Watch George Floyd's family in Houston react to Derek Chauvin trial verdict
Former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted Tuesday of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, and Floyd's family in Houston are feeling a sense of relief.
The verdict arrived after about 10 hours of deliberations over two days, and was read late in the afternoon in a city on edge.

  • Martavious Tisby
    Martavious Tisby


  • Miss Sofija
    Miss Sofija

    Think of how many times this has happened and there has been a not guilty verdict. I can't imagine how horrible that would be.

  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    Alejandra Gonzalez

    Amen!! 🙏🙏❤️❤️ Justice For George Floyd!!

  • Mohammed

    نحن معكم سعداء بهذا الحكم ولتحيا العدالة 💪

  • Nick Jakoby
    Nick Jakoby

    Like a OJ Simpson verdict 😅😅😅

  • Kenny Z
    Kenny Z

    I’m 100% sure they are 10x excited when they heard that $27 million settlement.

  • white horse
    white horse


  • Aasir Newton
    Aasir Newton

    The person in the purple button down looks just like George 💔

  • Aussie Puppies
    Aussie Puppies

    I can feel their joy and relief.......knowing a guilty verdict just made them multi millionaires Who needs justice???? Just pay us lots of money and no one will notice society while it's in the sewer

    • Lord Marvin
      Lord Marvin

      5k for the families of other murder victims...5k

  • Aussie Puppies
    Aussie Puppies

    The guy was a criminal and high as a kite Talk about victim mentality

  • Cartouche 74
    Cartouche 74

    New millionaires are celebrating! Because of a guy that they barely knew.

  • Owynbubble

    All the hugs to the family from Canada 🇨🇦 eh!

  • S S
    S S

    Too bad they didn't just give George some money for the store. They got paid though!

  • Rilli Rilla Than most
    Rilli Rilla Than most

    Im from the uk and A week later I’m watching this with tears down my face I’m so happy for your family may god bless you all with the strength you need and may he send George back you as a guardian angel ❤️💯

  • Antilockdown Nederland
    Antilockdown Nederland

    Fack floyd

  • Ashwin Thomas
    Ashwin Thomas

    May George Floyd's soul now rest peacefully ❤️

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones

    What about the other similar crimes when people are not black so there's no whining. Working people who don't pass fake bills?

  • Ritu raj pandey
    Ritu raj pandey

    I am from India and my mom used to ask me about this case and I told her there is nothing new happen and the day I told her that white man is now consider as murderer by court punishment will be given him very soon believe me she becomes very much emotional We Indian always stands with the black people all around the world ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Arvid Hagelberg
    Arvid Hagelberg

    This is good. Hopefully this chapter can now resolve to the "positive peace which is the presence of justice" King spoke of. Much work remains for the rest of the country, though.

  • Bruv arian
    Bruv arian

    The shag. The “cmon mayneeee” they are so Texas lol

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly Jackson


  • miko foin
    miko foin

    I swear to go if she had punched that tv he would have feelt it. Hope the family can get some sort of peace in there soul now😥🙏

  • Epic Ray
    Epic Ray

    Justice. 12 year's isn't enough but its a start.

  • Sibyl Sunny
    Sibyl Sunny

    May God comfort this family

  • Fruitful Possession
    Fruitful Possession

    Lamentations 4:17 Fruitful possession unchain your music

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    bless all of them🙏🏻

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Yes God bless George and his family

  • Willem Venter
    Willem Venter

    so who's gonna buy the crack and watermelon now that he is dead?????

    • Chris E
      Chris E

      Your mom

  • Eli Goldie
    Eli Goldie

    God love 'em.

  • abbey mclaren
    abbey mclaren

    Much love from Australians... We do care for U all...x

  • Nina Selene Rossi
    Nina Selene Rossi

    Derek Chauvin being found GUILTY on all 3 charges was the best birthday gift I ever received. George Floyd can rest in peace knowing that justice was served.

    • Aussie Puppies
      Aussie Puppies

      Then you're a sociopath

    • Lisa Smith
      Lisa Smith

      @Sam R Derek Chauvin isn't a good person nor a cop

    • Williams Über Alles
      Williams Über Alles

      @Sam R no one said that

    • Sam R
      Sam R

      George Kirby robbed a pregnant woman in her own home. He's not a good person!

