How Georges St-Pierre Spent His First $1M in the UFC | My First Million | GQ Sports
Georges St-Pierre took up karate when he was young to defend himself against bullies at school. Now he's one of the most legendary MMA fighters of all time. From $50K on gifts for his family to $200K on travel, find out everything Georges St-Pierre spent the first million dollars in the UFC on.

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How Georges St-Pierre Spent His First $1M in the UFC | My First Million | GQ Sports

  • Mother Mom
    Mother Mom

    Georges, mon chéri, tu deviens de plus en plus mignon, après chacune de tes videos que je regarde. La 4ième.

  • Evan Pavon
    Evan Pavon

    This you know that an athlete is goat when they value financial literacy. GSP, MJ, LeBron, goats on a different level and Level

  • ShaDeOp

    I love how spent his first million....most people would just blow it away on cars and girls but this guy reinvested in himself and made even more..... The best investment is the one you do on yourself.

  • Steelhead

    Thought he was a cocky guy but after watching this, he's a humble family guy.

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith

    What an awesome dude.

  • B G
    B G

    Dam Wish I was his cousin. Lol 😁

  • Gabriel Stanley
    Gabriel Stanley

    Look at his priorities. Give that 1 million dollar to any rap artis, 100% they gonna spend it on some stupid jewelry and luxury cars.

    • ShaDeOp

      Well, Rappers also get bankrupt quickly...

  • Kyle Ibarra
    Kyle Ibarra

    i love gsp but his hair bothers me lmao

  • Khan M.A
    Khan M.A

    Never buy fossils, most of them are fakes

  • Inventing Inventions
    Inventing Inventions

    Love the guy. Not many people are that responsible with money

  • cyclist68

    What an absolutely lovely guy.

  • Mitchel Moller
    Mitchel Moller

    How Megan Rapinoe spent her first million dollars

  • C B
    C B

    GSP is such a gent and humble man.

  • Chuckles Fox
    Chuckles Fox

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  • Asim Gillani
    Asim Gillani

    What a beautiful humble human being, Khabib and GSP two of my favorite fighters and personalities

  • Old Mate Randy
    Old Mate Randy

    He's a great role model. Bless this man.

  • Kevin Gumfory
    Kevin Gumfory

    youre a class act man. 30k is a small price to pay to get some bums out of your life !

  • Pure

    Georges is the nicest person ever. So genuine and caring. He really has his priorities straight, puts his family first, and then spends for himself. Love you GSP!

  • Holder Juny
    Holder Juny

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  • Faysan Amin
    Faysan Amin

    GSP is the goat, khabib was most dominant and Jones and Silva are steroid cheats.

  • Mx Pwr
    Mx Pwr

    I was at a restaurant in montreal once, the guy entered at quiet hours during mid-pm. Waiter setted him aside mine. I letted him eat his lunch like he was any regular dude without even looking at him , thinking it must be tough always having to hide not to get harrassed wherever he goes. Greatest martial artist for sure. Besides... how does one manage to sleep owing 5K to GSP ?!

  • Sumedh Dhoni
    Sumedh Dhoni


  • MichaelCaneNBA

    I love hearing GSP talk, I can't get enough of listening to him.

  • lavrot

    this is great i would have done the same thing i love GSP!

  • hazwan ahmad
    hazwan ahmad

    somehow, his story sounds asian, & asian i mean by this is how usually certain famous asians turn successful. heck he even sounds like an asian lul

  • Suhail Ch
    Suhail Ch

    @GQ Sports Next up I wanna see "How Khabib Spent his First $1M in the UFC" . Who else wanna see that? Hit the like button !👇

  • Kashif Feroze
    Kashif Feroze

    Look rubbish when you put all your money on the table to show your caliber...

    • Wujas Da God
      Wujas Da God

      No buddy thats the point of this series gq does it with all the people that go on the show

  • rojoi kikoe
    rojoi kikoe

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  • Ibad Ramadhan
    Ibad Ramadhan

    Kante pls

  • Zacheus Boulanger
    Zacheus Boulanger

    I like this video

  • Thebault Reisz
    Thebault Reisz

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  • galen lyall
    galen lyall

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  • Adam Hamilton
    Adam Hamilton

    And that’s why he made millions more after his first! What a smart and humble man. Absolute legend 👊

  • Jeekay!!

    Batroc ze lipearr

  • Natnael Tesgay
    Natnael Tesgay

    I think I just found my favourite player

  • DSZ119

    I like this guy his smart didn't waste no time and started investing

  • ankit mishra
    ankit mishra

    After watching whole, I believe gap belong to Indian middle class😅

  • Sudstah Gaming
    Sudstah Gaming

    Some guy would look at him thinking he's a victim in the street how wrong they would be

  • Dorian Wright
    Dorian Wright

    Smart dude man.

  • Minor Voices
    Minor Voices

    First person I know that has a budget for "Fossils", and it's not the fuel..

  • safwan said
    safwan said

    This is by far the hardest flex ever on this show. first mil he made, he dedicated most of his money on his family first. what a champ.

