Disastrous floods in western Germany - The Eifel disaster | DW Documentary
It's the morning after the deadly flood in the small village of Schuld on the river Ahr. The extent of the natural disaster is gradually becoming clear.

Schuld has a 1000-year history and has survived several wars. But now, it has been stricken by destructive weather. On the night into July 15, following heavy downpours, the river swelled and nearly swept the village away, wreaking havoc on everything that stood in its path. Normally, the Ahr is barely a meter deep as it passes through Schuld. It swelled to a monstrous depth of almost eight meters. Residents barely had time to react.


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  • pheno hunter
    pheno hunter

    Update please

  • Zulithern

    This is actually happen in most of Asian countries like Thailand

  • nycdweller

    Welcome to the USA every year

  • Kumar

    This is a tragic disaster but uplifting to see German people working hard to clean/restore. We all go through tough times and it’s easy to give up but fighting back is a great human spirit we all should learn. Best wishes from India.

  • Kraljicka Kruljac
    Kraljicka Kruljac

    Es trift immer unschuldige leute, dabei sind die Politiker Bese menschen die das von Got verdienen!

  • Juan Paracchini
    Juan Paracchini

    The church's are actually the true causes that contribute to climate change. So much fossils fuel and energy is put into religion. Demolition crews ought to shut them down in order to save the earth.

  • Juan Paracchini
    Juan Paracchini

    The army should use the tanks to shoot down the damaged buildings.

  • Juan Paracchini
    Juan Paracchini

    The floods will punish many people. They are also signs of the coming of the LGBTQ transformation.

  • Frida Pavlaski
    Frida Pavlaski

    are the goose bumps damagd nerves with heavy tattoos

  • Petra44YT Nein!
    Petra44YT Nein!

    Oh, by the way, in case anyone was wondering: Malu Dreyer and Olaf Scholz are not sweethearts. She has multiple sclerosis, so she either uses a walking aid or she holds on to someone. ... There is coverage of her that shows her holding on to the chancellor, too.

  • Queen Mason
    Queen Mason

    This what happened if you know Jesus Christ and refused to received him into your life and not seeking for the holy ghost and live and obeyed the Lord Jesus Christ word he said heaven and earth shall passed away but Jesus Christ words will never passed away Buddha Muhammad witchcraft will not save you only but the Lord Jesus Christ I recommend you Jesus Christ today and leave and turn away and your back on those different goddess u created to served Repent for the kingdom is at hand my name is Queen princess Mason

  • EMIR E
    EMIR E

    *And they said climate change Aren't Real*

  • Huey H
    Huey H

    Hey the Germans are so much smarter than the Americans why don't you Germans turn around and start printing money print 25 trillion dollars and make that bridge two times bigger make it look old make it two times bigger and all the bridge and here's what here's the catch what you guys need to do is dredge dredge your Rivers you dredge them in the sand was slipped back to the middle and then it go down and we're supposed to go if you have all the sand keep filling in filling in filling in the water gets deeper there's nowhere to go so make trillions of money like the Americans did and what the hell have have North Africa pay for it God bless you guys

  • Dennis J. Isreal
    Dennis J. Isreal

    *2 Chronicles **7:13**-16 If I Shut Up Heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My People; If My People, which are Called by My Name, Shall Humble Themselves, and Pray, and Seek My Face, and Turn from Their wicked ways; Then Will I Hear From Heaven, and Will Forgive their sin, and Will Heal Their Lands. Now Mine Eyes Shall Be Open, and Mine Ears attend unto the Prayer that is made in This Place. For now, Have I Chosen and Sanctified This House, that My Name May Be Here Forever: and Mine Eyes and Mine Heart Shall Be Here Perpetually.*

  • odin thor
    odin thor

    finalmente la fine del mondo.

    • DW Documentary
      DW Documentary

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  • Spenser Jiang
    Spenser Jiang

    Seeing this beautiful little town devastated by flood is really heartbreaking! But this WILL NOT destroy the intelligent, capable, and well-organized German people! Sending hugs from China

