First to Hit a Home Run with Each Random Ball, Wins
The First Person to Hit a Blitzball Home Run with Each of these Random Balls is the Winner,,, We chose 6 different balls to hit over the fence at the home of Major League Wiffle Ball, The Meadows. All 6 of these balls are completely different and unique, and get more and more challenging as the video goes on... Make sure to watch till the end to find out who can come out on top!


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    Como Blitzball

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    • George Hartman
      George Hartman

      @Ball Is Life homerun derby

    • Alyssa Cherveny
      Alyssa Cherveny

      @Ball Is Life 💕👍👍💕👍

    • aidancohan

      Let’s go

    • minecraft 2123
      minecraft 2123

      Thats t h e meadows

    • PaperChung

      So I think we live close to each other and we have just started a wiffle/blitzball league so I was wondering if you would want to collabe with us and our new UZmilk Channel

  • Spice King Jr
    Spice King Jr


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    william mcfann


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    Owen Kaylee

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  • Brayden Blaha
    Brayden Blaha

    Does COMO stand for Columbia Missouri

    • Brayden Blaha
      Brayden Blaha

      I live in Jefferson City and the only reason I figured that out is because one video you guys went to academy and slim chicken which is what my family does when we go to academy

    • Como Blitzball
      Como Blitzball


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    Binna Why

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    Technical Deep

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  • Cam Johnson
    Cam Johnson

    Im so use to hearing alec warda say " lets go baby " on that field bro 😂😂

  • Evan Bice
    Evan Bice

    Who els just randomly started watching him now it’s an every day thing

  • Evan Bice
    Evan Bice

    I’m the 4800 like

  • Hairless Che
    Hairless Che

    Jesus is the only way to Heaven pursue Him today


    What do you do if you hit the scoreboard do you get 5 free balls

  • Tasha and and LPS and silver with you123
    Tasha and and LPS and silver with you123

    I play wiffle ball with the third and second ball.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    🔥 video! Do you know how we can see when the Freeport tournament is?

  • Gavin Hickman
    Gavin Hickman

    Mlw should just join the como league

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy


  • Noah

    When they said they were at the meadows I thought it was an mlw video but when I saw that it was cosmo I was like hold up PAUSE

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu


  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    Man i knew i recognized that field. Cant wait for the MLW and Como colab 😁

  • James DePelisi
    James DePelisi

    Natural and Roy Hobbs Be Like, 8:11

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    second? It's insane and if you haven't seen it, you need to.

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      Spoiler Joey won

  • Jj Salazar
    Jj Salazar

    There’s a tank???????

  • Kiefer van den Berg
    Kiefer van den Berg

    Lorddracinal outro 5:30

    • Kiefer van den Berg
      Kiefer van den Berg

      @sehhi vooty no an outro song of a UZmilkr

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      T-ball? More like fake whiffle ball

  • Silly bros
    Silly bros


  • Silly bros
    Silly bros


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    Monica Rodriguez

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  • Gage 16
    Gage 16

    Is this a softball field?

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl


  • yescatplays


  • TTV_Warrior 1134
    TTV_Warrior 1134

    Where is the meadows at

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      That field is so small I could hit a blade of grass over that fence

  • colty Mcleany
    colty Mcleany

    Good Chanel first vid

  • Kristen Lady
    Kristen Lady

    Does an MLW play at the meadows did you ask them if you could and they say yes

  • WillVinsticks

    Y’all just copying mlw

  • Baseball Rocks
    Baseball Rocks

    When i heard that they said that they were playing at the meadows i was like wait what collab with best wiffle ball UZmilk league

  • therealgordo_

    Spoiler Joey won

  • Oliver!

    Can't wait for the collab!! Have you all seen the play where Javy hits a ground ball and runs away from first, then avoids the tag and the runner at 3rd scores and Javy makes it to second? It's insane and if you haven't seen it, you need to.

  • Irene Estrada
    Irene Estrada

    T-ball? More like fake whiffle ball

  • Daddy Balls
    Daddy Balls


    • Daddy Balls
      Daddy Balls


  • clxtch

    I didnt know they lived in Michigan too like if you live in Michigan

    • Como Blitzball
      Como Blitzball

      We are from Columbia, Missouri! We took a trip up to Michigan to make some collab videos with MLW! Those vids are coming soon!

  • Trash

    bro this ins't even impressive its kinda boring

    • Trash

      @Como Blitzball It was a good idea tho

    • Como Blitzball
      Como Blitzball


  • Glass Of Water
    Glass Of Water

    I’m a baseball player but these do be pretty entertaining

  • noah frank
    noah frank

    Jesus loves you.

  • Tony Salvatelli
    Tony Salvatelli

    John 3:16-21.

