The VERY moment you start to heal in a battle royale.
When your entire team is fighting but you're in a corner somewhere.

Oddwin - 19

  • Ricky Twaloo
    Ricky Twaloo

    This is why we stay away from the phoenix kit.


    So true though no lies

  • Razuri Zeev
    Razuri Zeev


  • SMG CousinxLito
    SMG CousinxLito

    If I have never seen facts 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Achintya Mishra
    Achintya Mishra

    You heal and they hit you with a kraber headshot

  • Ny

    What happened to “put your paws up” Caleb

  • Tahjamir


  • Darth sidious
    Darth sidious

    There is nothing worst then this 0:24 my anxiety remember the time

  • Trav Pots
    Trav Pots

    Good job

  • BloxtheMvp

    Video Idea: A Shapeshifter who can only turn into shapes

  • HaniF Manning
    HaniF Manning



    I know this is a shameless plug but no sees my videos besides me or my mom. So if you come take some time out of your day to go review my content. That would be great. Thank you Ps this is not a bo1

  • Eden Nazir
    Eden Nazir

    Heals, only to be taken out with one shot the next second

  • Neutralism

    just a question i saw you have a shockmount on your shure mic but like doesn't the sm7b have a built in shockmount to it?

  • Keichi

    Caleb do you still play smash bro’s?

  • Jing Quey
    Jing Quey

    If you aint trash, you dont need to heal.

  • Netriosilver

    Caleb: Huh, my water bottle looks like a shield cell Also Caleb: 💡

  • ㅤ

    Apex is so cringe ngl

  • Xxx17k_deadlyxxX

    can you do a bts please

  • Cincity809

    It's the "wwaaaaww" for me

  • Klassic Scorpion
    Klassic Scorpion

    amazing notifcation

  • Lee U Wai
    Lee U Wai

    The random Wraith in my team belike 0:59

  • GreenToad66

    I've had so many moments when I'm literally 0.1 seconds into healing and somebody just come up being me and shoots me in the head.

  • Arthur Bleshoj
    Arthur Bleshoj

    Based off of Apex obviously.

  • Souls Vortex
    Souls Vortex

    Ayeee the boy plays apex

  • MWaleed01

    Yo bro Caleb, what’s the beat cakes in the outro , it played and now I wanna rap on it. Lmk, glooks 💪🏽

  • FunkyEspelhoCat

    Try chugging an estus in dark souls, the whole world will attack you the instant you hit the button.

  • Caleb Xantho
    Caleb Xantho

    Bro the pheonix crouch heal hype turns to panic at teh beginning 😂

  • Holynder

    This is the only person who can say the n word and still be family friendly.

  • Eli Smith
    Eli Smith

    Settings leave game, so relatable

  • Joseph Awoyemi-Jacobs
    Joseph Awoyemi-Jacobs

    Apex legends

  • ONI

    We already know what game this is 😂 Apex Legends

  • Bryan Castro
    Bryan Castro

    “Why does it take so long to heal?”

  • Kwuma

    I've never seen someone's fingers move so fast to leave a match

  • Seliris

    I think I find you at peak funny when you're making random noises (like when you get beat up or in this case - scream in frustration as the teammates)

  • Lxf Stiff
    Lxf Stiff

    I realize he was talkin Buh didn’t have his mike near his mouth😂

  • Elite Drago
    Elite Drago

    When you realize the mic piece is up instead of down. This video so true tho, funny as always.

  • Jeremiah Hudson-Davis
    Jeremiah Hudson-Davis

    The quantity of suppressed rage this video caused to resurface is insane.

  • Phaze

    Why is this so accurate😂

  • That Kid Jay
    That Kid Jay

    Facts facts and did I say facts already

  • David Shipley
    David Shipley

    Spends all that time healing. Still gets one shot.

  • Asta

    Swear to god getting actual surgery wouls be faster

  • Yuzuru Otonashi
    Yuzuru Otonashi

    How was he talking to his boys with no mic?

  • Joe McIntosh
    Joe McIntosh

    Obviously a Wraith main...

