5 Men Behind The FAILED European Super League!
For our latest video we are looking at the 5 men behind the European Super League who tried to ruin football as we know it!

The face of the renegade competition was Real Madrid President Florentino Pérez, and we look at his reign at Los Blancos, the success of his Galacticos policy, and long term vision for his boyhood club.

And there is his right hand man, Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli. We explore the motivations that drove the 45 year old to try to accelerate the Bianconeri's position among Europe's elite.

And finally we profile the American trio of Premier League owners who were the integral to the ESL; Arsenal's Stan Kroenke, Manchester United's Joel Glazer, and Liverpool's John W Henry. Is there any way these three can win back the trust of their clubs once more?!




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  • Euro Football Daily
    Euro Football Daily

    Which person do you hold most responsible? Or are they all equally guilty?! (Dougie)


      They are all guilty There is one way to get these owners out of football And that is to introduce 50+1 rule

    • Joao Abreu
      Joao Abreu

      Florentino I'm not even saying his last name, it makes me vomit

    • Mr. gaming
      Mr. gaming

      Florentino perez

    • Igor Mac
      Igor Mac

      @Vito Corleone the only reason the big teams are so big is because they changed the CL format and allowed 5th placed teams from PL to compete in the CHAMPIONS league, while the CHAMPIONS from smaller countries have to play stupid qualifiers. You got those billionaires that bought all the best players to make otherwise mediocre teams competitive and now they don't want to play "shit" teams. Offcourse they now want an ever more " elite" league. They can have it as far as I'm concerned. It those clubs can not be part of UEFA which does not belong to rich english and german clubs but to all of Europe. Let them go an make uefa.champions league what it was in the 1980s. One team from each country.

    • Johan


  • rowdycmoore

    Serious question, and keep in mind this is coming from someone who does prefer the UEFA structure and wishes something like it was in the USA: What if Florentino Perez is right? What if there are millions of young potential football/soccer fans out there who are turning off the games because their view is "We don't care about the biggest clubs in the world forever playing teams like West Ham or Crystal Palace who have no players we want to watch, we WANT to see Man United face Real Madrid and AC Milan face Barcelona every year, and if UEFA won't guarantee us those matchups, we just won't watch?" Like it or not, Millennials and Gen Z have far more options for pastimes than just watching football all the time. Is it possible that football really could die out in another 10-30 years because the old fashioned system just won't produce what the younger generation wants? Again, I'm someone who WISHES we had promotion and relegation and far more regional sport matchups here in the States. But I'm also having to consider that, at 42 years old, maybe I'm not the type sports should be looking to cater to.

  • jimi awaydaze01 01010101awaydaze
    jimi awaydaze01 01010101awaydaze

    knocking back the E S L. is restraint of trade ..IT'LL BE BACK FOOTBALL ISN'T THE PRESERVE OF 19TH CENTURY CLUBS.

  • wir154

    Perez was delusional. He claimed that 4 billion would have watched it. 4 billion is more than half the population of the entire Earth! No one with any sense would think that anywhere close to that proportion of the World's population would ever watch football, never mind that just a fraction of the true total would have watched the E.S.L.! More than half the World's population are going to watch some competition, with clubs who have a permanent presence in it anyway, coming from just 3 countries, and not even the 3 most populous ones in Europe? Get real! (Just noticed that's almost a pun there!) Living in such a delusional world and with such a poor grasp of figures, it's no surprise that he has run up such huge debts at Real!

  • Dan Dascalescu
    Dan Dascalescu

    Money controls their life and the sense of power they get from money disconnects them from reality and in the history of humanity this never have had a “happy end”👎

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    So the same idiots that broke football by throwing around stupid transfer fees tried to “save” football by grabbing even more of the money pot. I think it makes more sense to cut out the creators of the problem. Cut out the rot!

  • Trevor Hill
    Trevor Hill

    Lets face it, it's going to happen one day, next move the owners stop investing in the clubs

  • Gary Galt
    Gary Galt

    The only thing wrong with football. Is the obscene wages and transfer money. Which has made greedy owners inflate ticket prices and merchandise. Lower wages lower profit. And the fans will be happy. And there is no football without the fans. It’s just a kick about on the park. When will there greed stop. We need to boycott.

  • gb5uq

    Oy Vey !!!!!.

