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  • Jinjer Metal Band
    Jinjer Metal Band

    hey you guys & gals! Pretty excited about this premiere! thanks for showing up so early



    • punk 2008
      punk 2008

      Bought a concert ticket to see them in Baltimore, I hope. But will these F'n lockdowns happen again. Get vaccinations and you will be safe but now apparently getting vaccinated isn't enough for you and I because apparently they claim we still aren't safe with these so called experts with many so called experts saying we should be lockdowned again. I am getting pissed off about this as are many other people. I got your damn vaccination so let me go to these damn concerts again. This is all getting old now. There will always be viruses like there was before Covid 19. So what is really going on now because this is getting questionable more so then scientific. The more this goes on the more people will question the scientific experts, the government etc. Use to trust our leaders but in this last year I am doubting more and more of these leaders and health experts and believing that they have more of a personal agenda then actually giving us believable facts.

    • Mason Hodgkin
      Mason Hodgkin

      Dude fuck yeah, i feel like a little girl that got a pony!!

    • Swedlyheyz

      Freakin EPIC 🤟🔥🤟

    • Victor Busquets
      Victor Busquets

      wonderful !! love Jinjer supergroove prog!!,big hug from Brazil! I wanted you to sing in Ukrainian, to me it would sound a lot more awesome!!

  • Jorge martinez
    Jorge martinez

    Man I just love how the whole mix flows to let Tatiana go over her insane vocal range, It's just bananas

  • ShitpostShuster

    I usually don't like songs with growling, but I found that I can only enjoy jinjer songs with growling. tati definitely does it best

  • Poky Patriot
    Poky Patriot

    Tatiana is the next stage in Human evolution!

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Why this got 1.4k dislikes? What's wrong with you folks?

  • Samuel Bosque
    Samuel Bosque

    Damn good song!!!

  • ZTS

    up the bass volume up a bit please, MONSTERS!!!!

  • Erik R.
    Erik R.

    They undoubtedly have the best rhythm section in all of metal .

  • marckanthony ramirez
    marckanthony ramirez

    Big fun from the Philippines 🇵🇭🤘

  • Дима КПД
    Дима КПД

    Огонь! Нравятся интро и рифы, но больше всего понравился первый куплет. Наклон Таниной головы с отводом руки, волшебен.💐 Гроул приобрел мужские краски, не низкие, а мужские. Построение песни срывает башню. Браво! Уровень Jinjer всё ещё растет?! p.s.Ч.дыры вращаются, затягивая за собой пространство и время. Поэтому летящие к ней объекты будут смещаться в сторону, а падать в неё с нашей точки зрения, они должны всё медленней и медленней. (Чем больше гравитация, тем медленней течет время). Внутри ч.дыра - это музей, свалка(если найдете тот кожаный диван, я его заберу), т.е.внутри мы бы увидели всё, что когда-либо в неё попадало. Мусоро-демон?) Почему бы и нет?)

  • A Laggy Memer
    A Laggy Memer

    She sounds a lot like Elena Siegman on this one. Either way, really friggin awesome 🎸 🤘

  • Tartnation

    Love jinjer

  • Josh Anderson
    Josh Anderson

    All Hail Queen Tatiana, dudes behind ya are ok too I guess 😂🤘

  • David Rousseau
    David Rousseau

    1.4 thumbs down people listen to shit music like Kpop and rap.

    • Leviathan

      Shut up

  • jorge lima
    jorge lima


  • Alex Capes
    Alex Capes

    This is beyond amazing.....

  • Michael Persson
    Michael Persson

    Badass Song 🤘🥃🍺🤘😈

  • maciaty 83
    maciaty 83

    Nothing orginal/new

    • Laurent L
      Laurent L

      yes, we know, it was always better before ...

  • NoTeHCPT

    this really has that guano apes vibe, it’s awesome

  • clugokillscluco

    I'm pretty sure they don't repeat a riff?