  • Araceli Lozano
    Araceli Lozano

    The floods are considered a catastrophics really. The way, how people think, about this moment is the worst.. Because is rhe way, how they look the situation. In at moment, can be destroyed, almost a territory fully. . People considere that this is terrible, and the people believe, that when, this happen, there is nothing to do. It's amazing see, how the houses are destroyed. Everything has gone. The hightest of the rivers, can be increased very fast. Affecting the enviroment. This is considerated some devastator. All the things, are out control. As a consequences, there has had people that died. There will take any time to recover it. The ministers in other countries, destine millions of dolars, to repair the zones, which has been damaged. It can take decade, to be able to return as was before. its impossible, because the infrastructure was damaged, and will take a lot time, and muchs millions to regain everything, which has lost. This happens In minutes, the water is out of control. Its really awfull everything. And althought, there is a dangereous, the people don't always agree to leave the place, where live. But the autorities, evacue the people, which is in risk every moment. putting them to save. The rescue team, work hardly,, to be able to rescue them. . In residencial zones, the floods are less hights. Just requiere, a few minutes to be destroy the zone by a flood it's . It's incredible this situation to the people, the worst they can't scape of this one. It's impossible to be contact with their families, . People Young, do labor helping to clean the zone Nobody, can reverse that's has happened. The minister creates a center of colection, and of this way, be able to help the people. organizing very well all. This is a consequence, of the change climate. Rason enought, why We must to claim protect to the enviroment.

  • Eva Schikora
    Eva Schikora

    Die Politiker reden und tun NICHTS. Sie wollen uns von einer Panik in die nächste treiben. Klimawandel ist so lächerlich. Sie wollen uns in der Angst halten. Auch in diesem Land wissen die Menschen um CHAMTRELS und HAARP und 5G. Die sogenannte Elite und deren Handlanger wollen die beseelten Menschen mit aller Gewalt und Bösartige bekämpfen. Doch unser Schöpfer ist auf unserer Seite und wird uns schützen. Wir können nicht tiefer stürzen, als in Gottes Hand.

  • Hoa Binh Le
    Hoa Binh Le

    It Dum day for the end of the would!

  • Alex Grand
    Alex Grand

    Billion dollar damages. No Billionaires in sight.

  • L.A.E Diving Solutions
    L.A.E Diving Solutions

    Always keep an axe in your attic when you live in an area like this! God bless you all! But all seriousness aside now would be a great time to get a call about your cars extended warranty!

  • Herawaty Tarigan
    Herawaty Tarigan

    Be pationt please,nGod Bless you all.Amen.

  • Michael Anton
    Michael Anton

    The remarkable article, “Extreme Weather-Can the Bible Help You to Cope ? " it can bring a lot of authentic comfort, practical solutions, but also a real hope for the future. You can find this article on the most translated site in the world (over 1030 languages)

  • Paul Spaude
    Paul Spaude

    Este lugar en Alemania ya no sirve, el gobierno tiene que darle casas en otro lugar y quedarss con esa ciudad, uno por otro, ya no se puede vivir ahi

  • Animal Kingdom🦊
    Animal Kingdom🦊

    Water is so strong and mysterious


    As glaciers melt, Atlantic ocean currents are slowing down we are going to have more and more of these kind of disasters. The greedy rich bastards are buying high lands knowing whats coming. Its too late for Earth were at point of no return

  • Electro Pop
    Electro Pop

    Take good care of each other. Try and stay strong so sad 🌹🌺

  • Cindy Lewis
    Cindy Lewis

    This has nothing to do with climate... stop building on a flood plain.. you all been told that decades ago already.

    • EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos
      EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos

      "you all been told that decades ago already." uhm actually this obviously went very well for more than a thousand years already. Alongside and close to rivers, that's exactly where cities settled, grew and envolved. Same thing for smaller towns and villages

  • Trevegan

    My heart cries for the wildlife lost here because of our selfish destruction of our world.

  • Elena Kravchenko
    Elena Kravchenko

    Awful! Natural disasters are increasing(( Recently, the conference "The Global Crisis - It Already Affects Every" was held by volunteers from 180 countries and translated in 72 languages. A lot of professional specialists joined such an important discussion for every person and society. It was shocking amazing information, because a lot is kept silent, while millions of people are deprived of everything, and become climate refugees and migrants. Therefore, it is very important to speak the truth and not be silent, not to hide these facts that we, as a public, should be aware of. Because only united, only together we will begin to do something and move towards building a Creative Society. In the context of global cataclysms, which only grow so every year, we need to abandon the consumer format of relationships between people and move to a creative one, which involves combining all our potential, resources, knowledge, experience in order to solve these climate problems which are coming and survive.

