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Functional Requirements for the Launch Vechile Digital Computer

Launch Vehicle Digital Computer

Dr. von Braun (seated) examining a Saturn computer in the Astrionics Laboratory at the Marshall Space Flight Center

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

IBM's page on the Saturn Guidance Computer

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  • Smarter Every Day 2
    Smarter Every Day 2

    I would like to point out several things: 1. Luke Talley is awesome. 2. Every single frame of this video requires more memory storage than this memory module is capable of handling. Think about that. 3. This is not the Apollo computer. This is the Saturn V computer. They're different. This steered the rocket. 4. People that support Smarter Every Day on Patreon are make all this happen. If you're watching this second channel video I realize that you're more likely to consider becoming a patron... therefore I will now provide a link in hopes that you consider it. ( )

    • digital subliminal messages
      digital subliminal messages

      S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S Why they pick the people they pick / including "Darrell"/

    • Vahe Hatch
      Vahe Hatch

      so which one is more accurate, digital or analogue. You seem to have cut the dialogue around 28.56

    • Adam Alder
      Adam Alder


    • Adoid Pea
      Adoid Pea

      What the?????

    • Jordan Matthews
      Jordan Matthews

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  • Chris Rohde
    Chris Rohde

    The second channel is way better than the first, I am so thankful that you have provided this to us. Luke Tally is the Destin of his day, so charismatic and excited and so much love for life and for the pursuit for knowledge. I regret for not diving into the 2nd channel sooner. I hope Luke knows how much of a badass he is and gets to appreciate all the thanks and gratitudefor his work and from your videos Destin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Brett Pechiney
    Brett Pechiney

    Dude, I don't remember software libraries I designed and wrote a year ago. This man is beyond me...

  • Teddrick Rhodes
    Teddrick Rhodes

    HOW Linus is playing as cool as he is @4:18 is frEAkin me out, because I would have completely lost my collections right there!!! - In fact, I did (here at home)! lbss

  • George Van Tuyl
    George Van Tuyl

    Wire core memory. A bit is a nibble of a byte of a word. I worked for IBM AS A series 1 Xpert for those of you who also worked on Series 1. You will recognize 3BF0 or 0011 1011 1111 0000. The series 1 has a Micro Chanel bus. I started out in the Army on TSec KY-13. Real binary machines in 1968. IBM offered me a Job while I was on Viet Nam. I gladly took the offer.

  • Anthony

    luke tallley had me dying lmao

  • Niroj Poudel
    Niroj Poudel

    I just witnessed one of a man who made our modern world :)

  • MH DuBois
    MH DuBois

    Rope memory is another sort of something else too. I know THAT..... it's genius.

  • Matthew Secord
    Matthew Secord


  • Anne Foley
    Anne Foley

    "Who has a steady enough hand?" Grins in fiber arts.

  • It's a Slot Machine
    It's a Slot Machine

    So neat!

  • Yuu Daemones
    Yuu Daemones

    I mean, the level of precision needed given such physical constraints is wild and my guy Luke is just like "well yeah, that's what it was and that's how we figured we'd do it". Humans can do amazing things when they really resolve to do them.

  • J PR
    J PR

    This guy and all of his colleagues, along with and the guiding principles that they operated under, seemingly make today’s supposedly genius thinkers look like light weights, sitting on the shoulders of these intellectual magicians

  • Redoneteron593

    I got to visit a museum from the comfort of my computer and not only learned more about "ye old circuit boards" from rocket that went to the moon, but also met someone interesting and enjoyable to listen/talk to.

  • Mike Engel
    Mike Engel

    Love this video... GOD this was so cool... I watched every launch of the Saturn 5 rockets in the 60's and I am amazed at what cutting edge technology was being created!!!

  • James X
    James X

    I'm lost for words, hopefully "WOW" will say it all. And for Luke......the force is definitely with you!

  • Evan B.
    Evan B.

    Video inspired me to finish my mech degree. Thanks Destin

  • Charles Sanders
    Charles Sanders

    I love that linus laughed at 1/32 " at the same time I did.

  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H.

    To anyone that thinks down south is just full of those " good ol' boy, stupid hillbillies ", I present Luke Talley.

