I Made The Legend of Zelda Boss Battles but they’re 3D
I Made The Legend of Zelda Boss Battles but they’re 3D. . . Last time when I made The Legend of Zelda but it’s 3D, I said at the end of the video that I might continue on with the dungeons and boss fights in another video since I had never made a boss at that point. After a couple months I’ve finally finished up with doing all the different dungeons, along with the enemies and the bosses.

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  • Axelchu22

    Make a 3D game in to a 2D game

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    Micky Puppet

    God damn please release

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    Teo Bentaha

    can we have the game to play

  • Placebo_yue

    awesome work. You could avoid doing extra recolor textures by adding blendmodes to your material (you could find such a shader online i assume) that way you can simply "tint" your base texture to any color you need. And regarding the water on the previous video, you could've made an "always on top" shader, that renders on top of the floor. On second thought that might've been problematic... I'm making a game and most of my assets have vertexcolors and i recolor them all like crazy using materials with blendercolors and it's a blessing. Of course using textures opens up the possibility of giving these recolors more detail and differences, but since it's not your case, you should do it!

  • Sanders Hamilton
    Sanders Hamilton

    You should try remaking pac man in 3D

    • Sanders Hamilton
      Sanders Hamilton

      Maybe in the pixel art style🙏🙏🙏

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    Jennifer Holt

    3D under tail

  • miguel meira mendes youtuber
    miguel meira mendes youtuber

    7:18 what that means is that the charging enemies from binding of isaac are basically the rope enemies from legend of zelda

  • miguel meira mendes youtuber
    miguel meira mendes youtuber

    3:46 one of the levels looked like the hitler symbol, change my mind

  • Thicc Crusade
    Thicc Crusade

    Thumbnail looks like Ganon sitting on Link's enormous..

  • UndeadCollector

    The best part is Link at the end, wooping up and down.

  • Zan gryomani
    Zan gryomani

    Dude do you know where i can find that 3d game template. im just starting, any tips

  • Jared Boschker
    Jared Boschker

    What did you use to make the 3D pixel art?

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    Reléase this i need to P.L.A.Y I.T N O W

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    Boyfriend's YouTube Channel

    What can't Cody eat

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    Bryson belcher

    Please do undertale you will get 100K subs if you do

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    Peter PGN

    Is this able to be played

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    pr jogos plays no pc

    Please make an download for steam

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    Kathy Leonard

    How can they not let you upload the game it's the definition of transformed content it's crazy

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    Ismail Cheema

    remake undertale in 3d

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    Nintendo would make this 60 dollars

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    Richard Brown

    I really want to play this

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    oh it is almost whole game

  • Scammer Defeat
    Scammer Defeat

    I Made Sonic Dungeons - A Sonic Fan Game

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    Mikerguitarwolf Gaming

    You should ask Nintendo to let you use this for the Indi games for Nintendo switch

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    Nintendo should hire you.

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    Rachael Lau

    2:17 noice

  • Moldybot

    You could've Made a color Shift Schäfer in shader nodes...Adam Cyounis Made a tutorial in that I think

  • FuzzyPenguin19

    And can you recreate pokemon red

  • FuzzyPenguin19

    Could you publish this final result i would love to play it

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    Ssjnoved Jr

    U USE KALI??!!

  • Haxolotl

    This looks so cool and good, I wish we could play it.

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    L0ganY Roblox

    This is so Awesome! Looks like it’s made from real Nintendo!🤩

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    Kostras Stankovic

    Hay cody how is this game name?

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    Eleftheria Savva

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat how can u do this???!!!???!!!???

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    When will you release it?

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    Where can I play this

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    This is so awesome! Where can I play it?

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    Zane Young

    This was originally called making Zelda dungeons he changed it though

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    E_Kedi Oyun ve animasyon

    woah awesome

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    5:47 mentioned a game ive played on a switch at my aunties house

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    Jath arondaing.

    2:17 Oh sneaky.😈 Just look at the shape....

  • SuperMarioHayden

    12:26 "Ganon can disappear _and_ turn invisible" thats the same thing lol

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo

      No its not if its invisible you can still hit it but if it disappeared there is no way to damage it

  • S Jones
    S Jones

    New title idea: “Zelda: In The Backrooms”

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    Jose Garcia

    Just take my fucking money and let me play this please 😩😩😩😩😩

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    Spam Space

    Dude, release this. Mixmorris didn't get sued for Gun Mario 64 or SpongeGlock Squarepants

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    please remake the original pokemon red

  • WholesomeDemonKast

    were you intending to make the thumbnail look so dirty

    • Patthecat

      Oh jeez I just realised that

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    The Alex

    9:11 pause the video. Do you see the smiling face on link s hair?

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    I ❤️ You

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    Luca Bettinelli

    Please add a download I want to play that so hardddddd

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    11D-Bharathkrishna Menon

    Why is it not called "Legend of Link" then?

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    Daniel sarabia

    Please its my favorite game if you can

  • Daniel sarabia
    Daniel sarabia

    Can you make Pokemon Fire Red in 3D

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    Do we get a download? I want to make a 3DS port as I have a Unity for 3DS license.

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    Hey cody! Whats the theme for 1:22 like the music

  • i want to dawnload



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    Mini game

    how do i play this?

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    number 1 enemy of the useless

    Vary nice I grew up with this game in the 80's great job..

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    5:43 and Minecraft slime

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    Sinister Junior

    Yay part 2 😃

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    Jonathan Woods

    In the first game you could name your player character... They are both Zelda.

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    Scp 999

    I like your code

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    The stick nodes gamer

    Are you going to add it to the over world

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    PeaceLove Harmony

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    Felipe Lemos

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    The Spongebob Squarepants Popsicle

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    Jim Palacios

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    Meows for Life

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    ultimate experience ?

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    Adam Akoum

    Can I say something? The two things on the door are circles that are decoration for the door and not lights

  • Adam Akoum
    Adam Akoum

    When I first heard you say “Death Mountain”: Think you said Mountain then gets confused when you said so it’s shaped like a skull. (I had to put the speaker in my ear to hear it lol)

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