  • Katy Gravley
    Katy Gravley

    My heart felt prayers are with you! Look up your redemption draweth nigh! Please read John 3:16 and John 11:25-26, accept, repent, heed and share these scriptures! If you and those people whom you have shared with have accepted, repented, and are heeding those messages you can say,” When the roll is called up yonder we’ll be there!” Nothing but the blood 🩸 Nothing but the blood 🩸 Nothing but the blood 🩸 Of JESUS! 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

  • Vince Kuznicki
    Vince Kuznicki

    Unbelievable. If the people with billions were truly intelligent and worthy of being called human, they would chip in and rebuild this entire town. And do something for the river to redirect the flow in future events. If I had billions id cherish the opportunity to help!

  • Gracie Rose
    Gracie Rose

    May God heal the pain fast.

  • Uwe Lindstaedt
    Uwe Lindstaedt

    It is sad but this is nature and it happens all the time - wordwide

  • Janusz L.
    Janusz L.

    Niemców mi nie żal.

  • Müller Volker
    Müller Volker

    LÜGE ist - Menschengemachter Klimawandel. Typisch staatliches Fake News TV.

  • Dzrenchko Kadyrovsky
    Dzrenchko Kadyrovsky

    Nature is taking back her stuff

  • Krehlmar

    "Oh Mother Earth! Grandmother Terra, old Gaia, forgive us for killing you!" Wept humanity. "Oh dear children!" Spoke Terra, "Do not weep for me, you're not killing me, you never could even if you tried." She softly hugged humanity the way a old mother would hug a crying child. "No. No my dear children..." She softly spoke. "You are killing yourselves."

  • Noam Rutemberg
    Noam Rutemberg

    The Messiah of Israel is spreading throughout the world and will continue to bring signs to all the nations of the world to give the pure among you a hint to awaken in order to survive what the world is about to go through over in the next 7 months! 1000 years of Messiah at the door, the prophecies of the Bible are about to be fulfilled with the help of Gd! The world is facing change !!! Change without the possibility of returning to the lives of those who live among you, those who are full of lust !! Who live their lives like beasts and carcasses! Everything is about to change and destroy the plans for all those who atoned in the Bible and ran after the lusts of this world !! Moshiach Ben David stands at the door of dear nations !!! ״ מָה רַבּוּ מַעֲשֶׂיךָ יְהוָה כֻּלָּם בְּחָכְמָה עָשִׂיתָ מָלְאָה הָאָרֶץ קִנְיָנֶךָ . ״

  • Phyllis Maka
    Phyllis Maka

    "The collective must and are waking up as they witness increasingly more "natural disasters" take place. Many deeply suffer from these events but before there can be more light and awareness in the world, earth must first become free of the heavy and dense energy that remains stored on her in various places. These clearings are a necessary part of earth's spiritual evolution." ~onenessofall~

  • Norah Jane
    Norah Jane

    I heard that most of the volunteer needs German disaster management info( data) due to unavailability of internet. I can provide it for offiline use if anyone here want my help. I want to contribute.

  • γδ δγ
    γδ δγ

    The effects of capitalism. Destroy it before it destroys the planet and us

  • Carlos Guindin
    Carlos Guindin

    Imaging if Germans lived in trailers?

  • Carlos Guindin
    Carlos Guindin

    Never seen anything like that in germany

  • moy bra
    moy bra

    Worse than World War II👽👎

  • ali haghjoo
    ali haghjoo

    Wy you making home by woden

  • Robert Baverstock
    Robert Baverstock

    Climate change is not by humans. Look up to the sun that governs what happens to our climate. The sun has its own cycle that effects us

    • Julia Guerra
      Julia Guerra

      Stop spreading misinformation, almost all of the scientific community agree that human activities are accelerating climate change. If we don't take proper measures this will keep happening in a much bigger scale, everywhere.

  • Noname-112

    I'm a Firefighter who lives in the Desasterarea. Pictures ore Videos can't describe how horrible it is. Not only in the Valleys. I was severel Days in Action with very little Sleep. Very much People lost their Lives, all they own, their Loved ones ore their Pets. I saw many People crie.

  • Heather grace
    Heather grace

    Too my friend who died during the flood As it hurts for me to see you gone I will always be with you!

  • Ask Why
    Ask Why

    The backlash of manufactured climate change. See: Chemtrails.

