Ariana Grande Breaks Down Her Iconic Music Videos | Allure
Ariana Grande breaks down her most iconic music videos, from "Thank U, Next" to "34+35." She explains everything from set design, her hair and makeup, working with Director X and how her husband helped with the 'Positions' video. Ariana talks about outtakes while working with Jennifer Coolidge and serves us her best impression of the comedic actress. She also shares some of her favorite Hollywood films and legendary scenes that have influenced her own videos.

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Ariana Grande Breaks Down Her Iconic Music Videos | Allure

  • lucky ACE
    lucky ACE

    Do music video breakdown with Cardi B that would be awesome!

  • Belinda Núñez
    Belinda Núñez

    I loved her lipstick!!!

  • K.O.H

    Why does her face look like that?

  • Tiny but Mighty
    Tiny but Mighty

    I am pretty sure all of the comments acknowledging the fact that she’s truly not happy and is forced to be, say and do EVERYTHING to a point where she’s holding her tears in that uncomfortable dress, looking super underweight is truly mind blowing. I cannot be the only one #FREEARIANA

  • Gama Alvarado
    Gama Alvarado

    i'm so curious to see her walk around with that dress

  • Jonathan Beer
    Jonathan Beer

    Y'all arguing down here triying to figure out what she did to her face and she's just not wearing eyeliner💀💀

    • Jonathan Beer
      Jonathan Beer

      @K.O.H yeah but like 6 years ago, everything here is bc she is aging and she losted a lot of weight, go check the song associaton game video, she looks the same but just seems more mature bc now we know she is married and she talks different too, also she fixed her eyebrow lift, everything else is because she is getting old.

    • K.O.H

      She did a nose job too

  • Natalie

    She looks and sounds SO different here! I can’t put my finger on what it is though.

    • Natalie

      She looks like she wants to be Bella Poarch all of a sudden.

    • K.O.H

      She got another nose job too

    • Tiny but Mighty
      Tiny but Mighty

      Saying this out of pure concern 💕 I love her, and had never seen her like this!!!

    • Tiny but Mighty
      Tiny but Mighty

      She’s tired. She looks skinny, pale, and like she’s holding her tears the whole time.

  • gLiTcHeR

    Her interview style has really hit it's stride

  • diana xoxo
    diana xoxo

    "whorish kitten" -Ariana Grande

  • summer

    hearing her say she played monument valley made me so happy

  • LeaveMeAlone

    I love the way she carries her self

  • jl

    7:43 is what you came for

  • wiki

    Wtf am I the only one buzzing out that she knows what fingering is

  • Ariel Susana
    Ariel Susana

    PLease have Taylor Swift break down all her iconic music videos, there are so many that would be so cool!!!

  • Jeongyeon

    Love you cutie

  • Ibrahim Ismaila
    Ibrahim Ismaila

    FINGERIN the Earth

  • Dua

    *Her makeup and overall aura looks so different but SO BEAUTIFUL.*

  • Mati Persico
    Mati Persico

    Can’t believe 7 Rings is not considered an “icon” video❗️ 💖💍🍣

  • Raimundo Atal Schwemmer
    Raimundo Atal Schwemmer

    La amo

  • YaboiDrizzyDrew

    It’s crazy to think she’s almost 30.

  • alyssa

    Side to side so iconic

  • alyssa

    I loved her video with iggy so much

  • alyssa

    I hope she stops touching her face 😩 too much surgery already when she’s such a pretty girl!

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf

    i love how nonchalantly she jokes about being controlled and complying to it.

  • James Peery
    James Peery

    Arianna Grande OK you get well soon

  • James Peery
    James Peery

    Hey Arianna Thank you be you Take care your friend Jame perry

  • G S
    G S

    okay but what about MONOPOLY- THAT SONG AND THAT MUSIC VIDEO IS *ICONIC*(just like all other works by Ariana Grande)

  • Michael Nash
    Michael Nash

    In this video you can tell that she's an icon; Hepburn levels.

  • sasha brayton
    sasha brayton

    who is it she is not ariana grande. the real ariana grande more beauty

  • ✨𝔹𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕟𝕒 𝕓𝕚𝕝𝕝✨
    ✨𝔹𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕟𝕒 𝕓𝕚𝕝𝕝✨


  • Maria Fernanda de Paula
    Maria Fernanda de Paula

    How does she look younger?