  • Edward Murphy
    Edward Murphy

    THE super league is inevitable the REVENUES from the world wide rights to exclusive programming of top teams every week ,would be enormous and the owners of these clubs know it . They must have left out news Corp, for sky is so much against it, as we can see from the reaction from their tame ,totally independent experts, .EUAFA I CAN understand it would take the Rhine off their champions league if the lesser teams from the league's were contesting . But that's the rub ,the champions league's early stages are of very limited appeal except to the minnows playing,AND the tv monster must be fed ,so if you don't give it what it wants it will get it elsewhere, when the compromise between the super league and the tv moguls it will be announced as the ultimate football experience. Good for some sad for those left behind.

  • Esa


  • Andrew Oliver
    Andrew Oliver

    These massive clubs are in debt as they realise money equals titles. They're now trying to find a way to keep their advantage.

  • Viktorija

    In the last few years, UEFA has returned 90% of its revenues in support of local clubs and national leagues. This information is not sufficiently known. In the Super League, all profits would only flow between the founding fund and a few clubs.

  • Worlds Amess
    Worlds Amess

    Your trying to save your club as your in so much debt ......That's all.

  • Stu Flyboy Reay
    Stu Flyboy Reay

    Let’s not kid ourselves here. These people are not businessmen. They are greedy crooks. Mishandling’s in the transfer market, whatever could that mean? 🤣 They got themselves into crippling debt and now these clubs are pulling gangster moves blocking takeovers and threatening to pull out of the league. Purely to save their own skin, this has got fuck all to do with sport. Fuck these traitorous clubs, they should all suffer the consequences of their actions. And they should be punished and investigated

  • EmaMasterchef

    05:47 THE OLD LADY HAHAHAHAHA it's La Vecchia Signora XD

  • Magar Purna
    Magar Purna

    He is a football mafia☠️☠️☠️

  • Michael Czerniewski
    Michael Czerniewski

    Regarding Señor Stan Kroenke's unnecessary moving of the NFL team from St. Louis to LA: St. Louis have an ongoing lawsuit against the entire NFL regarding this move. Unlike the Chargers moving to LA or the Raiders (who should have joined the Chargers in LA) moving to Vegas, this particular move violated the NFL's own relocation rules, which state (among other things) that teams cannot move if they had not exhausted all possible solutions in the city they're trying to leave. The team and the league keep trying to bring up the unfortunate Dome lease as their defense, but the courts - including the US Supreme Court - have thoroughly rejected that argument. Expect Kroenke (who, as a condition to move the team, indemnified the league and is responsible for ALL legal fees) to have to pay a minimum of $1 billion for that stunt. One quick and easy way he could do that (but won't): sell Arsenal Football Club. By the way, the lawsuit is set to go to trial now in January 2022.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas

    Wow American billionaires just greedy af

  • Neil Burns
    Neil Burns

    Easy. Man behind the European Super league is Florentino Perez of Real Madrid. Reason: Insatiable greed and money.

  • Greg Hodgins (TheGregHD)
    Greg Hodgins (TheGregHD)

    Says Colorado avalanche and proceeds to put a photo of the St. Louis blues. Solid research lads

  • The Little Signpost Pointing the way
    The Little Signpost Pointing the way

    What about Abramovich, Was he not involved with Chelsea?

    • Martin

      No. Bruce Buck was

  • Paul Bode
    Paul Bode

    They have proven themselves unworthy to football and should be banned for life

  • Peter Helmore
    Peter Helmore

    it was never called the european super league , it was called super league . i don't know why people in europe say it was this , unless its because of the clubs involved >personally i see it coming of in 10-12 years time , no matter because most of the FANS of these clubs do NOT live in europe

    • Neil Coles
      Neil Coles

      In a closed shop for a non-competitive round robin circus of brands, there are no clubs outside of Europe that would be considered for revenue... including the Chinese clubs. How it might change over 10 years? You maybe right but will not be football and will split football between those players who want to win the true trophies, face competition and play for their country and those who are mercenary enough to join the spectacle to make each week's 5 minutes of tick-tock highlights.

  • Tony Cini
    Tony Cini

    sooner or later it will happen

  • New Eyes To See
    New Eyes To See

    Levy is very quiet. Pretty sure he's been a driving force.