    • Bob Mcdougall
      Bob Mcdougall

      See : get a life

  • Michal Fedak
    Michal Fedak

    Lg Mickey

  • Michal Fedak
    Michal Fedak


  • Michal Fedak
    Michal Fedak

    Tutmilajt Zehr

  • Michal Fedak
    Michal Fedak

    Zehr Trauric:(

  • Michal Fedak
    Michal Fedak

    Na Danke:(

  • Its Lemon x
    Its Lemon x

    Ich wünsche euch viel Kraft🙏❤️ The strong German people will pull through🇬🇧🤝🇩🇪

  • Alyssa Fritsche
    Alyssa Fritsche

    I am not livin in this area but i feel very thankfull for all comments here

    • Josh Mark
      Josh Mark

      How are you doing, My name is Josh Mark and you? i bring you good news.

  • Md Sakib reza Khan
    Md Sakib reza Khan

    It's effect of Global warming, in future these flood more more agressive. Take this global warming war like situation, we all countries should unite together and consol our mother nature to cool down. Global warming leads to property destruction.. Properties destruction leads to human frustrations.. Human frustrations leads to earning more more revenue to fulfill previous losses. To earn more more revenue it leads to develop more more infrastructure. Infrastructure again demage our environment. Environment demage again leads to Global warming.. This cycle going again and again. If this cycle going again and again it leads to tension between the countries. Once tension arise it's leads to Third World War. War snatch everything from everyone. War even snatch your soul also. Before this happen we all unite together and save our mother nature.

  • Thomas L.
    Thomas L.

    The same thing happened in this valley in 1910 and 1804. In 1804, it was even worse. Search for "1910 Ahrtal Ansichtskarten" an you can find photos from the flood of 13 June 1910. Local people have simply forgotten what this river can do.

  • Cynthia Edwards
    Cynthia Edwards

    May God give these people that have been affected by this unprecedented and destructive storm the strength to rebuild their homes and lives.

  • 3Elefanten

    It was just insane.. still a huge chaos..

  • Andrew Gardener
    Andrew Gardener

    Its rained 4 to 6 times a week here in Louisiana for a month now ....

  • Tonetwisters

    Raging floods, furious fires, hailstorms, mudslides, landslides, snowstorms, earthquakes and volcanoes ... going crazy all across the world. God is trying to get your attention! We are all sinners. Repent! Turn your heart to God and ask Jesus to forgive you and save you confessing Jesus as Lord. NOW. Time is running out! God bless!

  • Juvenal do rosario Rosario
    Juvenal do rosario Rosario

    A ira de Deus está sendo derramada na terra. Mas não têm quem entenda isso e se arrependam dos seus pecados. Deus está pronto para perdoar. vejamos o que está escrito em Isaías cap 59. Jesus está voltando.

  • Zoltan Koterle
    Zoltan Koterle

    Ohhh God! That is terrible! That countryside is beautiful but this flood made a disaster! 🇩🇪🙏🏼🇭🇺

  • C warren
    C warren

    Germany it is judgment time on the Nations and we all reap what we sow shalom

  • የአብ ሥራ
    የአብ ሥራ

    JESUS is Coming SOON be READY everyone 🤲🤲🤲

  • noybiznatch

    Jesus warned us about a time like this. “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.” (Matthew 24:6-8). Luke recorded a slightly different account of this same warning. “There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.” (Luke 21:11).

  • Gib Melson
    Gib Melson

    wen interessiert denn das gewaffel ? uns nicht.

    • EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos
      EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos

      dann schau es doch nicht, so einfach wäre das?!

  • BlackRoots UNLIMITED
    BlackRoots UNLIMITED

    Oh my word! Insanely devastating, with little or no warning. Sad. The Meteorologist seems to suggest that building in such valleys for human settlements is a risky idea, bound to one day, lead to a catastrophe of this nature. No matter how grand humanity thinks we can get, with all the technology etc, we're absolutely tiny in the greater scheme of things. When Nature gets angry, there's only one winner. Unbelievable carnage.

  • Brenda S
    Brenda S

    Sorry to disagree, not climate change, we have to stop building homes in Flood Zones. This is not rocket science. Having said that, my condolenseces for the loss of life. So unnecessary.

    • EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos
      EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos

      well this obviously went very well for more than a thousand years; People living in cities, towns and villages alongside river banks are well used to small to severe floods, but nothing in that extreme scale

  • Hi Five
    Hi Five

    Please pray so that God will work in your favor; I will be praying for Germany🙏 Seeing what has happened is breaking my heart 😔

  • oldfartatplay1320

    Somehow, I just can't bring myself to 'like' this video. Too much suffering. Disasters always depress me.