  • Goblin Spelunker
    Goblin Spelunker

    This. Is. Fucking. Incredible.

  • wyldeman7

    I love how diverse and dynamic this song is. I love how it completely abandons generic song structure, and I love how it gets progressively darker the entire song. Beautiful

  • Fahim F2044
    Fahim F2044

    Hello i’m from TikTok 🙋‍♂️

  • Paweł Kosiński
    Paweł Kosiński

    I used to love Jinjer… Now I feel like all their new songs sound almost exactly same. There's no variation. If you heard one song, you heard them all. It feels like they decided to go the easy way and repeat over and over again what once worked well.

    • Polly's creations
      Polly's creations

      They have style but they are different in every song..

    • Robert Evans
      Robert Evans

      @EmAllWasTaken I suspect it has more to do with politics than with musical considerations. But I am open to the possibility someone making such claims has actually thought about it and has come up with a position that I didn't see. This generic generalization just isn't going to cut it, IMHO.

    • EmAllWasTaken

      @Robert Evans What I've learned so far is that they only make these accusations/generalisations but never give actual answers when confronted.

    • Robert Evans
      Robert Evans

      can you explain to me which song(s) this song sounds like? It doesn't sound like Home Back, nor On Top...it surely doesn't sound like Pit of Consciousness, nor Judgement (& Punishment), nor Retrospection...all of which were the top hits off their last album before this one. I thought maybe you were talking about Micro, so that compared Ape, Teacher Teacher, & Perennial...I don't see a single one of those songs anything like this song... which album does this song sound like to validate your position? Other than the basic aspects like all the latest albums have a bassist, a drummer, a guitarist, & a vocalist....almost all have vocals which feature a growl, scream & clean styles...they all play with time signatures & rhythms as well as mixing & instrument focus for which to replace the void of not having a rhythm guitar doing fills. If you wish to refocus your argument down to a more finite detail which supports your position unlike and better than the BS you just wrote...I would be interested in considering it...but up to now, you couldn't be more wrong in the position you have publicly announced.

  • Josh

    So fucking beautiful

  • Cosmic Shatter
    Cosmic Shatter

    When women scream normally (STFU don't want to hear it) when women scream in metal (oh please don't stop)

  • Brady Green
    Brady Green

    Jesus fucking ape-shit Christ that's a gnar-gnar.

  • A B
    A B

    does the bass player ever bump his chin on his guitar???

  • Georgius Floydvola
    Georgius Floydvola

    Obviously everyone is extremely talented, but Vlad is the only drummer I truly pay attention to when listening to a new song. He really ties it all together.

  • Benjamin Hymer
    Benjamin Hymer

    Yes this has that way more dissonant metal sound. Her growls have indeed matured

  • Niel_ 666
    Niel_ 666


  • samy cousseau
    samy cousseau

    Magnificient wonderful. Thanks !

  • jpockets 420
    jpockets 420


  • Nazar Nazar
    Nazar Nazar

    Davai ждём в Тель-Авиве 🤘🏻

  • onizuka chinnawat
    onizuka chinnawat

    i love snair+1

  • Евгений Онегин
    Евгений Онегин

    И не одного комента на русском... обидно братья славяне

  • Vizual

    3:30 sent me through puberty again.... Jesus.....

  • herbie kritzer
    herbie kritzer

    Prog-Metal at it's best. Looking forward to your show in S.F. this October.

  • Corey Quinton
    Corey Quinton

    at first i was like..." aww she changed her style...then @1:30 XD thats the good stuff there XD. P.S @jinjer nice tattoo additions

  • joeschmo Mofo
    joeschmo Mofo

    She’s incredible, makes my plums tingle 😍

  • Glenn Olson
    Glenn Olson

    Britney's voice broke the space-time continuum in Abyss. Tatiana's voice just generated a singularity here. If those two ever show up at the same venue, the planet is fucked. But it'd be sooo worth it...

