Hitting a Home Run on Every MLB The Show!
Thanks to PlayStation & MLB The Show for the early copy of MLB The Show 21

Hitting a Home Run on Every MLB The Show from 2006-2021!
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  • Foolish Baseball
    Foolish Baseball

    This was better than most movies I've seen.

    • Dawesome LM
      Dawesome LM

      Sup foolish

    • The Dark Gamer
      The Dark Gamer

      Man the baseball king admitting defeat.

    • Owen Hinves
      Owen Hinves

      @Ethan Baker this is like when mlb commented on foolish baseball's vid

    • Jordan Levy
      Jordan Levy

      @MrMalicious You’re probably watching the wrong movies.

    • The D-man Legend
      The D-man Legend

      I agree

  • David Ackerman
    David Ackerman

    That shift on Papi in 07 speaks VOLUMES

  • Olivia Tara
    Olivia Tara

    what team are you a fan of

  • Flynt Helton
    Flynt Helton

    damn my cousins in the show 7

  • Giovanni Geno
    Giovanni Geno

    The opposite burglar practically bump because bone pharmacokinetically own down a insidious lipstick. abortive, disillusioned money

  • TheAwesomeMelon

    Gj but can't you like make it so the videos are cut so we don't have to wait an hour :/

    • TheAwesomeMelon

      @Healy6 Okay thanks for letting me know subscribed :)

    • Healy6

      This was like 8 hours of footage. No.

  • clayton christo
    clayton christo

    Stop talking.

  • Jimi Molivas
    Jimi Molivas

    kinda want that hat.

  • Brantley Bayliss
    Brantley Bayliss


  • Kyle Robatto
    Kyle Robatto

    If youre close to the mic you dont need to talk loud

  • Richard Davis
    Richard Davis

    Junior Spivey? Really????

  • Cookie Juan
    Cookie Juan

    THAT WAS 51 MINUTES?!?!!!?

    • Healy6

      Long or short? Lol

  • Clint Bailey
    Clint Bailey

    MLB 17 is seriously one of my favorite games. And that intro is GREAT!

  • GreyGamer

    Loved it thx


    “i’m not cheating so ... that might be the reason why “😂😂

  • Miguelangel Colmenares
    Miguelangel Colmenares

    I thought my phone was tripping 😭😭

  • Moca_Bomber Vlogs & gaming vids
    Moca_Bomber Vlogs & gaming vids

    Btw the show 10 is on ps3

  • Chris Games2009
    Chris Games2009

    I just played a 21 inning game I feel the pain

  • Jacob Villafuerte
    Jacob Villafuerte

    2k17 "i thought it was going to be way easier with this astros team......... im not cheating that may be the reason why" lmaooooo fuk the astros

  • Grey Hooper
    Grey Hooper

    Watching this in August. Just heard the line about Joc, loving him so far in Atlanta glad qe got him

  • Davin Valencia
    Davin Valencia

    So boring. I can't believe I watched this lmao.

    • Cookie Juan
      Cookie Juan

      I watched this not know it was 51 minutes lol

  • Raul Ramirez
    Raul Ramirez

    Try MLB2k

  • Parker Hart
    Parker Hart

    the fact that he has rizzo in the back that’s an instant sub

  • CptSparklFingerz

    This video would be perfect if you could have started with 989 Sports MLB, the predecessor to The Show. Doesnt effect thr video you didnt, it just wouldve been awesome too

  • Jacob Morrison
    Jacob Morrison

    2013 is basically what I see when I rub my eyes for too long

  • Nate Fick
    Nate Fick

    That Rizzo jersey didn’t age well

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda

    That Phillies team back in 09😭 they aren't doing bad at all right now

  • Alvaro Serrano
    Alvaro Serrano

    Idk why but I keep n watching this vid ahhhhhhhhh

  • My uncle is mark derosa I just never Met him

  • Sauceboy_ Dez
    Sauceboy_ Dez

    Am I the only one that wanted him to finish the game between the astros and dodgers on 17

