Why 50% of Canadians Live South of This Line
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  • Robin Ibor
    Robin Ibor

    Ah but how many toyota corollas are in that part of Canada?

  • Diablo

    Lol. Why would it be embarrassing to Canada that more people live in Ontario, Quebec then the rest of Canada?

  • John Naylor
    John Naylor

    Ottowa lmfao, epic fail

  • The waring Kids
    The waring Kids

    as a canadian me and my pet moose and loon can prrove this is real

  • The Grey Penguin
    The Grey Penguin

    3:20 *Ottawa

  • Scott Low
    Scott Low

    It's Ottawa not Ottowa

  • Astcr

    He sound so angy

  • jesrel manarang
    jesrel manarang

    We the North 😂

  • ca

    Fun fact it's spelled Ottawa, eh!

  • Free Grits
    Free Grits

    seriously though...this matters why?

  • Webbiess Playz
    Webbiess Playz

    Another fun fact: i live above this line

  • Joseph Papsidero
    Joseph Papsidero

    Here's a fun fact..... Interstate 19 between Tucson and Mexico is the only stretch of Interstate where signpost distancing is measured in kilometers, not miles.

  • Transcendence

    So most of the Canadian land is for tourism, only that tiny part is humanly significant.

  • billyboy4

    Nailed pronouncing Toronto, failed spelling Ottawa :(

  • TopGunAce23

    I used to travel to Toronto and other cities. But, after they passed laws to were if you have an background you can't come over is killing me softly.

  • RockChicxulub

    At least canada still have lots of natural reserves

  • Nebulon Ranger
    Nebulon Ranger

    It's OTT*A*WA.

  • Jordan farrell
    Jordan farrell


  • Ian Murphy
    Ian Murphy

    RealLifeLore going after all of Canada saying only the southern part or Ontario can grow food. Saskatchewan, who has an agricultural sector 5 times the size: am I a joke to you?

  • Clare Knutson
    Clare Knutson

    You spelt OTTAWA wrong 💔

  • ElGatuífero_33

    Fun fact: most of the fun facts are not funny

  • Alexander Welling
    Alexander Welling

    I did not know that is how you spell Ottawa 0_0

  • Lee Price
    Lee Price

    Why was the boarder kept closed Authoritarian Facist took control over our lives.

  • WildFlashback

    Long story short. It’s cold as fuck

  • CG Breeki
    CG Breeki

    That's quite nice... it's really nice to have a lot of untouched wilderness.

  • CG Breeki
    CG Breeki

    0:18 - Well... the 48th parallel is not the longest border. If you were considering the border of all of the US, including Alaska, then yes, it's the longest border between 2 countries.

  • Ryanhwelton

    I am not understanding why the presenter thought he would be embarrassing Canadians with this video. The location of cities is based on topography, past military significance, climate, and access to trade. This “small” population controls much of the world’s natural resources and business is good.

  • Money Mark
    Money Mark

    This changed my whole perspective on what it means to be "from Canada"...

  • Steve Polhill
    Steve Polhill

    You misspelled Ottawa.

  • Jun Pineda Jr.
    Jun Pineda Jr.

    Fun fact:Most CANADIANS,AMERICANS do not know this geopolitical,geographical relationship bet these 2 giant nations.

  • Awesomeman 2000
    Awesomeman 2000

    I live in that area, and it's probably the least beautiful part of Canada where I live (the Chemical Valley area)

  • Lorthorn

    laughs in Yukon

  • Komment King
    Komment King

    I'm sorry but that's "few/fewer people" not "less/lesser people". Fewer is for things you can count, and less is for thing you can't. So fewer marbles, less water. Get it ?

  • Komment King
    Komment King

    Perfect - thank you ! !!

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski

    Oh I know exactly why. I've got just one word for you, *TORONTO*

  • Peaceful Vibes
    Peaceful Vibes

    OTTAWA not OTTOWA :)

  • Tasso Demo
    Tasso Demo

    0:44 “50% of Canadians live south of this line” *has southern Ontario filled in as well as Nova scotia* Southern Ontario: 14 million people Nova Scotia: around 1 million people 15 million people divided by 38.1 million people = 42%. That math is scary.

