Manchester United ● All 121 Goals Season 2020-2021
Manchester United ● All 121 Goals Season 2020-2021
Manchester United ● All 121 Goals Season 2020-2021
Manchester United ● All 121 Goals Season 2020-2021

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    Sports Mania

    watch PSG Potential Lineup Next Season 2021/22

  • Mr99cool99

    Man united -9 southampton-0

  • Polish MeBanana
    Polish MeBanana

    29:26 vs villarreal no wolves

  • Betty Thomas
    Betty Thomas

    The comfortable calculus sicily post because ophthalmologist superficially camp around a abject gong. cautious, witty cartoon

  • Paras hit
    Paras hit

    All of the outfield players have scored. What an amazing season.

  • awm

    quite loud those empty stadiums

  • Nopal pernambucano
    Nopal pernambucano


  • Nopal pernambucano
    Nopal pernambucano

    So amazing



  • Geralt z Fucking Rivie
    Geralt z Fucking Rivie

    Cavani is Red Devil 🔥

  • SnoopDiss

    We will have people in the stadium this season right?

  • Shantwain Johnson
    Shantwain Johnson

    20:25 did this man just dive forward😂😂😂

    • Bart Simpson
      Bart Simpson


  • Berlin


  • vxrbalist_ Clodz
    vxrbalist_ Clodz

    Rashford could’ve got 30goals+ if he had better finishing. His final play is so poor

    • jomiloju ayodele
      jomiloju ayodele

      Bruno and cavani miss the most big chances in the team stfu

    • vxrbalist_ Clodz
      vxrbalist_ Clodz

      @SnoopDiss but it’s been too many he’s missed. Obviously he is allowed to miss a few he’s human. But he’s just missed too many in my opinion. He passes when he’s supposed to shoot and shoots when he’s supposed to pass

    • SnoopDiss

      He's carrying 2 injuries mate.. give him some credit

  • Fredrik Knutsen
    Fredrik Knutsen

    29:20 vs wolverhampton no vs villarreal

    • VERTIGO ?
      VERTIGO ?

      Who gives a shit

  • Gabriel Tenuo
    Gabriel Tenuo

    Cavani’s last goal always makes me feel so sad 😞

  • Malayan United
    Malayan United

    Try to make it 151 next season now we have Sancho! 🔥

  • yung ddg
    yung ddg

    I loved Cavani's left foot volley. Even though it was shinny it looked beautiful 😍

  • tedson kabiru
    tedson kabiru


  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan

    Fucking hell man use the proper commentary not the United channel one or these other ones


    Best season

  • Faiz Abiyaqsa
    Faiz Abiyaqsa

    hope rashford can be clininal again and he would score 30+ goals a season

    • SnoopDiss

      @Daniel Attwell yeah he's carrying 2 injuries if I'm not wrong

    • Daniel Attwell
      Daniel Attwell

      I'm ngl I swear rashford has been injured for the past 2 years. Still scores more goals than mane, werner and lots of other big names players

    • AKIN

      And Martial

  • ff dimas
    ff dimas

    20:55 🤤

  • Vinay Solanki
    Vinay Solanki

    Cavani's Chip against fulham was the best goal of the season🇺🇾

    • Ghingi Ferry
      Ghingi Ferry

      Too bad we gifted Bruno the goal of the season too early

    • Brasileira

      28:34 world class

  • eclipsed

    Scott actually scored a lot of goals wow

    • Ghingi Ferry
      Ghingi Ferry

      He used to be a striker in the youth teams

    • Yusuf Khan
      Yusuf Khan


  • Abang Ep Ep
    Abang Ep Ep

    Fernandes goals were All class

  • Jameel Far
    Jameel Far

    next season i want it to be like this if we add some attackers 1.Cavani-30+goal's 2.;Bruno-30+goal's 3.Rashford-25+goal's 4.Sancho-20+goal's 5.Greenwood-20+goals 6.MARTIAL-15+gial's 7.Amad Dialo-10+goal's 8.pogba-10+goal's i want this guy's to be our main goal scorers squad depth is important and thank god we'll have it

    • Jameel Far
      Jameel Far

      @SummonerBraddy SG yep we can do that

    • SummonerBraddy SG
      SummonerBraddy SG

      I mean, we could have scored 150+ easily that season if our strikers were more clinical

    • Jameel Far
      Jameel Far

      @irvan rizky yep if possible you'll never know

    • irvan rizky
      irvan rizky

      150 goal?


