2HYPE Was Talking Sh** Then Got EXPOSED BAD! 5v5 Basketball!
Linked up with 2HYPE for some 5v5 basketball. I hold grudges 😈

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  • Slrx 4k
    Slrx 4k


  • Vurua

    Bro all you guys complaining about the trash talk gotta remember THEY ARE STREET BALL PLAYERS man sheeesh. Go play hoop on any court on the street everyone trash talks. You can’t handle it don’t watch.

  • \/ALE

    Bro Nik briz has 0 respect its not even trash talk anymore hes just so forced to act tough. So sad. And Carlos is 10x worse

  • Dylan Hicks
    Dylan Hicks

    He said u know who the fuck i am bitchhh no i only know u from cash 😂😂

  • Kenneth

    Watched this before playing and it put me on demon time thanks nick and the gang !

  • Dylan Hicks
    Dylan Hicks

    No one takes timesout in pick up games nigga u foulin every play and yelling at carlos

  • jester tang
    jester tang

    bro stfu bro ur team got lucky Kris is injured and Zack is not there

  • Perc

    2Hype hating on this video with 10k dislikes😭😭

  • Michael Vivar
    Michael Vivar

    Nick really is the corniest “hooper” content is trash, Chauncey the only good one


    Nick is so corny

  • Tabari Wright
    Tabari Wright

    I couldn’t ball with nick to annoying

  • Young JMC
    Young JMC

    nick's homies vs Ballislife

    • Young JMC
      Young JMC


  • Carlos Barlocco
    Carlos Barlocco

    Non of you guys are going to the nba anyways. Shut up and just ball you ego Andy’s

  • Everett Vetterl
    Everett Vetterl

    Yo nick has absolutely no bag. It’s a take advantage of less athletic defender on the drive or a pull up 3. Most of his drives he ends up turning his ass back around too. He’s like giannis, athletic as hell but that’s about it. Actually no I feel that’s disrespectful to giannis.

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams

    bro with the beard is trash😭

  • Stephen Wheeler
    Stephen Wheeler

    when nick jumped on the floor bruh 🤣

  • leron piper
    leron piper

    At some point u have to realize nick is only famous bc of bucket squad n shi also all his vids r basketball meanwhile 2hype is getting a bag off every video they do

  • Mizzy

    See how 2hype was starting shit 😂 They let their success talk.

  • Uzoma Ojinnaka Jr.
    Uzoma Ojinnaka Jr.

    the trash talk was so cringe

  • Jb BiG Bank Bully’s
    Jb BiG Bank Bully’s

    The first game Carlos outscored there team 😭😂😂😂

  • Chad B
    Chad B

    This video was pure proof and validation why Nick B was kicked off Ball Is Life...He doesn't fit their mold... He created a team you hate but watch... they a bunch of bullies and it's super sad... I liked Nick B before but not much anymore... def not getting a sub... and again... drop Carlos he may have been on this game... but he's consistently suck...

  • Donatas Budginas
    Donatas Budginas

    Ahahahhahha Nick can not play pick and rollllllll omg ....selfish player nick does not help on defense...even its team sport he always concerns about "how many point you got"...that is sad.


    Cash got SS1 mid game ? 😂😂

  • S Monster
    S Monster

    Their mouthpieces are wild as hell. One of these days they gonna roll up on the wrong ones. Don’t know who these dudes they been playing against and letting them talk that reckless to them but... 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🥴🤕

  • God damm Usaine
    God damm Usaine

    Bruh the title says 2hype trash talk and gets exposed when the other team be talking the most

  • Papa Mooseknucks
    Papa Mooseknucks

    Chauncey is the only one that is legitimately good on their team

  • Kenneth Melhado
    Kenneth Melhado

    these 2 whtie ppl tryin to be black hard af 😂😂 stop mans in the big beard had 2 points y u talkin 😂😂😂😂 now that center and chauncy go it nd carlos he outpalyed cash by bein a spot up

  • Baby Mekkah
    Baby Mekkah

    Nick u would get SMACKED in the hood.

  • Jamestt Tre
    Jamestt Tre

    This is horrible 😂😂😂😂

  • MaddoxDavies

    Who are these guys talking shit to 2k?? Lmao they make a fraction of what 2hype makes lmao. They nobody’s compared to them i ain’t even ever heard of any of these guys

  • TheEditorify

    you cannot play ball but you can yell "check up, check up" when guy touches you polished nails mamas boy

  • Chhan Ky
    Chhan Ky

    I bet nick briz and his crew wont go to ruckers park

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin

    The 2v2 proves you can’t do anything without everyone else

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin

    Nick you are a lil kid. Kenny has more muscle than you so shut up. You are not good

  • Dylan Griffin
    Dylan Griffin

    Lame af

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin

    I could find 4 other people and beat savage easy

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin

    2hype isn’t healthy at all. Kris is hurt. Zack isn’t there. Only thing that nick does is talk shit and can’t back it up

  • brandi Curl
    brandi Curl

    Bro 2hype was lowkey not talking shit where zack at bro

  • George McNaughton
    George McNaughton

    Is it just me who loses respect for someone's game the more spit that comes out of their mouths? Best ballers I've known and played with personally that are in higher leagues than you guys will ever be, I've never heard a single word from them going towards who they're playing against. I respect it tho, cus beef gets clicks.

  • bertmj23

    Hahahaha look at all the thumbs down!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • George McNaughton
    George McNaughton

    Man, why does everyone on nick's team shit-talk like they're more ghetto than the hood ballers sometimes? Jesus, just play the game and let the ball talk. How big is your ego that winning isn't enough to feed it?

