Road To Tokyo - Ep 03
An inside look at my journey to Tokyo with the Australian Men's National Basketball Team.

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    Ej Sosen

    Hey mate your vlogs are nice! 🔥💯 can I send you merch on my brand? Comment me here!

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    Still mad at u for locking me up in 2k22

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    Brad Pat

    When’s the next ones coming out mate?

  • Harper Gadsby
    Harper Gadsby

    Finish the series !

  • Callan Barnes
    Callan Barnes

    Congrats Aussie star. Benny missed out, it would've been great for him . Go Aussies

  • Shaqattack76

    6:36 ~ Joe says ..’Dunlop Volleys….they were like Jordan’s to us’..😂😂😂😂🇦🇺

    • emm cee loves you
      emm cee loves you

      The Olympic ones look awesome but they ran out by the time I tried to order some so I ended up getting pride ones instead. Grip is top notch and they make my foot look like a packet of skittles.

  • devi_

    Boomers hallway hangs >>>>>>>

  • Evan Baker
    Evan Baker

    How they don’t know how to tie a tie😂

  • Ondre G
    Ondre G

    Bro, awesome vlogs. Didn't even know they existed until I heard about you on Andrew Bogut's "Rogue Bogue's" podcast. That channel needs a plug, has so little views. Anyway all the best mate, keep up the good hoopin 🏀!

  • Shannon Davis
    Shannon Davis

    MT you can't skip leg day! I'm loving these clips!

  • EN 1314
    EN 1314

    Can’t wait for Gold in Paris

  • Jarrod Wardle
    Jarrod Wardle

    Good old slim dusty beats for the bus couldn't be more Aussie

  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith

    Yes, its a super bed!! Thanks so much Matisse for helping us to the Bronze.

  • Shakeel Goonetilleke
    Shakeel Goonetilleke

    Anyone care to explain why Blake didn’t dap up Joe? Kinda disrespectful?

  • Caiomhe

    Wasn’t Cathy Freeman a flag bearer?

  • Wayne Crowley
    Wayne Crowley

    congrats matisse, great stuff, you are a good man and teammate

  • Mary-Kate

    the super bed letting him down made me so sad

  • DaveSzn

    Best youtuber on this app the sixers better give u more play time or make you a starter you’ll win DPOY for sure

  • Jack Bailey
    Jack Bailey

    Where is episode 4

  • Iwonder81

    I like these as I did in the bubble but no episodes after third feels like a tv series that got canceled mid season.

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    Seb Erharter

    just waiting for ep 4

  • Evidence Matters
    Evidence Matters

    Hey Matisse - now you got your Olympic medal, how about doing some video editing ...

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    balkans zeroone

    Just had a friend send me some Dunlop Volleys from Aus... ahaha love 'em.

    • Sean Bayley
      Sean Bayley

      Haha they are indestructible bro and really ain't to bad of a shoe they go with anything to.

  • Bread

    You get a real appreciation for how much Aussies love coffee. The coffee is on another level down there.

  • DementedOnionPringle 99
    DementedOnionPringle 99

    Congratulations on the bronze!

  • Lou The Legend!!
    Lou The Legend!!

    bruh Matisse is just inspirational i'm glad to be supporting the Aussie bball team when Matisse is representing them!!

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    Wyatt Sexton

    Anybody know what brand his hoodie is (the black one with a long paragraph)

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  • Caminho

    Thanks Matisse for your achievements with the Boomers. Did us all proud. Fan for life. 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Beck Everett
    Beck Everett

    I look forward to seeing your insight of the olympics once you get it up. I have enjoyed watching your vlogs.

  • ThaBoiiWill_

    RIP JASON. Most Aussie’s in Sydney should know what I am talking.

  • Jesse _
    Jesse _

    The wait for episode 4 is more exhilarating than the wait for donda

  • WATME.

    Fun and interestingly cool content. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the bronze.

  • Nate Synik
    Nate Synik

    Hope to see some more episodes once your hangover has subsided. Congratulations on the amazing Olympics and to all the Boomers squad. Forever an Aussie.

