Sergio Ramos - THE END | 2005-2021
Sergio Ramos - THE END | 2005-2021
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  • MadridistaTV

    There will never be someone like you again. Thank you for everything, Sergio! 🤍

    • Nahid Rüstemov
      Nahid Rüstemov


    • Nahid Rüstemov
      Nahid Rüstemov


    • Nathan Reinders
      Nathan Reinders

      childhood is now officially gone

    • Ross

      @bernard masson no he is the best defender and gets a lot of goals

    • bernard masson
      bernard masson

      A nasty bit of work on the footy field

  • fahim

    we all have grown up!🙂

  • Aarin Sheth
    Aarin Sheth

    please don't make me cry again now 😢😭

  • Abønk

    HALA MADRID ❤️❤️❤️❤️



  • Lants Delarge
    Lants Delarge

    Este hombre era madridismo puro, el emblema de club, el gran capitán de la era dorada del Real Madrid. Pasara muchas décadas para que aparezca un jugador así, el liderazgo de Ramos y todo lo que transmitía a los fanáticos jamás lo había visto. HALAMADRID

  • romeo260ars

    I'll sub in for him

  • Svetlana Boshnakova
    Svetlana Boshnakova

    I cant believe it yet.....

  • Priyom dewan
    Priyom dewan

    Madrid misses you man

  • Nahid Rüstemov
    Nahid Rüstemov


  • fahim rahman
    fahim rahman

    music name?


    O maior zagueiro da história do futebol, pra muitos 🙅

  • Miguel Almeida
    Miguel Almeida

    What a fucking defender, from the way of playing to celebrating

  • Alladeen Mdfkr
    Alladeen Mdfkr

    One more reason to not watch football anymore.I lost the interest into football since the covid stuff happened,now i have even one more reason to not watch it.RM gets rid of legends just to easily,fuck perez.Good luck to you Mr 93 and wish you all the best in PSG,we will see you in RM again sometimes,not as a player but as manager for sure

  • Pawan Jyala
    Pawan Jyala

    Sergio back in rm 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • kingsley easton-grant
    kingsley easton-grant

    And u compare him to vvd imma just say OK then

  • Harshit Goyal
    Harshit Goyal

    Real Madrid was Sergio Ramos. Sergio Ramos was Real Madrid.

  • moe africa
    moe africa

    Thank you Sergio Ramos 😭 Captain

  • Suyog Koirala
    Suyog Koirala

    I miss him everyday more than cristiano

  • Joe IV
    Joe IV

    massive respect for you Sergio solid at the back

  • Malik Bilawal
    Malik Bilawal

    Sergio Ramos 🥵🔥

  • Khojane Manong
    Khojane Manong

    Ramos is best defender

  • tall guy
    tall guy

    3:06 *GOLDEN COMMENTARY* *Literal Goosebumps*

  • Muhammad Waqas Zafar
    Muhammad Waqas Zafar

    Can someone translate what Ramos said in Spanish in end. I shall be grateful.


    bro, I have permission to download your content🙏

  • ʀɪʜᴀᴀɴ

    This Covid is fucking with Players Legacy

  • Lobster

    I cried, great movie, great music chosen

  • The Phoenix
    The Phoenix

    Thank you ramos 💔😞😞

  • Loop star gaming
    Loop star gaming

    When my game becomes low I see his videos and then full bhoom bham

  • Harjono Tanuwira
    Harjono Tanuwira

    Mr 90+2 mins

  • Harjono Tanuwira
    Harjono Tanuwira

    How I wish I could go back to 2005

  • nawaz saquib
    nawaz saquib

    Wow I see lot of barca, Bayern, and athletico fans greeting him even after his solid performance and destroying the opposition's dreams many times......the moment oppositions start loving you..... It means you are something else that cannot be described in words..... Real Madrid flows in his DNA no doubt.. One day he will come back as a manager for sure......An inspiration to many....respect

  • Ali Elmi
    Ali Elmi


  • G A
    G A

    Sou fã do Serjão. SR4 foi o maior Capitão que eu já vi. Alma e raça (determinação) purinhas. O jogador que mais me inspira. Mais que CR7, NJ10, ou Messi. O que ele fez transcende o jogo. De um torcedor do Flamengo.

  • RM

    2:00, so that celebraiton from fifa really exist

  • Dinnel Masango
    Dinnel Masango

    Of course he does have red cards but he is still the best defender in The world

  • Abdun Nafi
    Abdun Nafi

    El Classico Is Fuckin Dead Ozil Left Xavi Left Iniesta Left Neymar left Ronaldo left Enrique left Zidane left Ramos left Messi left

  • Pradeepta Kishor Pradhan
    Pradeepta Kishor Pradhan

    The best The Goat Captain Marvel Captain courageous Captain Fantastic 92:48 😔😭 Bernabeu Will always be ur home Captiàn. Hope we don't miss ur services here All the best 😭 Madrid will wait for u

  • Saif jani Dir (L)
    Saif jani Dir (L)


  • 𝙨𝙚𝙚𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙩𝙤𝙣

    I can't watch him defending a team that has Messi! It hurts me bad!

  • slais spam
    slais spam

    Florentino berbez you're wanker I'm so sad thx Sergio Ramos

  • animowy

    The best defender in history. True ledend!

  • Binota Ghosh
    Binota Ghosh

    Thanks for everything.The soul of Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 😭🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • Gladoro 072
    Gladoro 072



    Miss u man 😭

  • Movie-Shorts-R

    Ramos = 93rd minute

  • Luwis Das
    Luwis Das

    Best defender ever. He was my favorite player.