  • New Eyes To See
    New Eyes To See

    Wouldn't it be great if Leicester and West Ham turn Madrid over in a 'poor quality' game nobody wants to watch, apparently.

  • Mircea Pintelie
    Mircea Pintelie

    none of the 12 will ever be forgiven.and I am an AC Milan fan

  • Captain cringe Cpt
    Captain cringe Cpt

    What a **** helping no one but himself 🤮🤢🤡

  • Bhavish Shah
    Bhavish Shah

    kroenke's American football team's stadium is worth 8Billion USD, and he's a major contributor in it

  • Uzalio Mustafa
    Uzalio Mustafa

    where americans capitalists are involved everything goes to sh**t😡

  • arkhamnights

    should be forced to sell. that simple. You don't get to cower away and act like nothing happened.

  • Manny dos Santos
    Manny dos Santos

    The driving force behind the ESL was money and greed... certainly, not the love for the game. That’s why it has collapsed. Even if it is resurrected in some form, it’s tainted forever.

  • Sibo Niso
    Sibo Niso

    The moment football almost became the NFL.

  • Big Darren
    Big Darren

    Please someone put down florentino Perez.

  • Jesper Hansen
    Jesper Hansen

    Kick them out, and let fans in to the board room. We should organize to bye 50%+1 stock!

  • Ry Mental
    Ry Mental

    Who gives a fuck about Ice hockey anyway. USA keep your "sports", stay away from ours!! FSG out Good video BTW

  • John Ems
    John Ems

    Not sure why a picture of the St Louis Blues are in there with Kroenke but I can't stand that dude. Constantly lying about his sports franchises like the ex-St Louis Rams and that he wouldn't move them, the Kroenkes could NOT care less about their teams. They're business moguls and billionaires NOT proper owners.

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith

    most, look as if they only have about ten years left, retire, and go on a lifetime cruise.

  • Arvind Wee
    Arvind Wee

    FIFA the video game annually makes more money than the champions league. An yearly video game with almost the same mechanics generates more revenue than the top league of the biggest sport in the world which has more than 4 billion fans. NFL which has less than 1/5th of Champions League's fanbase and viewership generates 9 billion more. For the biggest sport in the world, its economic model is quite poor.

    • Arvind Wee
      Arvind Wee

      @jordan miller Money is the reason that more people across the world watch Premier League. Serie A used to be the peak of football in the 80s and 90s, and the best players would go there not just because of the competitiveness but also because the clubs would pay them big bucks. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the biggest clubs in football and more people watch their matches than any premier League club because they have the best players who are there cuz money. If huge money from foreign investors wasn't invested in the premier League, then I doubt it would be any close to what it is now.

    • Neil Coles
      Neil Coles

      The big clubs have no issue to survive, even with COVID. You can't claim Messi Ronaldo etc. Would never have played football if the wages were not 300k per week...like they were not 10 years ago either. The video game comparison is not really valid and comparing the top football League with the NFL franchise of handful of billionaire's private toys does not recognise the scale of the sport and numbers of leagues, clubs etc. Not that this is really the point. There is more money in oil and real estate but that is not a reason not to have competitive sport. Inflation of football revenues and commercialisation may have peaked but the sport does not need a billionaire money grab to survive

    • jordan miller
      jordan miller

      @Arvind Wee I would argue that that's incorrect. It's so big because of branding history and tonnes of reasons. But either way any proper fan right now doesn't care how "big" people think it is as this means nothing. Money is the worst thing about football. This week's has been amazing though. I don't expect anything like the European super league to happen for a generation after all this so it couldn't of gone better for the fans this week.

    • Arvind Wee
      Arvind Wee

      @jordan miller The reason why it is so big, is that there is a lot of money involved. If 30-40 years ago, people invested a lot of money in brazilian or south american leagues, then the best players would go there and that would be more watched. For the international fans, which are the vast majority, most of them watch the top leagues because the best players are there.

    • jordan miller
      jordan miller

      Nobody cares about the money. Most fans think their is too money in the game. And fans are now united into getting big money out of the sport. The NFL might have a good economic model but it's shit at sport.

  • Rawj Mhrjn
    Rawj Mhrjn

    Football makes world unite , we fans must save the religion of sports

  • Eze Miself
    Eze Miself

    Super league My nuts....

