Nightbirde - It’s Okay (Lyrics)

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    Youtuber Youtube

    2% chance of survival isn't 0% And.... it felt amazing... 😊 -- nightbride So smile..... it's now or never.... ✉😊


    She changing the world by her music!

  • Ester

    It's OK... 🎼🎶❤️💞❤️💯😊🎻

  • mike mailman
    mike mailman

    You have no idea how many people you have touched and inspired....Thank you!

  • Pagan Child
    Pagan Child

    I wish I had her courage

  • Emily Dinglasa
    Emily Dinglasa

    I love you SIMON

  • Muhammad Atif
    Muhammad Atif

    I dont know you and you dont know me. The Only thing what is connecting me and you is what I am typing, So i wish you... I wish you all the happiness you could ever imagine, i wish you the best of best. ... Love from london (england).


    POV ur here from agt

  • Lady Marie
    Lady Marie

    It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, if you’re lost, we’re all a little lost and it’s alright...

  • Jennifer Chiang
    Jennifer Chiang

    Life is not perfect and it's okay! Thank you nightbird!

  • anu K
    anu K

    This girl got a golden buzzer in AGT. Well deserved 👏

  • adrian mixit
    adrian mixit

    She is on spotify.

  • Clint Bayley
    Clint Bayley

    Amazing. Sounds like Halsey.

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    CyberTech Digital Solutions

    #GoldenBuzzer: #Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - #AmericasGotTalent 2021 #AGT

  • Bong Cheth
    Bong Cheth

    Hiky are you doing today

  • sunnyraaain

    my teacher who's battling cancer recommended this song

  • Daniela

    Great song, great voice, great singer!!!!!!

  • يسوم عبدالله
    يسوم عبدالله

    She is a amazing, she makes my thinking about all my stupid problems and I said to my self it’s not worth, she has only 2% to lives but she has hope I wish if i can be like her strong ..

  • o s t w i n d
    o s t w i n d

    That is just- Sorry I am crying. Its okay.

  • i m so broken
    i m so broken

    I am so lost and listening its okay

  • Diosdado Castillo
    Diosdado Castillo

    the way she thinks positive in life encourage us to be stronger even more

  • Kelly Taylor
    Kelly Taylor

    God bless her

  • indra wibawa
    indra wibawa

    This is stuck in my head


    Eh! It's okay i guess. The lyrics are kinda repetitious and redundant. Not much to them

  • Feroz Fatimah Tiwana
    Feroz Fatimah Tiwana

    The dislikers and haters are just the heartless people who do not have a very good taste in music.

  • Israa Omer
    Israa Omer

    I love you song so so much

  • MM PP
    MM PP

    Nightbird - It's ok ❤️ Love from sri Lanka ❤️

  • Saira-Jayne Lawrence
    Saira-Jayne Lawrence

    Just utterly gorgeous

  • Ziadul Islam
    Ziadul Islam

    Come for agt performance 🇧🇩

  • 배제시카

    당신을 응원합니다 당신에게서 행복은 나 자신이 결정하고 만드는거라는것을 깨달었습니다.. 감사합니다 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • YalaJnr

    Great song. Inspirational ❤❤❤ Hearts out to Nightbirde

  • Elendu Peter
    Elendu Peter

    I've never been moved by a song like this. I'm an emotional wreck

  • jack Heshad
    jack Heshad

    English , what a beautiful language it is.

  • Meghan Hargrave
    Meghan Hargrave

    This resonated with me. I am 30 years old with a 2% chance of surviving inflammatory breast cancer. With 4 kids under 10 years seems more real.

    • Kristian Duff
      Kristian Duff

      It’s okay. You got this.

  • Damian Rudxx
    Damian Rudxx


  • Saleh Alnagham
    Saleh Alnagham

    You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore Before you decide to be happy 😢

    • Shonte Allen
      Shonte Allen

      Amen to that I'm fighting cancer now and still trying to live everyday as if it's my last.

    • Aaron Graham
      Aaron Graham


    • MeowMeowMeowser

      Truth 💕💕💕🙏

    • George Du Plessis
      George Du Plessis

      @سنيوريتا بيلو wymlpkficidi

    • سنيوريتا بيلو
      سنيوريتا بيلو


  • charly boy cordero
    charly boy cordero

    I cant stop crying

  • Michael West
    Michael West

    I am in tears as just listened again. I have had cancer twice and survived but now I have been diagnosed with ALS. I have tried to talk with so many people when could still talk and no one understand what I was feeling. Just knowing there someone out there who understands makes me feel less alone.

