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  • JokerFox

    This was an excuse to kill off Mikasa

  • Phi DMP
    Phi DMP

    unfair. Ordinary people fight people with supernatural powers

  • Kohaku Kitsune
    Kohaku Kitsune

    The link doesn't play the battle theme.

    • Kaiser Isaiah Foo
      Kaiser Isaiah Foo

      You can always use an mp3 website to download Thunder Shroud, it's also on Spotify

  • Waifu Battle
    Waifu Battle

    at 15:24 she shocked to see her final fate and scream loudly as she could for the last time before getting exploded

  • Couurtneyyy

    after everything Mikasa has gone through...she was KO'd by a furry 😪

  • Samuel Fernandez
    Samuel Fernandez

    Should've been Levi

    • Nicholas Hewitt
      Nicholas Hewitt

      What exactly makes Levi a better opponent? The connections between Blake and Mikasa are far closer.

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen

    ruby reaction to death battle Blake VS mikasa: this is Filth! Filth!

  • Jon Bonda
    Jon Bonda

    The Ackerman line is the same as Sineya's daughter. So technically, Mikasa is similar to the Slayers from BTVS.

  • Richard Rice
    Richard Rice

    mikasa wouldve chopped of her head not her arm i call some bs

    • oof


  • Robert Simon
    Robert Simon

    Anader death battle aot death battle

  • Keenan Johnson
    Keenan Johnson

    I’m probably going to be a sheep amongst wolves here writing this, but oh well. I’ve seen quite a bit of negativity in the comment sections with some recurring complaints. I understand different opinions exist, and honestly a lot of these comments all-in-all make sense. Some people just didn’t like this episode, and that’s fine. I myself think AOT is a vastly superior series overall, and it sucked seeing a character I really liked lose to my least favorite RWBY member. However, I’m going to try and point out some things to consider for more people to see before more of the same comments keep occurring. "Why would they pit a regular human against a super-powered being?" First off, that’s a discredit to Mikasa; she’s a Biologically-engineered human with Titan DNA, and it’s been explicitly stated several times over the series that Ackerman’s like her and Levi could partly mimic the strength of a titan. Still, even if she was a “regular human,” recall back in an episode of Death Battle in 2014, Batman was pitted against the super-serum enhanced Captain America and he won, so that alone shouldn’t determine the outcome. Hell, they even stated that landing a good hit with a thunder spear would put Blake out of commission. "There was such a gap in speed that the outcome was forgone." I’d go into the flaws in this argument, but I think the fact the next 2 episodes/fights after this had both Po and Star defeating characters with even bigger speed gaps speaks for itself. "This was such an unfair fight. The gap in abilities was too much and Blake has stuff Mikasa has never seen before." All Might VS Might Guy was unfair. Ganondorf VS Dracula was unfair. Goro VS Machamp was unfair. MANY fights in Death Battle are unfair. Clear-cut wins don’t stop the fight animation itself (as well as the analyses, music and comparison) from being interesting and fun to watch, and that shouldn't be different here. Also, “Blake has abilities Mikasa hasn’t fought before '' Funnily enough, that’s what happens when you pit two characters from different series against each other in VS debates. Crazy, I know, but as unfathomable as that is, THEY’VE BEEN DOING IT FOR 10 YEARS AND ALMOST 150 EPISODES NOW. "Blake and Mikasa have nothing in common." Right, right, absolutely nothing in common...except that they’re both dual-blade-wielding, acrobatic and anti-social members of a specialized team of monster hunters who wield specialized weapons that let them swing through the air, both are part of a race that’s discriminated against main civilization and are isolated from the rest of the world. Oh, and both had a love-interest who became an extremist whom they eventually turned against and dealt the final blow to. Yup yup, nothing in common at all. "This was just to promote RWBY by making them look good." Why, because their character won? What about Weiss VS Mitsuru then? Believe it or not, they can use characters that their company produced and make decent animations out of them for more than just making them look good. And if they really were that obsessed with making them look good, friendly reminder BLAKE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE HER VOICE ACTOR HERE. EVERYTHING SHE SAID (only 2 lines, might I add) WAS RECYCLED LINES TAKEN FROM THE SHOW. Hell, if anything I’d say this was to commemorate Attack on Titan’s final season and final volume being released around the same time. (side note, people are complaining how they made Mikasa fight someone 40 times faster than her, but not a single person is questioning why they made Weiss fight someone 240 times stronger than her in that episode. Hypocrisy much?) "If it was made to commemorate Attack on Titan, why did they make the character from the series they were commemorating lose?" Luigi lost his fight during the year of Luigi. She-Ra lost her fight when her Netflix series final season was airing. Red Hood lost when his episode was released on September 21 which is widely recognized as National Batman Day. Both Thor and Captain Marvel lost their fights around the time their movies were being released. Dragonzord lost when its episode was released on UZmilk on Jason David Frank's birthday, the actor known for playing Tommy Oliver. Commemoration means sweet f*** when it comes to who wins these. "They should’ve pitted Mikasa against someone she stood a chance against." Okay, name a different opponent she would’ve beaten then. Actually better yet, name a different opponent for her in general. From what I gathered looking through the internet, Mikasa’s second most requested opponent was Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul...who also demolishes her. "This was made from Rooster Teeth’s bias."" You know, calling something biased due to having a prejudiced mindset against a company is pretty damn oxymoronic. Just saying. Look, I’m not saying you have to love this episode. It’s certainly not their best 3D fight they’ve done, and I’d argue it’s one of the weaker episodes we’ve gotten this year. I just think these are some things that could and should be taken into account before pointing fingers and accusing the creators for being biased and stuff. It’s fine if you don’t like this show or RT themselves, but I hope some of you guys can at least humor the possibility that maybe they just wanted to make a fun episode of two fictional characters fighting. Again, it’s literally what they’ve been doing for a decade now.