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson

    Please someone help Real Madrid generate some money as they stuck with Eden Hazard and can't get their £130m.back. The Glazers want to sell Man United but cannot find anyone with £3bn loose change. Once he gets this, he will join Jerry Jones at the Dallas Cowboys who valued at £4bn.

  • leo Teddy
    leo Teddy

    The Premier league and all other English leagues not for sale this a clear signal the English FA sent to jp morgon and perez and that's the way its going to stay hands off

  • G M
    G M

    Yes one year of success deserves access to champions league as it means you are currently good. Daft Fiat ass.

  • Santa Clause
    Santa Clause

    Just business and issues with champs league. The customer base doesn't want it, so they've backed down. I suspect they'll look at a summer tournament instead.

  • 420 soulja
    420 soulja

    In all fairness these people are clearly quite brilliant in business however their lack of understanding for football is mind boggling

    • Neil Coles
      Neil Coles

      Being good at investing family wealth in leveraged assets does not unfortunately require much aptitude. Even Trump made a fortune in real estate from his dad's money while all his attempts at legitimate products and companies tanked. It's about time we seperated entrepreneurs and businesses adding value to society from asset rapists like the Glazers

    • 420 soulja
      420 soulja

      @Krystian Tatara I've heard better ideas and more efficiently planned ones after being up for 3 days raving, taking e's and blazing weed, as we did back in the day, and whilst I've heard some of the most ridiculous codshit at that time too it was still more sensible than this shower of spunk idea 💡

    • Krystian Tatara
      Krystian Tatara

      That's why this whole "thing" is so hard to comprehend. As brilliant as they might be in business the whole launch of ESL had zero planning , marketing or even a PowerPoint presentation. Perez had no clue what to say and still doesn't

  • Linda Mary Micallef
    Linda Mary Micallef

    L don't believe this get out my club england

  • Mike mcdonald
    Mike mcdonald

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    • Rodney crow
      Rodney crow

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    • manllyne Johnson
      manllyne Johnson

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    • manllyne Johnson
      manllyne Johnson

      OMG ,I can't believe I'm reading about Clinton Jones here from other people: well this is my story.

    • Dianne desrosiers
      Dianne desrosiers

      @Rodney crow Wow.😮 am gonna try this out with him maybe with a thousand dollars or less..

    • Rodney crow
      Rodney crow

      Expert Clinton Jones is really a genius ,I invested my $10,000 with him and my returns of investment was $9,599usd profit and ever since then he has been receiving my weekly profits.....

  • Lhasa Thailand
    Lhasa Thailand

    5 greedy rich old men are trying to save football. Yeah.. oke.

  • Les

    What he is really saying is we have spent beyond our income got loads of debt and need a big pay out before we go bust hope they go bankrupt end of

  • Casey O'Connor
    Casey O'Connor

    What about Daniel Levy and roman abramovich you are are missing a few names there are clearly more than five

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad

    A lot have been FSG out for a while but we let them off because of the successes, but the constant capitalistic moves he made like trade marking the word “Liverpool” and now the ESL among others shows how he just doesn’t understand our club and has to go

  • Maestissima Noctem
    Maestissima Noctem

    Rats, get out of football. We will never become an American franchise. This is football, NOT ''soccer''.

  • Steve Young
    Steve Young

    These Americans are trying to turn European football into the NFL. We all know how American owners love to move their ‘franchises’ around. Man U and Spurs could become Berlin United and Paris Hotspur for instance if they think they can make more money. Kick ‘em out!

    • Neil Coles
      Neil Coles

      Yes, this is the idea that sport only works of there is a billionaire owner. The US franchise model is just a big yacht club. Football is less about local communities now, that is obvious but history should represent something otherwise it will just be coke utd Vs. Apple rangers every Wednesday

    • Allen Saunders
      Allen Saunders

      Sorry the NFL is not like this. The NFL is a revenue sharing league where anyone can win. The americans are in the premier league because its very different from the NFL

  • rdj

    Real life thanos: Perez. The man who thinks he is doing the right thing whereas in reality its wrong. Such man is a dangerous man. Like thanos.

    • Seru

      No, he's like Palpatine. A dangerous but ultimately delusional and arrogant old fool.

  • T Toughtask
    T Toughtask

    String the bastards up

  • Toni Ventura
    Toni Ventura

    Britons doing the exact thing as they did on Brexit .... we saved football from corrupt individuals If the yankees , the chinese & the arabs leave .... football would become a foreclosure.

