Gennaro Gattuso now favourite for the Tottenham job after talks with Paulo Fonseca break down

  • Emmanuel

    "He was there for two years and won nothing." Seems qualified for the spurs job then. It's important to keep traditions going.

  • nikhil mahesh
    nikhil mahesh

    Pls bring gattuso to tottenham...pls make it happen levy ...this is the plead of a true spurs fan 🙂🙏

  • Renato Ruocco
    Renato Ruocco

    2 Esoneri senza aver Mai giocato Una partita.Un nuovo record!grandeeeee

  • BabsW

    0:45 Savage! Hahaha

  • Dumfries Spearhead
    Dumfries Spearhead

    It's a shame that Spurs will no longer pursue Gattuso; the guy looks like a real bruiser. It would've been entertaining if nothing else.

  • KING 1 for All
    KING 1 for All

    Blame the managers when Leevi has been the problem

  • Omair Sheikh
    Omair Sheikh


  • Nazri Arios
    Nazri Arios

    This really is panic buying by Levy.Gattuso tactic is more to defensive and similar to mourinho tactic that we always depend on fast counter attack.Thats was too predictable.If gattuso really come to spurs..Its boring football play all along

  • WinterBird

    Should have given Mourinho a couple more years.

  • stel

    What the ...?clueless team

  • Sundjer Bob
    Sundjer Bob

    Bahahahahahhahaha Tottenham is no dream place for any manager at this stage !!

  • A B
    A B

    No Jordan #2 please Daniel ! Getting the popcorn ready for season 2 of being cockenham. What a disgrace

  • A B
    A B

    Yh that’s enough world for me today. Think I’ll neck a bottle of jack. See ya same time tomorrow lads

  • Mr. Samuel Aidoo
    Mr. Samuel Aidoo

    The host wanted to laugh so bad😂 Kudos to him for staying professional

  • Tharcisse

    Apparently talks have broken down with Gattuso too. Imagine having so little silverware, you can't even hire an ex-player like Ole or Arteta. At this point, Spurs should hire Berbatov just to see what happens.

  • lenworth11

    WHAT UTTER RUBBISH!! ... Sky really needs to CHECK IT'S SOURCES and be less partisan towards the clubs of it's pundits!! No way Gattuso would be considered by Spurs. Who "verified" this bit of news ?? The Athletic ... ? Good work, Sky!! Waste of 4:08 imho!!

  • Matt devereux
    Matt devereux

    What are spurs doing fonseca is a fabulous coach

  • Mazy Zazie
    Mazy Zazie

    Loads of words in this report, far too many.

  • Govana General
    Govana General

    Let them go get frank lampard

  • Anarchy Jay
    Anarchy Jay

    We deserve all the ridicule and abuse that comes with this, even the presenter could barely contain his laughter

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin

    Tottenham is a confused club. Why did Tottenham sacked Mourinho? They were listening to those journalists and fans who knew nothing about football. This club is a mess

  • ramesh kumar
    ramesh kumar

    Hahaha another disaster in the making ..rather have Ryan ..than this Gatuso


    0:46 just the qualifications THOTTENHAM NEED

  • kenkarma

    Omg if gattuso gets the job I’ll definitely watch the prime series

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson

    Just stick Levy in the manager position so he can see what a joke he is.

  • Aayush Srivastava
    Aayush Srivastava

    Gattuso and Levy will be a huge misfit

  • Alvin

    Even the reporter is trying to hold his laughter 1:12

  • Ameir Syahmie
    Ameir Syahmie


  • Alan

    Their pick getting worse and worse.

  • A Z
    A Z

    Maybe Kane can coach and play

  • A Z
    A Z

    I am available. Just room and board is all I ask.

  • RobFut 99
    RobFut 99

    Gattuso is a legend, will be good for a soft characterless squad. Those complaining either don’t understand football, or are soft themselves.

  • EDMUNDO peñaflor luna
    EDMUNDO peñaflor luna

    Gatusso eres un payaso 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 malakia

  • Trevor Standing
    Trevor Standing

    The elephant in the room are the owners. They borrow money to build a new stadium to add value to their business empire but refuse to invest in players and wages.


