So I FINALLY Got a PS5...
Go to for 15% off your ENTIRE ORDER! Brought to you by Raycon.

So I FINALLY Got a PS5! Hell, it's about time! I'm going to be checking out a few PS5 games, giving some first impressions. And I'll stack the Playstation 5 up against the Xbox Series X and give a sort of 'Final Verdict' on the console wars.

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  • The Act Man
    The Act Man

    Go to for 15% off your ENTIRE ORDER! Brought to you by Raycon. TAKE THAT, SCALPERS!!!

    • Alex Sao
      Alex Sao

      Thats what she said

    • Lt. mean cat
      Lt. mean cat

      More videos like this yes please. Ur so funny and it all has a charming improv feel that I enjoy. Keep it up!

    • Whiterun guard
      Whiterun guard

      Waiting for actmans why skyrim is so awesome is almost as painful as taking an arrow to the knee

    • Shin Oni
      Shin Oni

      Well done man, your patience has paid off 👍 all good things comes to those who wait

    • whiterun guard
      whiterun guard

      Where is the skyrim review

  • Loutast

    hello good sir my request is that could u review the 2009 game prototype.would be much appreciated.have a nice day.

  • Yorkshireyuken

    DS4 had separate sounds as well...

  • Christian Cyr
    Christian Cyr

    +respect dance was absolutely gangster thank you for that

  • Anindya S. Dhar
    Anindya S. Dhar

    Subscribed at That's what he said

  • Joe Vera
    Joe Vera


  • ninjapufferfish


  • Boi Bahoi
    Boi Bahoi

    This came to my mind and I hope someone can answer me. What video characters are colorblind?

  • Boi Bahoi
    Boi Bahoi

    Oh yeah you want to talk about diversity and shit well I don’t see any colorblind characters like me eh?

  • Phrost1338

    "That's another PS5 under republic control"

  • hiczok

    I highly recommend Sony pulse 3d headset. Fantastic sound and 3d. Works on pc perfectly fine too

  • rec

    I paid ~$950 for a PS5 and ~$1300 for RTX 3070 to ebay scalpers. :(

  • Shark byte 15
    Shark byte 15

    Day 6 of asking the act man to review the last of us

  • Perinamer1

    It would be awesome to see you revisit Cold War on ps5, with the patches, new weapons & maps i'd really love to see what you think of the game today!

  • Atticus X
    Atticus X

    Why is starcraft so awesome

  • Timochat

    7:00 And there's me with my TURTLE BEACH Elite Atlas aero You just plug in a USB stick in the system It works. No optical, no HDMI ... Just plug the stick :) (They're wireless)

  • Ammon Butler
    Ammon Butler

    How do you feel about dead space being remastered?

  • Dr.supernoob

    Ngl didn't realize it was demon's souls till this video

  • _Gory_

    5:48 Must ...resist ...joke ...

  • Phantom Soldier 07
    Phantom Soldier 07

    I got my series x Monday I love it so much!!!

  • Conman

    You should really talk about the current state of EA, something I've noticed which seems to be something nobody is talking about is how fucking good they're doing. Between all their games they haven't done anything seriously bad and they're actually getting away from alot of the fucked up things they have done. Unless there's something new I haven't heard about they are doing great, pumping out good games in alot of genres while not fucking up like other unnamed companies.

  • Jacob Madrigal
    Jacob Madrigal

    Wait, what's the difference between connecting headsets to the controller and connecting directly to the console?

  • Anthony reieo
    Anthony reieo

    Definitely photoshopped

  • h4zard__

    you should do a vid on the fast and the furious

  • noem spark
    noem spark

    7:36 now laugh

  • Blaine

    I’m not getting a ps5 till it goes down to like £300

  • Austin S.
    Austin S.

    My man is so excited to have a PS5 lol I would be too

  • scatman

    Hey could you do another review of Sea of Thieves, thank you Act Father

  • Zeus

    I just bought mine from a scalper. I "only" paid 750 though, and it was for a brand new disc version so at least it wasn't super insane. Now they redesigning the cpu and having to remanufacture so they are looking at another year and it might end up being full of bugs. I'd rather pay a little extra for the original release and have it now.