    • Keenan Johnson
      Keenan Johnson

      @Richard Rice I said she can mimic the strength of a Titan, not turn into one. In fact, as it turns out Ackerman's literally can't turn into titans. She still has DNA that augments her physical capabilities, making her more than a "regular human".

    • Richard Rice
      Richard Rice

      mikasa cant turn into a titan shes a different race than eldians shes an ackermann which is a subject of ymir yes but they cant turn into titans or so proof says and her mom is an oriental

  • Kameron Carrio
    Kameron Carrio

    Wow roosterteeth made Blake

  • Iros Hensei
    Iros Hensei

    Blake: This girl is trying to save my life, guess I’ll kill her. That logic hahaha.

  • A Guy Who Likes Penguins
    A Guy Who Likes Penguins

    “Are those two sets of ears? Then she must have four times the hearing” Mikasa be asking the real questions

  • G3rRy

    They didn’t factor in the new covert ops ODM gear tho...

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      @G3rRy Not Mikasa, she was going Titan hunting.

    • G3rRy

      @Justin Alicea they use it again in the finale I believe (in the comics)

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      I believe they used it, like, once. And then Mikasa went back to her usual gear.

  • Nongtee

    Im ready for Levi vs Raven.

  • Name Placeholder #Resist #NotMyPresident
    Name Placeholder #Resist #NotMyPresident


  • Alex Gremlin
    Alex Gremlin

    I watched the whole of Vol 8 of RWBY first to avoid spoilers and I haven’t seen Death Battle in forever. Now I have catch up

  • Nolan Montelongo
    Nolan Montelongo

    Animations are getting so much better wtf

  • carlo jay Copada
    carlo jay Copada

    I think the fight shouldn't be that close.

  • Rafael Vaugier
    Rafael Vaugier

    Fue lo mismo que Yang vs Tifa, era obvio que Rooster Teeth no iba a dejar perder a sus personajes.... XD Aclaro, cero hate, pero era obvio el resultado.