    Championship bound,at least they have the best ground in the Championship

  • fel b
    fel b

    Spurs being Spursy. Business as usual 😃

  • Ruwan Pradeep
    Ruwan Pradeep

    First thing came to my mind was Gattuso fighting with Spurs players and managerial crue at the San Siro 💣

  • Sam K A
    Sam K A

    Just had to edge a Harry kane comment in there 🙄😂😂😂

  • BakedBobby

    Get Erik Ten Hag

  • SamuraiShampoo

    This club is pure malaka

  • Timothy Peters
    Timothy Peters

    Gattuso >>> Potter and Fonseca

  • Stars Are Angels
    Stars Are Angels

    Dele Alli better just pack his bags if Gattuso joins that football club.

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed

    Tottenham are the gift that keeps on giving 😂

  • Roland Thompson
    Roland Thompson

    The presenter disrespecting the work Gattuso put in at Milan is giving me secondhand embarrassment.

  • christine wright
    christine wright

    Levy has shown he is not fit for purpose.


    A Fiorentina reject

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C

    A ESL club yet another brake down in talks with a coach n now This coach as next favourite, why no English coach in the frame ? Apart from conte not one of these foreign linked coaches have done anything and it’s sad not one English coach or dare I say British coach apart from BR in the frame

  • Derick Adjei
    Derick Adjei

    If You can’t work with Mourinho , can you work with Gattuso? Is a joke 🤣

  • SPORTS24


  • Juliet Rebcca
    Juliet Rebcca

    We should have kept mourinho knowing that we were going to be such a joke

  • David Murray
    David Murray

    Wait! You want money?

  • Roshan Meah
    Roshan Meah

    Seriously, I'm really not understanding this obsession with a soccer manager's appointment at an nfl club's stadium. Someone explain it to me.

  • pofcross

    Son, get out when you can!

  • David Scott
    David Scott

    Not just the players thinking “what on earth is going on!”

  • Brian Marto Canadian in the UK
    Brian Marto Canadian in the UK

    Gattuso and soft players in the Spurs room this is not going to work, you get rid of a top manager before a final , that does not look for the club, watch this space Jose' will succeed at Roma,

  • K_Teck

    FFS! This is getting worse and worse , what a farce!

  • Nicholas Benedict Goh
    Nicholas Benedict Goh

    I swear Spurs would have no problem fitting in the Serie A. The way they do things is the same as Serie A clubs... What a merry go round...

  • Jay Jay Ohaeri
    Jay Jay Ohaeri

    Watch them sign zidane😭💀

  • Atikul Islam
    Atikul Islam

    Spurs are a mess. They can't make a decision. No wonders Harry kane wants to leave.

  • Prince Etu
    Prince Etu

    Son had better leave too.

  • Keith Hulbert
    Keith Hulbert

    Tottenham going down in flames. Total debacle. Levy must go for his incompetence. 9th choice candidate. He won't make January.

  • DevonOnAir

    Lord have mercy. "He's passionate." That's a polite way to say the guy's a maniac.

    • Kind-Hearted-Thieves Joe
      Kind-Hearted-Thieves Joe

      @Dumfries Spearhead I guess so. I think most fans want a balance but that is a whole other discussion. My point is about journos and how they use words incorrectly or lazily to sum up far more complex discussions about a coach and his general behaviour.

    • Dumfries Spearhead
      Dumfries Spearhead

      @Kind-Hearted-Thieves Joe But sometimes the fans want to see "passion" and get critical of a manager who is more reserved, esp if the team isn't doing well. And for journalists "passionate" is just dog whistling.

    • Kind-Hearted-Thieves Joe
      Kind-Hearted-Thieves Joe

      I totally agree. I hate the way journalists use the word passion to describe what is essentially someone just being an aggressive arse hole

  • Lasse Wienke Andersen
    Lasse Wienke Andersen

    So now we don't have to fear them in top 4 🤣

  • priyanshu kunwar
    priyanshu kunwar

    I can't believe it's still not done yet😂

  • Ian White
    Ian White

    I’m a spurs fan and I have to say this is embarrassing How many mistakes has levy made in the last year or two? His time is up at spurs

  • James McCarthy
    James McCarthy

    Does Daniel Levy not realise how much of a joke he's turned Tottenham into? He had a good thing with Poch, Kane, Son & Eriksen doing all the work for him, then he ran into the ground!! I'm glad this crook is being exposed for the incompetent he is.

  • afghan Niaz
    afghan Niaz

    0:48 sums up spurs 😂😂

  • Tom Crookes
    Tom Crookes

    All I can do is laugh I'd much prefer potter but why would he leave Brighton

  • Boby Padok
    Boby Padok

    Only Trump could make Spurs Hot again.

