"A typical tournament performance from England" - Steve McClaren on England's 0-0 draw with Scotland

  • Tobi Adebiyi
    Tobi Adebiyi

    Tells you alot about England and its enabling/turn the other cheek culture. How can you be asking a man that didn’t get you Euro 2008. This is so embarrassing like why are you asking him?? He is legit your worst managrt

  • Rob Harris
    Rob Harris

    Face for radio

  • sparklesandseahorses

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ENGLAND, SERVICE HARRY KANE. He still won’t score but at least everyone will shut the hell up about it

  • Full Speed Ahead Barcelona
    Full Speed Ahead Barcelona

    Steve mcClaren is an absolute clown.

  • Oneman Oneman
    Oneman Oneman

    Steve we couldn't perform at a tournament with you because you didn't qualify. The sort of manager who stifles talent.

  • Jed Eye
    Jed Eye

    Another fckin yes man divi.

  • Lee Peters
    Lee Peters

    What an absolute muppet typical tournament performance sky sports has become a joke takin football advice from him is like takin weightless advice from Gemma collins

  • Andrew Johnston
    Andrew Johnston

    This guy is just a wolly with a brolly.

  • Matt Woodgate
    Matt Woodgate

    Wtf we listening to this guy for

  • Nick Newman
    Nick Newman

    Now, say it again but in Dutch.

  • Lou Lenehan
    Lou Lenehan

    England were horrendous vs Scotland, but there are just some people that we don't need to hear from. This guy is at the very top of that list. At least Southgate got them to qualify for the tournament.

  • J B
    J B

    Pot calling the kettle black.

  • Stuart K
    Stuart K

    worst england manager ever the wally with the brolly

  • Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
    Luigi's TheBetterPlumber

    Oh it'shhh great to sheee Shhhteve again...

  • Louis Smith
    Louis Smith

    Coming from a guy who failed to qualify for a tournament with England. Get in the bin, McClaren.

  • markopenshaw9

    No you Rodney plonker that's my hair island. My HAIR ISSSSLAND

  • Rohith Raman
    Rohith Raman

    Wait a minute Steve, you're not one to talk 😂😂 Under you we had these results: England 0-0 Macedonia Croatia 2-0 England Israel 0-0 England Russia 2-1 England England 2-3 Croatia

  • 7oy

    Really? Asking the opinion of a pleb who couldn’t even get England’s golden generation on a plane to the Euros, and who caused relegation after spending 80 million pounds.

  • Plug Plugintons
    Plug Plugintons

    Pretty rich coming from old Steve this

    • Rohith Raman
      Rohith Raman

      To be fair he's a genius - you cannot have a typical England tournament performance if you don't qualify for one, my man McClaren playing 3D chess there 😂😂

  • Rohith Raman
    Rohith Raman

    You can't have a terrible tournament performance if you don't qualify for one, eh Steve? 😂😂

  • Elfrida C
    Elfrida C

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  • steve Forster
    steve Forster

    The one reason we played so badly against Scotland was quite simply we were scared and we bottled it ...it's as simple as that Where were the leaders on the pitch driving us on ... Can anyone single out any england player with those qualities...No!!!! That's what we are missing ... We need a Bobby Moore....a Bryan Robson...a Roy kean...a Tony Adams...a Stuart Pearce!!!!! For god sake you're wearing the England shirt and you run around like headless chickens and when we get knocked out in the next round it's pretty obvious Southgate will go and thank God .. another pathetic performance in a tournament.. The only reason we got as far in the last world cup was other teams didn't perform and got knocked out early on or didn't even qualify....

  • Maria Giles
    Maria Giles

    Wally with a brolly indeed

  • Aka Miguel Sanchez
    Aka Miguel Sanchez

    Regardless of how he did as England manager, he’s absolutely spot on. Full backs just refused to cross, no service at all for Kane and way too many sideways and backwards passes

  • matthew watson
    matthew watson

    Yep everyone knows trophies are given out given out after second group game

  • Bald Convo
    Bald Convo

    England is bang average team

  • daniel byrne
    daniel byrne

    Does any other nation regularly boo their own team? England fans/press are the cuntiest bar none. I should know I'm Englishish

  • shaunny b
    shaunny b

    I think england played for a draw, don't be surprised if they draw with czech republic and finish 2nd that way they avoid france, portugal or germany. Its all part of the plan.