  • Alan Mattila
    Alan Mattila

    Everybody’s always quick to blame the humans for climate change what happens when the climate changes in the humans have nothing to do with it what happened all the years ago when humans were here on this earth and the claimant changed no one to blame there right

  • Larry Sorenson
    Larry Sorenson

    To Hovawart Freunde (Friend?) you called me disgusting in your recent comment. I cannot imagine how you got to that conclusion. I simply do not understand anyone’s animus towards others who share their thoughts openly and truthfully. That said I hope that you treat others with respect and understanding. Larry Sorenson, Glendale, Arizona

    • Hovawartfreunde

      So you needed to create a new account to hide the disgusting comment you made? Are you paid to spread hate? Help and show compassion or leave us alone. I am not here to fight with the likes of you so don't waste my time.

  • Land Voyagers
    Land Voyagers

    people still denying global warming lol

  • Joe dzien
    Joe dzien

    Hope those despair in tragic situation and will overcome a struggle Moment ..soon go back to normal life ..in the Name of The Father , the Son and Holly Spirit Amen !

  • Mangalore Mangalore
    Mangalore Mangalore

    I am Indian. I say India is with these people in their loss

  • Mangalore Mangalore
    Mangalore Mangalore

    Such devastation😢 It's beyond imagination. God save the earth🙏

  • Mangalore Mangalore
    Mangalore Mangalore

    Jesus can save us. Let's cry out to The Lord.. My heart is with the people of this town.

  • Esperanta Flago
    Esperanta Flago

    Jesus Christ is coming soon?

  • mann 234
    mann 234

    Let’s build a floating city now like in Holland.

  • Juli5242

    Im always be there for you grandma 🥺🙏😔

  • 러블리

    여러분들은 더 아름답고 안전한 마을을 만들겁니다.

  • Hugo Moreno
    Hugo Moreno

    The times to inhabit the "pretty valleys" is over.Now towns have to locate to the high places.

  • Dieter S
    Dieter S

    The meteorologist is a fool and liar, he lies and does not name the real reasons for the heavy rain it had. And the German government does not help the people who have lost EVERYTHING.

  • Eric Ocansey
    Eric Ocansey

    Yaweh have mercy

  • Generoso Octavio
    Generoso Octavio

    Reduce CO2 emissions... replant trees in denuded forests...do not break large chunks of ice in the North Pole by huge Russian ice- breaking ships... Why? Lots of water from broken ice evaporates and form heavy clouds that fall on us.

  • William Partridge
    William Partridge

    The ignorant meterologist thinks ''extra Carbon Dioxide'' has caused the disaster. NO. This is ''Solar Grand Minimum'' onset .It all happened in the 1600 ds. .In Wiesbaden they burnt 1000 witches in a vain attempt to stop the ''crazy weather events''

  • Imba Girl
    Imba Girl

    there are houses 350 years old and then destroyed

  • cedexovolcom

    I listen it all i have my heart broken for german people , i wish you all to recover well and be safe

  • Diana Graham
    Diana Graham

    Where's the army .is that al the help they have . firemen. 🙏

    • Hovawartfreunde

      They are all there. Thousands of helpers rushed in but the area is just so big

  • Flat Swiss
    Flat Swiss

    Water continues to flow until it is contained once it is contained it lays flat and level… Earth is covered by 70% flat level water… Time to put the Heliocentric Model Earth into the Santa Claus Wastebasket Peace on the Plane Earth Brothers And Sisters…

  • DisappointedDemocrat

    Most High God, bless and protect all who are good to Your people, Israel!

  • Ruian Wei
    Ruian Wei

    The wrath of Jesus is upon the nations at this time across the whole world. Jesus, being God, came in the form of a Jewish man to pay for our sins and absorb the punishment that would send us to hell when we die so that for those who trust in His sacrifice can be accredited with His righteousness and live forever in heaven. Yet our God Jesus is also a JUST God who punishes wickedness on the earth. Pray to Jesus for mercy, healing, help, and revelation of Himself. He is God and can reveal Himself, especially as you read the truth in the Holy Bible.

  • Nadia Brendl
    Nadia Brendl

    Washte away by Russians tears…from 1941 - 1945…….

  • Rosemarie Formentera
    Rosemarie Formentera


    • Josh Mark
      Josh Mark

      How are you doing, My name is Josh Mark and you? i bring you good news.

  • Eboliferu Muscarian
    Eboliferu Muscarian

    People help people, so where is the goverment?



  • Malee Malee
    Malee Malee