  • bluewardog

    Maybe if Mikasa was using the Anti personal odm gear like she used in session 4 instead of the anti titan gear things would of been much worse for Blake

    • oof

      @bluewardog idiot Blake is still way to fast

    • bluewardog

      @Justin Alicea I'm not talking about the session 3 ones Kenny and his mp uses, I mean the ones in session 4 which do have swords and captured pistols

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      No, as that means no swords and thus no defense in close quarters. While Blake dodges around the bullets with far greater ease than Levi.

  • The Legend Smith
    The Legend Smith

    This was a really bad match up animators tried really hard to make it look like Mikasa had a chance but it's clear it was a 1 sided bout

  • Shane Anthony
    Shane Anthony


  • ReallyNoobieta's Channel
    ReallyNoobieta's Channel

    Try Levi Ackerman vs Spiderman Both swings and Both have perks

    • ReallyNoobieta's Channel
      ReallyNoobieta's Channel

      @oof I'm sure the map will be attack on titan's so it will be fair because if it's city Levi would get ignorant so they will make it fair and no tank or fist you said whatsoever

    • ReallyNoobieta's Channel
      ReallyNoobieta's Channel

      @oof if spiderman spits cob web into Levi it will eventually gets sliced so Levi will not get stuck then Levi will swing fast because odm gear swings faster than cob web.

    • oof

      @ReallyNoobieta's Channel Wait if Spider-Man traps him can't he just take his blade i mean he is pretty fast

    • oof

      @ReallyNoobieta's Channel Actually in the Comics Spider-Man throw a Tank

    • ReallyNoobieta's Channel
      ReallyNoobieta's Channel

      @oof what are you talking about? Your talking thinks that doesn't even makes sense,Like throw tanks or planet lvl thingy. I'm not gonna debate with you anymore because you talk the talk that doesn't even matter .

  • timebomb456

    15:38 should somebody tell blake where to hit that titan i mean her aura's down and her arm's off

  • rockman mix
    rockman mix

    If rooster teeth has death battle then is this canon?

    • Akuto Sai
      Akuto Sai

      @oof that literally doesn't make it canon to the original RWBY anime. Them having an opinion on who wins =/= canon.

    • oof

      @Akuto Sai they literally explained why Blake wins

    • Akuto Sai
      Akuto Sai

      @oof Because this hasn't been mention in RWBY. Also the makers of RWBY do not own AOT so they have no right to claim its canon that Blake beat Mikasa.

    • oof

      @Akuto Sai why

    • Akuto Sai
      Akuto Sai

      @oof Blake vs Mikasa isn't canon.

  • progamer2290 (progamer2290)
    progamer2290 (progamer2290)

    before i start this battle i need to know are there spoilers for the last season of both shows?

    • Jo F
      Jo F

      @progamer2290 (progamer2290)Majorly for AoT. I think there are a few clips from RWBY that show some fight scenes, but nothing major. Depends on definition of spoiler. Maybe nothing for RWBY...

    • progamer2290 (progamer2290)
      progamer2290 (progamer2290)

      @Jo F in both shows?

    • Jo F
      Jo F


  • Paul Ogbebor
    Paul Ogbebor

    can you do a tutorial on how these animations are made

    • oof

      It's made by computer animation

  • zach hendry
    zach hendry

    Death battle (now part of rooster teeth) with rwby characters hmm I wonder who’s gonna win, also human vs op cat girl, yeah no contest

  • Two Tone
    Two Tone

    She can intercept bullets, but gets impaled by a spear several times slower from further away? Cat Girl deserved to win, but this seemed contrived.

    • Two Tone
      Two Tone

      @Justin Alicea Using the rods on a unarmored target would not have triggered them, was a dumb move to try to use them as a finishing blow, seeing both participants are fast enough to deflect bullets. But if one was hit by a rod, it'd have passed through, leaving a wound, yes, but hardly worse then losing one's arm.

