Dean Henderson replaced by Aaron Ramsdale in England's Euro 2020 squad

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Thought he was Welsh lol

  • Reece H
    Reece H

    I don't understand it, Ramsdale just got relegated yet he's awarded with a England call up but that's just how bad they are I suppose

  • David Owen
    David Owen

    Who the heck is that guy? why not soton's Fraser Forster a keeper with vast experience both local and european

  • Aitor Karanka
    Aitor Karanka

    Southgate got upset with Mourinho liking Henderson

  • Paul Hudson
    Paul Hudson

    Taking injured players is so stupid

  • Dapur Officer
    Dapur Officer

    So three of them have the same things in common, used to or play with relegated team.

  • Steve Elliott
    Steve Elliott

    He was injured taking the knee.

  • odaily

    You know What Pickford did to Henderson right?

  • Blue Dwarf
    Blue Dwarf

    Why did the manager send him home? I thought he likes having injured players in his team

  • Super Penguin 64
    Super Penguin 64

    Oh god, queue the idiots criticising southgate’ decision

  • Uber Hoofenhoussen
    Uber Hoofenhoussen

    Thought Jordan was being sent back home..........not cool.......the wrong Henderson has gone home.

  • Eoghan Ryan
    Eoghan Ryan

    Hahaha Henderson is a shithouse....injured or not

  • Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
    Luigi's TheBetterPlumber

    Unlucky Henderson... Hope Ramsdale gets a start up front instead of Kane.... 😁 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • illmatic

    Ramsdale to replace Henderson at Man United soon..

  • Syed Hasan
    Syed Hasan

    I am not sold on Ramsdale quality. We should have got the Southampton goalkeeper or Tom Heaton as back up.

    • Renu Dang
      Renu Dang

      Ramsdale never more than 5 goals. The Southampton goalkeeper did concede 9 goals twice.

  • Jinzo

    looks like united will stick with De Gea

  • marwin taukechan
    marwin taukechan


  • Marcus Trashford
    Marcus Trashford

    England not losing much anyway....dean henderson is dead food anyways

  • A M
    A M

    Anyone who has the audacity to challenge Pickford will end up with an injury, one way or another.

    • James M. Duffy
      James M. Duffy

      Cry more

  • Ezinne Ebele-Adinnu
    Ezinne Ebele-Adinnu

    Noooooooooooo he might not be cleared before the season

  • Riv 1117
    Riv 1117

    The only reason he called up ramsdale is because u need to have 2 keepers on the bench

  • Ujwal Limbu
    Ujwal Limbu

    wud be fun to watch the cycling gk on the euros

  • BeanutPutter

    Kyle Walker is still my 3rd choice keeper.

  • Keelan Brightmore
    Keelan Brightmore

    The 2020 keeps messing with my head 😂 keep having it check what year we are in 😂😂


    Well done Rammers fully deserved 💯❤️ Dem Bladesmen

  • Rewathy Supromaniam
    Rewathy Supromaniam

    I fad up with Southgate...why he so much hate Manchester United players. Arrgghhh

  • SeánBonella

    must be great, getting added to a team knowing NO chance playing, yet still being in 23 matchday squad ahead of others.....mind boggles

  • Sai Mah
    Sai Mah

    Who cares? England will definitely get knocked out in RO16 when they face one of the group f teams

    • John Murray
      John Murray

      Probably, not definitely, unless of course you have magical powers.

  • GoodSuggestion ButNo
    GoodSuggestion ButNo

    BIG NEWS, this is def gonna change the outcome of the tournament

    • a customer
      a customer

      MUST BE A DIFFERENT ONE to what im watching then

  • Anthony Harmon
    Anthony Harmon

    Now replace one footed sterling and donkey Kane we might win

    • Efan Cording
      Efan Cording

      Just stop following football mate, it's not for you

    • dylan murphy
      dylan murphy

      You’re Clueless

  • Ashfaaq 4
    Ashfaaq 4

    Sam johnstone seems absolutely solid

  • wAFF

    Greenwood then now Henderson, even Rashford isn't fully fit. Something is wrong at United

    • Abraham Chinye
      Abraham Chinye

      you just realised? also maguire.

