Ryan Reynolds' Vasectomy
The most refreshing cocktail in the world for the most refreshing job in the world... Dad.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    its good to see someone who doesn't think family and fatherhood isn't the soul sucking job people make it out to be

  • Dulce Gonzalez
    Dulce Gonzalez

    Deadpool ❤️ I love this guy

  • Mary Rose Kent
    Mary Rose Kent


  • Pussums L'Meow
    Pussums L'Meow

    Happy fathers day. I have multiple things to say in my mind but I'll choose the high road, cheers

  • KittyMatador

    Darn it. I was hoping this was a PSA I could share with my husband to convince him to get a vasectomy.

  • Dustin Paulson
    Dustin Paulson

    Just made one of these. No offense to all you gin lovers, but I'll stick with whiskey. Ryan, can you stop by and pick up what's left in the bottle? It's not really my thing and I'm sure you'd hate to see it just dumped down the sink. Thanks.

  • Khanyisile Masanabo
    Khanyisile Masanabo

    His smile, his so hottt

  • saahi manjhi
    saahi manjhi

    One of the most clumsy bartender I've ever seen. I bet he can't make it big in his life.

  • Being X
    Being X

    Stay tuned for Tubectomy on Mother's Day

  • TheMooper27

    Was Ryan getting a vasectomy while they were filming this?

  • Humble Wonder
    Humble Wonder

    Dude stop making everything about yourself. Your not that fuckin important. No one gaf about Ryan Reynold's semen.

  • mercytoday

    This guy gets it…

  • cat man do
    cat man do

    Commercialism really suits him. As a comedic actor he was one-note. I'm glad he's found his calling.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Paradox It Is: On fathers day you get vasectomy so you cant be a father so you cant get fathers day so you cant vasectomy so you can be a father and have you fathers day and have your vasextomy and so on and on and on.

  • Trine Daely
    Trine Daely

    I'll be sending this link to my Dad. It should go well with the Krispy Kreme I ordered for him.

  • Lil Yeet
    Lil Yeet

    I liked you before your swearing in movies, you are flogging a one trick pony... Just friends is an amazing movie

  • seabee1121

    I feel a little sarcasm coming from him.

  • Rob

    My life just go straight to the gin gob and mouthful curl up in to a ball and sleep Dad hood off for a few hours ( I wish anyways )

  • Shivang Mishra
    Shivang Mishra

    He could be an actor..

  • Farty Towels
    Farty Towels

    At first, I thought I heard the words, "for the most refreshing job in the world. Death." I think I'm losing it.

  • N8 TheGr8
    N8 TheGr8

    Reboot waiting.

  • BRENT Conlon
    BRENT Conlon

    I've had mint mobile for awhile and I'm having issues with it.. can you help me out?

  • Snickerdoodle

    2 shots of vodka

  • Kaif

    Deadpool is just Ryan Reynold playing Ryan Reynold in his life real life.

  • Keith Ryan
    Keith Ryan

    i cant believe i just intentionally watched an ad.

  • Nicolas Johnson
    Nicolas Johnson

    I got a vasectomy when I was 21. I'm 25 now and I still haven't told my parents. At this point I don't think I ever will

  • Phantasm Star
    Phantasm Star

    can this guy get an oscar just for this commercial

  • C.K. Lee
    C.K. Lee

    LOL -- nice garnish. (He SHOULD be an actor!)

  • Inhuman Papi
    Inhuman Papi

    Who tf is he?

  • D3vilB4sket

    Man Wade really does a good job playing this Ryan guy


    Okay Ryan I'll go get him.

  • Robert supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    Robert supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Lives in my neighborhood, I live for the day I meet him in town BDF

  • Danele Maurer
    Danele Maurer

    You're A God!!! 😂😂😂

  • john vaders
    john vaders

    Who owns this guy?

  • tsgsjeremy

    Kinda bummed. Was expecting a video from the perspective of Ryan's vasectomy... :(

  • YOLO Garage
    YOLO Garage

    Funny. One of the best videos I have watched tonight and it is a commercial. Good job

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    Ryan Reynolds could give me a vasectomy any day and I'm a straight man who believes in procreation

  • Maverick Varey
    Maverick Varey

    Yet he never ages, or gains any true happiness 😂

  • Jimmy Da Jellybean
    Jimmy Da Jellybean


  • Leigha J
    Leigha J

    Bahaha....love you Ryan. Funnier and hotter than ever!!! Hopefully all is not true🌺

  • Chaima Medsaleck
    Chaima Medsaleck

    #Save_Palestine #FreePalestine #savecheikhjarrah

  • MY2 Cent
    MY2 Cent

    Must be nice to not cook anything! Dude he lives out a bag.

  • Anni Via
    Anni Via


  • David Gomez
    David Gomez

    Why is he the way that he is

  • Germinator

    haha dieser Herr Rynolds :D

  • ksqwerty1

    I thought he sold the company.

  • Big Facts
    Big Facts

    This was the best ad ever for the best dads ever. Bravo neato man!