  • Justin Garner
    Justin Garner

    Your whole team a bunch of bums

  • Justin Garner
    Justin Garner

    All your subscribers are marks

  • Tony Howes
    Tony Howes

    Alpha energy everywhere

  • Flamango Hehe
    Flamango Hehe

    You guys are so toxic

  • Andrew Geli
    Andrew Geli

    That nick demanding too much is he the best player here. Na ahhh look! is he dribbling jumping the same time all day.

  • Halimo Aziz
    Halimo Aziz

    Y’all were carrying all game 2:40 and 21:19

  • clxudzy

    im all about nick but cash would slump half of nicks team LOL

  • Matthew Hale
    Matthew Hale

    It looks like nick is the trash talker

  • Carson Cobb
    Carson Cobb

    This white dude wanna be black so bad😂

  • Jesse Nelson
    Jesse Nelson

    y’all should play ball is life east Coast squad

  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens

    Nick's 5 would.get killed by Austin's 5. Shit I can wait toll.friga puts a spanking on nick . Honestly I hate how this 5 is so negative. Why swear every other word. Play and shut your damn mouths.

  • Diego Abraham
    Diego Abraham

    Heyy if you can play basketball better than anyone play nba dont talk shit on youtube

  • Alexander Ollison
    Alexander Ollison

    Nick plz humble yourself i understand its trash talk but to go after jeff like that wasnt cool

  • Alexander Ollison
    Alexander Ollison

    Nick kick the ball

  • pUSSAY

    swear i would have been fightin yall takin basketball too far😂

  • Hoop Central
    Hoop Central

    2 hype just hopped Nic just talked trash and sucked 😂

  • Travis Wheeler
    Travis Wheeler

    This video should be called “everything that sucks about full court pick up games”

  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos

    These are opposite of friga videos... This one was super negative from the jump, shit was wack af. Mad Ego

  • obi was here
    obi was here

    Kris(red team) playing soft Edit: whole red team play soft

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed

    This shit was more entertaining than the NBA finals

  • Tonifred Agarpao
    Tonifred Agarpao

    Bro can you show your all shoes pls

  • Izzy Izzy
    Izzy Izzy

    Nick acting lik this the finals 🤣🤣while bros juh tryna hoop🤣


    Friga came to NYC


    When they become gangsta im just saying act like that next time yall go to the hood i wanna see that come to NYC

  • Brody Lavis
    Brody Lavis

    2hype wasn’t even talking

    • G

      Because they were losing lmao……. If they were winning cash kenny lsk all of them but jesser and james would trash talk 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ivan Nemet
    Ivan Nemet

    This was everything but basketball man

  • Im The DJ24
    Im The DJ24

    Lmao they talkin like they good or something let me a 15 year old kid play them they gone feel me I’m foulin every time and I’m never giving it to y’all

  • UBCA Offical
    UBCA Offical

    Good for you, you beat a team of content creators while you were fouling THE WHOLE time

  • Splash Gordon
    Splash Gordon

    Does Carlos have his own UZmilk channel. I’ve noticed afew of the savage squad members have and I’ve subbed to them but haven’t seen one from Carlos. He needs to get his own channel he would kill it. He could do 1v1s etc. Kind of like another Flight because he’s f’ing funny and a 1v1 against Flight would get millions of views

  • Kinqqq Junior
    Kinqqq Junior

    Love that nick stands for Carlos no matter the problem that’s brotherhood right there


    Literally every one of this mans videos is about him getting into it with a black guy. What's up with that bruh. Look at this dude thumbnails

  • Kinqqq Junior
    Kinqqq Junior

    Nick need to just put me on his team instead of Carlos

  • YURAmazing

    I think, carlito is gonna get shot one sunny day running his mouth like that.

  • ReggieThePlague

    W lit asf the rematch will be even better

  • jharrison2k11

    Wet like water 😂😂😂

  • Champ Squad
    Champ Squad

    Nick went to far

  • jack frost
    jack frost

    Pure entertainment

  • Keke

    These comments are full of 2hype fan boys 🤣🤣😂 they funny when they crying. "This was corny 😭" Like shut uuuup 😆

  • j j
    j j

    2hype could of win but they let them get inside of they head to much n we know nick talk like this every time he play basketball

  • Evan Joe’s Prospective
    Evan Joe’s Prospective

    Nick made hisself look like a 🤡 this video.

  • Gian Juinio
    Gian Juinio

    Nick why are you talking shit against middle schoolers who never played ball in their life. That asian dude isn’t a baller. Go play against real asian hoopers somewhere. 😂

  • Allan Gonzalez
    Allan Gonzalez

    2Hype literally exposed as no basketball players, only videos on there home court and pool basketball but that’s all. LSK is the only baller on that team and he wasn’t even tried I think he said he was hurt so I don’t know

  • Laquan


  • Stop it Get some help
    Stop it Get some help

    The beard guy looks like he makes the best chopped cheese.

  • Trey Schwarzkopf
    Trey Schwarzkopf

    They was fouling everywhere, and not calling anything

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    the way nick literally screams at carlos and sweetly and politely talks to chansey is so fucking funny

  • freeharris8

    They don’t talk that crazy in them parks 😂😂

  • 410 Slick
    410 Slick

    On everything I love niggas will never talk to me crazy like this , it’s trash talk , but they being straight up disrespectful 😂😭 y’all might can hoop better but we would’ve had to see how them hands work on god 👊🏾

  • Quinell Smith
    Quinell Smith

    They needed zac and mal then 2hype would of won

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      Carlos is trash 😂 why you guys even let that guy play

  • Brayden Perotti
    Brayden Perotti

    These guys in sAvaGe SqUAd are so cool 🤓

  • Ob so Groovy
    Ob so Groovy

    I ain’t gonna lie when y’all hoop at all these other courts Nick u don’t talk tough to nobody 😂 I was the Asian dude I would of been beat ya ass

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