  • herrbrahms

    33:38 The sublimator is a very simple, robust cooling system. It functions much like a swamp cooler that one uses in desert environments. The latent heat of vaporization can suck up a major amount of waste heat. The reason why most cooling systems use phase change refrigeration is because it allows the working fluid to be sealed. A swamp cooler or sublimator consumes its coolant and has to be refilled beyond a certain time. Not so with an air conditioner unless it's broken. There the only input is power. Also, if you're relying upon evaporating water, that only works in a dry environment. A desert is dry. Space is dry. A saturated solution of water vapor in air is not. Finally, the condenser of a refrigeration system requires convection to the nonconditioned space in order to adequately cool the refrigerant after compression. There's no convection in a vacuum. Theoretically, you could use radiative cooling in the condenser, but sitting around waiting for infrared photons to escape from the radiator coils is inefficient to say the least. There's no mass budget to fly what amounts to a giant radiator with a spacecraft attached to it.

  • herrbrahms

    They should have put those MgLi-alloy cards within the pressurized cabin of the spacecraft. That way, as they corroded at least they could have scrubbed the atmosphere of CO2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • KiGrind

    Pretty sure I've met him at the museum before. He is a great person to talk to.

  • RC Banjanin
    RC Banjanin

    So I finally made it to Kennedy Space Center today, spent 300 bucks for the 5 of us, watched this video with my nephew last night and was looking forward to actually seeing this control unit in person as KSC would most certainly have one at the Apollo/Saturn V center. NOT!!!! I was so disappointed! I learned more from this video than from anything I saw today. KSC is cool - but they do not really have docents or anyone for that matter who could answer technical questions about the Saturn rocket - or the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Next time I am in North Alabama I will go to the rocket museum and actually find out something I didn’t know. BTW- some guy in the gift shop mentioned that they used to have one (after I explained what it looked like) but they took it out for the 50th anniversary and did not know what happened to it…. It is the most important piece of the whole thing!

  • Anthony Efx
    Anthony Efx

    Luke says the operating band was 2200 2282 MHZ . I did a quick search on fcc and it looks like they still use that today. Check it out! 2200-2290 SPACE OPERATION (space-to-Earth) (space-to-space) EARTH EXPLORATION-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) (space-to-space)

  • Josh M
    Josh M

    Seems like the kind of guy who could build anything out of anything, and do everything.

  • Kyle Manderfield
    Kyle Manderfield

    My only complaint about the video was that there was too much overlap with the main channel video. Found myself skipping the stuff I had just watched and then having to back track the start of the new stuff.

  • M00SE414

    Do another video without Linus. Seems like a passionate person but he needs to learn to sit back and listen instead of trying to show how smart he is.

  • Got memes?
    Got memes?

    he said that the memory is pre-programmed by hand with the magnetic rings but once it's read it changes its state, can't this be used to program the rings after it's made?

  • Got memes?
    Got memes?

    the guy clearly said don't touch it by hand and 30 seconds later he tries to touch it anyway, i hate it when people are that careless and disrespectful.

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill

    This made me feel like I'm somewhere on the intellectual level of a mouth breathing, drool slurping baboon. I had to go back and try to understand what he said several times and I'm still not sure I was able to comprehend what was said. Needless to say I'm not a rocket scientist. Hats off to the folks that were smart enough to make this happen!

  • Garry chamberlain
    Garry chamberlain

    What a lovely smart dude ..Great vid ..

  • Riff

    That was wicked cool.

  • Philippe Panayotov
    Philippe Panayotov

    Luke Talley is a living Legend. Thank you guys for this amazing video. This one is a gem

  • Brian Hayes
    Brian Hayes

    That was an awesome video. Thanks!

  • surya nova
    surya nova

    i was so immersed in the video that i didnt even notice that was a 45 min video

  • Marvin Gil
    Marvin Gil

    she: he must be cheatin on me, always hangin out with " thaaa boys" bf: Tha booys!

  • Gary Bailey
    Gary Bailey

    I grew up with a German rocket scientist living across the street from me. These guys are so intelligent!

