18-year-old becomes America's first women's taekwondo champion | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

  • Ell Ada
    Ell Ada

    All this lead leg side kick crap… this is not full contact, it’s tag.

  • Eric Crosby
    Eric Crosby

    Title should read, "American woman wins first Taekwando Olympic gold at age 18" not this BS "1st women" crap

  • SoSimPle

    The problem with this is that their movements were so predictable for each other. That’s because whenever they were going to kick, they stopped. In sparring, you’re not supposed to stop bouncing. You bend down, and QUICKLY go for the kick. They both still did really good though.

  • TD B
    TD B

    I'm American and this is garbage 🗑. I haven't seen a more useless event since power walking

  • jon s
    jon s


  • Salingstuff80

    Yeah after they kicked out that black Haitian girl

  • Eunae Kim
    Eunae Kim

    The Russian girl: You'll never win the game! Zolotic: pulls out Uno Reverse card

  • steve293

    "Thai-kwondo" 🤦

  • Do Artichaut
    Do Artichaut

    Woohoo!! 🇺🇸Congrats

  • Miles Gentry
    Miles Gentry


  • Bob Olson
    Bob Olson

    So excellent.

  • Jeffrey Yang
    Jeffrey Yang

    Human chicken fight lol

  • KhaoticBeauty08

    I’m here because of @pat mcafee

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen

    Taekwondo in 2021: + scream a loud as possible while kicking (pointing) your leg + kick so high so you can fall down easiest + 0 defense needed.

  • demaals

    Two white girls fighting for gold in Korean martial arts. The epitome of cultural appropriation.

  • kingarthurup

    Man, that is so racist

  • ken rick
    ken rick

    Ik we're proud of her go her 🎉🎉 🇺🇲. I haven't seen one comment marveling at the fact her name is Russian(or Russian similar) and she beat a Russian maybe I did not scroll far enough🤣I love my country🎉🇺🇲🎉.

  • Camille Corti
    Camille Corti

    Amazing!!! My 10yo son just started TKD in June and he loves it! This is incredibly inspiring. America, we have got a long way to go, but when our children are learning this individualized sport, they learn self-esteem, self-respect, self-awareness and accountability. I feel so much hope for our children

  • BillyJack85

    Girls 🤷‍♂️

  • GrowDan

    That's the worst martial art ever

  • Andrew Strom
    Andrew Strom

    That was the dumbest thing i've ever seen, this is a sport?

  • 360 Productions
    360 Productions

    Uh this is false Lynette Love a black women is the first American women to win a gold medal in TKD…. That was back in 1988…. The fact that y’all don’t know that is unacceptable and inexcusable

    • Dynasty001

      @360 Productions Demonstration Sports are non-IOC recognized sports being put into an Olympic Game to create enthusiasm and eventually recognition for the sport. So while there is a competition for TKD at the 1988 Seoul Games, it was only for the sole purpose of promoting it to the world in hopes of creating enough enthusiasm in making it into the Olympic repertoire. No TKD medals were counted in official medal totals in 1988 for TKD and TKD was not recognized by the IOC until 2000. So Anastasija Zolotic is the official first American female Olympic champion in TKD.

    • 360 Productions
      360 Productions

      @Dynasty001 how is a demonstration if people are really getting kicked lol she knocked out two women during those games lol

    • Dynasty001

      TKD was a demonstration sport in 1988, so it's not an official record in Olympic history.

  • enoch peralta
    enoch peralta

    God bless America

  • Rhyme& Reason
    Rhyme& Reason

    B-O-R-I-N-G !!!

  • Matt M
    Matt M

    So...is this viable in the real world? I'm not saying MMA is the end all be all but...it looks very very constrained

  • Goochi Goochs
    Goochi Goochs

    I was moved! The tremendous honor that this girl brought for her Country.

  • Dan Blackburn
    Dan Blackburn

    Awesome. congrats..

  • Mark Jakims
    Mark Jakims

    Pathetic to me not a sport event, few lucky points here an there not a real fight.