  • Cheatsey Chespin
    Cheatsey Chespin

    I am deeply disappointed in all of them. George killed himself via drug suffocation.

    • Cheatsey Chespin
      Cheatsey Chespin

      @Epic Ray he had also gotten a mental tolerance, as to how he was relatively responsive. Maybe Fentanyl didn't kill him, but Fentanyl AND Meth had a high probability of such

    • Cheatsey Chespin
      Cheatsey Chespin

      @Epic Ray also they replicated the hold in worse conditions. The worst the person had was a crick in the neck from positioning

    • Cheatsey Chespin
      Cheatsey Chespin

      @Epic Ray yeah I like his stuff but his conclusions and understanding of wording here is... disturbingly misrepresented. Homocide just means death in presence of others not directly trying to save one's life like a medic or a doctor. The listing of a Homocide is irrelevant if not disproving. Also he had nearly three times the amount of Fentanyl in his system than most servive. Even if he didn't suffocate at all he would have immediately died from an overdose once it all hit his system with astronomically low chances of recovering via resesitation

    • Epic Ray
      Epic Ray

      @Cheatsey Chespin I would just post a link but it won't let me, here is a doctor's input on it - george floyd toxicology report by chubbyemu

    • Cheatsey Chespin
      Cheatsey Chespin

      @Epic Ray yeah, the force needs reformed, I'd never argue against that, but like, Chauvin didn't kill him either way

  • d c
    d c

    they just want money.

  • Alexander Morgan
    Alexander Morgan

    One man takes the fall for many of cops crimes and everybody's happy, don't forget to focus on many of the other problems with our planet

  • J.J. Erickson.
    J.J. Erickson.


    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      That's not justice

  • Ced Dud
    Ced Dud

    Police need to man up or stop.

  • Mofo


  • Katie Matkowski
    Katie Matkowski

    How could anyone dislike this?

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      This is racist

  • Earl of Mar
    Earl of Mar

    $27 million & instructions from Al Sharpton, and a camera trained on you makes you do a happy dance.

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      @Dwayne Da Pebble Johnson stop defending drug addicted criminals first

    • Dwayne Da Pebble Johnson
      Dwayne Da Pebble Johnson

      @Earl of Mar so what? people aren’t gonna be perfect. the dirty racist pig didn’t need to kill him. but it don’t matter now. Chauvin got what he deserved. stop being a racist trump supporter.

    • Earl of Mar
      Earl of Mar

      @Dwayne Da Pebble Johnson Because I'm fiscally responsible with tax-payers money? The state of Texas had already paid over $450K for Floyd's 23 arrests & incarnations. When do the tax-payers get their money back?

    • Dwayne Da Pebble Johnson
      Dwayne Da Pebble Johnson

      you must be a Trump supporter

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    bless all of them🙏🏻

  • Michael leslie Tunnicliff
    Michael leslie Tunnicliff

    Yes God bless George and his family

  • Sapto Seven
    Sapto Seven

    The history is still making... justice is above all

  • Heart Corre
    Heart Corre

    These are all exaggeration.

  • Romel Chad
    Romel Chad

    lesson learned to the abusive police.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      Did this really need to be air on the internet?

  • Bruno Marques
    Bruno Marques

    Next time respect the Cops end don't resist when you are approached 😉

  • Kandahar Anar
    Kandahar Anar

    That hurts !!! Hope you doing alright!! Keep it up !!!! You good peaple!!!

  • sunipa chaudhuri
    sunipa chaudhuri

    Guilty is and must be punished which is done

  • Penny Omega
    Penny Omega

    Thank God. Don’t drop the soap Chauvin

  • Leon Piccinin
    Leon Piccinin

    what a gloriously bittersweet moment for the family , that's one of the most powerful videos i've watched in a long time that will stay with me for life, i cried , and if it had been anything but all guilty I would have flown to US and rioted with Y'all 💚

  • Dear Red
    Dear Red

    Officer Chauvin should be fired not jailed. George Floyd should be in prison or drug rehab not dead. Both men made mistakes but the outcome of this trial was not justice.