  • Easymoneysniper


  • ElfBros

    I live in Chicago I’m important :)

  • Salman Ahmad
    Salman Ahmad

    1:01 dude how are you embarrassing Canada. Canada can live where they want . so basically that is not embarassing.

  • Will Sharff
    Will Sharff

    I’ve watched almost all this mans videos...

  • danny hawk
    danny hawk

    BS to the 49th parallel being the longest border between 2 countries Australia's border(mainland only) to another country is 22,293 miles long.

  • SevenThunderful

    I live at the 47th parallel in WA state and my weather is pretty mild, a lot more mild than Toronto. I'm surprised that the western part of Canada doesn't get more attention. Southern British Columbia is not that bad.

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C

    As of September 16, the US border is actually STILL closed to CANADIANS while US citizens have now been able to enter for the past month.

  • TomGreen 99
    TomGreen 99

    Live just north of Vancouver and I'm offended.

  • 30minforasn

    What is canada anyways.

  • DXP6986

    Because it's frigging cold

  • SomeoneCommenting

    Why is it "embarrassing" that Canada has geographically a point so south, considering the damn *geographic shape of the Great Lakes* ? It's not like if Canada was the one who controlled the Ice Age glaciers to make that continental feature. And by the way, they live as down as possible because Canada is polar cold anywhere up there in winter. Even that south.

  • Olivia C
    Olivia C

    PEI feels so left out :(

  • JF Beland
    JF Beland

    as a canadian from Quebec: this place sucks ass and the people here are awful.

  • Edma Basogan
    Edma Basogan

    0:58 damn why was he so aggressive about it. Man hates Canadians 😩😂

  • Lawrence Seow
    Lawrence Seow

    I didn't realise half of all Canadians live around the Great Lakes, which makes perfect sense

  • T Abel
    T Abel

    Sometimes I forgot Canada is even up there tbh

  • Luca Piomelli
    Luca Piomelli

    You tried to embarrass us Canadians, but actually just embarrassed Americans by spelling Ottawa wrong!

  • Sam Dakrouri
    Sam Dakrouri

    As someone that’s from Edmonton I’m watching this and feeling good about how canadien I am for living so far up north 😂

  • noah pokeemon
    noah pokeemon

    I had to check comments to see if this was clickbait

  • Jyotirmoy Roy
    Jyotirmoy Roy

    OH MYYY GODDD He slips ads soooooo fckin smoothly dude

  • Dan Su
    Dan Su

    The total population of Canada = Tokyo !

  • Eric Estrada
    Eric Estrada

    So some of Mexico back in the day was further north than Canada's most southern point interesting.

  • paranoidandroid

    Money/jobs. But as soon as they get sick, they go right back up to Canada (because our healthcare sucks and is too expensive)!

  • Roni Jr
    Roni Jr

    Fun fact more mexicans live in the u.s.a than they do in mexico.

  • Steven G
    Steven G

    7:40 The second you know he’s now building up to the paid promotion. Dude just be straight with us instead of so disingenuous. You can detect it in every video and it’s sucks. Stop treating us like children, we - do - not - like - it. Grow up and say something like “and now for the…”. At least we’ll respect you

  • American Raptor
    American Raptor

    Fun fact: If the U.S. gets into a nuclear war, Canadians get to go along for the ride.

  • Miagi Fodder
    Miagi Fodder

    All that info for an ad campaign wow

  • Nameless13o13

    U need to do some better reserch in to canada. And not just go off internet data.

  • D 95
    D 95

    The vast majority of Canada is untouched wilderness, I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Walter Carrizo
    Walter Carrizo

    América goles from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska. Even Greenland propulsión are americans 🤔

  • BRUH biqw
    BRUH biqw

    I live above the 49th parallel XD

  • Gustavo G
    Gustavo G

    Fun fact: 50% of Canadians are the half

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    My man really spelled Ottawa as. Ottowa 😂😂😂😂.

  • M

    A+ pronunciation of “torono” the t is silent 👌🏻 lol

  • Dum


  • Jon ‘jaixzz’ S C
    Jon ‘jaixzz’ S C

    "… lucrative trade has *flowed* along the st.Laurence…" (not "…flowed…")

  • UnDeaDCyBorg

    I always think it's kind of beautiful, or at least curious, how Canada just has barely more inhabitants than the Tokyo metropolitan area.