  • Austin Gossett
    Austin Gossett

    Oh yeah “the moon landing is fake” though

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela

    i visited that Boca Chica & i love spacex too, i've ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck for the long range & plan to buy the Y or S dual motor as well.& I have a lot of solar to charge them both..

  • Clean harpy
    Clean harpy

    "Oh My God, the Americans are back!" LOL

  • Alex Trundley
    Alex Trundley

    The sheer lengths they went to! Incredible!

  • Ligh7 Foo7
    Ligh7 Foo7

    Lol no wonder I was confused, I was running while watching a Linus video and bumped the controls and changed to Destin on a submarine. Then back to Linus, then back to Destin except now both of them were talking about the Saturn V. 😅😊

  • Claudio Nervi
    Claudio Nervi

    I love when you make people laugh just because they find on you someone that understands whatever they're talking a not just saying "yes? ok, nice"

  • Peter Schings
    Peter Schings

    Thank you so much!

  • Allen Tompkins
    Allen Tompkins

    the first video with linus i didnt fast forward

  • Smitty Werbenmanjensen
    Smitty Werbenmanjensen

    31:14 Linus found installation 1

  • tehlastninja

    No matter how many times I watch videos on the Apollo computers I still find it awe inspiring and fascinating. It is still such an incredible technical achievement.

  • Mike Ballard
    Mike Ballard

    I was 13 years old with Apollo 11(we landed and walked on the moon). I ate this up at this age. Mr. Luke Talley is so smart and remembers so much! It’s unbelievable how small(memory) these computers where back then. Great video. I wish my dad was still alive. He was an EE. He would have enjoyed your video too!

  • Jan Jakubský
    Jan Jakubský

    Using vacuum of space to sublimate frozen coolant to take away heat, well done. Something Cody might try to do :-) I love all that technology that was needed for flying rocket.

  • Michael Rice
    Michael Rice

    I love seeing this side of Linus! Thanks for including him, Destin.

  • J S
    J S

    What amazes me is how sharp he is. Every question had a direct thoughtful answer. I hope I still got it when I’m his age.

  • Ewan Hillsdon
    Ewan Hillsdon

    I think i've watched this 3 times already and every time I find it as engaging as the first.

  • David Pitzer
    David Pitzer

    Luke is hands down a genius, his recall is unbelievable.

  • Bharath J
    Bharath J

    The persistence of the human race to be able to do this is just absolutely crazy! Next time some one asks why is thermodynamics or calculus is relevant. Show them this! Well if they could understand something like this they wouldn't question its relevance in the first place but I do think teachers should derive examples from these genius innovations to explain physics and math to young minds! I make music for a living but physics always fascinated me! If there were teachers who taught us these things citing these examples. The education system would be on a different level! I loved it so much that I got a Lil emotional seeing how difficult putting all these things together was and how we now take it for granted! Thank you sir for this privilege to witness how mankind can do anything! :D

  • dyanArt

    ''if you've seen his channel, you know he's tried to lliquid cool everything'' hahaha so true. great video!

  • Jayson Pida
    Jayson Pida

    Just wow

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  • Laurent Laborde
    Laurent Laborde

    I wish the video was 5h long :D

  • D.E Timal
    D.E Timal

    Respect, he is a genius, what a great interview and video

  • Classic Riki
    Classic Riki

    I really wish Luke was given that hardware. Feel like it’s only right

  • Classic Riki
    Classic Riki

    That guy’s awesome. “Ohhh those +C’s” 😂 lad

  • American Virtual
    American Virtual

    Everyone talks about the AGC but fewer have videos showing the LVDC. Thanks.

  • Roy

    When Mr Talley saw the logic card his demeanour changed dramatically he was all smiles to that point, he was probably thinking a) how did that get in the public domain and b) it should be in our museum, being ever the professional he warmed slightly there after...

  • julian elmur
    julian elmur

    Linus seems very disingenuous and out of his element. I wish I could have watched destin geek out with luke instead.

  • jaxon258

    I REALLY wanna see a video of this guy and Tory from ULA have a conversation on rockets

  • Montana Mike
    Montana Mike

    Its nice destin brought someone not very smart with him this day.