  • Michael West
    Michael West

    Your strength is a blessing to all of us who have told we will leave life this much sooner than we thought.

  • MK Charity
    MK Charity

    I will use this song to ever remember her

  • yoky caesar johni muchtar
    yoky caesar johni muchtar

    Go to doctor andrew new jersey. 100 % if you belive. He is black

  • DoDo JY
    DoDo JY

    Even her finally moments she made a mark in life and gives all of us hope . She is an angel from the heavens

  • Marc conrad Dacong
    Marc conrad Dacong

    I hope this song never dies

  • Justin Carter
    Justin Carter

    Wow, I just heard this song for the first time. Beautiful. Then once I looked into the artist I seen her audition and her battles. Beautifully written and perfectly performed! I’m so glad I scrolled upon my new favorite song. Thank you...

  • ES Piura Sechura
    ES Piura Sechura

    No puedes esperar hasta que la vida ya no sea difícil para decidir ser feliz - Nightbirde

  • Richard Allen
    Richard Allen

    John 3:16 it's alright. It is All right!...

  • SlothLover4Ever

    I feel like the world was turning against me and now I all of a sudden feel blessed to not have to battle to survive my spirit has lifted because of nightbirde -tysm nightbirde

  • Aline Marcherat
    Aline Marcherat

    mon dieu je ressens tout à la fois je pleure je souris et beaucoup de gratitude merci

  • XxcookiesxX

    I had 2% chance of survival but 2% its not 0% 2% is something and i wish people knew how amazing it is -Nightbird

  • Shitsu ChirrYoulah
    Shitsu ChirrYoulah

    I wish she win the battlefield, what she is going through. 💔 Still then she is so beautiful and so energetic 💓

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    Such a simple, yet powerful message.

  • Kayin Chiu
    Kayin Chiu


  • Kayin Chiu
    Kayin Chiu

    以賽亞書43:25 bless you daughter

  • ꪖᠻrꪖꫝ Øøf
    ꪖᠻrꪖꫝ Øøf

    I've never seen anyone as much as powerful then she is. After all she's going through (Breast cancer, lung cancer, Liver cancer and more) yet she stays positive. She said, 'They said I have a 2% of living, but 2% isn't 0%, I wish everyone knew that'. Nightbirde, don't worry we're all here for you and if you lose your strength and hopes, we're here.

  • Alex Pipitone
    Alex Pipitone

    Although I really like this song it doesn’t really reflect what she’s going through or how completely amazing she truly is. She has touched more souls than she will ever know! Don’t give up on her. She hasn’t! We have the God of the miraculous. Let’s pray that for her

  • Jan Borovský
    Jan Borovský

    My grandmother died of cancer. This week, my aunt also succumbed to cancer. it's OK. Life is a b*tch and she has to fight that b*tch. You are an incredible warrior. I believe that you will win, or you have already won at least in my heart !!! I'm thinking of you and I'm in it with you !!!To you all! Fight as best you can! Show her you're not afraid of her!

  • Adele Marshall
    Adele Marshall

    I love this song because it's so honest. Who hasn't felt this? I think it gives people hope and there's not enough of that anywhere. Thank you sweet girl for your talent and for sharing it with the world.

  • MrTruthing

    What an amazing lady! Here is very profound explanation why Nightbirde is still so strong in spite of battling with cancer and divorce:

  • Kimberly Stewart
    Kimberly Stewart

    the is garet

  • Kimberly Stewart
    Kimberly Stewart

    do you

  • Kimberly Stewart
    Kimberly Stewart

    i love the

  • Kimberly Stewart
    Kimberly Stewart

    i loe the

  • customfirearmcreations

    Happiness is an inside job.

  • Natalia Olmos
    Natalia Olmos

    What is wrong with the 145 people who pushed thumbs down?? Like she said..its ok.. you will be ok..

  • Kylie

    That was beautiful😭

  • munene elijah
    munene elijah

    Thank you so much, I have been fighting a lot of battles in my life, this song gives me comfort hope God adds you more years.

  • Giddy Giddy
    Giddy Giddy

    Its ok its ok, we've found you and you've comforted us

  • Estefany Rodriguez
    Estefany Rodriguez

    Life is not easy and we humans are the ones that complicate their own lives so please change your minds, yeah life is not easy but no one said it would be easy… we are still learning our purpose and the meaning of living, we all have hunger, we all have the same necessities and sometimes we are all lost and trying to be happy when we don’t see that we are already happy

  • Юрий Реутов
    Юрий Реутов

    This lady is a good news to the modern world.