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      @Two Tone Uh, but she does need to activate the rods to fire-oh wait, they were already pinned down and pulling her towards Blake. And then Blake just aimed for Mikasa's center mass, near the stomach, the point of rotation. And what the hell are you talking about? Mikasa is useless out in a field, while Blake also knows how to use terrain to swing and move. There's nowhere else to fight and no weakness to use because the other option is for fighting to stop.

    • Two Tone
      Two Tone

      @Justin Alicea Her gear don't even use feet to control it. Also if she was violently out of control, how was she hit in the first place? would have been better if the reaction gear was disabled then beheading her. Both contestants fought dumb in the Battle, you don't fight a battle to the strengths of a enemy, but you defeat them by capitalizing on their weaknesses.

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      She was spinning out of control due to her foot being turned into ice.

  • Kevin

    I'm surprised at how tall mikasa is

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen

    5:14 5:15 Adam VS Vergil

  • Death Nights-Bane
    Death Nights-Bane

    All I want is Jaune vs Kirito.


    Bootleg vergil lmao😂

  • terriboy

    I wonder if Monty was still alive, would he have animated this?

    • oof


  • terriboy

    For some reason I like this Blake on this fight more than in RWBY. I'm talking about animation wise and how the animation looks by the way

  • Mario Diaz
    Mario Diaz

    20-30 foot iron wire???? Dude the distance those things travel had to be waaayyyy more than that, at least 50 feet

  • History1x


  • Kattman74

    NO CAP Mikasa was nerf heard for her

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea


  • Seth Kunert
    Seth Kunert

    So long as mikasa can survive the surprise power difference its pretty even

    • Seth Kunert
      Seth Kunert

      As is it seems like a contest between the same personality with different powers

  • Esskirt

    Next time do levi let’s see can she keep up with Levi speed

    • oof

      @Esskirt nope

    • Esskirt

      @Justin Alicea levi cleaning mode is so godly

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      Except Mikasa already scaled to Levi.

  • Connor Reeves
    Connor Reeves

    Just a thought to complete the RWBY roster: Ruby Vs Maka (RWBY Vs Soul Eater)

    • Alastor


  • Leonchris Gabriel Cortez
    Leonchris Gabriel Cortez


  • Shirokodaki

    One random ass matchup but well executed none the less

  • Rodiemel Enaje
    Rodiemel Enaje

    My Favorite mikasa

  • NikoLOL

    I love mikasa but who tf does she think she is tryna mess with Blake?!?!? Like go kill sum titans or sumn 💀

  • Hector Vergara
    Hector Vergara

    So she only cut her arm off instead of her head? Lol alright sometimes some of these videos don’t make sense at all 😂

    • Hector Vergara
      Hector Vergara

      @Justin Alicea still doesn’t make sense lol make it accurate if that’s the case

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      Animation is for entertainment and not accuracy. Hence why Mikasa even could hit Blake at all.

  • Brandon JK16
    Brandon JK16

    Que estafa

  • Red Carter
    Red Carter

    LOL why would Blake catch that thunder spear thing? That kinda took me outta the fight, she dodges a lot and as badass as it was it was hard to imagine. 😹

  • grey wolf
    grey wolf

    Jojo vs oboma

  • Random Gurl
    Random Gurl

    I guess you could say Mikasa was *Blown away*

  • Gsage

    Yeah this was unbalanced... in terms of raw ability. But I felt Mikasa could have still won given her generally insane skill set. Using that ODM requires possibly skills in balance that is leagues above Blakes in terms of balance and awareness of her body relative to her surroundings. While that doesn't make her faster, typically learning difficult skills lead to stronger brains, something I felt Mikasa didn't use enough of

    • Gsage

      @Justin Alicea I feel like I was confusing presentation vs actual ability

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      Except she has never experienced fighting someone like Blake, and reaction time is going to be far more reliable at saving Blake than Mikasa maybe having a better sense of balance letting her land a hit. And given Blake's Faunus attributes, she wouldn't miss Mikasa's turbine going off or the sound of the much more limited hook lines shooting out.