  • Shadab Ahmed
    Shadab Ahmed

    wally with the brolly

  • Haat Praat
    Haat Praat

    McClaren is right. The weight of expectation surrounding this team is disproportionate to its ability. It happened in Euro 2016 and many, many previous tournaments. I do not understand why England were one of the pre tournament favourites. Even as an England fan, it is obvious to me England are not going to win it. The best they can do is to come second in the group and avoid one of France, Germany or Portugal and hope for a quarter final.

  • Jay London
    Jay London

    Bring him back better than southgate

  • Shaun Bonehill
    Shaun Bonehill

    Every time I listen to this clown all I can hear is him trying to do a Dutch accent.

  • Millmoor Michael
    Millmoor Michael

    With the material England have why play with 2 DM’s? Declan is good enough to do it.

  • muhammad ridhwan
    muhammad ridhwan

    scotland the brave


    Wally where's your brolly

  • Mic Mid
    Mic Mid

    Of all the people to ask. Zero self awareness by Sky Sports

    • Rohith Raman
      Rohith Raman

      He's still speaking facts

  • Thomas Kendell
    Thomas Kendell

    At least Southgate qualified for the Euros 🤦‍♂️😂

  • SPORTS24


  • TrapsterJ

    Get Sterling off the starting 11 or at least be willing to sub him off. Keep Foden on. Get Grealish actually in a game properly. These would be a start.

  • Azza99 Lfc
    Azza99 Lfc

    Worst England manager ever. Shush

  • vessel_NG

    Long time no see “Shteve”

  • Steve N
    Steve N

    What does he know about tournaments?

  • S Hallio
    S Hallio

    Why is he putting on an English accent? He's obviously dutch.

  • Grant Bazunu
    Grant Bazunu

    Steve McClaren you did it all well sport on the media are the ones make england camp that they're not.

    • I.P. Knightley
      I.P. Knightley


  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Nobody mentioning this guys hair transplant?

  • sam covington
    sam covington

    Shut up Steve McClaren you never made a tournament so it's a bit rich him coming out of the woodwork

  • Jason Alder
    Jason Alder

    Nobody expects England to do well in a tournament, therefore why do they always fail "under the weight of expectation". The simple truth is that they are more concerned with their tattoos, haircuts and social media accounts and are particularly thick. The sooner this bunch of kneeling, self absorbed dimwits are out of this tournament the better.


    Wolly ☂️

  • J411

    Hair island

  • Adrian

    This time it wasnt the weight of expectation, the managers rubbish.

  • TheMadFerrit


  • HUSH

    Think we should have a black manager of England as no one would criticise them

  • abdulrahman alali
    abdulrahman alali

    Hey Steve

  • HUSH

    Hey Steve why don’t you get the job oh no wait you had it and you sucked!

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones

    Really Sky? McClaren? 😂

  • Darwen Rover
    Darwen Rover

    Says the man who couldn’t get England to qualify for a tournament. I know England were under par against Scotland yesterday. But god! We have short memories.

  • A Mad Hatter
    A Mad Hatter

    Well who expected anything from a Southgate team? We brought half the tournament's defenders and wonder why we're having creative problems 🤣🤣

    • A Mad Hatter
      A Mad Hatter

      @Okey Pokey Yes he did but remember we only played 2 good teams the whole tournament Columbia & Croatia, we needed penalties to beat Columbia & struggled against Croatia losing 1-0. Its not just Southgate to be fair, but when we face good teams or better we have problems, something is wrong with England as a whole.

    • Okey Pokey
      Okey Pokey

      Didn't he get us to the semi final of the world cup in 2018? So far this tournament we've played 2, won one, drawn one, and not conceded any goals. Have faith my friend.

  • Henry Gomez
    Henry Gomez

    The teeny industry additionaly book because india wessely wipe unto a early rail. limping, little property

  • Love All Trust None
    Love All Trust None

    Wolly with the Brolley

  • Chris Roe
    Chris Roe

    Muppet alert. What did you do for us Steve? His contributions were embarrassing. Remember his bizarre interviews with his fake Dutch accent too. Total cockwomble.