    • Epic Ray
      Epic Ray

      The officer used an incorrect technique by placing his knee on the back of the victims neck instead of the upper back like he was trained to. The cop should rot under the prison.


    Lil bill lookin ah 😂

    • Curb Stomp
      Curb Stomp


  • Tr B
    Tr B

    KA-CHING $$$

    • Aussie Puppies
      Aussie Puppies

      Yes 27 million times

  • Samuel Orona
    Samuel Orona

    My deepest and dearest condolences for the floyd fsmily

  • milldinho

    My left ear loved this

  • Japheth Dwyer
    Japheth Dwyer


  • Marinette Gamer 123 go
    Marinette Gamer 123 go

    Amennnnnnnnn! ✊

  • acerusso

    Maybe they should have stopped him from committing his criminal activity and they wouldnt have to watch trials that he caused.

    • Widow Rumstrypze
      Widow Rumstrypze

      Maybe they *tried* but he did it ANYWAY! Why do you feel so compelled to be "that person"? No matter HOW he was brought up, he had his OWN free will, and his family's wishes had NOTHING to do with his ultimately terrible life choices. I grew up in a tradtional, Conservative, uptight suburban home. In the 1970's, my parents had the American Dream. Six kids, big house, Dad had a good job, Mom was awesome, etc. Eldest son was Class President, voted Most Popular, got straight A's, was a 4 star Varsity Athlete and everybody wanted to be just like him. Even when he became a heroin addict. He became a dealer, got our other brother (the youngest) strung out and they both turned to a life of crime, in and out of prison forever. My other two brothers are fine, they're good guys with normal lives, and have good kids. My sister did well, but her kids became addicts, despite everything she did to shield them from the existence of such things. I'm "the baby", I'm a mess, but my kid is AWESOME, thanks to *GOOD* choices HE MADE. We all make our *own* choices, and we can't *force* our loved ones to make the right ones. I was brought up with (compared to some) many advantages, but neighborhood kids being horrible because of nasty thing their *parents* said about my family, was a lonely, heartbreaking way to spend an entire childhood. I didn't do anything wrong, but was punished all the same.

  • Bobby Amdro
    Bobby Amdro

    Did this really need to be air on the internet?

  • I dunno
    I dunno

    Reminder that george floyd was a career criminal who once robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint. And asked her if she wanted him to shoot her baby. He was evil.

    • I dunno
      I dunno

      @Someone Someone Yeah but spitting facts is useful in case anyone is reading this thread

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      @I dunno this blm clown will never agree with u

    • I dunno
      I dunno

      @Epic Ray then why did he have 98% oxygen content, and why was there no bruising or artery damage to his neck? There's 0 evidence of the knee killing him, go ahead, find some. Meanwhile he was 8x lethal overdose of a speedball probably homemade

    • Epic Ray
      Epic Ray

      @I dunno the officer used an incorrect technique by placing his knee on the back of the victims neck instead of the upper back like he was trained to do. So no it was not an overdose. If you would have watched the videos you would know this. Stop spreading misinformation.

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      @Danny Fenton lol stop defending a drug addicted criminal

  • Richard Kuklinski
    Richard Kuklinski

    Lol these are actors. You all are brain dead.

  • Jon Erlandson
    Jon Erlandson

    *in war* ... soldiers are subject to the rules... they do get tried for misconduct... however.. consideration has to be given... to the conditions... of the war... on crime...

  • Puguna Ramasamy
    Puguna Ramasamy

    Really made my tears 😭

  • Fredrick Effi
    Fredrick Effi

    As from now on cops will think twice. Also hope bidden will change the gun law, too many weapons are in circulación in USA that also have to change

  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez

    Why so many dislikes? 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      Because the whole court decision is an act of racism

  • Muhammad Satria
    Muhammad Satria

    He'd die in prison 100%

  • Beistbolking

    am i watching a so opera?😂 they are so dramic

  • v k
    v k

    George floyd was a criminal

    • Danny Fenton
      Danny Fenton

      @Someone Someone hes not a hero. But he shouldn't be dead. I don't care if you think he's a bad person if you think the cop was correct in killing him your a psychopath

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      @Danny Fenton lol, almost the whole blm community says he is the hero and ignores the fact that he was a drug addicted criminal

    • Danny Fenton
      Danny Fenton

      @Someone Someone treating the guy like a hero? Nobody is saying he's a hero were just saying he didn't deserve to be murdered. How is that so hard to grasp.