  • Shreyas Rumba
    Shreyas Rumba

    I'm enjoying this troment.

    • Charlie Sutton
      Charlie Sutton

      Ist bene graet hastn it?

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman

    Just put Walker in net ffs

  • Wagwanbennydj

    Still would of rather had JWP

    • Johnnyboy1989

      Should of called him up we ain’t even got a fit CM only Henderson Rice and Phillips are holding midfield and the rest are number 10 or wingers

  • Connor-Craig Sellars
    Connor-Craig Sellars

    Seriously, going to sound like a long shot but where's Ben Foster? If Ramsdale can get picked

    • XCF

      Like 3rd choice is never going to play. I’d have taken Foster purely cos he seems like he’d be a great guy to have around with the squad.

    • Akinlabi Omo-Oso
      Akinlabi Omo-Oso

      @Big Makka Pope is just recovering from surgery! At least, get your facts right.

    • Big Makka
      Big Makka

      @Sam Hirst Even pope like got to be a joke cos looks like southgate has favourites!

    • Beeg Yoshi
      Beeg Yoshi

      @dylan murphy he wasn’t

    • Efan Cording
      Efan Cording

      How do you not know that Ben foster is retired internationally

  • Lauren dilario
    Lauren dilario

    Can they bring in Fikayo Tomori and Jesse Lingard please

    • JM763cbdh

      If tomori was good enough he wouldn't have been loaned out

    • SLAV BOI
      SLAV BOI

      Not anymore

  • Russell Chan
    Russell Chan

    Henderson knew he wasn't gonna play ahead of Pickford so might as well enjoy his holiday.

  • Muhammad Fatwatul Haq
    Muhammad Fatwatul Haq

    This is an absolutely non sense😡😡😡

  • Cottage Fries
    Cottage Fries

    Even ramsdale came in, he wont even play the matches

  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox


  • Soumish Sengupta
    Soumish Sengupta

    0:13-- couple of months?

  • davemadson fan
    davemadson fan

    We are doomed

  • MegaRage92

    Ex Sheffield United keeper replaced by actual Sheffield United keeper.

    • Jared Jones
      Jared Jones

      @Tarang Dutta omg

    • Tarang Dutta
      Tarang Dutta

      Sheffield utd funnily replaced Henderson with Ramsdale 12 months ago

  • S. G.
    S. G.

    Karl Darlow?

  • Hoss

    the irony that you media kept throwing de gea under the bus to replace him with henderson so that he can play the euros now your dream is destroyed

  • L Shakes
    L Shakes

    What’s breaking about this news?

    • Syauqat Fikri
      Syauqat Fikri

      Their brain.. Everything is breaking news for them.. Wait until harry kane got a diarrhea its breaking news for them

  • Glenn Fleming
    Glenn Fleming

    I'd put McGuire in nets: like a goalie, he doesn't run around a lot, after all.

    • Efan Cording
      Efan Cording

      There is no English player called "McGuire"

  • Joao Albuquerque
    Joao Albuquerque

    The hell happened to Dean Henderson? Can managers change the squad in the middle of the euro?

    • Victor Camarasa
      Victor Camarasa

      @dylan murphy It was his own stupid fault in the first place.

    • dylan murphy
      dylan murphy

      @John Wayne94 did you read his reply ?

    • John Wayne94
      John Wayne94

      only goalkeepers. Did you watch the video?

    • Huy Kim
      Huy Kim

      Only applied to goalkeepers

    • Joao Albuquerque
      Joao Albuquerque

      @Injurylawyer I'm sorry. I forgot to watch it and quickly made my way to the comments to know the answer

  • Brad Bolan
    Brad Bolan

    Cycling GK robbed

  • abdulrahman alali
    abdulrahman alali

    hey sky sports

  • 11

    Where's Nick Pope, why not him?