  • marki619

    Ya nada volvera a ser como antes 😭😭😨😰🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

  • Lydia John
    Lydia John

    A legend is gone forever 😭😭😭

  • Rocco Marando
    Rocco Marando

    Im inter fan but Sergio Ramos Is my favorite player ever ❤️🙌🇮🇹

  • Kotnala Sivakesh
    Kotnala Sivakesh

    Rm really miss u 😭

  • Fawas Mp
    Fawas Mp

    Awesome bro. This vedio brings all the memories of our caption. Missing him everytime in that white Jersey 🥺😭

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez

    Cuanta falta nos haces :"( Hala madrid!



  • Shamim Islam
    Shamim Islam

    He is best defender in the world

  • Дисбалансер Диссович
    Дисбалансер Диссович

    Серхио навсегда в сердцах мадридистов. Прощай капитан 😭

  • Irmacelle Excellent
    Irmacelle Excellent

    Thnx Ramos

  • Mr jumbas
    Mr jumbas

    The best football video I ever seen

  • BCR

    Got to be The fiercest last man.... Respect Sergio

  • Tuhin

    the man who made Football as a UFC playground. Bye bye UFC fighter

  • Ramon


  • Bikash Magar Official
    Bikash Magar Official

    Sergio ramos should be in barca

  • Ferid Hesenli
    Ferid Hesenli

    he is always our captain. :(((

  • Liam John
    Liam John

    Alpha Male of Football, Gracias Capitan 😌

  • Red M
    Red M


  • Isaac Synrem
    Isaac Synrem

    Thanks for all the 22 trophies Captain courageous captain fantastic and captain marvel Sergio Ramos you're irreplaceable ❤❤❤😭😭😭😭 You will be remembered in madridista hearts ❤❤

  • Crisan Bogdan-Alexandru
    Crisan Bogdan-Alexandru

    Hasta Siempre Capitano!!!

  • Footballer18 _
    Footballer18 _

    I would call this a breakup of Real Madrid. This made me really sad🥺

  • Prajwal Katwal
    Prajwal Katwal

    A true Real Madrid fan can never forget UCL Final 2014 "92:48" Tactical,Crucial & Sensational

  • VNQ19

    Thanks , Sergio and Raphaël

  • LuciFeR


  • King Shady
    King Shady

    Anyone know the soundtrack pls lmk

  • Tim Renolds
    Tim Renolds

    great tribute

  • Tim Renolds
    Tim Renolds


  • Kyle N
    Kyle N



    Without Him,El Clasicos Will not be the same, Although I am Barca Fan,But I always loved to see him playing for RM,especially against Barca, Like a little bit Of Messi vs Ramos everytime😅😅

  • Nigel Muscat Edwards
    Nigel Muscat Edwards

    We're gonna miss you Sergio 💔😭

  • Kausal Kandel
    Kausal Kandel

  • brunoshoota

    This Video is an Masterpiece!!!


    I'm not crying😭

  • Manik Sharma Sec D Roll no.328
    Manik Sharma Sec D Roll no.328

    Thanks SR4❤️

  • Akshay K
    Akshay K

    Why Ramos why did you leave 😭you should have retired here🤧

  • Jonas

    I love this edit

  • MS Dhoni
    MS Dhoni

    Sergio Romas is dirtiest player I don't like this player at all.

  • Quỳnh Vũ
    Quỳnh Vũ

    Still can’t believe SR4 left Real Madrid 😔. He’s my childhood. I don’t know who will be the captain for RM next season. He’s true Madridistas, there’s no one at the club now can replace him. Perez, you can replaced Raul, Makelele, Zidane, Ronaldo, Casillas, or even CR7, but SR4 is different. He was the one bring our La Decima dream come true. Next season maybe RM will sign Mbappe, Haaland, Camavinga,... but you lost your soul already sir😢 Please bring him back as soon as possible.

  • Night Wanderer
    Night Wanderer

    How has this guy not won a ballon d’Or

  • Jonny1one

    Just a random player

  • Soham Ghosh
    Soham Ghosh

    I am not a real fan neither a psg fan but I want Ramos to succeed in psg. When I saw what real did to Ramos I was heartbroken. A man giving all his life, blood, sweat to make a club succeed only to get rejection is unimaginable. I always wanted to be a defender but I can't due to some personal issues. But if became a defender, Ramos would be my role model. The way he plays, being so passionate about football, his leadership, his sheer willpower and determination to win is what makes him so different from other defenders or players. I don't care how many red cards or yellow cards he got he should be a role model for every upcoming defenders. Every teams should have a leader like Ramos.

  • User Name
    User Name

    Serxio Ramos legends real madrids

  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave


  • Fabian Paredes
    Fabian Paredes

    con qué botón dejo de llorar?

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez

    Joder se me ha puesto tiesa viendo este video

  • Giuseppd D'alessio
    Giuseppd D'alessio

    N. 1🖤

  • Sumit Sengar
    Sumit Sengar

    Got goosebumps❤

  • Jishnu Goswami
    Jishnu Goswami

    Respect ❤❤❤

  • Black Apple official
    Black Apple official

    Sergio Ramos means real Madrid Real Madrid means Sergio Ramos #thanks my idol #aggressive captain Last minutes goal scorer

  • Jerzy11

    Brilliant player. Is amazing love :(

  • javielo

    No soy del Madrid pero estoy troste

  • Pradeep Singh Manola
    Pradeep Singh Manola

    He is one of the most badass footballer 🔥

  • Gio Gio
    Gio Gio