre

    Lil nasty!! 😭😭😭

  • Charity Sno
    Charity Sno


  • Charity Sno
    Charity Sno

    "Do yo mama know u gay?" Lil nas: yes-

  • Suu Chi
    Suu Chi

    Lolololol I love love love this! This speaks volumes!!!

  • Mangos

    the “ yea lock him up and throw away the key” HA

  • MrPlayGuy.

    0:50 is that the same ticking sound effect from the unus annus intro?

  • FaZe_deadskall

    i love lil nas X

  • Sappho

    Lil Nas X is Beyoncé for lesbians.

  • Dante Plays
    Dante Plays

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that the video was produced by Kanye?!

  • yomyairra

    Anyone else peep the hair change 💀

  • Maddie Ross
    Maddie Ross

    My new fav music vid 🔥

  • Jack Gills
    Jack Gills

    I don’t know why this world so mean. And he brings humor I belive people need to lightened up. Artistic talent and lyrical genius


    Lmaoo when the judge lean over on the chair 0:56 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jack Gills
    Jack Gills

    The best of our gen to do it.

  • Mabil Mabor
    Mabil Mabor

    Why lil Nas x why😂😂😂😂

  • Revered Wun
    Revered Wun

    Yo this shit was hella creative and I didnt know how funny and cool Lil Nas X was! Maaaan Im sorry for sleepin on you dawg. I kinda got desensitized once that old town road song was becoming that Friday song by Rebecca lol she bad too now. Looord the sleeping was heavy but my eyes are open now 😂😂👀

  • chelsey lover of Jesus
    chelsey lover of Jesus

    For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son Jesus, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 "Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away." Acts 3:19 JESUS IS COMING BELIEVE IN HIM AND REPENT, CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS AND YOU WILL BE SAVED ❤ Dear Heavenly Father, I am a sinner Lord cleanse me with the Blood of Jesus, Precious Jesus come into my heart I accept You as My Lord and Savior, Precious Holy Spirit Help me God to live a life pleasing to You In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!

  • Blueredkoa

    Jesus died for ur sins and loves u so much! He cares for u and suffered a lot for u! If u think no one cares for u, Jesus does.

  • Lil Eddy
    Lil Eddy

    When you find out Nike was in on it the whole time, and supports Lil Nas! That blew my mind they really made us believe Nike was taking him to court 😂

  • Maria Celine Cinco
    Maria Celine Cinco

    To all the likers of this video 😭 Jesus loves you ❤️Romans 10:13, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” You are more expensive to Jesus than all creations. It cost God nothing to create the world but it cost Him everything to save your life, your soul. Jesus died on the cross for the remission of our sins 😭 and He rose again and his coming back for you and me. Believe in Him repent and accept Jesus as your personal Savior 🙏🏼 Dear Heavenly Father, we praise you and we Glorify you. Thank you for giving Jesus to us. Open our eyes and ears. Help us to turn from our wickedness and to fully commit ourselves to Jesus. Precious Holy Spirit help up us to stop wasting our life with things we dont need to waste our life with 😭 Help us to stop watching this stuff because it will give us zero knowledge with Jesus. Help us not to pollute our mind with this lyrics, with this lies. This we ask and pray In the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus. Amen and Amen. God Bless you all sweet people. John 14:14 Cover us with your Precious Blood Acts 4:12 “There is salvation in no one else!God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” and that is the name of Jesus 📢 JESUS

  • Madi Schreiner
    Madi Schreiner

    guys we should have known this would have been the theme 😂😂

  • I love  demon slayer
    I love demon slayer

    At least the song made me file

  • thandi goblin
    thandi goblin


  • Gedion Aklilu
    Gedion Aklilu


  • Conner Wilson
    Conner Wilson

    Iconic 💅

  • cardi.B

    Voilà. Donc. Il. Et. Gay

  • Im_ Pervy_Sage
    Im_ Pervy_Sage

    Honestly some of his music videos be....interesting to say the least but the dude knows how to make absolute bangers keep up the awesome work man🔥🔥🔥🔥👌✌

  • TikTok Vidz
    TikTok Vidz

    Lil nas you’re a genius omg💀 i really fell for it

  • [disgusted noise.]
    [disgusted noise.]

    He’s too much of a genius

  • melissa vetter
    melissa vetter

    Hhahahaha he,s gaayyyyyy

    • melissa vetter
      melissa vetter

      Haaaaaaaa gayyyyyyyyyyy

  • Theupriser Dingus
    Theupriser Dingus

    Memester,songwriter and gay? Nvr new that in my life

  • Loh Yean Ping
    Loh Yean Ping

    Is cool man bro😎😎

  • Rayvon Barner
    Rayvon Barner

    Bro imagine the bitches he would get if he was straight

  • Chem_ 691
    Chem_ 691

    Nah those shoes at first I wanted them but no any more am with Jesus ✝️

  • it's ramki
    it's ramki

    That beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • Samuel Narcisse
    Samuel Narcisse

    Ahhhhhhh...... Context. We'll, it's about being said to prison unjustly with a bit of a gay vibes?.... We'll changes all of the next video dynamics. Not as mad as I was before. Lil Nas X, do your thing. ^^

  • Saloume Stewart
    Saloume Stewart

    Right so this should be a vid now cuz it the 25

  • RyanJ IDGAF
    RyanJ IDGAF

    Ew.... industry music.... garbage

  • GArry the Geeza
    GArry the Geeza

    You deserve it if ur gay

  • {gachamiku}

    (Are you gay? (Nas)What dose this have to do with the shoes (Me)tHat Is A gOoD qUeStion like bruh (Dose your mama know your gay (Nas) wth is wrong with these people😳

