"Ok, this is actually reality" - Thomas Frank reacts to Brentford's Premier League fixtures

  • simon evans
    simon evans

    Best of luck to Brentford this year. I hope you have a good season.

  • Drop The Puck
    Drop The Puck

    This guy had his team playing exciting football in the Championship. That’s see where he may end in the next few years.

  • Digger Barnes
    Digger Barnes

    Good luck. Mr Frank. You'll need it

  • schpleeb

    Prem fans are gonna love Thomas because his humility will shine through, whereas most Championship fans mistook it for arrogance given that we were better than most

  • D Lee
    D Lee

    Come on Brentford do tge goonsers

  • Jayden T
    Jayden T

    He was so close to saying League… damn

  • Mike 14 P M
    Mike 14 P M

    "Arsenal, top ten club in the world " 🤣🤣🤣..

  • 1977Futre

    Both teams fighting for points early as they will be scrapping for any points my May.....could be a six pointer........................

  • sam covington
    sam covington

    I hope we get a fitting Season to mark the 30th anniversary Premier League Season

  • Braemar Bee
    Braemar Bee

    That's the most relax I've seen Thomas.

  • Pablo Shicoan
    Pablo Shicoan

    Lets hope penalties fall their way every game this season or they're going straight back down 😂😂

  • @CFCMoi11

    Sound so nice and likeable guy. Wish him and Brentford all the best for this season. Can't wait till the day we play them in their shiny new stadium

  • Shadlee Rahman
    Shadlee Rahman

    Guy almost said Arsenal was top ten teams in the league lol. Would actually have been more accurate I actually disagree that they are in the top ten teams in the league. But I can guarantee that they are in the top 20

  • WhooDaKid 21
    WhooDaKid 21

    Brentford will be bottom 20, stop hyping them lol

  • Tasty

    You’d think this would be an easy game for Arsenal. But this is _Arsenal_ we’re talking about…

    • Tebbisimo

      should be beating teamslikeBrentford

  • Thata Sefhako
    Thata Sefhako

    Looking forward to see how the Toney guy performs in the league, he looks like a really good player

  • Alan Broughton
    Alan Broughton

    Brentford can play some excellent football I just hope it’s good enough for the prem

  • Snare

    Arsenal about to become the 5th biggest club in London.

  • Raunaq Chandak
    Raunaq Chandak

    The host's shirt size reminds me of early 2000s fashion 🤣


    Agree with him, Arsenal is just a top 10 club... It was legacy which makes the Arsenal best, but now they are just a mid table team...

  • WGSKFifa

    As an Arsenal fan I can say that Arsenal is an easy game to start with

  • Abhishek Malik
    Abhishek Malik

    This bald kretin mocking humble clubs like Brentford

  • Manju Acharya
    Manju Acharya

    Forget top 10 in the world ..... Arsenal are barely top 10 in the league

  • Ansh Malhotra
    Ansh Malhotra

    I can see this becoming a Sky Sports Retro video someday.

  • Time is On the Essence
    Time is On the Essence

    This will be the most exciting league season in premier league history. Mark my words

    • login 012
      login 012

      @Drenwickification haha yea

    • Drenwickification

      Yeah can’t wait to see city win the title snd the rest battle out the champions league spots. What excitement!!!

    • Showtime Gp
      Showtime Gp

      Erm how when you have the same teams that got promoted apart from Brentford

    • 林国豪

      mark for what?

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      Donald Johnson

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  • Lj llob
    Lj llob

    Thomas Frank licking his lips at Arsenal

  • Time is On the Essence
    Time is On the Essence

    We all just want to see how good this ivan toney guy is...

    • R Edwards
      R Edwards

      @I A you never know with championship strikers transitioning to the premier league tbf

    • I A
      I A

      33 goals 10 assists Trust me you’ll see

  • Tahmid Ahmed
    Tahmid Ahmed

    *Thomas Frank becoming Like Frank Lampard to Flop at Chelsea*

    • Christiano Pulinaldo
      Christiano Pulinaldo

      thomas frank = thomas tuchel + frank lampard

  • a customer
    a customer

    16 pooints from 6 games then

  • a customer
    a customer

    wish they had gone up instead of mon eybags fulham and this year second and barnsley up in the play offs never mind ey

  • Fernandu Chimuco
    Fernandu Chimuco

    Congratulations to Brentford

  • Christiano Pulinaldo
    Christiano Pulinaldo

    Deep down he is happy with the fixtures cuz Brentford's first pl game is gonna be a 5-0 victory 🔥🔥

    • A4

      @thedoctormaster Louis I’m pretty sure Chelsea fans wouldn’t mind losing to Arsenal twice if that means they would win the champions league

    • Aaa Bbb
      Aaa Bbb

      @thedoctormaster Louis bruh they won the cl lmao

    • Time is On the Essence
      Time is On the Essence

      @thedoctormaster Louis go take home the "did the double" trophy....