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      @Epic Ray it surely doesn't. But dramatizing floyd's death and treating him as a hero is way worse than what the cop did

    • Epic Ray
      Epic Ray

      @Someone Someone doesn't give the cop the right to kill people unless he was actually in the act.

  • 2 sweet 4 Life
    2 sweet 4 Life

    May God bless this family.

  • Angel Cockrell
    Angel Cockrell

    Watching this makes me cry

  • aril 870408
    aril 870408

    i'm sorry but how many years that their put chauvin in prison?

    • Harry Joutsen
      Harry Joutsen

      minimum is about 12 years

  • LiFe In ThE MoOnLiGht
    LiFe In ThE MoOnLiGht

    They acting like they watching the finals or something.

  • Michael Kos
    Michael Kos

    Yes ! We are rich !

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    Thank you Jury for that verdict. Not only America but the entire world needed to hear "Found Guilty". Prayers for the family and hope that George soul may rest in eternal peace.

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      @Yeeyee ok, he robbed a non-pregnant woman. Thats surely not an excuse to murder him, but he cant be treated like a hero how blm supporters consider him to be. He was a drug addicted criminal, everybody for some reason forget this

    • Yeeyee

      @Someone Someone he never robbed a pregnant woman. Also his past crimes is not an excuse to go murdering him

    • Epic Ray
      Epic Ray

      @Someone Someone true, instead of treating Floyd like a hero people should be treating the cop like a monster. But I do agree Floyd was no one special or to be looked up to.

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      @Epic Ray it's ok, but u should realize that death of floyd should not be so dramatized. Moreover people should not go around with posters with this criminal and treat him as a hero

    • Epic Ray
      Epic Ray

      @Someone Someone no, but I also don't support cop's being judge jury and executioner.

  • MR. Bar Spitter
    MR. Bar Spitter


  • Valentino Si
    Valentino Si

    Even in Italy during a football match, the people are not so enthusiastic. When you have the money in the mind............. That's not normal....

  • Jhon Mann
    Jhon Mann

    Yup and they are multi-millionaires. Speaking of helping black community where is the BLM founder? Who raked in 91 million$ from this Marxist movement over this last summer that caused black businesses and immigrant cities to be burned down? Oh yeah she bought three multi-million dollar mansions in a predominantly 90% white neighborhood. And didn't donate a dime to the black poor community whatsoever. Typical Marxist move

    • Jhon Mann
      Jhon Mann

      @Harry Joutsen I'm not crying. But I can tell you who is the black members who are in these poor communities that were waiting for their help of the 91 million from GoFundMe. Does she pocketed and ran with what do you expect the Marxist to do the spursa amongst the poor like she promises 💯💯💯💯 oh and by the way it looks like the BLT protesters are bass are starting to fall apart and turn on one another.

    • Harry Joutsen
      Harry Joutsen

      keep crying

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      The dislikes are the people against Floyd's You people are disgusting!

  • The Yowie Hunters
    The Yowie Hunters

    How'd it feel getting owned by over 7 million votes, Trumpflakes? Thanks for the Senate, too! We own you, maggots. You mad? : )

  • Mahad Mursal
    Mahad Mursal

    Poor George floyd 😢

  • unknownviper99

    There's like a lot of dislikes why? Bunch of racists?

  • The baby was Green
    The baby was Green

    I hope they all find a way to continue there lives after such a tragic and traumatic death

    • d c
      d c

      hopefully they don't take a bunch of meth and overdose

  • Erwin Bolocboloc
    Erwin Bolocboloc

    They excited for the money 🤣

    • Erwin Bolocboloc
      Erwin Bolocboloc

      @Harry Joutsen I'm laughing 🤣 I'm not American i dont paid tax for criminals

    • Harry Joutsen
      Harry Joutsen

      Keep crying

  • Jana Kinski
    Jana Kinski

    Derek Chauvin NOT guilty!

  • Jana Kinski
    Jana Kinski

    Did this family ever think of Floyd,s victims?...Did they ever care of him drug abusing?....He died because of himself!....