  • selin şener
    selin şener

    ariana somehow goes back to her childhood as she ages in appearance

  • Kat Harner
    Kat Harner

    Love her and her fit. Reminds me of those round windshield shades for our cars that we can never figure out how to close

  • Madelyn Tsintzas
    Madelyn Tsintzas

    Im sad they didn't put 7 rings in this!!

  • Lydia Murphy
    Lydia Murphy

    the way she says “my husband”🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • m g
    m g

    I cant put my finger on what is so different about her appearance

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu

    I just love her She's the most angelical person alive, everything she does makes me happy :)

  • Andre MARLEY
    Andre MARLEY


  • Deszile Lecointe
    Deszile Lecointe

    She’s way better than cardi b😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Deszile Lecointe
    Deszile Lecointe

    Ariana grande is an icon 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Juliette Sanchez
    Juliette Sanchez

    My respecta. Queen! 👑

    • wuoi zuiu
      wuoi zuiu

      this interview made me realise how similar her & nicki are lol

  • New Jobless
    New Jobless

    Aaaaa you look so fantastic

  • Lydia Stafford
    Lydia Stafford

    it's almost like she's Canadian XD

  • Mr Jahangeer B
    Mr Jahangeer B

    She sounds extremely, extremely different here; completely different use of tone and language.

  • Julia Saulpaugh
    Julia Saulpaugh

    She’s the best I love Ari

  • Priscilla busato
    Priscilla busato

    La amo tantissimo

  • Hira Amani
    Hira Amani

    Water color pu$$y 😌

  • 밤탱Chestnut

    I love her confidence so cool


    Bro every MV was iconic and such bops


    What’s up with her knees !??? at 1:04 / 1:05

  • keith smith
    keith smith

    Ariana's music music is a combination of pop and R&b but they refuse to play her music on R&b radio stations, I can't figure that out.

  • Ali McKinney
    Ali McKinney

    I was wondering when she was going to stop looking 12, apparently at 28. You beautiful creature, you.

  • S Mitra
    S Mitra

    Her "God is a woman" is my favourite music video. Second comes "Thank U, next!"

  • JayC JJAM
    JayC JJAM

    “thank you. im sorry.”

  • Zai Khan
    Zai Khan

    this interview made me realise how similar her & nicki are lol

  • Liahjeydhine

    Why doesnt Ariana look like Ariana Grande. I cant tell whats different.

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    I just love her She's the most angelical person alive, everything she does makes me happy :)

  • hyuniee

    Ngl I miss 2014-2015 era of Ari

  • saad alnajjar
    saad alnajjar

    Is Arianas real name cat?

    • saad alnajjar
      saad alnajjar

      @ǝıppƎ ohh ok

    • dani gz
      dani gz


    • ǝıppƎ

      Her real name is Ariana grande and she played a character named cat on tv years ago

  • Benjamin Caudillo
    Benjamin Caudillo

    humilde mi chiquita

  • bangtan ʚɞ
    bangtan ʚɞ

    Ariana has such a kind soul omg AND SHE’S ABSOLUTELY STUNNING TOO

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      She's so CALM

  • bro0ks

    Wow the game Monument Valley inspired the No Tears Left To Cry video. Crazy. I remember playing that game and being blown away. I wonder if they know how far the reach was.

  • Felipe Del Pedro
    Felipe Del Pedro


  • Maria Luiza de Castro
    Maria Luiza de Castro

    I've just realised she's closer to her 30s than to her 20s and I'm so shocked, I thought she was, like, 23? wow

  • Aaliyah Flowers
    Aaliyah Flowers

    Is it just me or does she look completely different, like her face is no longer her face 😂

  • ohheyitsjae !
    ohheyitsjae !


  • Jemma Park
    Jemma Park

    ugh I love her

  • Clara Garcia
    Clara Garcia

    She was so much more tanned and now shes looking like her real skin color hahaha i love her

  • trashmouth.

  • Sidra Abbas
    Sidra Abbas

    shes everything ooooof

  • nerd.1011

    she don’t look like her self idk why

  • jeska fm
    jeska fm

    I love that she can refer to her sweetener/tun era as just a "time in her life" now. She has moved on in her life and seems so much happier.