  • paksit gyud
    paksit gyud

    Big fan mate!!! Keep shootin the ball don't follow Ben's footstep

  • truth sets free
    truth sets free

    Dunlop volleys are so Aussie bro.. love it. 🇦🇺🇦🇺 Their just casual shoes to wear.

  • crax

    bro swear you better release ep 4 next

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  • Uncle Alan
    Uncle Alan

    looking forward to the upcoming eps! your future self did well with the "rose gold" mate!

  • BPS

    I'm really enjoying these vlogs. Keep them coming mate! Such a down to earth fella with a great aussie team.

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  • Caroline Hafner
    Caroline Hafner

    Matisse these are so special. To see our boys mucking around having fun then an amazing moment, Patty announced as flagbearer in the middle... just incredible to watch after you guys secured us the rose gold medal! Thank you thank you for documenting all of this... the small things in particular. They all build the blocks of mateship 👍🇦🇺🥉❤💛🖤

  • Jay Beezzy
    Jay Beezzy

    How you guna do a "road to Tokyo" and stop vlogging right before you get there!?!? Smh

  • Trey Jackson
    Trey Jackson

    Matisse the Goat

  • chriswalski

    Congrats Matisse!!! Much love from Melbourne.

  • quiet turtle
    quiet turtle

    Joe ingles be looking like Hamish Blake

  • Chris O'Halloran
    Chris O'Halloran

    Awesome, when’s episode 4? I’m hanging out mate

  • Riley Handby
    Riley Handby

    You made us all proud Matisse ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Chinthana Hatangala
    Chinthana Hatangala

    Respect you bro..can't wait to see you representing Australia again and hopefully Gold next time...

  • Ryan bradshaw
    Ryan bradshaw

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the content, Australia officially loves you mate

  • Elijah Banner
    Elijah Banner

    Bronze, Lets gooooo

  • Ray Chua
    Ray Chua

    Bronzeeee 💙

  • emm cee loves you
    emm cee loves you

    Alternative title of the video: “Matisse Thybulle learns about Australian culture for 14 minutes”

  • richo12345678

    Thybulle: "You waiting for me?" Baynes: "Not at all. Fuck you🖕" That's actually Australian for "yes".

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  • JAE Clips
    JAE Clips

    New vid plz

  • B.Established

    Great song choice at the beginning. Here after you won the Bronze, thank you again!!!

  • Braiden Haidle
    Braiden Haidle

    Bronze BABY !!!! 🥉🇦🇺🏀

  • DeAna Lopez
    DeAna Lopez

    Lol not the David Dobrick song 😂

  • Dave

    Congrats to Australia on winning the bronze medal.

    • Sean Bayley
      Sean Bayley

      Thank you m8 I just put in the hard work and presto medalist at my first Olympics I am the team for sure yay me.

  • MoneyBaller99

    Congrats on bronze matisse

  • Mic Smith
    Mic Smith

    Joe ingles and patty mills. That's real love man

  • Peter Bedford
    Peter Bedford

    Bronze Baby!!!! :)

  • Sau Liang
    Sau Liang

    Congrats on your first Olympics medal

  • David Lu
    David Lu

    Congrats on getting the bronze man!! AUSTRALIA is so proud🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Mic Smith
    Mic Smith

    Hey Matisse. You were an absolute beast in Tokyo. Thanks man. My kids loved it

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  • Joel Cable
    Joel Cable

    Who’s here after the Boomers just won bronze? Finally the drought is broken! Patty giving it his all for his country, absolutely inspirational. Matisse, such a difference maker with so many dunks. Proud to be an Aussie!

    • Sean Bayley
      Sean Bayley

      M8 I never forget when Kobe said of patty after their exhibition game b4 the Beijing Olympics he will be in the NBA for sure now that has got to be one of the best endorsements a player could want also the commentators where amazed at how quick he was and giving him massive props this was before he had played a game for st Mary's highlights from that game are in yt somewhere worth checking out for sure

  • Wendy

    Congratulations on the bronze!! You so deserved a medal! Olympic Medalist in the house!! You were amazing! Aussie Aussie Aussie!! 🔥🇦🇺 Can’t wait to see the rest of the vlogs on your first Olympics games journey!!❤️

  • I. B. Peeing
    I. B. Peeing

    sorry that you guys lost… you should’ve expected tho

    • I. B. Peeing
      I. B. Peeing

      @jlurimartin that’s why most of the time the US has lost they didn’t even go to the medal ceremony… lol no point

    • I. B. Peeing
      I. B. Peeing

      @jlurimartin only one team wins… silver and bronze are participation awards

    • jlurimartin

      They won tf

  • Lee Hay
    Lee Hay

    Congratulations Matisse! An Olympic Bronze medal. You had such a great tournament and final game. Well done!!