  • Space Whale
    Space Whale

    Dam the American women doing their stuff these olympics 👏🏽👏🏽

  • medicropper

    This reminds me of an original Nintendo NES video game.

  • Mitchello Mastrucci
    Mitchello Mastrucci

    This was soooo painful to watch!

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez


  • ミ

    When the 2 weird anime kids get into a fight >

  • Sux

    These commentators were soooooo bad lmao what

  • Rog Y
    Rog Y

    What did I just watch?

  • M 8
    M 8

    Thanks youtube because I’d never watch this on 📺 …

  • Devin

    Uhhh. That's it? 🤨

  • David Leon
    David Leon


  • Moving Forward
    Moving Forward

    I don’t think I understand.

  • arklinmike

    Well jeez - I wish we knew how she felt about it... ; )

  • Paul Hale
    Paul Hale


  • Kevin Knuckles
    Kevin Knuckles

    That looked weak

  • Mindurown Business
    Mindurown Business

    Mmk…I think all of my little nieces could be gold medalists now. I mean, ima patriot and Iraq veteran, so, not knocking the athletes but, that’s just the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. I think I’d rather watch curling. A pillow fight has more martial art than this.

  • Shivalrus

    I’m ngl… I’ve seen better point sparrers in my dojo who are 14-17 than these two Then again they have to play on this massive stage and it seems somethings up with punches and censors so that may be the issue here

  • Shivalrus

    As someone who’s done taekwondo for years. Women are the scariest to face in a sparring match with their light speed kicks

  • SandyRiverBlue

    Interesting, they're both checking below the armor, I'm guessing that so long as part of the armor is struck they don't get docked.

  • Guy Karow
    Guy Karow


  • James Matthews
    James Matthews

    I got teary eyed at the end. God bless this young woman. Only 18 and already a gold medalist.

  • Jimmy Holloway
    Jimmy Holloway

    Ooh! Chick Fight!

  • Gene Machine
    Gene Machine

    Congrats on the win! 🥇 However, it is disappointing that Olympic TKD has been diluted into a glorified game of foot tag. It's understandable that some rules will change over time for competitor safety, but this is an embarrassment. Traditional TKD (Moo Duk Kwan) is a better representation of a practical martial art compared to Olympic TKD.

  • dwarrior 6969
    dwarrior 6969

    I thought she was a Banshee

  • Bobby

    1:07 2:47

  • walnut_ raisin
    walnut_ raisin

    God idk how they both have the balance to stay on their legs with kicking and being hit

  • Crystal Regan
    Crystal Regan

    WOW Congrats USA Gold winner Your country is is so proud 😊💞👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • jk41shadow

    😂😂 looks like two sisters fighting each other throwing kicks trying to intimidate one another. without actually wanting to fight just to intimidate to see sho gives up first. lol

  • Suzi Grekin
    Suzi Grekin

    He said rapid ascent I th

  • Nick

    why tf she screaming like that

  • T. H. McElroy
    T. H. McElroy

    Phenomenal! Her screams had me rolling tho 🤣 Great bout!

  • Vincent Rivera
    Vincent Rivera

    I completed in this style of fighting for years Im now realizing that it’s straight up garbage

  • Carl Sagan
    Carl Sagan

    congrats to her but this is so dumb

    • Carl Sagan
      Carl Sagan

      @Yay Israel ! i see why they toned it down, people like your crying about it

    • Carl Sagan
      Carl Sagan

      @Yay Israel ! no, i want normal taekwondo

    • Carl Sagan
      Carl Sagan

      @Yay Israel ! the way they removed and simplified a lot of aspects of taekwondo.

  • Big Clout Bankroll
    Big Clout Bankroll

    So y’all erasing history when the first American woman won the gold medal in taekwando? 1988 olympics Arlene limas? It’s always with the new “first” this “first” that nobody has been first to do anything lately

  • Bear Banters
    Bear Banters

    It's like watching two kids slap fight...

  • Christian Rodrigues
    Christian Rodrigues

    I hate Russia

  • Christian Rodrigues
    Christian Rodrigues

    Go girl!!!!!!