  • david c
    david c


  • Robert Griffin
    Robert Griffin

    Sack Southgate and appoint Arsene Wenger as England Manager. He'd know how to manage the talent and have them playing as a team. At the moment they are not playing as a team

  • jon lewis
    jon lewis

    the cheek on some people

  • Golden Rule Barber Co
    Golden Rule Barber Co

    Yes , coming from the man with the Brolly who failed to qualify for Euro 08

  • Strummer1980

    I wonder how he's got the nerve to criticise in this way after his own record breaking levels of suckage

    • Kucaca Ivumile Phulu
      Kucaca Ivumile Phulu

      He is not criticising, he is analysing.

  • adnan naemaz
    adnan naemaz

    The anchor is hot. Who is she

  • Keith lord of alba Scotland
    Keith lord of alba Scotland


  • Fletch

    How does this tosser still get air time.

  • Anthony Neil
    Anthony Neil

    England we're utter pish 🤣😁👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Alan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 RFC
    Alan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 RFC

    Full time his face would be like his face at the time Iceland went 2-1 up 😂😂

  • A Y
    A Y

    I have to be honest Steve was damning and is 100% right.

  • A Y
    A Y

    Course he would say that he missed one on purpose lol...

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy Cool

    In all the training we saw the England players were having a right laugh. Very confident. Joking about. Maybe should of been focusing. Some of them looked like they were on holiday. Sitting down relaxing. Just saying.

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy Cool

    Sterling did NOTHING. as usual. But still gets picked.

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️Scotland warriors were superb 👈

  • Darrell Brown
    Darrell Brown

    Scotland stopped England playing not England failing themselves the record says it all 48 wins to Scotland 41 with 25 draws and that’s all with much less quality we just turn up against bigger teams England crumble like Tottenham

  • Anthony Dixon
    Anthony Dixon

    Steve McClown, his advise to Southgate will be to look stylish with a brolly when we're dumped out of the tournament

  • Adolfo T
    Adolfo T

    When Sky have got Steve McClaren criticizing the current England team you know you're in trouble


    Man like Steve "The Wally with the brolly" McClaren

  • Shusssh Shusssh
    Shusssh Shusssh

    Harry Kane only scored penalties in the world cup against easy teams

    • Alan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 RFC
      Alan 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 RFC

      He's bang average in these games

  • Udip Maharjan
    Udip Maharjan

    The one who can't qualify on Euro 2008 is commenting lol.

  • worldwide travel store
    worldwide travel store

    he is one to talk hey

  • james thomson
    james thomson

    It simply doesn't work playing 2 Defence midfielders. One has to be taken out.

  • Phil Thatcher
    Phil Thatcher

    Steve McClaren's reign as England manager was the drizzling shits.

  • CosMnd

    Just think to yourself, what would a top manager like Pep for example do with this squad? Would he play two holding midfielders that lack creativity? Or would he play one holding midfielder behind Grealish and Mount? Would he play Foden on the right or would he play him on the left where he has played him most of the season? He plays Mahrez on the right. Which player is most like Mahrez in the England squad? Sancho? Where is he? Southgate is clueless. He has so much talent to work with and he simply doesn’t know what to do with it. Imagine Mancini or Klopp or even Conte with this bunch of extremely talented players. This is a semi final squad minimum but we have a manager who doesn’t even deserve to manage Barnet never mind England. Sack him and bring Conte in immediately.

    • John Bull
      John Bull

      @Peter Anderson Well it might suit Wenger being a less involved job on a day to day basis than club football, if only until the next World Cup, with maybe someone like Lampard as his deputy. There really aren't that many other options out there.

    • John Bull
      John Bull

      @Peter Anderson Well we definitely wouldn't get a top manager, like Klopp, etc, they simply wouldn't want to leave club football. The English guys are either too inexperienced, or experienced and not very successful. My vote would be Wenger, if we're being realistic and going by who's available, if only for the next World Cup. I was already sick of seeing us limp out of tournaments playing trash football long before last night's game, and at least Wenger has the right mix of footballing philosophy, experience and is almost universally respected as a manager.