  • TV Sized Anime Channel
    TV Sized Anime Channel

    Not fair put Eren there

    • oof

      Isn't that outside help

  • DaoOfLewdness GodOfLewdness
    DaoOfLewdness GodOfLewdness

    Needs to be updated

    • oof

      Nothing has changed with Mikasa

    • DuckyTheGamer

      Mikasa would still lose, she's a human and has no magic


      Nope, Blake still stomps.

  • Nathan Blevins
    Nathan Blevins

    You know there a character name punker who look like the punker exe from megaman battle network. Who is real strong. He was a thief and great with a gun and chain. He was brought back by devil beast for his army and even almost kill blake in this same fight just one thing she got help by 17who like blake but his farther was a cult leader. Who like this story?

  • Meister Yune
    Meister Yune

    Wait, so let me get this right. Yang lost her right arm and Blake lost her left arm?

  • Blake Mamba
    Blake Mamba

    Damn I just really wanted to watch Blake die . Her arc is everything that’s wrong with rwby . I hope that titan finishes her off .

    • Nathan0973

      @Blake Mamba i guess

    • Blake Mamba
      Blake Mamba

      @Nathan0973 I mean , not really . I haven’t watched nearly enough AOT to be invested .

    • Nathan0973

      You salty that Mikasa lost

  • OmegaEOP

    The comment section:”WhY DiD they make MikAsa fiGHt A caT wIth sUpernAtural Powers?!” AOT:mikasa fighting giant cannibals and people who can shape shift into giant cannibals

  • ものゴールデン

    I liked this this was fair imo Mikasa had powers also

  • eccentricMammal

    14:42 oof

  • Josef

    He should do ant man vs eren

  • Nowell

    Sometimes I wonder if these matchings are still reasonable😂

  • Reese / Puff
    Reese / Puff

    When death battle looks better than rwby

  • Slobby

    Congrats on 10 years!

  • Super weird Plush
    Super weird Plush

    Blake: *kills mikasa* Mikasa: *flips off blake because she killed her for no reason*

    • GabrielMaster721

      How can she flip her off if she's dead

  • San 3
    San 3

    Bro they- [Spoiler] They Yang'd Blake :'DdDDd

  • Daniel Ferrieri
    Daniel Ferrieri

    Blake vs Mikasa: Ladies of Coolness . Elk (MUC) vs Nathan Izzei (MUC): Rivalry Never Dies

  • Subarashi -
    Subarashi -

    i wanna know what song played during their battle.

    • Mr.Gentlemac

      An original song for the battle. Thunder Shroud - Brandon Yates

  • Mighty Tron!!
    Mighty Tron!!

    I swear death battle is full of rwby lovers

    • oof

      @Mr.Gentlemac she didn't even die though but anyways the show hates her anyways

    • Mr.Gentlemac

      Weiss lost tho.

    • Mighty Tron!!
      Mighty Tron!!

      Like no way Yang would beat Tifa Either. I haven’t watched death battles in years and yikes. Idk what they did to the two narrators, but sheesh

  • Vicente Sanchez Jr.
    Vicente Sanchez Jr.

    Bruh, did you really have to spoil AOT like that? Bruuuuuh

    • Vicente Sanchez Jr.
      Vicente Sanchez Jr.

      @ㅤ man I totally missed that part since I was half watching it when my sis put it on. Who would have thought DB would ruin Titan for me haha

    • ㅤ

      it literally said at the beginning that it would include spoilers :/

  • Shuizid

    I like how stayed true to the RWBY tradition that bullets are useless - even while fighting a normal human xD

  • Frostmyr

    this was a unfair battle, mikasa stood no chance, this its legit: f2p skillfull player vs p2w magic girl

  • Headless

    so blake is faster than lightning?