  • Paul G
    Paul G

    I’m sorry but this is just horrible..call it like I see it. I thought this was a joke seriously

  • Michael B
    Michael B

    cringe af

  • Carlos J Chevez
    Carlos J Chevez

    Congrats. Whatever that was... your did a great job. 👍

  • Javier Chambi
    Javier Chambi

    An athlete so proud of her country. God bless the USA 🇺🇲 Dios bendiga a los Estados Unidos 🇺🇲


    May see her in the UFC soon, sure she does some judo, aswell. get some MMA style BJJ, and wrestling, she maybe a contender

  • Albert V
    Albert V

    USA … USA 🇺🇸.. great job thank for representing us .. we are all proud of you !..

  • Obey Obet
    Obey Obet

    Looks silly.

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell

    Shat a screeching squirrel show

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    This looks and sounds exactly how kittens fight

  • ExoDos 2
    ExoDos 2

    Not What I expected

  • Gadget Impulse
    Gadget Impulse

    Especially amazing considering the Russian athletes are doped

  • ragtop63

    W T F did I just watch?

  • Body comp
    Body comp

    Sorry, I just don't see it. It kind of looks like me and my friend horsing around in the front of the house. They should have brought Van dam out

  • Frank J.
    Frank J.

    Interesting that almost none of the kicks were thrown with the back leg.

    • Caitlyn Nerbonne
      Caitlyn Nerbonne

      Well usually as it's much faster to use the front leg the back leg is more used for power. Sparring or what the video is about is about speed. Fighting is about power. You put your strong leg in front for speed and your strong leg in the back for power

  • t bishop
    t bishop

    This was weird

  • Waves of Java
    Waves of Java

    stay for the agony of defeat 😣 3:24

  • Jorge Eduardo
    Jorge Eduardo

    EEUU Champions..........

  • Alex Royster
    Alex Royster

    "Just call it Kicking Impossible". - Tom Crooze

  • Alex Royster
    Alex Royster

    Olympic Taekwondo is a joke but happy she won the gold.

  • bionicsjw

    As the parent of 3 Taekwondo Black Belts, a 4th Dan, A 2nd Dan and a 1st Dan this is so fantastic for the sport. Congrats to her.

  • ExploraDORA

    So the Olympics just recreated the black widow fight scene when scar jo fought her russian counterpart huh?🧐

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez

    Why she screaming like she’s getting murdered doe

  • Cody Elmy
    Cody Elmy

    I love seeing American's win! Congratulations!

  • 잠실누에고치

    Olympic made TKD popular, but it changed its originality, now it looks riduculous. I hope they change the rule as quick as possible.

  • achieveidealweight

    All those years of training and still can’t fight. Olympic taekwondo is such a joke!

  • bleedszn

    dude this sport is fuckin dumb

  • Brunner Warsavage
    Brunner Warsavage

    Congrats Anastasija on gold and being a proud American.

  • DaJokerInc

    really , where's the clinching, knees, elbows

  • Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor

    What is with the spastic screaming...🤦‍♂️

  • Fredrik Hawes
    Fredrik Hawes

    I never thought taekwondo was fencing with your legs. The more you know.

  • Peter Davis
    Peter Davis

    I'm in taekwondo. This looks kind of messy to me but in sparing it can get pretty messy. But I can't really judge because I'm only a first degree black belt.

  • Jim cook
    Jim cook

    You're mistaken Master Arlene Limas won Gold in 1988 in Seoul



  • Sung Paik
    Sung Paik

    Arlene Limas, Dana Hee and Lynette Love won the first gold medals for the USA in Taekwondo. In 1988 Seoul. This commentator is full of S#!t.

  • darkNovaskar

    2:08 Looks like she's adjusting his shoes

  • MrMrchatcity

    As much as I love taekwondo I have always hated any tournament that uses olympic scoring just because it forces the fighters to only use certain stances and strikes just to min max point scoring. It really holds back a fighters power and fighting rhythm. That's no knock at Zolotic she played the meta they forced her to use and won. It's upsetting because you don't see fighters in olympic boxing having to sacrifice any of that.