  • Eagle3yez

    This video is visually pleasing and I love your fits :)

  • Benjamin Hymer
    Benjamin Hymer



    brutal vocals rules, clean vocals SUCKS

  • _Миша_Николаев_TV_

    *Барабанщик убойный)*

  • Sky

    Looks like the cameraman was vibing with the song 🤘

  • J W
    J W

    1300 Downvoters have small pp energy.

  • Celeste Tzún
    Celeste Tzún

    Jinjer music saves me from this monotonous and empty virus situation, where many of us have lost opportunities and oir lives pretty much.


    Bombastic Best!!!

  • Hoedan

    Beast of a Song!!

  • Dio Videl
    Dio Videl

    I can’t stop listening this song

  • Jack Vanden-Plas
    Jack Vanden-Plas


  • Plaster Cast
    Plaster Cast

    Storm and perfection 💪💪🤘greetings from Poland 🤘 🇵🇱

  • Ralph Hays
    Ralph Hays

    Fuck!! That's heavy! Love it!! Can't wait to see them live again in Atlanta!!

  • Black Spine
    Black Spine

    The guitarist is so vocal. Think about it asshats.

  • Destino Gaia
    Destino Gaia

    Wonderful! Powerful song! Greetings from Colombia

  • otaviano araujo e silva
    otaviano araujo e silva

    Essa música é uma porrada !👊

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster
    Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Honestly if the guitarist for Jinjer went up to me and said he was the guitarist for Jinjer I wouldn't believe him

  • Kevin Baker
    Kevin Baker

    I see her going solo eventually...

  • DismalHollow 1862
    DismalHollow 1862

    This is what college sounds like.

  • Melo-drama

    2:55 Retrospection

  • Melo-drama

    2:55 Retrospection

  • Melo-drama

    2:55 Retrospection

  • DaveyShark


  • Damien Polley
    Damien Polley

    This song would be epic if the lyrics were different.like about how fucked up the world is right now.just saying.coulda been something huge

  • Gustavo López huerta
    Gustavo López huerta

    I'm ecstatic with this song, btw does anyone else feel that minute 1:50 riff sounds a lot like Tesseract?

  • Tomas Guerrero
    Tomas Guerrero

    I mean, you can drive yourself away from it for a lil while but, there is this something I can't explain that makes my metal heart (almost daily now) to go get my Jinjer fix and when I do, I always say in my mind...This four guys really figure out the special spiritual force of Metal. When I listen to Jinjer, it's just metal in its purest form with a modern groovy touch that makes it perfect

  • mottaka auhc
    mottaka auhc

    I came here because of her screams.

  • Naptime BJJ
    Naptime BJJ

    Tat almost looks like Chris Motionless in this video haha

  • Jayroz Sawana
    Jayroz Sawana

    I need a drum playthrough my guys. I know there's already the bass one, but I really dig that drum, it is fantastic, I wanna see all these tasty ghost notes !!

  • oleg zhidkov
    oleg zhidkov


  • Gabriel Alves Brandão
    Gabriel Alves Brandão

    the begin remember the psycho mants's boss fight in Metal Gear Solid 1

  • Dann Dann
    Dann Dann

    all of you are so good !! 💙☮️🤘🏼

  • Thalia Kalli
    Thalia Kalli

    Please come to Greece!!! Or anywhere in Europe lol I’ll fly there I needd to see this live

  • Vortex 03
    Vortex 03

    Obrigado pela música.

  • mikael monteiro
    mikael monteiro


  • Tomasz Gie
    Tomasz Gie

    Apart from the great song .... no, no, no. A video looks like a school boy project, when he wants to put every graphic/editing skill he has in the video. Jeeez, those cheap cgi buried it deep. Just get this guy fired.

    • Leviathan

      I thought it was great. Especially the cgi considering the budget they probably had.

  • Ken Spencer
    Ken Spencer

    Beautiful!!! Just keep putting out high-quality music and continue to not give a toss about what others may think. This is what makes your band stand out from the crowd.