  • Dania _xdd
    Dania _xdd

    this song was from america got talent...she was awesome

  • J.A.R.K cous4
    J.A.R.K cous4

    Damn. My grandma has cancer. I can’t imagine loosing her. So bless your family and most especially, bless you! 😭😢

  • Catherine Wangui Mwangi
    Catherine Wangui Mwangi

    It is okay, am alright!.

  • Daviyann Mcbeth
    Daviyann Mcbeth

    It’s ok 🥺❤️

  • Msti Chongthu
    Msti Chongthu

    Fav song for this year so far....

  • Paloma Fontes
    Paloma Fontes


  • peter morton
    peter morton

    Jane you are such A Beautiful Sexy Sweet Lady & you have such A Lovey Beautiful Voice & it's a real shame what you are going through Sweet Love Fighting Cancer & I do hope that cancer goes away it's Bloody Terrible To Have Cancer especially a Beautiful Sexy Sweet Lady Like Yourself Jane & it's really Good that Simon Cowell Gave You The Golden Buzzer You Deserved It In Every Possible Way Because Jane You Have Such A Amazing Voice & Writing Such A Beautiful Song Of What You Are Going Through Hang In There Jane Lovely Beautiful Sexy Sweet Love XXX Bloody Cancer Is The Most Terrible Thing To Have Especially To A Lovey Beautiful Sexy Sweet Lady Like Yourself Jane & I Wish You Well Jane In Every Possible Way Peter XXX

  • Anonymous Duh
    Anonymous Duh

    Why do people dislike this🙄

  • Gwang-Jin Kim
    Gwang-Jin Kim

    @SuberbLyrics It is NOT "all day, all night", it is "Oh, dang, oh, my" - see

  • Maria Kassaundra Alexia Damasig
    Maria Kassaundra Alexia Damasig

    I'm battling depression and this song really helps me.... I'm currently 10... And since I was 5 I was depressed this song really helped me out..

    • Maria Kassaundra Alexia Damasig
      Maria Kassaundra Alexia Damasig

      Thanks so much sejoro

    • Sejoro  Noah
      Sejoro Noah

      Oh, sorry for your tale.. But Jesus can lift that depression of yours just yield to him

  • Mulushekho Venuh
    Mulushekho Venuh

    "Life Is Easy With True Happiness." - Me

  • P love Minions
    P love Minions


  • Sophie Nanda
    Sophie Nanda

    Thank you for this song. I could practice and learn it here -

  • Maggie Lie
    Maggie Lie

  • Alexander Pena Ibanez
    Alexander Pena Ibanez

    I literally cried

  • DazzlingVids

    ᴵ ᵃᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ"

  • dominion cyber
    dominion cyber

    "you can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy" great words.

  • Imliaküm Jamir
    Imliaküm Jamir

    I'm lost, depressed, hurt and feels i'm betrayed...and this song gives me hope.

  • Edu Cacau Leal
    Edu Cacau Leal

    Linda ! O Brasil te ama ! 🙏

  • Tonny xavier cantor sertanejo
    Tonny xavier cantor sertanejo


  • Meriem Sayari
    Meriem Sayari

    The way she says a little lost

  • Gabrielle Eddis
    Gabrielle Eddis

    To this girl who happens to be my same age she has cancer and I have heart desease she is gonna die and I probably will too so I feel like I'm in her same shoes but she is positive about it I totally checked out of life mentally because of my situation I'm in severe pain everyday wondering when a heart attack is gonna accour she is beautiful I think God always calls up the good anyway

  • سوهيزاد أزﻻن
    سوهيزاد أزﻻن

    May Allah swt guides you to the his path.


    it's okay it's okay I'm not okay😖😞

  • Allie Marshall
    Allie Marshall

    Beautiful song and beautiful voice!!! Love you

  • Drawisy

    She is the most positive person I've ever seen in my whole life

  • Nex Rames
    Nex Rames

    It’s more than okay

  • Jennifer Shank
    Jennifer Shank

    She is absolutely beautiful! Such talent and a great outlook at this crazy thing called life. Sending positive vibes her way. ❤

  • Wandile Perseverance
    Wandile Perseverance


  • Asm Nasim
    Asm Nasim

    have u every seen more powerful soul than Nightbirds?

  • mehdi haidari
    mehdi haidari

    "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy." - Nightbirde i hope you be fine mehdi from AFG

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