    • John Bull
      John Bull

      @Peter Anderson They won't have any choice but to go with a foreign manager. We were already scraping the bottom of the barrel with Southgate.

  • Adonis Blake
    Adonis Blake

    It’s the Wally

  • Dermot Barron
    Dermot Barron

    Dont get your hair wet steve

  • Christian Arie Rotty
    Christian Arie Rotty

    What a clueless guy

    • msteve

      Everything he said was true. Wtf do you know

  • WA4AndyShaw

    He couldn't even get us to the euros! Lost to Croatia too. He can't say anything he's the wally with the brolly 🌂 tit.

    • Rohith Raman
      Rohith Raman

      He's still right though


    The brass neck on him ffs. Amazing that he'd feel it's his place to criticise any England team. That England squad failing to qualify for Euro 2008 was possibly the worst performance from an England manager ever. Several levels below Southgate drawing 0-0 with Scotland.

    • John Bull
      John Bull

      @KT Kee This was worse than the Iceland game. Getting knocked out by a smaller nation happens, but one shot on target and stinking the joint out versus Scotland at Wembley is inexcusable. And we can't even blame the players, including Kane and Sterling, this was Southgate's abysmal negativity at work and they players were only following his training and instructions.

    • KT Kee
      KT Kee

      Hodgson's ran it close with Iceland etc and he's just got a CBE for services to football!

  • Richard Dower
    Richard Dower

    What does Steve Mclaren know about tournament football?

    • Harry Mogg
      Harry Mogg

      He was the wolly with the brolly 🤣🤣🤣. He was England manager before

  • Salim Rehman
    Salim Rehman

    Scotland always doubles their performance against England and can win if luck on its side. Only if Scotland could do that against others teams.

    • chris macfarlane
      chris macfarlane

      that pretty much sums it up for us, its derby game

  • Slobadan Mikôcyábych
    Slobadan Mikôcyábych

    Says the wally with a brolly 😂

  • Tony Buttigieg
    Tony Buttigieg

    Exactly steve, as typical as it was at your time, nothing has changed.

  • Robin Parker
    Robin Parker

    How would the worst England manager in living memory know anything about winning things. Disaster comes to mind.

    • Robin Parker
      Robin Parker

      @Aka Miguel Sanchez That's where you're very wrong Miguel. I was around for old "Turnip Head". Even he wasn't as bad as McClaren and at least he'd never been involved with Scumchester Utd.

    • Aka Miguel Sanchez
      Aka Miguel Sanchez

      Guess you weren’t around for Graham Taylor…

  • glyn hayes
    glyn hayes

    Oh ye.. let’s interview the biggest failure of an England manager for his respected opinion criticising another shitty England manager. It’ll be Steve Bruce next. Mind you.. I’m a Newcastle fan so 🤞

    • Harry Mogg
      Harry Mogg

      @glyn hayes your a big club with a small club mentality with a big club pressure thanks to Cashley. No one who's got real rep. Would go near Newcastle with a 40ft pole.

    • Harry Mogg
      Harry Mogg

      @glyn hayes tbh who are you going to get when your budget is 50p

    • glyn hayes
      glyn hayes

      @Harry Mogg tbf to Bruce they played okay toward the end of the season. He’s still bang average though.

    • Harry Mogg
      Harry Mogg

      Careful what you wish for your very lucky to be in the prem with cashley in charge. A ugly organised tactician is your best chance of staying up. Until he's gonr

  • erfan

    Have some balls England and play football. Loads of world class players, yet spinning pointlessly on the pitch.

  • Colm Devaney
    Colm Devaney

    "Perfect response.....they only threat they have is the Big lad Sigtho .....oooh"

    • Karen Hughes
      Karen Hughes

      What you talking about you absolute fool?

  • _predictedscroll _
    _predictedscroll _

    England were played off the pitch. The pressure was on Scotland they needed something from this game more than England and people underate Scotland typical English ignorance to the slaves.

  • Tanvir Hussain
    Tanvir Hussain

    This is coming from a guy who didn't even qualify for Euro 2008 but has the cheek to say yesterday's was poor which is was lol 🤣🤣

    • Rohith Raman
      Rohith Raman

      To be fair he's still right 😂😂