  • Rob K
    Rob K

    Congratulations on the bronze medal🏅!!! For me, you were the missing piece to this Boomers team and made the difference 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    • emm cee loves you
      emm cee loves you

      Love the new young core of Thybulle, Exum and Landale.

  • Pez

    That nasty putback 🔥🔥

  • lilly C
    lilly C

    Olympic medalist Matisse Thybulle🥉

  • Dennis Fuertes
    Dennis Fuertes

    BRONZE MEDAL!!!! LEZZZ GOOO! Congratz and super happy for you and the team!!! Can't wait for the rest of the episodes. Aussie. Aussie. Aussie!!!!


      Same especially behind the scenes of the village and them receiving their medals

  • Stoned Ape
    Stoned Ape

    Matheifffff! Huge game today! Congrats! Wish Ben was there to share the moment!

  • boredsak

    Congratulations on Bronze. You've made Australia proud! You boys absolutely killed it against Slovenia. Good luck for the future!

  • greggowaffles

    Congrats on the Olympic medal. That’s big time!!!

  • Daniel Steer
    Daniel Steer

    Ep 4 is sorely needed.

  • Xavier Vogrig
    Xavier Vogrig

    Surely bring back the blogs, I wanna see more of the Olympic village and hopefully out Australians with some medals!!! 🇦🇺

  • Paul Dunville
    Paul Dunville

    Does anyone know why Ingles is blanking Matisse on the high five before games?

  • Christian M Lopez
    Christian M Lopez

    Rip Australia

    • lilly C
      lilly C

      This didn't age well😶

  • Hilight277

    3:40 was cool cause you go from thinking it’s a kind of sad lonely covid dinner to some Aussie pals shooting the breeze in some team bonding outside of practice

  • Jakaytis

    Hey matisse you might not see this but, i just heard about your mom and i'm so sorry. I love how you act and how you are, just so humble and gratful. Hope the best happens to you in the nba !

  • Buckets

    Make another video

  • AM Buckets
    AM Buckets

    when are youu uploading again

  • LT Smash
    LT Smash

    Good on ya Patty, well deserved flag bearer!

  • Sleepy Edd
    Sleepy Edd

    Loving the vid's dude. You're a bloody legend, best of luck in the bronze medal game. Skeddit Boomers! 🇦🇺👍

  • Joshua Prevett
    Joshua Prevett

    Yo Matisse, keep up these videos man help bring us into pro basketball life let’s go aussies take this bronze!!

  • Holly Granger
    Holly Granger

    Episode 4 please!!!!!

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    Yuvraj Singh


  • Nao Noz
    Nao Noz

    we want Ep 04!!

  • Stoned Ape
    Stoned Ape

    Unlucky today Matheif... still gonna get that Green and Gold jersey with 22 on it though

  • Matt Lockyer
    Matt Lockyer

    Matisse changed the flow of the game against Argentina. What a player. Good luck against the US today. You can do it.

    • TheShortGuy 33
      TheShortGuy 33

      we watched it live at school today, didn’t turn out good 😢

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  • Jan-Corrick van der Watt
    Jan-Corrick van der Watt

    when is episode 4 coming out, we've been waiting

  • Mike Clarke
    Mike Clarke

    Unlucky Baynes got injured but have a crack at team USA 🥇🇭🇲

  • AJ H
    AJ H

    They get a pair of Volleys but no flanno? That's bloody un-Australian!

  • William Jude
    William Jude

    did anyone noticed Josh Giddey there ?

  • Mini Man Oce
    Mini Man Oce

    Nice game Mattise but when’s part 4

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