  • # 13
    # 13

    Just discovered this band the vocalist is pretty talented

  • Bondo QBN
    Bondo QBN

    Yeh like a lot of others not impressed.

    • JakeN2436

      "a lot of others"? you do realise you're part of a minority right? LOL

  • AwakenedWarrior

    I think you guys can do better than that. I've seen your capability. Remember don't ever force music. The ego always tries to take hold of your divine creation. Just let your divine energy within you flow freely and find it don't force it. But with that being said I think you guys are incredible, progressive, unique, and gifted to be the artists that you are. You guys are really setting the bar.

  • Dave Bevan
    Dave Bevan

    If you want the old grey whistle test, you got mine. Best original band since Periphery/Sikth though unfair comparison imo, Jinjer just get better,

  • Matti8D

    Her parents must've had overdose of radiation when Tsernobyl exploded

    • rudolf becker
      rudolf becker

      what are you trying to tell us?

  • Armando Fuentes
    Armando Fuentes

    Her Scream song like Randy of lamb of god

  • ebonibrandon

    Her growls have gotten even more incredibly developed as time passes. She’s not just good for a girl…she’s AMAZING…PERIOD.

    • MitchVortex

      the fact that she's a girl just makes it a little unique, that's all. I think when most people hear Jinjer they would think there was a male singer doing the growls and then a girl doing the cleans. another singer I thought was a guy at first was Brody Dalle from the distillers. the first song I heard from them was sick of it all and on the verse I was like "man this is kick-ass, this is hardcore" then when she went into her non screaming voice I was like "whuuuut that's a chick?" I liked it either way but the fact that it was a chick just made it more interesting. you know women never did this kind of thing back in the day so they're kind of breaking the rules, which I love, because, well, fuck the rules

    • Wyatt

      why'd you throw in the good for a girl thing?

    • Kein Herz アニ
      Kein Herz アニ

      @Edward Black theres always these kinda people that say things like that sadly

    • Edward Black
      Edward Black

      I've never met anyone that's ever said "she's good for a girl". She's always been top 'o the line. Period. New heights for vacalists in general.


    Что-нибудь на русском/украинском 🙏пожалуйста)

    • Юрий Чекин
      Юрий Чекин

      Не канает, в странах СНГ такая музыка практически никому не нужна.

  • QiLun

    добрий день, you guys are amazing. Blasting your playlist in Singapore 🤘🤘

  • Jason Glass
    Jason Glass

    Reminds me of how music is supposed to sound! Each instrument has its own unique part! When I hear this band i get excited the same way I did when I heard Black Sabbath as a kid many years ago!

  • Sergey Stupak
    Sergey Stupak

    Ви просто дивовижні. Дякую за Вашу чудову роботу.

  • Owen Quinn
    Owen Quinn

    I've been a fan since 2017

  • Darren Timcoe
    Darren Timcoe

    Super cool song. Love the video too.

  • LiteratiCircle

    This song rocks

  • Bri G
    Bri G

    She's so cool! I want her autograph so bad! 😍

  • Jan A.
    Jan A.

    to much cuts ...

  • Wili Sever
    Wili Sever

    Please come to the UK!! pretty please!!!

  • Wili Sever
    Wili Sever

    this is insane!!! love it!!!

  • James Shuptrine
    James Shuptrine

    How can there even be one Dislike!! Jinjer just keeps proving how excellent they are!!

  • Mila Anew
    Mila Anew

    1,3 ??? there are unfortunate DISLAYKERS from Russia / Lord, bless these (with poor soul), they dont know a LOVE ...

  • Harmiawan Anugrah Pratama
    Harmiawan Anugrah Pratama

    I can imagine how polyphia sounds like if they added vocalist to their band 🤔🤔

  • JakeN2436

    1:50 every part of my soul just died, this is literally the best thing I've heard in a long time. go OFF tati and roman, sheeeeeeeesh