Can I Pull ENTIRE PLANETS In Roblox Strongman Simulator?!
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  • Kindly Keyin
    Kindly Keyin

    Apparently candy is heavier than planets.... Don't forget you can use STAR CODE KEYIN and you can also get yourself a Charlie The Spider shoulder pet in Roblox here:

    • lencho tulu
      lencho tulu

      I never knew kids were VERY VERY Buff

    • The boy’s
      The boy’s

      Play adopted me kindly keyin a spider is coming on September 21th

    • The boy’s
      The boy’s

      Kindly keyin play adotped me a spider is coming on September 21th

    • Jason

      I live u

    • Elvis Visi
      Elvis Visi

      Bro how i star code? im sorry that i don't know though to star code maybe have a star coders and not me is that the best idea?

  • Try me
    Try me

    I was playing this game and then I was a small noob well I was the first stage and I still got to the second level

  • Harrison Golder
    Harrison Golder


  • Nancy Quitoriano
    Nancy Quitoriano

    Hey keyin grabbing the dj is the easiest

  • Sumaira Aziz
    Sumaira Aziz

    Cam you please play theme park Tycoon 2 please.

  • FunTimes Family Tv
    FunTimes Family Tv

    I’m going to subscribe to you because I made it to space area like you

  • Gummy family Khan
    Gummy family Khan

    The planet should be we are done candy

  • Viviana Duran
    Viviana Duran

    i got another rare OH OH!! MORE RARES I GOT

  • Viviana Duran
    Viviana Duran

    Dj is a little heavier

  • Leslie Ortiz
    Leslie Ortiz

    I used your code

  • Bat Brat
    Bat Brat

    Wasn't supposed to say neighbors meant to say rebirth

  • Bat Brat
    Bat Brat

    Yeah I have three neighbors also how much are you supposed do you have kindly keyin

  • Viviana Duran
    Viviana Duran


  • Jazzi Hi
    Jazzi Hi

    Finally can do you know want strongman simulator I know a code and you have to do it in the disco world and have you unlock the disco world because I have only seen one of your videos kindly Qian a yes finally came on strong man simulator I have true million strength and today I got to 4,000,000

  • Evan Smash
    Evan Smash

    Instead of pulling on walls to get to the next area push on the walls

  • simon kerr
    simon kerr

    You can pull or push so you have to grab the rope and then push the items and you can push them out-of-the-way instead of having to pull them and get a bunch of energy and then turning it into size

  • pro bro
    pro bro

    Dj is broken you cane Drag it buht you can not Drag the odder fings

  • Techno Dream
    Techno Dream

    18:24 Pontus? What a stupid name🤣🤣🤣

  • Eric Cao
    Eric Cao

    I like strong man simulator

  • Eric Cao
    Eric Cao

    I love strong man simulator because I was a Daminater

  • Eric Cao
    Eric Cao

    I love strong man simulator because I am a dominator

  • Nice

  • Denny Gutierrez
    Denny Gutierrez

    Mo. Too

  • Layton Roberts
    Layton Roberts

    The dj is easy keyin

  • Bat Brat
    Bat Brat

    Oh yeah I started playing strongman simulator when I saw your video when you first played it also certain games on my Xbox and tablet or not available so yeah strongman simulator is one of the available ones on my tablet and Xbox I have one rebirth at least I got one times a piece of freaking something on my screen okay let's forget about that and yeah I have one rebirth at 10,000 and I kind of hated it cuz I thought had to do all the progress again

  • Bat Brat
    Bat Brat

    And yes I am a member of the kindly team

  • Bat Brat
    Bat Brat

    Meow meow I'm a cat meow

  • Greenie Tayco
    Greenie Tayco

    I'm just tired of like half of your body

    • Greenie Tayco
      Greenie Tayco

      I take 1% of your body

  • Petar Zivkovic
    Petar Zivkovic

    Wow 😮

  • Ashley Fox
    Ashley Fox


  • Max Whitmarsh
    Max Whitmarsh

    This is the best game

  • Ravichandra Rao
    Ravichandra Rao

    You can push instead of pull which makes it slower

  • Rajeev Rambaran
    Rajeev Rambaran

    U can push the thing too just a tip

  • Christine Rex
    Christine Rex

    I can pick up our trampoline

  • Aiden HP
    Aiden HP

    I love kindly keyins strongman simulator videos thair so entertaining

  • Zochhuani Hauhnar
    Zochhuani Hauhnar

    Kindly keyin: becomes Chadest* All the chads: wow our God has come🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Stanley David
    Stanley David

    i think you should go to farm land and do the tractor

  • Jeremy graves
    Jeremy graves

    Did you call disco land DJ land... lol

  • Frog Squad
    Frog Squad

    Because I’m so good at this game I don’t even remember the last time I’ve played it in the first level

  • Glitch Master
    Glitch Master


  • Glitch Master
    Glitch Master

    [x500 EXP] Dragon Ball Burst [x500 EXP] Dragon Ball Burst 86%1.3K [Thin Mints] Beat up simulator [Thin Mints] Beat up simulator 94%633 GTA: Roblox! GTA: Roblox! 48%174 Mortem Metallum [Alpha] Mortem Metallum [Alpha] 73%2K rememed meme game rememed meme game