    We've made so much progress simce Ole came just so sad that we havent won anything

    • SnoopDiss

      @Ghingi Ferry well sadly yh...

    • Ghingi Ferry
      Ghingi Ferry

      @SnoopDiss he doesn’t wanna come here

    • Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi
      Nwaoha Joel Ndubuisi

      We have no progress we are just recruiting players from the owners we just need a coach to give us trophy

    • SnoopDiss

      @nickraoyj well he's young he could be converted

    • nickraoyj

      @SnoopDiss Camavinga is NOT a CDM unfortunately


    hello do u have this video which isnt edited pls reply

  • Mac Dre
    Mac Dre

    Pogbas goals were all class

  • Diego

    Bruno e Rashford jogam muita bola cara, o MU ta muito forte

  • Babili Mbetse
    Babili Mbetse

    You have earned my subscription

  • Isaiah Gere
    Isaiah Gere


  • Papuia Ppa
    Papuia Ppa

    United is the best👍👏👏👏💫💞

  • Neil Luhar
    Neil Luhar

    The first goal against Brighton was given as an OG

  • Theredevils 302
    Theredevils 302

    Most goals in a season since SAF left?

    • Ghingi Ferry
      Ghingi Ferry

      @Andreas Mytides Awb and mcfred are bigger problems than our center backs

    • Ivan Donson
      Ivan Donson

      @Paras hit we have a new set piece coach and might be getting varane. After that we have to compete for league title

    • Paras hit
      Paras hit

      @ACE we concede so many goals from set pieces and crossing due to a problem of training drill, not the quality of these players.

    • Andreas Mytides
      Andreas Mytides

      @ACE You mean the Center Backs are bad cause the fullbacks are really good.

    • ACE

      @Ali Nagiyev loooooool. Our defence is so bad OMG

  • Michael McGuire
    Michael McGuire

    The 40 yard lob

  • Michael McGuire
    Michael McGuire

    Good video, I think the goal that Cavani scored against Fulham was the BEST!

  • Sói TV
    Sói TV

    McTominay 7 goal

  • Sylvester O Johnson
    Sylvester O Johnson

    Rashford & Bruno are crucial. I don't care what anybody says.

    • Ghingi Ferry
      Ghingi Ferry

      They may not be the most talented players on the team but they’re very efficient and that was crucial for us last season

    • A A
      A A

      Plastic united fan crtitsize rashy They are shit

    • Asanda Khumalo
      Asanda Khumalo

      True...but I hope Rashford can work on his decision making a bit more

    • Asanda Khumalo
      Asanda Khumalo

      True...but I hope Rashford can work on his decision making a bit more

    • iMontage Gaming
      iMontage Gaming

      @Jameel Far he was on and off with Injury all season

  • William Lau
    William Lau

    Nice Video!

  • ExoticLemur

    What percent of these were penalties?

    • Ghingi Ferry
      Ghingi Ferry

      @Kylelon Edwards city are trash at pens lol

    • Kylelon Edwards
      Kylelon Edwards

      @SummonerBraddy SG in the prem leicester and united are tied at 10 (12 given for leicester and 11 for united) chelsea have 8/10 liverpool and arsenal have 6/6 man city have 5/9 and spurs 5/5 make of that what you want

    • SummonerBraddy SG
      SummonerBraddy SG

      @Kylelon Edwards compared to other squads, how much other team have? Legit curious tho, don't sue me

    • Kylelon Edwards
      Kylelon Edwards

      If you really wanna know 14.05% 17/121 aint that bad when you think about it

    •  Sam G - Football fan
      Sam G - Football fan

      Plz cry more

  • Gerry Shom
    Gerry Shom

    Mata scored our first penalty De Gea missed our last one

    • Herbang M. Naibaho
      Herbang M. Naibaho

      You cant blame de Gea. Its all responsibility that we cant end the game before penalties shoot out.