  • 100 Days
    100 Days

    bro my anxiety goes 📈📈📈

  • Lazy Lava
    Lazy Lava

    How a 15 second healing items feels like

  • Ayee ROYY Goldin Gaming
    Ayee ROYY Goldin Gaming

    Apex cheeks for that healing process

  • Linda Mangum
    Linda Mangum

    I would love to see Caleb do gaming

  • KVT

    CalebCity NEVER misses

  • Unholy Ravioli
    Unholy Ravioli

    Batteries are 5 years long in a pinch

  • Corrupt-Void13_Yt

    Phoenix kit vibes

  • racoonman


  • Karahn Garfield
    Karahn Garfield

    You can tell it’s apex 😂

  • Kevvy

    Me when I get instant killed in a game 1:00

  • Mug Of Joe
    Mug Of Joe

    Caleb prolly died in an Apex match exactly like this and recorded what happened

  • Mr. Dog
    Mr. Dog

    Fun fact: his mic was up the whole time

  • notJohnathan

    why did the guy yell when yall was getting attacked as if he was actually getting shot? 😭

  • Ken

    Caleb forgot to unmute his mic.

  • dubnicko

    It's like at any given time the server is frozen and when you fight someone and barely survive to heal, there's 20 people coming for your neck

  • Neb Vs The World
    Neb Vs The World


  • Ardyn Izunia
    Ardyn Izunia



    yea i know everytime, i heal i just hear gunshots then the voicelines lol

  • FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele
    FeddyTownUce Tuigamala-Lologo-Tasele

    That leave game sleight of hand tho.

  • David Mederos
    David Mederos

    Stop playing video games your glucose levels are gettin to high!

  • Dewyu Nohmi
    Dewyu Nohmi

    I know Wraith when I see her.

  • cedric wade
    cedric wade


  • hun ginnshie
    hun ginnshie .... Tell me...

  • Glumi

    I just got a fortnite ad lol youtube knew. Also Press the like if fortnite sucks- wait sorry. Press the like if anyone can have their own opinion on anything :) I I I V

  • Rikiel Anasui
    Rikiel Anasui

    And I be telling people to hold their ass back when I'm healing.

  • Boopz

    You turn around for a bit to heal up and come back to the whole battle royale pointing their guns at you

  • Fe4rero

    When you cancel that shi at THE LAST FING SECOND....... Thats one of my pet peeves

  • Pepper the Raccoon
    Pepper the Raccoon

    He doesn’t have his mic down lol

  • Cloud9

    It’s always apex😂

  • Ziphta_the_overcomer 18
    Ziphta_the_overcomer 18

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  • Iamthetruth21

    Evil who??? Because I’m the one who’s always here in youtube comment sections world wide

  • CapREX77

    *Apex feels are strong with this one*

  • TheCringeLord

    loving the Infinite Master Chief Funko in the background

  • Cooloreaper

    This is so true it’s also annoying

  • Godly Memes
    Godly Memes

    Bro he left by instinct, I know that feeling

  • JonyUltraX

    Love how his mic is up

  • Daseox


  • Cholupa Gaming
    Cholupa Gaming

    Apex legends

  • Head High
    Head High

    Haha I cancelled it

  • Seaborn Gaming
    Seaborn Gaming

    So true tho

  • MateoNoFeo

    You forgot your teammate yelling he’s finishing me !!!!!

  • Tey Davis
    Tey Davis

    Warzone when putting on armour and the squad gets rushed after your 1st plate lol ....then you forgot to reload right after

  • Sanc The goat
    Sanc The goat

    This is me in like every game

  • Top Warzone Highlights
    Top Warzone Highlights

    the pressure always be killing me

  • Undenied Storm
    Undenied Storm

    It’s crazy how this video isn’t even exaggerated.

  • StuTheStu

    That insta-quit straight HAD me!

  • Dav U
    Dav U

    That wow at the end got me dead ☠️😂


    they can't hear you, your mic is up

  • vulmos gaming
    vulmos gaming

    i swear apex do too muh with them shield batteries

  • Haku

    *starts using a phoenix kit * *The whole lobby now knows where you are*

  • Windy BlackRose
    Windy BlackRose

    When Phoenix kit is your only option:

  • Dom DiMartino
    Dom DiMartino

    1:00 no one: my wraith teammate in pubs

  • K.C Animations
    K.C Animations

    this how it be playing apex

  • Dark


  • Brxan

    As an Apex Legends player, this was hilarious to watch. xD

  • Nino_Bandz

    He done alt f4 😂😂😂