    • Toni Ventura
      Toni Ventura

      @Neil Coles YES i was sarcastic and @jordanmiller take note of what your fellow brit is saying .

    • Neil Coles
      Neil Coles

      With the exception of the wealth of the dictators owning Man city none of those owners are really putting money in the game so based on the known revenues and operating profits big clubs would be fine as PLCs or consortiums of owners. Still need good financial management though. As for Brexit I hope that's sarcasm. A bunch of greedy people used toxic nationalism and false information to convince the turkeys to vote for Christmas and against the labour and consumer protections, tax evasion laws and benefits of EU membership...and yes I am a Brit

    • Toni Ventura
      Toni Ventura

      @jordan miller if its Promoting Wahhabism ... no

    • jordan miller
      jordan miller

      @Toni Ventura what man city built is amazing. That's what clubs should spend money on. Investing into the local community, created thousands of jobs and hundreds of affordable homes. I'm assuming your against all investment.

    • jordan miller
      jordan miller

      @Toni Ventura your talking shit, tv and advertising money comes from fans watching. The UK tv deal is 5.12 billion for three years.

  • MugenBrown

    Hell no!! They don’t

  • Luka Pavlič
    Luka Pavlič

    Nothing changes for Kroenke. We've hated his guts for 15 years for leeching off our club, this is just business as usual for that bastard. Just to reiterate: Arsenal may have increased their spending, but Kroenke has never, EVER, invested his own money in the club. It's all revenue-funded. He just skims the top.

    • Luka Pavlič
      Luka Pavlič

      @MaliceInWonderlandx1 The point is, Arsenal is having to increase its debt to remain at least remotely competitive, while Kroenke pumps money into his own pockets, unlike a lot of other owners, who invest into their clubs.

    • MaliceInWonderlandx1

      This is how a good business is run? I don’t get your point.

  • M C
    M C

    Now do it about UEFA and FIFA. The men who keep all the money from selling the rights and keep it for themselves.

    • jordan miller
      jordan miller

      UEFA don't get to keep any money at all they are not a business. All the money goes to clubs and other stuff such as training coaches and running the competitions.

  • Patrick Mccutcheon
    Patrick Mccutcheon

    No mention of David Levy who somehow got Tottenham included in a group of top clubs despite a lack of sporting success. Under him Tottenham have simply run up debts. Would not be sad to see them go bankrupt.

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson

    If these owners want their teams to play the best teams in the world then they should invest into their teams so they can qualify for the Champions League

  • harald bernadin
    harald bernadin

    That wasn't the Colorado Avalanche 🤣🤣 it was the St Louis Blues

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown

    “Colorado Avalanche” *shows picture of the St. Louis Blues goalie* 😂

  • Desmone Battle Sr.
    Desmone Battle Sr.

    Henry does

  • Emebaregesi

    Not over yet. Dudelange, Qarabag, Sherif Tir., Flora Tallin, Bate Borisov, Ludogorec and Flamurtari are interested to enter ESL. I guess Perez will have the last lough. And information that we just received, Bodo Glimt and TPS Turku are also new ESL members.

  • Zòè Fezius
    Zòè Fezius

    if he wants to safe football, they should take what is good in american sports, not what is bad. so they could perhaps take a shot from nfl. salary caps - equal pay to all clubs - drafts - no group phases but single-play-playoffs to make the game more interesting and increase the chance of different winners (and not a few single clubs stack money and ignore all others) when they have the same amount of money as every other club and salary caps they won't be able to burn money as they do and get in financial trouble as they do... so would be a big help for them...

  • Damirijus1

    Yankees go home!!!

  • Simon Hulme KT
    Simon Hulme KT

    I believe the quote is "YOUR FIRED!"

  • Ursula Wilson
    Ursula Wilson


  • Miles Dean
    Miles Dean

    "and the Colorado Avalanche" - Uses a St. Louis blue picture

    • TheRadstrom8553

      Britts and their hockey knowledge :D

  • NGE0219

    Update: It came out that Bartomeu was a huge driving force for the super league.

  • Jacob

    I’m glad you don’t put Barca on the list. Laporta asked for it to be put for a vote 🗳. Technically, Barca never joined.

    • phixion.