  • He Who Battles
    He Who Battles

    "B word?" I don't see what's so bad about saying Bee. Or was he referring to boy? How are those curse words? Man, UZmilk really has gotta strict with it's guidelines. Can't even curse now. Well anyway, let me go back to skinning this dog like they do in part of China.

  • John Riggio
    John Riggio

    Do you live in Washington? Lol your backyard looks like mine.

  • The Pog apple
    The Pog apple

    Hey there act man want some money! If you do can we get “why is warzone is so __ “ please.

  • godzilla animation
    godzilla animation

    Why is the last of us so awesome or why is God of war so awesome


    The Ratchet and clank games on ps2 were even better.


    Bro!!!! This intro was amazing!!!!

  • Bryce Goins
    Bryce Goins

    You should really do a review on Wolfenstein now

  • Bryce Goins
    Bryce Goins

    You should really do a review on Wolfenstein now

  • AlejoConejo2209

    WOW... PS5 sucks even more than I thought... It's like the Mac/iPhone of consoles.

  • Cadet Joon
    Cadet Joon

    I see dem finger prints on the ps5 looks like you've been have that alone time with it

  • Goat on Molly
    Goat on Molly

    I just got my series s super hyped

  • Beefy

    What happened to plugging your headset into your controller?

  • People of The Internet
    People of The Internet

    Xbox literally copied the share button and they are literally copying the dual sense 5 at the moment

  • People of The Internet
    People of The Internet

    Jesus Christ just buy a headset that works for PS5

  • People of The Internet
    People of The Internet

    Bro dust your house

  • People of The Internet
    People of The Internet

    Why is Days Gone so awesome? Why is Ghost of Tsushima so awesome? Two videos for you right there!

  • Lou Kes
    Lou Kes

    17:25 that isn’t a Sony thing- it’s a Spider-Man thing. That’s literally a main aspect of his character

  • Papa Frank
    Papa Frank

    I'm just commenting to help the act man

  • Afropuff 300
    Afropuff 300

    When are you singing “your welcome” from moana?

  • Afroboyasher

    even my ass? the series x has no exclusives and the ps5 has already sold millions of more units

  • Roninblitz

    ive had one for about 2 months, got really lucky lol, need more games like io want and need more


    Damn Ac is kinda jacked

  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden

    He looks like Alex hefner🤭

  • Cory Berends
    Cory Berends


  • Richard Baylor
    Richard Baylor

    I will say that the ps5 offers better quality exclusives than xbox. However, Sony's customer service is absolute garbage. The refund policy for games is that you can't even download the game. On top of that, I followed their rules and qualified but their bot doesnt work and calling them sends you to the bot not an employee. If you contact your bank for your money that you deserve back, Sony will just straight up ban your account until you pay for it with ps gift cards.

    • Enrique Martin Chales
      Enrique Martin Chales

      yeah, Sony needs to upgrade their customer support but dear god their games are so good.

  • Typicalpanda328

    Will you be making a vid on the Activision harassment claims?

  • Joe Whitlow
    Joe Whitlow

    I had the same TV stand I got rid of it and got a longer one so I could place both consoles vertically on both sides of the TV.

  • Mega Blue
    Mega Blue

    Got mine In-Store from Bulgaria, a country with bad economy and because I was on vacation I bought one. Online it was available too bit you were required to buy atleast 2 games if you wanted it. Online elsewhere is pretty much a dead.

  • JanstonCordell

    The PS5 looks like a frat boy with a popped collar.

  • Felipe Galioni
    Felipe Galioni

    Man, you need to clean your consoles. GOD bless you.

  • John Ruddy
    John Ruddy

    It’s absolute dog shite the PS5

  • rhys williams
    rhys williams

    XbOx BeTtEr

  • Ape Strong
    Ape Strong

    Please Review Skyrim. Why is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fucking Awesome as Fucking Fuck.