  • Kaithlyn Lisbey
    Kaithlyn Lisbey

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  • Zayn Beg
    Zayn Beg

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  • Misbah UFC
    Misbah UFC

    So humble I love him

  • Si Ro
    Si Ro

    humble, good character, real men!

  • Alexandre


  • Walter walter
    Walter walter

    Its a good son brother and friend... Congratulations to his parents 😎👍🥊🥋

  • UndertoW

    Could I get 3k? My car busted and I'm broke.

  • Bogdanulll27

    Nice man

  • W Moy
    W Moy

    Great honest guy. Down to earth.

  • Dono Why
    Dono Why


  • Chris Winslow
    Chris Winslow

    Who tf is ripping off GSP?

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike

    Good man

  • Lalrem Sanga
    Lalrem Sanga

    He was a blessing to others thats why he is so blessed. Respect

  • Mabena Lebaan
    Mabena Lebaan

    The versed apparatus thessaly last because gold indisputably remove around a fretful canada. shut, hollow vacuum

  • Driver Dose Autoblog
    Driver Dose Autoblog

    That's crazy how 1 million dollars isn't even that much. I mean the only luxury thing he got to spend out of it was a dinosaur bone... Just goes to show how broke we really are :(

  • Reggie Pramudia
    Reggie Pramudia


  • kiubier


  • Scott D
    Scott D

    It's people like this that I respect.

  • Maximilian Smith
    Maximilian Smith


  • Brockolli Rob
    Brockolli Rob

    This guy is an iconic role model

  • Yung Content
    Yung Content

    This man is a legend

  • I A
    I A

    This dude strangely reminds me of Elon Musk.

  • Farzad Jahanfard
    Farzad Jahanfard

    That smile when he is talking about helping his parents shows he is such a good genuine man

  • Sky

    This is what happens when you have a good upbringing with parents who care more for their child than themselves. No wonder the guy is so humble.

  • Peter Henning
    Peter Henning

    A wise man once said " don't ask me for a loan, you'll never pay me back anyway, I'll just give it to you " Niki Lauda

  • Frère Le boss
    Frère Le boss

    i dont care what people says but he is the goat of ufc fighters

  • unxregular

    Looks like my dad didnt see 3:13

  • Hank George
    Hank George


  • Izequias Valentim
    Izequias Valentim

    Well spent

  • iLuvOnedirection

    We finally got someone who has a brain

  • верь только себе
    верь только себе

    He has 1 million dollars. The money what I will never own😥

  • Danny Wolf
    Danny Wolf

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  • Tadeo Catzin
    Tadeo Catzin

    Man, what a great guy!. A wise champion!!!

  • mbeezles

    This guy is amazing

  • Alex Pizza
    Alex Pizza

    Met him once at a club, before his fame. Asked for an autograph as he was leaving the club, and he said no. Soni got my friend to ask him, and he said yes. F-U GSP! Still love you tho.

  • VandPgaming

    This dude is literally so nice and full hearted he could honestly pull off a Car commercial just by saying "I bought the Nissan Xterra because my biggest fear is getting in a car accident and it ending my career" 😂😂😂

  • Keg 05
    Keg 05

    I remember him when he was a bouncer at the bar I use to go. Then one day he was world champion

  • Raffy Sungarngar
    Raffy Sungarngar

    His family is very simple

  • Raffy Sungarngar
    Raffy Sungarngar

    Why am I always focused on that stacks of money?

  • TeNgGiLinG

    Imagine how Conor spends his fortune. Man that guy is a legend

    • cody neely
      cody neely

      "I bought a fookin yacht"

  • SWB Wanderlust
    SWB Wanderlust

    I love GSP, but can't stand his accent

  • Skygaurd101

    What a guy: a goat in the ring, family man, and a paleontology enthusiast. He is everything I want to be.

  • R K
    R K

    When I listen to him, I imagine myself speaking in some topics in english conversation courses)

  • AnonymousRocker

    Wow suddenly im a fan!

  • Luis Ureña
    Luis Ureña

    What a nice lad!

  • Robby B
    Robby B

    Love you George' a good man!!!..💪💪👊👊

  • Samurai Jacques
    Samurai Jacques

    He's Batman

  • Ismi Utari
    Ismi Utari

    This kind of beast is rare.,smile when hit you KO

  • Bounce71

    Top man!

  • marquino companiados
    marquino companiados

    If your not going to fight again..i would like to see you again in another good movie.

  • Pahoa Productions
    Pahoa Productions

    This is crazy cool

  • Kazu

    love this dude

  • SoYouWannaPlay

    always put family first, what a good man

  • Al Maniac
    Al Maniac

    George is a analyst now

  • Dikha Thato CHIMBWETE
    Dikha Thato CHIMBWETE

    I love the way he loves saying, ✨palaeontology✨

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung

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  • Dc flow
    Dc flow

    Such a kind heart and soul! I’m so happy he took care of the people who love and care for him

  • Karl V
    Karl V

    My favorite UFC fighter of all time. I miss seeing him holding the title. What a great guy.

  • Solomon Killeen
    Solomon Killeen

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