    • muzza singh
      muzza singh

      No, she can keep up with characters that can dodge lighting and mikasa can keep up with characters that can dodge bullets

  • Kinjure Shunjin
    Kinjure Shunjin

    Aw'ight!!!!! I'm a be honest, she put it to Mikasa. Either tho that she's my favorite character of Attack on Titans. But I really thought that she'll win tho. I never saw that coming. I thought she would've douge it.

  • Unbiased

    ew the ugly furry won

  • Deo Donum
    Deo Donum

    Now that Kelsier from Mistborn is in Fortnite, does that qualify him for Death Battle?

  • Jamescourt Court
    Jamescourt Court

    Suck it aot No offence Edit:that was a red vs blue quote from rooster teeth :D

  • pikachu

    Mikasa=titan in end of video?

  • Spring Gené
    Spring Gené

    Blake Belladonna “Likes: reading, tuna, *Yang”*

  • Pink Perfume Fairy
    Pink Perfume Fairy

    I don't watch any of these shows but I'm down 😂

  • Jake Taller
    Jake Taller

    I’m pretty sure they forgot to mention how f***ing ripped Mikasa is! Seriously, that girl got abs of steel!

  • David Ray
    David Ray

    Persona protag battle royale

  • Sped Boi
    Sped Boi

    Uh ngl bull you see thunder spears aren't able to be pulled fell or broken out of place so it falling out of place like that is crap plus her spinning and it falling out or getting pulled out is crap


      @Sped Boi Stupidity at its finest. Can’t even understand someone’s facts.

    • Sped Boi
      Sped Boi

      @Jeremy Randolph ????

    • Jeremy Randolph
      Jeremy Randolph

      The animation is just for show. It doesn't any weight in the the analysis and serves the purpose of a chart.


    convenient rocket launcher is convenient

  • Master Assassin
    Master Assassin



    Mikasa was winning until the end

  • KhadaArt

    Is this taking the fact that mikasa has titan blood inside her? which is why she has incredible brute strengh?

    • Justin Alicea
      Justin Alicea

      Well, she already has proven what that superhuman strength level is.

  • ooga booga ooga beeehga
    ooga booga ooga beeehga

    this was an unfair fight

  • Dariel AMV/GBA
    Dariel AMV/GBA

    What happened to the power of the ackerman blood?

  • Elevate uses VN
    Elevate uses VN

    Blake : Why did you bring a knife to a gun fight Mikasa : Everyone knows 1 stab and your dead

  • Skull- Kid
    Skull- Kid

    Nooo mikasa :(

  • NumbZkull

    I love how the battle theme is a mixed remix of AoT last season's opening and RWBY themes' singing.

  • Auto Paradise
    Auto Paradise

    If the average person has one set of ears than wouldn't two sets just be double the hearing? Why is it squared? That was just the funniest line, not even commenting on the cat part just decided to multiply the ears.

  • ken Espiritu
    ken Espiritu

    Why would you match modern vs old inventions? Such a mismatch battle

  • Julian Holmes
    Julian Holmes

    All they need is ruby and they’ll get all of team rwby

  • HywolfGaming

    what kind of matchup is this..... lets do goku vs ash ketchum now i guess

  • Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
    Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    you guys realy like to get your numbers wrong huh? she did not tank over 4 tons of tnt when the bird hit the stone structure because she was not hit by anything, she was just standing on top of the structure, saying that she can take 4 tons of tnt because of that is like saying a Toyota Hilux can take the total force unleashed from the demolition of a 24 storey building. (look up Top Gear killing a Toyota Part 3) obviously, there is no way the car could survive that amount of energy if it was to actually get hit by it... which it did not... because just like Blake, it was on the roof. she would probably still win though, but not thanks to made up bs numbers but rather thanks to her actual abilities being significantly greater then Mikasa's, which is almost entirely limited to her magical abilities.

  • Keyzor

    Who would win, Satan or my Pet Caterpillar