  • Fornite Pro
    Fornite Pro

    You are wek in rel life

  • Kaelan Plays
    Kaelan Plays

    Your a strong menbear

  • shana Eldridge
    shana Eldridge

    Do you another 1 D o another 1 Do another 1

  • Michael Rees-Williams
    Michael Rees-Williams


  • jake scott
    jake scott

    The 6x in dj world on that weight means you get 6 times the strength

  • cur dev
    cur dev


  • Emilian Johnson
    Emilian Johnson

    Use teleporter

  • zack.b mobile
    zack.b mobile

    there was russoripped

  • kristian and jay
    kristian and jay

    The dj is a glich

  • Jayden Tig
    Jayden Tig

    I have 10million Stength

  • Coolest Crazy gamer atharv
    Coolest Crazy gamer atharv

    Hey keyin I am also a bear I can tell you some codes first one is 500likes 10m 100m 1500likes And 25k are all codes

  • Nu Mo Alls
    Nu Mo Alls


  • Lea King
    Lea King

    How is candy heavier than plants oh fat people can lift the big candy

  • Lea King
    Lea King

    :keyin: I am loving it :McDonald's: do do do I'm lovin it

  • Hashimberry

    I have 5M strength Keyin be like) how did you get that much strength

  • 💞 Ruby and zozo🍕
    💞 Ruby and zozo🍕

    You are so big

  • Haley Pontier
    Haley Pontier

    I'm at robot land on strongman simuleter. Thanks for letting me know this simulater

  • Anti Hero303
    Anti Hero303

    Kindly Keyin I found a glitch in strongman simulater go to where you start grab 6 toilets then try and teleport to the next place and then you should go behind the chains

    • Anti Hero303
      Anti Hero303

      Btw forgot to add you need to drop the toilets btw

  • hiko white
    hiko white

    pool the last thing in the disco its a glitch

  • Lincoln Rossau
    Lincoln Rossau

    I have Roblox

  • Sulaiman Othman
    Sulaiman Othman

    Respect keyin we all love him

  • Puja Ranjan
    Puja Ranjan

    Your a popular UZmilkr

  • Puja Ranjan
    Puja Ranjan

    Can you tell me how to download roblox

  • Puja Ranjan
    Puja Ranjan

    Please make more videos on this game 🎮

  • Aiden R
    Aiden R

    There’s a glitch for when you rebirth it you want it!

  • captain phil25
    captain phil25

    My strength is 1k now

    • Vibexs

      @captain phil25 mine is 3.7k and happy to

    • captain phil25
      captain phil25

      And I'm happy 😊

  • Alex Topoja
    Alex Topoja

    He was very happy

  • Gta_dog123

    I poo

  • Wolfplayz

    No Dinoland

  • Lincoln and Jackson time
    Lincoln and Jackson time


  • Gamer


  • Caden short videos
    Caden short videos

    I used your code and I spent it on this game you are the best

  • Kristy Farina
    Kristy Farina

    if you want to go to other worlds go body first

  • Mini toy soldier
    Mini toy soldier

    Kein I just begun my chanel

  • Indigo Owen
    Indigo Owen

    hi am Indigo 1 uv yur nuw subscribebrs

  • Reyrey Goose
    Reyrey Goose

    You can combine normals for rares if you have enough

  • Martin Crowhurst
    Martin Crowhurst

    I'm a very high level in this game

  • Martin Crowhurst
    Martin Crowhurst

    You can pull as much as you can

  • Joe Nils
    Joe Nils

    How does he pull cyclobot he 4.97k strength I have 5.24k

  • Sule Gokmen
    Sule Gokmen


  • Luca

    and i have a UZmilk channel

  • Luca

    Yes i want more strong man

  • Jeanieva Guthrie
    Jeanieva Guthrie

    Use the code 5000k likes for a rare rubber ducky

  • Deku #1
    Deku #1

    I love your video

  • BunsenHootie

    Did anyone notice he is wearing a revive hat? I watch another UZmilkr andrewschrock he has a skateboard shop that sells revive merch.

  • LEON

    Do more pls

  • Emin

    I love this game

  • Dylan Lopez
    Dylan Lopez

    Wow you are soooooooooooo GOOD WOW 🙂

  • Sherrie Loffler
    Sherrie Loffler


  • Romeo Gaber
    Romeo Gaber

    Your so strong kindly kid

  • Sherrie Loffler
    Sherrie Loffler

    Yay I really wanted a part too yay yay yay

  • Zemina Lakic
    Zemina Lakic

    I love this game so so so so so much

  • Aaron Weaver
    Aaron Weaver

    :Tip you can jump a bunch while moving the disco wall and it’ll fall over

  • Charles

    "No object on EARTH CAN SLOW ME DOWN" Literally he couldn't push three robot spiders 5 mins ago XD

  • Grafton Gumbs
    Grafton Gumbs


  • Hayley Brawley
    Hayley Brawley

    I forgot what the other one is can you show me that 1

  • Ant Rowan
    Ant Rowan

    Got 1 rebirths

  • Kelly Hwang
    Kelly Hwang

    I’m mire stronger

  • Henry Alexander
    Henry Alexander

    Do not play the game in Roblox I tried but like the knights omg the knights do not play