    • Nathan Hollow
      Nathan Hollow

      @Jameel Far No De Gea is at fault. He was the best shot stopper in world football. He has always been average at saving pens, distributing the ball and commanding his box. Now he's a shell of his former self. Hopefully him being dropped by United AND Spain brings and more improved version back. If he can get to shot stopping and bailing us out when needs to again (instead of fumbling the ball into his own net like last season) and improving on his faults then he can be welcomed back as the #1. But until then Henderson is the #1.

    • SummonerBraddy SG
      SummonerBraddy SG

      @Jameel Far what ya want to blame him for? For not substituting himself and play in the penalty shootout?

    • Overhaul

      @Jameel Far a backup villareal keeper has more penalties save than a “world class” goalkeeper lol

    • Jameel Far
      Jameel Far

      people blame de gea but penalties anyones game man the real blame should go to ole

  • 조한진

    Nice video for United's fan👏👏

  • Gusthebeast12

    Great video! Sucks to loose the final, but all we can do is hope we can win some silverware next season, tired of not winning anything smh

    • SummonerBraddy SG
      SummonerBraddy SG

      Well, 4 semi-finals and one final in 3 years are a good progress to me. Hopefully, we start to win trophy like you say

  • Mario Silalahi
    Mario Silalahi

    Semoga musim depan jadi juaranya 👍👍👍

  • ENJ Bola
    ENJ Bola


  • Ronan Afriandi
    Ronan Afriandi


  • Yash S7
    Yash S7

    Crazy to think that vdb scored our first goal cant believe how under utilised he was I WANT TO SEE HIM NEXT SEASON

    • Ghingi Ferry
      Ghingi Ferry

      @SnoopDiss I think he gives himself the role of being the talisman in the team and you can see that with how vocal he is and how he tries to be a leader. We’ve grown to rely on him for that. Taking him off for players like vdb won’t mess us up majorly in terms of on pitch talents but it does mess us up with on pitch mentality.

    • SnoopDiss

      Yup.. bruno definitely needs some rest.. he's ruining himself with the burn out he's having.. can't blame ole. Apparently Bruno refuses to be benched..

    • Man Utd Lists
      Man Utd Lists

      @dv Squad rotation. You can't start the same 11 every single game otherwise they will burn out

    • dv

      There is no space for him stating 11, he canbe used switch Bruno or pogba but they play full 90 most of the game

  • @CFCMoi11

    Most of the United goals are created by Bruno. Just shows how good he is

    • SnoopDiss

      @Newton Heath I want bruno to score 30 pens next season and win the Golden boot so that I can see city 'fans' and other cunts crying and coping

    • Rushane Johnson
      Rushane Johnson

      Nooo just look at Pogba passes

    • Newton Heath
      Newton Heath

      @Boring Videos yeah last season your species was complaining Rashy a penalty merchant that's why he scored more goals but now it's Bruno who scored more goals from penalties what's the next excuse for you lot to discredit Marcus huh

    • Boring Videos
      Boring Videos

      @Newton Heath PICKFORD!!!

    • Newton Heath
      Newton Heath

      Bruno 28 goals less 13 penalty goals = 15 non-penalty goals assists 18 Marcus 21 goals less 1 penalty goal = 20 non-penalty goals assists 15

  • Irpan Agustian
    Irpan Agustian


  • Newton Heath 84
    Newton Heath 84

    Oh man what a shame they didn't win the Europa League.

    • SummonerBraddy SG
      SummonerBraddy SG

      What's matter is progress. Reaching a final is one step to win a trophy as the players would be more motivated to win them next season.

    • Newton Heath 84
      Newton Heath 84

      @ Sam G - Football fan No what?

    •  Sam G - Football fan
      Sam G - Football fan

      @Newton Heath 84 No

    • Alex Grant
      Alex Grant

      @Onesmo Thimos fake fan

    • Onesmo Thimos
      Onesmo Thimos

      Stupd solskjaer

  • Julius Justin
    Julius Justin

    Good job nice video

  • Golden Duck Gaming-CTĐ
    Golden Duck Gaming-CTĐ

    Amazing video! Good job bro