  • official  Larry
    official Larry


  • Desi


  • Keith Reactz Hd
    Keith Reactz Hd

    That was a good video 🔥

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin

    This the best song he ever dropped

  • Demet Geçer
    Demet Geçer

    He can be an actor 👏👏

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong

    The ending credits got me rolling😭 I started wheezing when it said "damn how many roles does this nigga got?"🤣 I swear this boy can't do nothing serious

  • Macho Lightining
    Macho Lightining

    The acting doe 🎥🤩✨

  • L

    Come on nax why do you have to do this


    You'd rather consider my channel too😨😨😨

  • Archie


  • чайник с мочой
    чайник с мочой


  • Nailah • •
    Nailah • •

    Give me the script plzz 🥺 I’m lil Vietnamese girl🇻🇳 I missed some words I wanna enjoy the hilariousness completely🥺

  • Jason2

    Lol he gay

  • Rico ツ X
    Rico ツ X

    aw hell naw

  • BigSaintParfait


  • its Najnain
    its Najnain

    "Lock'em up and throw away the key" dayumm the jury's ruthless😂💔😂

  • Becker Evans
    Becker Evans

    This reminds me of the court scene in Idiocracy. (Except way better and not full of slurs)

  • Jimi Leriak
    Jimi Leriak

    *Yeah lock 'em up and throw the key* 🤣

  • Sadia Rahman
    Sadia Rahman


  • Swaggy_Armonie

    it came out on my birthday 😩

  • Squid Gaurd
    Squid Gaurd

    you had a chance to also play as the whole jury cosplay lovin head ass.

  • Abbie Sorell
    Abbie Sorell

    the credits 😭😭😭

  • Vincent x
    Vincent x

    I'm kinda pissed at the same time because he is not giving us a chance to expect him as gay

    • s u n n y
      s u n n y

      He doesn't owe you one. Gay people aren't just one way. You shouldn't assume stuff based on personality and appearance, it's pretty unpolite. He should be pissed at you

  • Jayden Hernadez
    Jayden Hernadez

    Your gay

    • s u n n y
      s u n n y

      yes he is

  • MatthewplayzXxx

    Lil nas x your not gay

    • Zombienate27

      he is lol

  • Miss Sheltered
    Miss Sheltered

    Why is this in my recommended after I watched music video? Should I have seen this first 😂?

  • Jay Wells
    Jay Wells

    All who likes this crap is going straight to hell with Lil nasty

    • s u n n y
      s u n n y

      ok that sounds like plan, i wanna meet him soon

  • Black Liver Bandit
    Black Liver Bandit

    With these symbols and signs they are actually claiming that the devils work is complete here on earth

  • Ball Sack
    Ball Sack

    Jack hollow was the best part

  • Dark 237
    Dark 237

    "Do you mama know you gay?" Kakakakaka

  • merkal

    Are you gay 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • s u n n y
      s u n n y

      he is

  • Huge Jelly
    Huge Jelly

    Bro this man is fucking nasty

    • s u n n y
      s u n n y

      i mean have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? I'm pretty sure the man in the video makes pretty good songs, and you only put hate comments which you gain literally nothing from lmao

  • 5014bushido

    And they sent him to the gayest jail lol

  • Caramelswirl


  • dbrown339

    this world is dipping closer and closer to a point of no return

  • Carol Miller
    Carol Miller

    UZmilk Specializesin promoting pedophilia and sex with animals. Synagogues of Satan sponsor the Evil on the Planet. Final Solution Worldwide. Expel THEM ALL

  • Tony Kinzler
    Tony Kinzler

    Stop be gay

  • peppermint23

    artistically as a culture I think we've peaked

  • DDLZ

    lawyer 2… lil nas x…. again.

  • Angie C
    Angie C

    This is the face of the black male emasculation agenda. Who cares that he's gay, I'm more so irritated that he's wearing his sexuality on his sleeve as if that's something to be proud about. I know a lot of gay men that don't have to plump themselves like this and they are comfortably gay

  • Ivory Smith
    Ivory Smith

    The Christian God is the True God and I am going to prove it right now: God has a Law called the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20). These Laws include do not lie, do not steal, don’t put others gods before Him (Exodus 20) Have you ever broken any of these Laws? Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen anything? Have you ever lusted after someone? If we really went over God’s Laws in the Bible, every single one of them, it can really expose how much of a sinner we truly are and because we have all committed these acts our punishment is Hell because God’s standard is perfection. Our good works cannot get us into Heaven. That’s like you steal a soda from the store but you tell the judge, “hey judge I give to the orphanage, I do community service.” The judge will not care about what you did. You stole something that was not yours so therefore the Judge is going to find you guilty. God is the same way. But, this Judge is a loving Judge who does not want to sentence you for your crimes. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to come and take the punishment for your sins and if you Repent of your sins and accept jesus Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then you will be saved from the sentence. Jesus loves you and is not willing that any should perish but

  • Pao Caxing
    Pao Caxing


  • jose Matias
    jose Matias

    Kanye produced this?

  • Mowmey


  • Jadenz shorts
    Jadenz shorts

    I remember when this first came out

  • The Stupids
    The Stupids

    Wtf 😳…..

  • Lucas Alcântara
    Lucas Alcântara


  • Lucas Alcântara
    Lucas Alcântara


  • Jaliyah Moody-brewton
    Jaliyah Moody-brewton

    Was not expecting this😭😭

  • Jonathan S.
    Jonathan S.

    Song is dope, but sum parts in da video were kinda sus

    • Alexandre Silva
      Alexandre Silva


  • Vertigo

    That judge looks like Lil Nas X

  • El Junior Mèt Lis La
    El Junior Mèt Lis La

    El junior mèt Lis la