summer diaries 🌷 | dinner parties, dates & small business goodies
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sorry for being MIA i've been travelling buuuut in this mtl entries i go to a dinner party, go on a bunch of dates and unbox fun small business goodies!!! hope you enjoy xo love u all sm

for more music check out my 🎸 highlight on instagram i try to post music every day or so!! i don’t have spotify or any public playlists :(

songs used :
~ Kabwasa - Icy Hot -
~ Cesar Tee - Battery Girl -
~ mid 90s - trees and lucy

~ how old are you? 18 when this is posted (my bday is august 23rd woohoo)
~ what language do you speak when you aren't speaking english? french!!! my dad is french canadian and my mom is american (which is why i'm bilingual)
~ where do you live? montreal!
~ are you in college? i'm studying environmental science in cégep (we have a different school system here) and am headed to college next year :)
~ what camera do you use? Canon G7x mark ii!
~ what editor do you use? Final Cut Pro!

  • Ashritha Simhadri
    Ashritha Simhadri

    anyone know the specific name/style of the shoes she’s holding at 1:36?

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    Alena McKenzie

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    Madeleine Allison

    ahhh what r ur shoes called ?? i can’t find them on the nike website :( (1.28)

    • Madeleine Allison
      Madeleine Allison

      * 1:37

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    Tai Aziz

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    Caitlin Sinclair

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    Jaelyn Xie

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    Samantha Python

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    Ruswan Dallyono

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    Hey I found out our birthrates meet

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    A R

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    Cindy Rodriguez

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    deepika mehra

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    Julianne Caracas

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    Joana Almeida

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    amyah jennings

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    theano k

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    Tin Bernas

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    la la Oh la la

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    Lihanam K

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  • Precious Jimenez
    Precious Jimenez

    i haven’t realized this but this is literally eva’s visual journal and we’re so lucky to get a glimpse of her life 🥺🤍 god i love you so much. i always say this and will 4ever say it, you inspire the crap out of me. you make me break into my comfort zone and just explore life 💗💗 i also just thought about this but your vids made me realize that the world is so vast than this small place that i live in, it makes me wonder and be giddy abt what more could be out there. makes me v much excited than scared honestly ♥️♥️♥️♥️ thank you eva

    • Eva Meloche
      Eva Meloche

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺 kisses

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    manuela millan

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    Manuela Ribeiro

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    leila marie

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  • *。:゚:゚* Sarah ꧂ :゚*
    *。:゚:゚* Sarah ꧂ :゚*

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    pxwq 22

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    María Paz González

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  • cvsmixsunflxwer

    you're so dramatic lmao anywayy you and leahsfieldnotes are both in Montreal right? I think it's the same place if yes then pls meet up and vlog it I feel like it would très bomb (I'm sorry I took 7th grade French it comes back to me when I watch your videos)

  • A P
    A P

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    Paula Gallego

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