  • daxter hunter
    daxter hunter

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  • F3clanfn

    They flew a rocket with a QR code

  • Nancy Rodriguez
    Nancy Rodriguez

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  • YamiSpyro2011

    A modern computer guy meeting a computer engineer that helped launched man into space is awesome

  • j0etb

    Long video and I don’t understand half of what he says, but I must have watched the whole thing dozens of times now! He’s so interesting to listen to and I love the interaction between them. Luke: That’s a piso electric transducer Linus: Oh he knows modern technology too...

  • ImARaptor

    Wait, so what exactly crashed into the moon?

  • Owen Grossman
    Owen Grossman

    It sounds to me like Linus has never done any assembly language programming.

  • C&C Engineer
    C&C Engineer

    Go figure, you build a rocket in Alabama, It's gonna have a swamp cooler in it.

  • kyoko703

    Maybe Transformers The Dark Side of the Moon might be real.....?

  • C. Neale
    C. Neale

    I can imagine Luke being one those quick witted teachers. If you ever thought of quitting because it seemed too hard, he would just be like, "it's not rocket science, son." With that cheeky smile. Watching this video has made my night. Thanks for sharing, Destin 👍

  • Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris

    I like this channel maybe more than your main channel … love the in depth discussions and greater detail. Interesting that this channel has fewer subscribers.

  • tedesco455

    Geezus Christ, if you think you are smart watch this. Not only does he have the knowledge he does a fantastic job of explaining things.

  • Kim Phuong Nhat Long
    Kim Phuong Nhat Long

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  • PDBenkert

    Those memory modules were woven by Women. They were only allowed to work on days they were not having their monthly cycle since the acidity of they sweat would corrode the wires. I had the pleasure to both work with those memory modules (4k 25 bit hand woven memory module) and to work with one of the gals who wove the memory modules in the 60's. This is before the first CPU (4004) came out. I worked on a classified (at the time) computer called CENPAC that came with 1 of those modules but had space for 4 of them for a whopping 16K x 25 bit memory. When we installed, all 4 of them, the Cenpac computer really flew. God, those where to days.

  • Erwin Simpauco
    Erwin Simpauco

    That's a work of art.

  • JC

    Linus looks way different in this vid. As if this was from like 5 years ago.

  • Nancy Rodriguez
    Nancy Rodriguez

    The aloof silver perinatally escape because record alarmingly tick inside a dusty manicure. responsible, wandering limit

  • David Du
    David Du

    That was so impressive.

  • Robert Quentin
    Robert Quentin

    I could see him thinking back to his golden age and there were stars in his eyes as he answered questions.

  • Christopher Reed
    Christopher Reed

    I want that guy to teach me how to use my Mac .had the dam thing for a year. that guy invented computers most useful human I have ever seen love that guy .Armstrong wouldn't be anything without that guy just sitn on the ground no steps for man no leaps for mankind thank you for sharing im just at 42 learning computers the look on the younger guys face priceless 👍😀

  • mtnman1984

    I've watched this so many times. It's "turbo encabulator" level engineering that is real.

  • Paul Hart
    Paul Hart

    I love that guy!!!

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem

    Wow. Luke Tally is Brainy and Funny. I always like this kind of teacher. :)

  • jacky zhang
    jacky zhang

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  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨

  • E A
    E A

    Linus really likes to touch things.

  • Linsey Linsey
    Linsey Linsey

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  • blueovaltrucker

    Just going down life's path with the occasional thoughts about myself being of average intelligence and feeling almost ok with it all....then I stumble upon a video of this guy and realize I'm a fence post with hair.

  • aarav p
    aarav p

    "i dont know im making this up" OH MY GOODDD DUDEEE!! LOOLLL

  • CreationsByElder

    Someone needs to sit down with Luke for a month and record and transcribe everything he tells them. When people such as this are gone, the world will be missing out on something very special. I could listen to him for hours and days on end.

  • Al Derway
    Al Derway

    My Dad was a senior designer with IBM and worked on the power supply for that computer. He received a plaque for his work.

  • Waid Rainey
    Waid Rainey

    "This was actually an amazing system, really" I love the amount of pride Talley still shows for this project

  • Angel Cook
    Angel Cook

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