    • Three Sword Style
      Three Sword Style

      Injured mate

    • Sam Fitz
      Sam Fitz

      I don’t know if he is fully fit even if he isn’t he should go because he has taken a half fit maguire why not do it with pope

  • David

    So Dean Henderson is away to get pissed in a foreign country

  • ChickenCurry FNM
    ChickenCurry FNM

    Y is their even a need for 3 keepers 🤣 it’s not that difficult to take JWP

    • ChickenCurry FNM
      ChickenCurry FNM

      @Everyone1lies D exactly 😂

    • poolfans

      Stupid at its highest level. Dumb f

    • RMHAZ

      correction: 4 keepers including kyle walker

    • Troy Parrott is the next Ronaldo
      Troy Parrott is the next Ronaldo

      If the first choice gets injured, the 2nd choice keeper goes in. The backup for the 2nd choice keeper is the 3rd

    • john craig
      john craig

      stop crying mate, you need to have 3 keepers, what if pickford get an injury and then johnstone gets red careded?

  • Ansh Malhotra
    Ansh Malhotra

    I think it's better for him. He has to carry the United squad for the next season.

    • 429 67
      429 67

      @MG Tookee he will be number tho although I agree with you. Henderson is not ready. His positioning is awful don’t use his feet. 1/2 year loan to West Ham would be perfect IMO.

    • Ansh Malhotra
      Ansh Malhotra

      @MG Tookee I mean, don't you think he'll be getting more play time than De Gea? Remember the rift that happened at the end of the season this year?

    • King Armish
      King Armish

      That's what every club says after their players injury 🤷‍♂️

    • MG Tookee
      MG Tookee

      Mate ur thick, he’s not even good enough to be number 1

    • Matthew Black
      Matthew Black


  • priyanshu kunwar
    priyanshu kunwar

    Such a worse goalkeeper even Joe Hart is better than him

    • Victor Camarasa
      Victor Camarasa

      No, Johnstone and Ramsdale have some good stats this season

  • Capitano

    The euros has already started dafuq

  • Sahr N
    Sahr N

    What happened to Nick Pope?

    • J L
      J L

      Knee injury

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones

    Fook off

  • 웃

    they already have Kyle Walker as backup goalkeeper 😂🤔🤔

    • aris bria
      aris bria

      Fact 😂

    • Kb George
      Kb George

      @Liam Bradley if he isn't English so what?

    • jamesrose1997

      @Liam Bradley 'DUDE' call your self English shut your mouth you fool

    • Njeri Mburu
      Njeri Mburu

      @Liam Bradley So just because I'm African I don't have the right to comment??? DISGUSTING!!!!!!

    • Njeri Mburu
      Njeri Mburu

      @Liam Bradley says the best footballer in the whole world 😒

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye

    This squad is getting worse and worse every second. It's not that deep though, England's euros will be over in the last 16 anyways.

    • Abraham Chinye
      Abraham Chinye

      @S 2 we drew to scotland... The manager is literally brexit version of Ole. All our talent is going to waste. Imagine putting grealish and sancho on the bench but starting sterling for 2 games.

    • Abraham Chinye
      Abraham Chinye

      @Victor Camarasa never said lickford was bad for his country but the gk was our strongest position depth wise, now its a liability, alongside the CBs. But your right with the shaw comment, or if not at least play chillwell.

    • Victor Camarasa
      Victor Camarasa

      @Abraham Chinye Pickford is a different player for country, he has passion and is a great addition to this England squad. As for Trippier at LB, that is straight up outrageous. Luke Shaw has been superb to keep Telles on the side-lines for Utd.

    • S 2
      S 2

      ​@Abraham Chinye I agree that the manager is not exciting, but as for what he's done for the mentality of playing for England, the pressure from the media must be unreal. You need confidence and experience at this level.