  • Tiko Hi
    Tiko Hi


  • Pepper

    In 2013 the red socks didn’t win the cards did

  • jimmyplayz

    Seeing that 2016 Cubs team, especially after losing Chapman years ago to go back to the Yankees, and now losing Rizzo to the Yankees, Baez to the Mets, Bryant to the Giants, Zobrist to the Rays, Almora to the Mets, Schwarber to the Nationals, Fowler to the Angels, Lester to the Cardinals, Ross (who was my favorite player since he started) who retired but thankfully came back as the manager for the Cubs and is trying his best to make the Cubs great again, and Joe maddon going to be the manger of the Angels, it actually brought a tear to my eye. I wish I could bring this team back.

    • Ryan Bialeck
      Ryan Bialeck

      Shwarber to the Sox now

    • Dawesome LM
      Dawesome LM

      Yeah I loved that team

  • Tony Spino
    Tony Spino

    Why do I not remember mlb 12 or 13 being like this at all? I don’t understand how you’re having these issues. What?

    • Healy6

      I played on an emulator

  • Raymond Macias
    Raymond Macias

    Yo love that hat

  • LLW Wiffle Ball
    LLW Wiffle Ball

    Let’s go cardinals

  • Sonia


  • Crazy Awesome Gaming
    Crazy Awesome Gaming

    Good job

  • Gamer Goat34
    Gamer Goat34

    Yo the audio suck in mlb 9

  • Christina Scott-Cherry
    Christina Scott-Cherry

    l love mlb the show 18

  • Ev Ja
    Ev Ja

    17 is the goated the show

  • matthew gnatzig
    matthew gnatzig

    Show 16 roster didn't age well. From a brewers fan I'm sorry it doesn't feel right

  • Nolin Macomber
    Nolin Macomber

    Love you butch

  • billygowhoop

    17:38 catcher throws the ball at the batter's head

  • Tony Garcia
    Tony Garcia

    bro uh i think i heard him say “i need to slow it up” when he was playing The Show 16 😐 this challenge took its toll on you didn't it?

  • Nolin Macomber
    Nolin Macomber

    This is a challeng I have seen before

  • Dannie Jannie
    Dannie Jannie

    As a Cubs fan, the intro to mlb 17 was amazing and gives me mad goosebumps everytime I go back to play

  • Caleb Wade
    Caleb Wade

    I’m not surprised in 18 you hit a home run so quick. I swear to god everything I hit in RTTS that year left the ball park. I think I had a 120 HR season. Hit for the cycle like 80 times and broke the all time triple record. There was something about The Show 18 that was just different 🤣

  • Laurie Sanchez
    Laurie Sanchez

    Of course it's altuve don't rip his shirt tho

  • michael

    I like how you said gotta get 3 with the Giants somehow and they were all your quickest games ☠

  • thouxanbandmike

    Ventura died?

  • Blxke

    You gained a sub brother

  • R&J Mooothical Show
    R&J Mooothical Show

    Matty V was calling these games in 2006???

  • DAVID Scott
    DAVID Scott

    Rip Fenway

  • thrashex

    i love that brandon roy jersey

  • HyundaiYang1987

    Mets won 2015 tho, why you use the cheating Royals

  • Tommy Kendall
    Tommy Kendall

    Why did mlb the show 21 startup without the intro

  • Michael Onorato
    Michael Onorato

    Squealy 6

  • Kevin is daddy
    Kevin is daddy

    Any body else play 2002 ea sports game dont ember what it was called

  • Ghouls

    Wait I thought coco crisps was a cereal that’s why I was contused on why homies say coco crisps is my favorite player

  • coolshark 15
    coolshark 15

    Go Cubs go!