  • BoredRabbit

    "Think of how cold North Dakota is, and then realize Canada is colder than that."

  • Dan R.
    Dan R.

    You spelt Ottawa wrong

  • Jason Ross
    Jason Ross

    There's another, huge reason why so many Canadians live near the border, that I thought this guy was transitioning to. Political. The first true transcontinential railroad, the CPR, was built near the border to establish Canadian control over what would one day become the provinces of Manitoba, Saskachewan, Alberta and British Columbia, by establishing our own transcontinental railroad, connecting Halifax to Vancouver, and located near the 49th parallel to ensure we could populate our side of the border with settlers and move troops in as needed to prevent the USA from colonizing our west away from us. Back when our founding Prime Minister, Sir John A MacDonnald made this decision, Americans were starting to send spur lines up into Canada, and migrate Americans into western Canada. The completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) from Halifax to Vancouver headed off that move and established Canada's territory, as the USA was forced to stop sending settlers and abandoned any spur lines they'd been building up towards/into Canada. Back in those days, the war of 1812 was still a fairly recent memory, and the American war cry of 54-40 or fight was still a part of current events. Canadians were very much concerned about America taking away parts of our country. The best way to head that off without forcing them into a major international war, would be to simply populate the border with Canadians and economic activity. That's the real, historical reason for most Canadians to live near the Canada-USA border.

    • PR4Y MEDIA Ceremony4 CEO
      PR4Y MEDIA Ceremony4 CEO


    • Altrunchen

      TIL, thanks

  • Your awesome
    Your awesome

    Because most of Canada is cold and most of our land is not easily habitable. A lot of the land is icy sheets of land or big, rocky mountains covered with thick forests. Anything south of this line is good farmland and easy to build upon. No wonder our population is 1/10 of the USA

  • DersNoNem

    Seebeck & Peltier technology be utilise in the Canadian Shield area right?

  • Silas Blair
    Silas Blair

    That awkward moment when your an American living north of the majority of Canadians

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    You spelled Ottawa wrong. You spelled "Ottowa", it's actually "Ottawa"

  • vSquidr

    im from ottawa and u spelt that shit wrong lmao, ottowa lmao

  • Danny Canjura
    Danny Canjura

    Long story short : cold and boring anywhere else

  • first name
    first name

    so poughkeepsie, ny is more north than canada’s southern most point

  • GreyYT

    "Why most Canadians live in the southern of this Line" Also the line: Is in basically America.

  • bagou

    As a canadian that lives in Montreal, I can says that it is still VERY cold in the winter (-30) degrees celcius.

  • Brokkoli Ramen
    Brokkoli Ramen

    How is that embarrassing for Canada?

  • A Random Bird Flying
    A Random Bird Flying

    3:21 Its Ottawa Not Ottowa

  • Cheyne

    So what’s in the rest of Canada then? Lulw

  • Cheesecake Double Peanutbutter
    Cheesecake Double Peanutbutter

    Still, Canadians pretend they're not Americans lol

  • cameron bradshaw
    cameron bradshaw

    3:18 “OTTOWA” c’mon man at least spell the capital city right!

  • Rory Tynan
    Rory Tynan

    2:11 did u spot it

  • Steve Caricic
    Steve Caricic

    3:22 Man u cant even type Ottawa correctly...

  • Kati Pearson
    Kati Pearson

    I’m sure someone has mentioned this by now, but it’s Ottawa not Ottowa. 👌🏻

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly

    Just me who started giving when he said Oregon Washington etc

  • Heeelion

    ontario as a whole doesnt even have 40% of the population of Canada what is this video about? the title is misleading. Just finished watching this video this is so innacurate its not funny

  • Adam Cram
    Adam Cram

    As a Canadian... its winters are not fun. Southern parts of Canada... winters are mild compared to the north.. so many untapped resources here

  • R&C Gaming
    R&C Gaming


  • WiFi 【むせんラン]
    WiFi 【むせんラン]

    Fun fact: Once you lose your virginity, you can never find it. Once you take someone's virginity, you can never return it.

  • emgoldfinch

    I love Ottowa

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