    • thedoctormaster Louis
      thedoctormaster Louis

      Stupid chelsea fans we did the double over you we beat you 3 times in a row so shut up

  • TRUE BARCA say no to ESL clowns
    TRUE BARCA say no to ESL clowns

    Arsenal top 10 teams 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke

      @Klo Pp stfu u seem salty considering ur club’s been shite for quite a while. U were the ones ripping every team apart. Now time u experience being ripped apart.

    • Klo Pp
      Klo Pp

      @Big Smoke zero argument. Go have some sleep.

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke

      @Klo Pp still Assna are a banter club.

    • Klo Pp
      Klo Pp

      @Big Smoke so that's why they are not playing in premier league

    • TRUE BARCA say no to ESL clowns
      TRUE BARCA say no to ESL clowns

      @thedoctormaster Louis aww kid is crying there are way better team rn kiddo kid is salty about to explode

  • Noran Kunda
    Noran Kunda

    Arsenal is a Top 10 club in the world which world because on earth arsenal is not even on top 20

    • Hans

      @l-love-Rain TV thats exactly what it means, arsenal cant even get to the conference league what does that say

    • l-love-Rain TV
      l-love-Rain TV

      If they are not performing well these days doesn't mean they are no longer one of the best teams in the world...

    • Time is On the Essence
      Time is On the Essence

      @Richard Ferdian not even in the prem lad....

    • Richard Ferdian
      Richard Ferdian

      was gonna say top 10 in prem anyways

  • Sabin Sipai
    Sabin Sipai

    Arsenal are top 10 team Lol

  • Abdullah

    Hes so lucky got such a easy fixture vs arsenal

    • Poono penandes
      Poono penandes

      @Rehan as the guy above me said, how can you be bigger than Chelsea but buy all of their rejects and old players and how come you’ve never won the champions league they’ve won it twice and Europa twice

    • Anwe Telio
      Anwe Telio

      @Black Lives Matter you ain’t a bigger club than chelsea if you’ve got a budget of 10p and buy our rejects mate btw your welcome for willian!

    • Rehan

      @Harrison Rob the cup winners cup is basically the conference league btw

    • Black Lives Matter
      Black Lives Matter

      Meanwhile Arsenal beating every team in the top 10 except City and Liverpool

    • Black Lives Matter
      Black Lives Matter

      @Namo Enright that's cos Aston Villa bid more😐

  • abdulrahman alali
    abdulrahman alali

    Hey Thomas Frank

  • pokemaniac2702

    Frank - "Arsenal top 10 club in the leag.. oh sorry, world"

    • Fish Watch
      Fish Watch

      Arsenal have been a laughing stock in recent years, but with Tierney leading them I think they can do great things.

    • S I
      S I

      Arsenal are the best in the N7 postal area

    • Harrison Rob
      Harrison Rob

      @salman ahjum-mathee Which clubs are the top ten in the Premier League?

    • salman ahjum-mathee
      salman ahjum-mathee

      @RSR 🤣🤣🤣

    • RSR

      My left testicle is bigger than Arsenal 🤣

  • archiewall16

    Big banana skin on the opening day for Brentford, a team battling relegation will always be up for it!

    • Ionut Popa
      Ionut Popa

      I am an Arsenal fan but I love it😂🤣

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Arsenal trembling rn lol.

  • Fan Site
    Fan Site

    This manager will be in Brentford history books.. Got them to the top division after more than 50 years.. And would be another huge achievement if they can they even for 1 season in it

    • Quagliarella

      @Big Smoke ur Schalke quality

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke

      @Quagliarella ur Portsmouth quality.

    • Quagliarella

      @Christiano Pulinaldo shush

    • Christiano Pulinaldo
      Christiano Pulinaldo

      @Quagliarella Oi quagliarella

    • Lj llob
      Lj llob

      @Christiano Pulinaldo agreed

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