  • Izaius Cadette
    Izaius Cadette

    That field is so small I could hit a blade of grass over that fence

  • Clark Kid
    Clark Kid

    There at the meadows letssssss gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juan Cena
    Juan Cena

    My name is quinn

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    Micah Crooks


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    Miguel D

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  • Aman AK
    Aman AK

    Did you try Cricket ball?🤔

  • EggDreamer

    Cant wait to see Sammy hitting dingers while Kyle Shultz is screaming “Swing and a BOMB!”

  • Hmmm !
    Hmmm !

    Hey why didn't you try with a cricket ball?

  • Time Bong
    Time Bong

    The idiot crap that trends

    • Hagan

      your an idiot crap

  • สุวิทย์ แซ่หว้า
    สุวิทย์ แซ่หว้า

    Cant wait to see Sammy hitting dingers while Kyle Shultz is screaming “Swing and a BOMB!”

  • Stephen Higuera
    Stephen Higuera

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  • Ash is sus
    Ash is sus


  • D Bell
    D Bell

    Great summer day with good friends-what's better?

  • Oscar Charo
    Oscar Charo

    Wow this video is on trending 🔥

  • Nolan Borgman
    Nolan Borgman

    At the iconic MLW field, The Meadows

  • Alleyoop Bros
    Alleyoop Bros

    Hey that’s where mlw plays

  • Peter Ludwig
    Peter Ludwig

    Right away I noticed who’s field it was


    Best collaboration ever I watch these youtubers so much

  • Cr0sS Beast
    Cr0sS Beast


  • agora

    Boys, we just got one step closer to an MLW/COMO Crossover

  • Locker-Room Dwarf
    Locker-Room Dwarf


  • ECK Sports
    ECK Sports

    Wait were you guys gonna play mlw in blitz ball or wiffle ball

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    S F

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  • Beau Garrity
    Beau Garrity

    Loved it it was so awesome I can do that It is so easy

  • Kristen Mallari
    Kristen Mallari

    7:20 blitzbllal

  • Wit Griffin
    Wit Griffin

    Can’t wait for the collab

  • Wierdo

    you should do it again but with a rule i like to call “2 no’s and a yes” meaning a batter can deny the chance hit twice before they have no choice but to accept

  • NSpencer4783

    The best collab on UZmilk ever.

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    Charles F. Elliott

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  • Carson Stoops
    Carson Stoops

    you got on trending!!!!

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  • COCHEA Films
    COCHEA Films

    Come there while there finishing a MLW series cus that’ll be funny

  • JustVampp Games
    JustVampp Games

    wait is this the field for the mlw wiffle ball league?

  • JustVampp Games
    JustVampp Games

    “Go down 1 ball” hmm... a Louis Armstrong reference?!

  • marlon detorres
    marlon detorres

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  • PaperChung

    Would y’all like to collabe with us and our new wiffle/bliztball league it is called LLW little league wiffleball

    • PaperChung

      We live close to Jonesboro

  • djlilpp

    I saw the meadows in the thumbnail and was a little confused

  • Seth Hammock
    Seth Hammock

    Literally the best collab ever

  • bg sw
    bg sw

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  • Ben Ben
    Ben Ben

    Did Kyle Shultz let you do this?

  • Baylen Worthen
    Baylen Worthen

    Mlw and comp share the same field

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    nh dw

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  • Dan Wyatt
    Dan Wyatt

    I threw my back out just watching this. Yes I’m old🙁

  • Neighborhood Olympics
    Neighborhood Olympics

    Yes finally a collab

  • John Lekich
    John Lekich

    They should do a division MLW and Como who every wins in there division play’s each other. In the championship

    • Brenda Livernois
      Brenda Livernois


  • Easton Coleman
    Easton Coleman


  • Tindel10

    let's be real. sami mvp

    • Sammy Reazer
      Sammy Reazer

      Sammy. But I like the way you think

  • Kindred

    Man i knew i recognized that field. Cant wait for the MLW and Como colab 😁

  • Gc_colty

    I am making a back yard Field how long is the fence from home plate to centerfield

  • Sammy Reazer
    Sammy Reazer

    10:32 Excuse me

  • Chase Ruber
    Chase Ruber


  • Clint Clemetson
    Clint Clemetson

    anyone notice sammy should have been 1 ball back after 10:16

    • Clint Clemetson
      Clint Clemetson

      @Sammy Reazer ohh okay i see

    • Sammy Reazer
      Sammy Reazer

      Joey (the pitcher) caught it which doesn’t count. The fielder has to catch it for u to go back a ball

  • primetimejax


  • Hagan

    people who watched the streams last year knew this was coming

  • Desperate Coasters
    Desperate Coasters

    Como vs mlw ?