      They signed a 23 year contract. Barca are trying the Chelsea and Man City tactic saying they never wanted in. The truth is that they have been working on this for *three years*, To turn around and say that they never wanted it is bull shit. They are only sorry they got caught.

  • Sahay Raj
    Sahay Raj

    This was easy. Now expecting Football Daily to unite people against Qatar 2022 for which people are literally dying. Brazil 2014 should've never happened as well. We can either be moral all along or never. Let's stop picking and choosing. P.S.: At least Pérez had the guts to show his face and speak out. Others just hid behind him and started apologetic PR stunts after the coast was clear.

  • Joe Rocha
    Joe Rocha

    Greed doesnt consider tradition, tradition considers history, history brings the present, could we survive without the greedy?

  • Jr_ Xtreme
    Jr_ Xtreme

    Yes, call them out. As an Arsenal fan, I can bet u Kronke probably has no idea how football works

  • Pedro Morais
    Pedro Morais


  • Michael Kemp
    Michael Kemp

    They could star in a remake of The Muppet Show!!

  • SK Melb
    SK Melb

    Those 5 should be banned from owning anything in Europe....get those snakes out of the grass...

  • Happy Go lucky
    Happy Go lucky

    What about Russia you scared to name him

  • Paul Topp
    Paul Topp

    Old farts ain’t gotta nuff time to spend lots of money.........greedy bastards

  • Trucker

    Just shows their astonishing arrogance that they thought they could just do whatever they want without any consultation with the fans and not even caring. I hope they lose everything they got, they sure as hell never earned it.

  • Don Givani
    Don Givani

    Agnelli, truly disgusting figure, who the fok are you to decide that Atalanta Bergamo is not worthy for a CL spot.. what a stupid fool

  • Trucker

    What actual purpose do these stuffed suits actually serve apart from sucking the blood out of everything they touch

  • Shmuel M
    Shmuel M

    Agnelli was a part of Juve during Calciopoli, I don’t understand how he still is there

  • Leul Georgis
    Leul Georgis

    Society has to find a way to reign in these greedy billionaires

  • Arian Shariatmadari
    Arian Shariatmadari

    This just seemed like the uncontrolled corruption and corporatism in America seeping into europe. Glad it failed

  • Rory Blessington
    Rory Blessington

    this is just the start it has to be! We need to start with changing the clubs ownership with 100% fan owned (as 50+1 isn’t good enough anymore as we have reached *APOCALYPTIC HELL BUILT OVER 20 YEARS!!!)* and ban this new champions league layout, give power to the FA and change FIFA/UEFA and make our way up this chaos and mess of 20 odd years! *THIS REVOLUTION CAN ONLY START AND END WITH THE FANS!!!* *CHANGE HAS TO START!!!*

  • Peter Phaan
    Peter Phaan

    All six teams should be demoted, but that would be bad business for PL. So atleast deduct 15-20 points for the next season. Lifelong liverpool fan, but this just made me apathic to the club.

    • Innocent O.
      Innocent O.

      I've been in man city before the rich boys came around, and I agree with you. There should be punishments for this attempted football coup.

  • xRogueEyedx

    Lol 8:39 thats st louis

  • Terry Mathews
    Terry Mathews

    Leave a scorched earth for profit is the American way

  • Kim Peow Lau
    Kim Peow Lau

    Fans and greedy elites in clubs, UEFA and FIFA.

  • igormicro

    Football is already ruined started the day multimilioners started buying clubs not to win Trophies, but to own the brand, because the brand gets deals not the club

  • clifford adams
    clifford adams

    In financial trouble.?i know,let’s destroy football. Let’s destroy all that is good in my pursuit of greed

  • Luis Pulido
    Luis Pulido

    The ESL lasted as long as this video.

    • Bradley Dolphin
      Bradley Dolphin

      Thought the video was longer to be honet lol

  • Anja Klisaric
    Anja Klisaric

    8:39 he says Colorado Avalache and shows St Louis Blues goalie. Other than that, great video :D

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed

    Arsenal fans, lets unite and get kroenke out enough is enough!!!!!

  • key bear
    key bear

    So... EUFA literally proposed ESL-esque and will be run in 2024. Y'all dont wanna to complain?

  • Real M
    Real M

    Perez might be the face of this but all the other owners and presidents are just as guilty.

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