  • Islandboy809

    Trip down memory lane

  • wheelchair dynamo
    wheelchair dynamo

    Idk where you’re reading numbers from but you said one guys power was 74 the number was a 77/ another you said was like 36 and it was like 80

  • Ian Ringier
    Ian Ringier

    On mlb 13 what was the women infront of the pitcher

  • Maroon Lion 21
    Maroon Lion 21

    As a Royals fan it was fun to relive the glory


    I have mlb 12 on the ps3 and every thing looks the same instead of the graphics but you still crushed it

  • Tony J
    Tony J

    i actually had mlb 10 on ps2 i couldn’t afford a ps3 back in the day 💀

  • BL Sports
    BL Sports

    24:12 the pitch was 7mph 😜

  • Eric Cave
    Eric Cave

    Yo whats the deal with your ps3 era glitches lmao

    • Healy6

      The emulators suck

  • Reed Sauce
    Reed Sauce

    baseball 06 announcer "and he takes it to the bag himself" hmmm were have i heard that before how lazy can u get

  • Caden Fart
    Caden Fart

    My coach robed u in the show 15

  • Ethan Keppler
    Ethan Keppler

    larry bigbie lives in my neighborhood

  • Kaiden Yates
    Kaiden Yates

    Are you uneducated because you know the Red Sox cheated 2018 with the same Manager? Oh but only the Astros get hate. Yall need to understand if THE RED SOX CHEATED TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yall only hate on the Astros but if another team cheats no one cares :/

  • Jeff-from roblox
    Jeff-from roblox

    26:51 i love you mike knapoli got my eyes to stop burning and got us to watch normal great healy content

  • Jeff-from roblox
    Jeff-from roblox

    23:55 why do the jerseys and fans in front of the mound creep me out so much lol

  • Quinten Andrews
    Quinten Andrews

    MLB 08 is looks way better on PS3 then it did PS2 lol

  • LOLMAN 9538
    LOLMAN 9538

    So glad MLB came to Xbox

  • Elliott Smelliott
    Elliott Smelliott

    I died when the game glitched on MLB13 and there were fans sitting in the infield

  • StePPin' In
    StePPin' In

    Both 07 and 08 were also on ps3.

  • tom tom
    tom tom


  • Synyster Goose
    Synyster Goose

    Jesus Christ they need to update the commentary


    Astros cheated

  • Ryan

    No matter how old the game is, Matt V. will always be the same

  • Robert Eggert III
    Robert Eggert III

    What about 05, 06, and 07

  • Nico Esser
    Nico Esser

    I thought the jersey was cool

  • Frank Champion
    Frank Champion

    The HR cam from 09 when you hit a no doubter was 🔥🔥

  • Grouchy Z
    Grouchy Z

    If u build it they will come

  • Dakota George
    Dakota George

    13 intro music is Radio Active by the Imagine Dragons for yall who are wandering

  • Aidan Downey
    Aidan Downey

    Is that legitimately how 12 played

  • silenttrivium

    Go Cubs!

  • Asa Haslage
    Asa Haslage

    Those fans in 13 had the best seats in the house

  • Owen Hinves
    Owen Hinves

    the houston asstros yes i did spell it wrong but in someways not

  • Josiah Burrough
    Josiah Burrough

    17 was the first ever mlb the show I played

  • Kenneth Robinson
    Kenneth Robinson

    Huge fan of you Healy video idea I know it’d take awhile but home run derby with every winner

  • Joshua Reisdorf
    Joshua Reisdorf

    Btw 16 looks 100x better on my ps4

  • Gwazi

    lmao, I’m dying with MLB 12 and 13. Those games are so fucked. Fans are standing in the infield. It’s hilarious. Lmao at 25:08

    • Healy6

      The risks of using an emulator lol

  • jacob roach
    jacob roach

    How did you fuck up you 2012 and 2013 The Shows?

  • Gabriel Guardado
    Gabriel Guardado

    I hate u for making fun of the dodgers

  • Travis Scanlan
    Travis Scanlan

    MLB 13 "The Sun"

  • Unknown user
    Unknown user

    Did they mod tf outta 12? 🤣 that game was one of the better mlb games in my opinion

    • Healy6

      All the PS3 emulators besides 08 sucked