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    aaron cupp

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    • Kieran Thomas
      Kieran Thomas

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    • Jamie McKell
      Jamie McKell

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    • Callum Snaylam
      Callum Snaylam

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    • Jamie McKell
      Jamie McKell

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  • Henry Kwidini
    Henry Kwidini

    What a mess, Brendan Rodgers, Conte, Fonsesca, Erik Ten Hag, Poch how could they not agree with one here? Nuno Espirito, Big Sam or Graham Potter could work out. Spurs fans probably expect a big name but sometimes it's not all about the high profile managers

  • rey mast
    rey mast

    Worst than Southampton

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    Next Tottenham manager Michael Corleone..........then it’s capello.....>.

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher

    Everyday malakia

  • PabloSwim


  • Rufus Roughcut
    Rufus Roughcut

    Pathetic as usual.

  • somebodyelseuk

    Gattuso??? 🤣🤣🤣 Now, that's just sad. Are they that desperate to have an Italian? How about Gino Di Campo? Sophia Loren? Gloria De Piero? Super Mario? The bloke from Allo Allo... 🤣🤣🤣

  • ingmarsen

    This all stems from that Ar***ole Levy !! Just 2 yrs ago UCL finalists , sack Poch , then sack Mourinho 6 days before final . What is it , 6th , 7th choice now Gattuso . It'll probably end up Ryan Mason just because of money and penny pinching . I'm sorry what an absolute Ar***ole !!

  • Debojyoti Ghosh
    Debojyoti Ghosh

    Good choose....

  • Ben Buckley
    Ben Buckley

    When you sack a manager for getting you to a cup final only goes to show the lack of ambition from the small club scared of success . If you're going sack a winning manager one would expect at least a long term plan to replace him moving forward . Guess not be a rushed appointment panic buys and spurs crys as they wont be the champions league race next year , even weet ham are more stable & that is saying somthing

  • I have never showered since
    I have never showered since

    What a loser club whom call themselves the big 6 in epl shamelessly. The way you sacked your previous 2 managers, I’ll never give this club any bit of support. Utter shame on this club

  • Christopher

    Levy Out!

  • Jed Eye
    Jed Eye

    Ow my days......Is Levi on crack!!!

  • Kieron Spiteri
    Kieron Spiteri

    Great let's get a manager that assaulted our coach 10 years ago and also said that woman have no place in football

  • Ray Deeble
    Ray Deeble

    Who ⚒

  • Jordan Beckford
    Jordan Beckford

    Why do I support this club I really don't know why this club can never win with Levy impossible

  • Casluck Shazy
    Casluck Shazy

    Spurs are in shambles and if am being honest they have been digging their own pit coz neither is any of these candidates suitable for them

  • Johnny's Giants
    Johnny's Giants

    'Gattuso was at Milan for 2 years and won nothing'. Sounds like a great fit to me.

  • Melisa Gialy
    Melisa Gialy

    I'm actually starting to feel second hand embarrassment now what a joke 😅 and I'm not even a spurs fan

  • Abdullah Hassan
    Abdullah Hassan

    Gatusso after he gets sacked, "Too much malakia"

  • Atiba Providence
    Atiba Providence

    He was there four 2 years and won.................Nothing!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • akansh gaba
    akansh gaba

    What a joke of club

  • Fabian Petersen
    Fabian Petersen

    Even the presenters are laughing at us, we had Jose mourinho.... At this point just keep Ryan as interim for another year till covid pass.... Or hire Harry rednap on 1 year contract

    • Dumfries Spearhead
      Dumfries Spearhead

      Oh wow Redknapp😄😄😄😄😄

  • Sabbir Mohammed
    Sabbir Mohammed

    Absolutely clueless! A new low even for Levy!


    Spurs can’t appoint a manger or no manager wants spurs um sorry

  • Collen Rungano
    Collen Rungano

    The moment these clowns fired Jose Mourinho days before the final, it was clear this is a circus. And the fact the fans agreed with that shows that there is really no hope for this club. Jose Mourinho is bigger than this club, he was actually their only chance to glory. Poch will not win them anything. And the fact that they were even considering Conte shows how confused both the fans and the club are. Complete shambles. This kind of behaviour can not be tolerated at any other club

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Joe Jordan assistant manager Please

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson

    Gattuso will tear Levy apart. No chance

  • The Demon
    The Demon

    Always thought gattuso would be rangers manager maybe after stevie G

  • Alessandro Ramalli
    Alessandro Ramalli

    Gattuso and Mendes will want to bring overvalued players to Spurs. Watch out! And don't forget this man headbutting Joe Jordan!! There will be no loyalty from Gattuso.

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