    • siyuan huo
      siyuan huo

      @BlaizeAssasin even if we finish second, we'll have to play one of those in the quarterfinals (very likely) so there's no point

  • J L
    J L

    Bad news for Henderson, ramsdale won’t even play though Johnstone will get nod if Pickford is out


      @J L haha legend

    • Jared Jones
      Jared Jones

      really? a keeper he picked for the tournament would play ahead of a keeper he wasnt going to take?? thats wild


      Rammers over Johnstone any day

    • J L
      J L

      @Shush SHush he said I was a bitter toon fan because Pickford is number one? 🤷‍♂️ and that I was a mong for supporting Newcastle haha

    • Three Sword Style
      Three Sword Style

      @Liam Floy it's OK son, I'd be ashamed too

  • David Dee
    David Dee

    I’m more surprised he wasn’t replaced by another right back if I’m honest.

    • Riv 1117
      Riv 1117

      @Matthew Segaya exactly and those 3 goalkeepers need to always be in the 23 man squad that travels to the stadium

    • Matthew Segaya
      Matthew Segaya

      @Riv 1117 no UEFA rules states at least 3 goalkeepers must be called up no matter what.

    • Sharique Hammad
      Sharique Hammad


    • Riv 1117
      Riv 1117

      @David Dee u think Southgate thinks like that 🤣 He ain’t smart mate

    • Riv 1117
      Riv 1117

      @China Man I know it’s a stupid rule But the only reason sanchos missed out on the squad day before was because u need 2 goalkeepers on the bench (and Southgate wasn’t impressed with him in the friendlies)

  • Harry Mogg
    Harry Mogg

    Yes rambo. Anyone who thinks he's a bad player because he's got relegated twice didn't watch Bournemouth of Sheffield United. He was one of Bournemouths best player coming from a Bournemouth fan. And he ended the season as Sheffield Uniteds best player last season. So before you comment watch the games

    • Matthias

      @Harry Mogg agreed, pretty embarrassing for him to be this moronic on a public forum

    • Harry Mogg
      Harry Mogg

      @Matthias mate the guy is pathetic

    • Matthias

      @Liam Floy yo, still waiting for some form of evidence to back your assertion

    • Liam Floy
      Liam Floy

      @Harry Mogg sad little boy get a life

    • Liam Floy
      Liam Floy

      @Harry Mogg 🥱🥱🥱

  • Liam Floy
    Liam Floy

    Ramsdale is an awful goalkeeper relegated with 2 clubs and conceded almost 100 goals enjoy the bench no way he's playing for England

    • kiriakoz

      @Liam Floy not irrelevant. Pickford was 22 when he got relegated, Ramsdale is 23 now. There's no point in telling me what happened after that point, because Ramsdale isn't up to that point in his career yet. When you're young, the most important thing is you get plenty of playing time & experience. He still has the opportunity to learn and get better. That's why Southgate has him in the squad too, for experience.

    • Liam Floy
      Liam Floy

      @kiriakoz irrelevant pickford was young at Sunderland he came to Everton and was ever present in the premier league and Became England's number1

    • kiriakoz

      The current England #1 got relegated with Sunderland. It turns out, football is a team sport.

    • Liam Floy
      Liam Floy

      @Lloyd George I agree players like mings, jordon Henderson

    • Lloyd George
      Lloyd George

      There’s quite a few English players that shouldn’t be in the quad so why not ramsdale 😂

  • Thomas McInerney
    Thomas McInerney

    Thats a pity, such a great athlete.

    • Victor Camarasa
      Victor Camarasa

      @Satim Henderson is not better than De Gea ffs. De Gea is past it and season wonder

    • Efan Cording
      Efan Cording

      @Shush SHush Not as if you're biased or anything

    • Satim

      @Nobody he's a better gk than de gea OVERALL

    • noorul hasan
      noorul hasan

      Its not like he's going to play anyway If Pickford gets injured Sam Johnstone will take his place