  • Autumn leaves
    Autumn leaves

    fingering the earth??lmao wtf she said

  • Carolina Rey
    Carolina Rey

    She's so CALM

  • Julie

    Her face is so different compare to before but at the same time it's not that a huge difference, she has a great plastic surgeon, she looks beautiful

  • Kiddeee

    Missed the "Focus" Look - loved the Video so much

  • IG zaddyloca._
    IG zaddyloca._

    Is no one gonna talk about how she said her favorite part of filming god is a woman is when she was “fingering the earth”?😂

    • dani gz
      dani gz

      I remember watching that part of the music video with my mum, awkard af💀

    • Autumn leaves
      Autumn leaves

  • SenoritaBlahBlahBlah

    I like that Ariana isn't spray painted brown in this interview. Maybe she'll stop doing that for music videos too. Her natural skin looks so much nicer.

    • SenoritaBlahBlahBlah

      @Indoor Greg Nope. She's usually overly spray tanned to the extent that she doesn't look like a white girl. Even her ex, Pete Davidson, acknowledged it. I guess she stopped needing to pretend to be biracial to sell music. Looks much better. Based on your other comments, you seem really offended that people are correctly pointing out that she's normally spray tanned way too dark. Get over it. She is, and she looks way better when she's not. Also, she uses spray tan because real tans, especially that dark, would've already destroyed her skin, doofus.

    • Indoor Greg
      Indoor Greg

      She doesn’t spray tan herself “brown” lol it’s usually just the lighting

  • Wish You The Best
    Wish You The Best

    Those white stickers are there to cover plastic surgery lines?

  • Wish You The Best
    Wish You The Best

    Another day, another plastic surgery! She still looks good, but she’s so close to ruining her face. Tell her before it’s too late.

    • 𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆 ♡
      𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆 ♡

      you don’t seem to be a licensed doctor so u really have no authority over what she does with her face. if she’s ‘ruining’ her face then let her lol

  • James Carter
    James Carter

    nobody is talking about how wonderfully ridiculous this garment is. dressed in a windshield sun protector. icon.

  • Sylwia Kuklis
    Sylwia Kuklis

    Ariana Grande when you going to do your new song

  • poonam Pawar
    poonam Pawar

    Why is she swearing so much suddenly

    • 𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆 ♡
      𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆 ♡

      why not?

    • dani gz
      dani gz

      She has always been like that??

  • 『Emma』

    10:06 the picture looks similar to thank u nexts chihuahua, the hall is also similar to no tears left to cry colourwise

  • Rhea Mae M. Montales
    Rhea Mae M. Montales

    I have supported her eversince and watching her being so mature, well spoken but still youthful and humorous at the same time

  • Stillicide

    "Ariana grande donuts" into UZmilk.

  • Jess

    I'm SOOO glad she's over the blackfishing phase lmfao THIS was the Ariana I grew up with tbh

    • Jess

      @Indoor Greg she was…. Literally how are you gonna tell us she wasn’t? We have eyes and ears

    • Indoor Greg
      Indoor Greg

      She was never blackfishing

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod

    love how she credits everyone who works with her...

  • Kathryn Whitbeck
    Kathryn Whitbeck

    She doesn’t sound or look black here

    • Mos

      @dani gz gee , thanks i have it.i want it. i got it.yuh yuh

    • dani gz
      dani gz

      Why you guys so obssesed with that. Get a life

    • Mos

      bc she's in her south east asian era duh

  • Muhammad Kafka Eka Arifin
    Muhammad Kafka Eka Arifin

    Ilu Ari. 💗

  • mila

    Omg she looks so different without eyeliner SHE STILL ADORBZ DOE

  • Kief Rex
    Kief Rex

    Luh her personality the real queen of A come get my A beautiful

    • mmpj twod
      mmpj twod

      Why is Ariana grande associated with the phrase “pee warmly”?

  • 惰怠

    She looks like Princess Leia with that dress. Love her forever. 💖💖💖👸🏻👽

  • Vikkyt

    i NEED a dupe for those leggings

  • Avigail Hosea
    Avigail Hosea

    this person is amazing and i love her so much!

  • Ixzy

    Ariana grande for president- 2022

  • Kataribxtch

    Am I the only one who can see 2 Ariana Grande coz of her ponytail??

  • nicole 10
    nicole 10

    i didn’t even realize she was fingering the Earth🧍🏼‍♂️