  • N D
    N D

    "it's even" *PS5 sold out literally everywhere xbox available literally everywhere... yeaaaaaaaah I don't think it's even bro.

  • Obsoless

    Imagine if The Act Man lost grip of the ps5 1:10

  • Naif Alboqami
    Naif Alboqami

    The reference from the spider man gamespot review just killed me.

  • Wistful

    Waiting for Actman's why Skyrim is so awesome is almost as painful as taking an arrow to the knee

  • Basic Alien
    Basic Alien

    you my man can you do a why skyrim vidro ive been waiting 4 years

  • carlosswn


  • The Tumtum man
    The Tumtum man

    3:40 Mason and woods

  • Evil


  • miko foin
    miko foin

    I present to you “WHY IS GHOST OF TSUSHIMA SO AWESOME??!!”

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      Honestly the people that don't have it aren't missing much. Wait for the revised version and stick with your ps4.

  • Beregond

    Although I went to a private classical Christian school, there were still indeed etches of male genitalia on the bathroom stall surfaces.

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker

    can you please do why MSG V: phantom pain was a masterpiece

  • JR - KPOP
    JR - KPOP

    So PS5 removed the port on the controller where you can plug in your earphones? Seriously?

  • Tanveer Shahi
    Tanveer Shahi

    You now better do a why Bloodborne is a masterpiece. 🔥

  • Fabio. B
    Fabio. B

    You should check out ghost of Tsushima as well.

  • Ether

    Watching the act man air Box has gotta be one of the best things I've ever seen

  • Brady

    What about ghost of Tsushima

  • Fabio. B
    Fabio. B

    (Ignore this comment)

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant

    Need a new dark night

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant

    Launch game says it all always low budget

  • Bigb 2029
    Bigb 2029

    Bro should the DualShock5 have a headphone jack like the DualShock4

  • Legionary Prime Decanus
    Legionary Prime Decanus

    Nobody beats sub zero

  • rythmjc3

    I'll eventually get a PS5 next year for sure or 2023 And no not from scalpers because I have limited personal budget :P

  • Luke Castles
    Luke Castles

    You should have tried Returnal. It’s the best game to come out this year.

  • Jason Bennett
    Jason Bennett

    A MORE ICONIC DUO YOU ASK?! um how about insta kill and double points.

  • Lee Shunmugam
    Lee Shunmugam

    Honestly the people that don't have it aren't missing much. Wait for the revised version and stick with your ps4.

  • That Dude
    That Dude

    My mom just picked me up a ps5 after I had been looking everyday since release and I don't cry often over getting tech and stuff but I cried cause it was finally over and I could enjoy myself. I'm still hype

  • UltimateSSJGod2


  • plague doctor productions
    plague doctor productions

    Next gen consoles: exists P.c gamers look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power

  • kaden birch
    kaden birch

    The "I don't like it" from chief was so unexpected to me that it genuinely made me laugh out loud

  • Juan Carlos Ables
    Juan Carlos Ables

    Mom: play with the neighbor's kid neighbor's kid: 0:12

  • Tek Evolved
    Tek Evolved

    But puns are just a spiderman thing, don't think that reflects on sony or the PS5 exclusives???

  • josiah walker
    josiah walker

    is that a black lab chonker in the background 4:23, cus i got a black lab

  • juanlash

    0:42 is it just me, or is the Act Man becoming funnier each new video?

  • Joshua Ramírez
    Joshua Ramírez

    Act man you need to see the new trailer of dead space remake

  • Crucifix

    Dusty ass tv stand lmao

  • Phil Official
    Phil Official

    that gta dance killed me

  • Dragzilla66

    My dude Act Man, what's up with all that dust in that room!? 😂💦 🫁🗣️ *COUGH* Bruh cover your serial numbers on your consoles. 😅

  • Nobody

    My boi PS2 symmetrical