    • Epic Ray
      Epic Ray

      Actually in the original video you can see the cop place his knee on the back of the neck of the victim which is the incorrect technique, they are trained to place their knee on the upper back. So yes the cop did indeed kill him.

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      @Harry Joutsen stop defending criminals

    • Harry Joutsen
      Harry Joutsen

      No, a cop killed him

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay


  • Valerie 1981
    Valerie 1981

    The reason they’re pretending to care about George now is because they want a piece of the pie. They want to be part of the attention.

    • Harry Joutsen
      Harry Joutsen

      keep crying

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales

    Justicia.... que sea para todos .. por algo se empieza

    • Carolain Valentine
      Carolain Valentine

      Exactamente 💙

  • user name
    user name

    Best thing about this video is how much it tortures the racist right. They can't stand seeing blacks get justice.

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      Blacks ironically are the most racist people

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      Can't believe there are some people who are mad a white police officer couldn't get away with murder of a black man. And they claim not to be racist.

  • Hamida Bensalem
    Hamida Bensalem

    Je suis tout avec vous mais si il y a pas les caméras croyez moi qu il serait non compable et oui qu Allah vous aide inchallah

  • ShitGusSays

    I've never cried while pooping. This is the first for me. I gotta stand up seriously

    • Aussie Puppies
      Aussie Puppies

      Nappy time It's all downhill now brother

    • ShitGusSays

      @Darryl Griffith word.

    • Darryl Griffith
      Darryl Griffith

      Bro you don’t even know how much this resonated with me at the time I read this comment 😹

  • vincent williams
    vincent williams

    GO BACK TO SLEEP I watched a video and had this Revelation that I must speak on, many may not agree on my perspective of things but here it is. We watched as many celebrated a guilty verdict from the George Floyd case as a sense of justice for our people, but what does it mean? Do we get to go back to sleep? Where is the justice for two blacks shutting each other down in the streets like dogs, and no one knows about it nor reports. Where is the justice on the miseducation of history in the school system among our community? Why are we still accepting the poison distributed in our community, as well as the poison shot in our arms, and still wonder why their foot is on our neck. Should we stay in a low state, that a foot could be place on our necks? Does this mean we get to go back to sleep? I believe our people don't really want change because it would require us to revise our way of life and thinking, which starts from within. You see you can't be wrong giving the opposition the entitlement to do you wrong, especially when they orchestrate the narrative. So what does this mean, do we get to go back to sleep? What happened to that paradigm shift before the election, when we were focused on reparation and economic empowerment, then got distracted. In regards to the verdict, something had to be done so those outside this country would see that the US have a sense of entitlement to social injustice which could affect foreign policy. But we know that is far from the truth. Time and time again I've seen this play over like a broken record and we continue to fall for the distraction instead of moving forward. I'm not trying to be negative but we've already been down this road and it's time to start blaming ourselves for our demise, or we could just go back to sleep.

  • guyYouknow

    The dislikes are the people against Floyd's You people are disgusting!

    • Someone Someone
      Someone Someone

      Ye, im against drug addicted criminals. What is wrong with it?

  • sk mangbawi
    sk mangbawi

    This is not good

  • Chocolate

    Must be nice all that money they made on this. I wonder if Floyd knew the size of clothes his daughter wore.

  • Grace 4ever
    Grace 4ever

    Jesus forgave us when He died for us on the Calvary cross, get saved today.

  • Sabrina Zappalà
    Sabrina Zappalà


  • balbirsinghbhandal

    You have a judicial system that is reliable atleast, had this been in India the case would have gone for 40 years with no verdict, the verdict cannot bring back the deceased but it instills faith that justice has been served, truth has prevailed.

  • Brandon Sitch
    Brandon Sitch

    I love it. They look so relieved

    • Mea Tydeh Farhat
      Mea Tydeh Farhat

      Why wouldn’t they ? they take a $27 million

  • Paul Romero
    Paul Romero

    I farted


    Good video

  • 610 Hobbies
    610 Hobbies

    Rest in peace, George Floyd. Rot in jail, Derek Chauvin.

  • Dd FU
    Dd FU

    Can't believe there are some people who are mad a white police officer couldn't get away with murder of a black man. And they claim not to be racist.

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