BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Israel Adesanya
Here we look how opponents reacted before and after fighting the UFC's fastest rising star, Israel Adesanya.

Moving up to face Jan Blachowicz in March, MMA fans can expect to see plenty more action from The Last Stylebender.

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    Gerry Taylor

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  • Inspire not Motivate
    Inspire not Motivate

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  • Pound Trader
    Pound Trader

    romero and costa look like heavyweights when they was fighting izzy

  • Hamza RT
    Hamza RT

    You can't beat a survivor

  • agata agata
    agata agata

    Błachowicz beat adesanya

  • Pearse The Irish Wolf Blood
    Pearse The Irish Wolf Blood

    What is this song in the background it definitely suits Izzy.

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    He said he is not in ma level

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    Gabriel Eze

    Need to add Vettori to the list

  • sherman farley
    sherman farley

    Why didn’t the ref provide his opponents a sensu bean dammit😆

  • H O P E®
    H O P E®

    Yorl Romero was the winner to be honest

  • Cisco Robinson
    Cisco Robinson

    one of the best edited videos I have seen. tremendous job

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    King adesanya👑

  • prod. DTM
    prod. DTM

    Adesanya: *beats someone* Someone: "i want to fight him again i will beat him this time"

  • Necathan Ertaymaz
    Necathan Ertaymaz

    Terrorist ISRAEL 👍🏻

  • Andayi Mushenye
    Andayi Mushenye

    I will beat him next time. Every loser hilarious.

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    Cant Deliver

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    Mandy Ronald

    Israel Adesanya is the only Nigerian who is not running

  • TJ Mo
    TJ Mo

    That’s funny how he made all of them pissed af after the Ls😂😂

  • Lienvie Bruno
    Lienvie Bruno

    2:09 is tht dean Ambrose/Jon moxley?

  • Jay Roc
    Jay Roc

    This video is nice bro !! Good job

  • Sigilio Boekie
    Sigilio Boekie

    He is my king adesanya

  • Adam Haikal
    Adam Haikal

    This guy have the power of god and anime on his side

  • Kuviede Koza
    Kuviede Koza

    Is corpse narrating? Lmao

  • Gabriel Eze
    Gabriel Eze

    Costa: I will make Adesanya cry like a baby Adesanya: (tears of joy as he got Costa pregnant)

  • J Hdz
    J Hdz

    3:11 welp

  • Syarif Fariz
    Syarif Fariz

    Lawan sama khabib palingan ko

  • mob x
    mob x

    He is not that great. Actually he lost to Romero that everybody know .

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    I'm to poor to buy membership so

    When the quiet kid starts throwing hands

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    john gallagher

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  • joshua knudsen
    joshua knudsen

    Ok so at the end what happened behind the ring because he was pissed I’m so confused

  • Hannab Tamara
    Hannab Tamara

    Something about Naja boy!!!!💕

  • Dominic Nickels
    Dominic Nickels

    The best there is

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    Gerlin Troche

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  • Astoryas

    I like Robert is the only one to have bounced back this hard

  • lilchicklings

    This man is the black rock lee of UFC

  • Heights__

    Morpheus vs Neo? More like Rock Lee vs Gaara.

  • danny bonura
    danny bonura

    Izzy is hands down the best in the game rn Connor fell off and khabib retired ain’t no one can mess with the style bender and that’s a fact

  • Mori

    And now Marvin got his rematch and he was completely outclassed and STILL believes he won 🤣

    • Mori

      @Cam delusion is one heluva thing

    • Cam

      lmaoooo he was the only one in the arena that thought he won that 2nd fight.

  • DeanJosef

    lmao curb your confidence

  • JB

    I’m a new MMA a fan and I’ve never thought Anderson Silva would sound like THAT. No offense but it’s just surprising.

  • john smith
    john smith

    3:10 hahahahaha still lost an humiliated 😂

  • Sid the Sloth
    Sid the Sloth

    Will the last guy be able to walk again ?

  • _Z_ _Yoyo_
    _Z_ _Yoyo_

    Who’s waiting for Adesanya to finish off one of his opponents with a Rasengan

  • Ronald Busby
    Ronald Busby


  • Ryan Tumarae
    Ryan Tumarae

    Izzy🤘👍 Haters🤦‍♂️🖕

  • Magnum PI
    Magnum PI

    You need to update this with Marvin winning the rematch😜

    • Magnum PI
      Magnum PI

      @Crispy Eminems I Marvins head he

    • Crispy Eminems
      Crispy Eminems

      didn’t age well

  • Donavan Copeland
    Donavan Copeland

    I think that people need to realize that Alasaonya is not to be fucked with

  • feeq

    opponent before fighting adesanya: imma knock you out. imma take this win also opponent after fighting adesanya: there was a mistake. bUt WhEn I CoMe BaCk I WilL bReaK hIm

  • Rupert

    anyone here after he beat vettori at UFC 263?


    Its just crazy how you talk shit and get beat up


      @benhurzz 🤣🤣

    • benhurzz

      @ESOCCER yeah true, look at boxing, all them youtubers got nothing to lose lol


      @benhurzz it’s embarrassing asf tho talking shit just to get ur ass beat infront of millions

    • benhurzz

      for promo, and its kinda fun

    • ‏‏‎


  • Fang Sway
    Fang Sway

    i would like to fight him 🚶🏾‍♂️😁

    • Cam

      aye me 2 sign me up ill tap out in the first second and take my 50k. lmao

  • Jason Varte
    Jason Varte

    Im not saying he is nit strong but he attack when running🤣

  • reuben lalzarmawia
    reuben lalzarmawia

    "winning is a habit"

  • Ak Akmal
    Ak Akmal

    Kau memang padu

  • Matthew Lynch
    Matthew Lynch

    3:15 at least that's how he thought it went

  • Lazo TheMC
    Lazo TheMC

    🎯 WELL DONE💯💯💯

  • Cord J
    Cord J

    Yeah something happen you lost

  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell

    Bet u can’t make this one with Marvin V. That boy still thinks he won. The only fighter who gained hella confidence from losing

  • Ed Garcia
    Ed Garcia

    He skinny but it’s literally all muscle. Has little to no fat

  • King Woochi
    King Woochi

    Julio Jones twin

  • Douglas Williams
    Douglas Williams

    Came back to watch but vettori caught that work the 2nd time too😂


    well he rematched him nd played with him the whole time😭

  • Mikael Longval
    Mikael Longval

    lmao ez

  • Kevin Larson
    Kevin Larson

    The last style bender🔥

  • Kofi Awake
    Kofi Awake

    Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth!!!!

  • Jhericulous 3
    Jhericulous 3

    Wow he fight every 2-3 months while some losers keep fought once a yr and ask for more pay lol

  • Terrence Samps
    Terrence Samps

    12:18 lmao

  • RAZE

    Whose here after Marvin vettori couldn't back up his words once again LOL

    • RAZE

      @Ivey 96 lmao

    • Ivey 96
      Ivey 96

      Derek bumson is even worse

    • jay jakk
      jay jakk

      😂😂😂 exactly

  • TrueChaos

    Who's here after the Izzy vs Vettori 2 fight

  • Elizabeth Ross
    Elizabeth Ross

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  • Klerikas

    Adesanya in next level dude :D :D

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2.7 mln