  • Loco Madman
    Loco Madman

    Have’m or make the effort to avoid it; either way, happy Father’s Day from a fellow Canuck!

  • Jeff Eppenger
    Jeff Eppenger

    Another successful Coolidge Graduate🤘

  • Monica L Flores Garcia
    Monica L Flores Garcia

    Happy Fathers day to all daddys! I Will try next concoxon of yours vasectomy drink at my next get together with family. Lol cheers!🍹🥃🧁 😋🌈🌞🍹

  • BB LJ
    BB LJ

    The Deadpool vibes this radiates is off the charts 😂😂

  • Tyler Newton
    Tyler Newton

    SOOOOOOOOO going to have one this weekend

  • badopinionsrighthere

    He seems well adjusted

  • Mitsumpria

    I dont like children

  • Mann0

    He sounds like deadpool

  • Arctic Zearo
    Arctic Zearo

    I will literally watch anything this man is in.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    3 shots of vodka (pours half a bottle)

  • Prevenge IX
    Prevenge IX

    You are supposed to announce your doing a commercial. I was hoping you actually had a vasectomy. Now deadpool's going to have to come back in time and fix this.

  • Soumitra Shil
    Soumitra Shil

    It really sounded like he hates kids. REALLY HATES THEM 😒😒😒

  • FLIP !
    FLIP !

    Yeah, no… I want to try the first one he made. That ratio looked correct for dealing with those “scamps”

  • Damlordpunt

    I loved the first pour of gin😂 that’s how all of us parents do it after a long day of kids! Happy Father’s Day Dad’s!!!

  • M G
    M G

    DIY Vasectomy Kit www.dudeiwantthat.com/blog/17-silly-funny-fathers-day-gifts-dad-will-love.asp?fbclid=IwAR1dDcVfaSkweQEHq3VisJ4fVRXLkSP2lFO1iCyH83wzYIwGAipQBUwytMI

  • Kiki

    I tapped on this video thinking he got a vasectomy lollll

  • AL Javed
    AL Javed

    My wife and I walked into a bar and she looked at the bartender and said she wanted a screaming orgams, the bartender looks at me and asked what will I be having? I replied, A Vasectomy!

  • Mitkat 68
    Mitkat 68

    This man OMG he gives me goosebumps. 😍😍😍

  • Trent Dabs
    Trent Dabs

    Jin Confuses Me Is it a Cleaner or a Alcohol ? Or is it both 🤔

  • Shahin Hasham
    Shahin Hasham

    Love this guy best thing to come out of Canada 🇨🇦🙌

  • Sohan Prasad
    Sohan Prasad


  • Sohan Prasad
    Sohan Prasad


  • Sohan Prasad
    Sohan Prasad


  • Dave C
    Dave C

    Love it! Too funny!!

  • Christian. P. Taylor
    Christian. P. Taylor

    Aviation Gin, great for Burning Jags! 😉

  • Angelwing Nipple
    Angelwing Nipple

    That title terrified me. I thought he had a literal vasectomy. Pretty people need to breed MORE not get fkn vasectomies!

  • 496brit

    The silent rage and resentment 😂😅

  • Kim/Mike Zirkle
    Kim/Mike Zirkle

    What a gift..... to be GORGEOUS & HILARIOUS at the same time!!!!👍

  • Семёновна

    :) :) :)

  • MonkeyForce14

    maximum effort

  • Lars Söderberg
    Lars Söderberg

    that watch though. yum

  • Ruhweza Sylvia
    Ruhweza Sylvia

    I just love him

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear

    I thought he actually had a vasectomy

  • Georgi Ivanov
    Georgi Ivanov

    Wow, no dislike at 147k likes. I really do like Ryan Reynolds. So you do people!

  • Jenny “I love Matt” Dinh
    Jenny “I love Matt” Dinh


  • Biothrawn

    Man, Has he Ever been Out Side?

  • Banania

    That polo shirt is quite something, where can one find it?

  • Purple Dodecahedron
    Purple Dodecahedron

    Man, that actually looks tasty. I'm gonna try that. With cheap gin, but I'm gonna try it. I usually just drink straight rum, with a Dr. Pepper chaser or somethin'.

  • E R
    E R

    More men should get vasectomies.

  • potatofish

    "for something as refreshing as fatherhood" i can't tell whether or not he's being sarcastic

  • homerjnick

    It's the little eye twitches when he says "scamps" that gets me...its utterly brilliant.

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts

    He didn't mention the pain and the waddling

  • Jacob

    Don't start the video with "It's father's day" on June 9th if you don't want to give a select few viewers a brief panic

  • Adam Bernal
    Adam Bernal

    That gin kinda taste like dishcloth though.

  • Jeanine Berna
    Jeanine Berna


  • Cassie

    The way his eye twitches when he says “the little scamps” 0:57

  • Galateja

    Has he ever been outside?

  • P. Nick Brunson
    P. Nick Brunson


  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown

    My favourite actor

  • Ron Schubert
    Ron Schubert

    actually quite good

    • Cassie

      he made such a mess oh my

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